Forex VPS has taken over from the old system of forex trading. These forex trading virtual private server host platforms provide you with a wide range of features that boost your functionality and improve your trading experience. Selecting a forex VPS provider for your trade can be tasking; however, it is important to select one within your set budget. Be sure that your chosen VPS can meet your basic trading needs.

Luckily, there are several less expensive forex VPS platforms available. In our article, we will be walking you through selecting a VPS and reviewing some cheap but great VPS for forex.

What is a Forex VPS?

With more people upgrading to forex VPS for their trading, you need to understand what it is all about. Having all the details will help you make a clear and beneficial decision concerning your trading activities. For this purpose, we have detailed all you need to know about forex VPS including how much they cost.

A Forex VPS is a special virtual private server that is designed to make forex trading more efficient. It allows you to continue your forex trading activity even in the absence of power. With good Forex VPS providers, you are assured of high uptime, top-notch security, and you can execute your trades with ease.

More and more people today choose to install and employ virtual private servers for their forex trading activities. These forex VPSs offer forex traders more control over their trading activities and help limit and eliminate obstacles to your trading activity.

Why do I Need a Forex VPS?

If your broker does not offer access to an online trading platform, a VPS would be the perfect solution. They do not require a download, and as long as your internet connection is strong, you can log into your Forex VPS account and trade with ease from any location.

Forex VPS platforms provide you with several advantages over just randomly trading with your computer directly. We will discuss some reasons why you should upgrade to a forex VPS connection.

  • It Reduces the Uncertainties of Trading: traders who use forex VPS to trade can attest that it takes away some of the obstacles they face. For example, unscheduled power outages do not affect your trades since all trades are automated on the platform. This way, even with power failure, your trades cab continue unmonitored. Trades can also be executed even when your system is not turned on.
  • Forex VPS platforms offer one of the most comprehensive security levels. The managed Forex VPS platforms are checked frequently to ensure that they are functioning with most service providers guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, with antivirus and other software also provided to ensure that your system is as protected as possible.
  • A VPS can execute all your trades more quickly than your computer can. This is because the forex VPS is a great deal faster in terms of transmitting orders, reducing slippage and delays. Slippage is one of the leading causes of increased unpredictability and losses.
  • What are the Pros and Cons of Using a Forex VPS for Trading Activities?
  • A good forex VPS is essential for a smooth and rewarding trading experience. Every trader dreads the unpredictability of trading and the sudden obstacles that can ruin a good trade. However, forex VPSs remove a lot of these obstacles from your part. You do not have to worry about losing trade because of downtime, power outage, or even network.

What are the Great Features of Using Forex VPS for My Trading?

Great Forex virtual private hosting servers offer you several benefits that make the forex trading process attractive and less unpredictable. These exclusive benefits offered to you by these forex traders help make your forex trading life less complex and improve your trading experience.

We have listed quite a number of the advantages you will enjoy when you switch to Forex VPS.

  • Permission to Trade from Anywhere – forex VPS providers allow you to remotely carry out your trading activities. Unlike earlier on in trading history when you needed to have a physical desktop and could only trade from the desktop location, forex VPS does not restrict you to any particular location. You can trade remotely and with any device available, like your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop.
  • Access to Trade at Any Time – one of the major attractions of trading with Forex VPS is that you can access your trading platforms at every point in time from any location. You can start, complete, or monitor trades irrespective of the time or your physical location. Furthermore, since your trading activities are not restricted to any physical location, you can trade on the go. The trade automation makes it possible for your trading activities to continue even while you are not there to supervise them.
  • Uninterrupted Trading - With Forex VPS, you don’t need to be afraid about the unscheduled power outage. You can keep on trading even when your power is out. Whether you use an automated trading system or a manual trading system, they will continue to run even without you being online to monitor them. This way, you can keep trading and making your profits regardless of what happens.
  • High Level of Security - Forex VPS systems provided by top companies come with some of the best security features. These managed forex virtual private servers are checked regularly by providing companies to ensure they are functioning efficiently. The results of these routine tests are what gives these companies the confidence to guarantee you up to 99.99% server uptime. Some forex VPS’s come with other security features to guarantee the safety of the server.
  • Reduce your Slippage – It is a well-known fact that slippage costs varying amounts of money; therefore, its reduction translates into less loss for you and reduces the unpredictability of trading. The slippage reduction is one advantage of Forex VPS servers that users enjoy regardless of if they trade automatically or place their entries manually. These VPS can execute your forex trades faster than your computer possibly can because of the fast transmission of orders. This fast transmission of transactions translates into a reduction in delays and, consequently, slippage time.

One disadvantage of trading with forex VPS is that it can be quite expensive. That is why we advise you to select one within your budget rate.Before we look at cheap VPSs for forex, allow us to walk you through some basic things you should understand about VPS and Forex trading.

How DoForex VPSs Operate?

The institutional traders pay quite a large fee to position their trading engines close to the main trading engines. This proximity helps them to obtain their news trades. Many small traders cannot afford to cough out these fees paid by institutional traders. For this reason, the forex VPS industry has seen an increase in the demand for forex VPS services.

These forex VPS owners provide users with 24-hours trading facilities and more at lower prices than a Co-located facility. Retail forex traders also enjoy stability, speed, and accuracy when they use Forex VPS.

The basic setup for a forex trader would have the following features:

  • A local device that is connected to the trading stations internet
  • MT4 trading platform
  • An expert advisor. These come in handy when you need directions on where you are going.
  • Network connection to facilitate the trade.

The Forex VPS bypasses the relay data and orders for trade to the brokers on MT4 VPS. MetaTrader4, also referred to as MT4, is an electronic VPS trading platform used mainly by retail forex traders. This VPS software is made available to Forex brokers responsible for providing this software to their clients. The software is used to view streaming prices live, chart, manage accounts, and execute trades.

Other alternatives available for MT4 are Protrade and cTrader.

The web trading platform of cTrader is similar to its desktop application and comes with numerous properties, with a trading experience considered superior to that of MT4. cTrader is one of the popular Forex VPS used by small or retail Forex brokers.

Protrader is another alternative to MT4, especially for banks and multi-asset brokers.

How Can I Get a Forex VPS?

Getting a VPS for your forex trade is as simple as ABC. The first step is to pick out a service provider. For this, review our tips on how to select the best forex VPS for your trading needs.

How Much do Forex VPS Hosting Platforms Cost?

The price of forex VPS differs from provider to provider. These forex VPS providers price their various plans based on the features they offer.

Are there Free Forex VPSs Available?

Yes, you can get free access to most Forex VPS hosting platforms. However, this free access lasts only for a limited time frame; in most cases, seven days. However, you will find that some cheap forex VPS providers improve your trading experience at almost no cost at all. Don’t worry. We will tell you everything there is to know about them in this article.

What Are Some Cheap Forex VPS Hosting Providers I Can Use?

Choosing a forex VPS provider that offers you great functions at an affordable price can be challenging, especially for beginners with no knowledge of the technicalities involved. We have outline 3 of our top Forex VPS providers. This selection was made based on the functionalities they provide you with and their price rate.


Interserver is a popular name in the world of VPS hosting. The company has been around since 1991 and has a whole range of different VPS plans to show for it. These VPS hosting plans provide you with much-needed flexibility and scalability for your trade.

The price for the Linux VPS starts at $6 a month, while the cost for Windows-based forex VPS begins at $10 per month. These plans provide you with access to various useful features such as storage, memory, server location, and transfer.


FxVm is the best trading VPS for traders using the MetaTrader platform to trade. The company is known for providing great forex VPS platform for traders. Besides MT 4/5, FxVm also provides support for traders using other trading platforms like Ninja trader, TradeStation, TradeStation II, and Currenex.

With this forex VPS, you get access to expert support teams round the clock. The FxVm is specially designed to provide you with all you need for a smooth trade. The cost of their basic VPS plan is $19. Once your payment is confirmed, you get access to 1 Gb worth of RAM, 1 CPU core, multiple server locations, 50Gb external storage, and fast set up.

  • HostWinds

The HostWinds VPS providers have been around since 2010 and have made a name for themselves as a good VPS for forex trading. Their forex VPS package features several plans at different rates. The Budget Linux plan is priced at $7.50 monthly. At the same time, the price of the Windows Forex VPS plan starts at $13.50 monthly.

These basic plans provide you with up to 1 GB RAM, a transfer speed of 100mbps, and 25 GB storage space for you to run your trading activities effortlessly. If, at any point, you require extra resources, you can easily scale up these resources. You also get 24/7 support from their support team whenever you need them.


Forex virtual private servers are the trending way to upgrade your trading activities. They provide you with several great functions that help you reduce downtime, reduce slippage, and optimize your trades. There are several Forex VPS options; the prices depend on their features and the plans you subscribe to. You can subscribe to any Forex VPS platform and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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