The current trend in technology requires that business users hop on a web hosting platform that offers them great performance and reliability at an affordable price. Azure VPS is one such web train. Azure VPS allows you access to a high-quality server replete with awesome features at a relatively low cost. Learn about these virtual private servers that offer you low-cost servers, high CPU performance, and top security.

What is Azure VPS?

Microsoft Azure VPS was founded in 2008 and had its head office in the USA. There are servers locate in numerous locations, including Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Norway, and Germany.

Like all virtual private servers, Azure VPS uses a hypervisor to partition your server into smaller containers. Each of these containers functions as a separate physical server. Azure provides you with affordable virtual private servers that operate at a low CPU performance. Of course, there are times when demands rise, and you’ll require significantly higher performance.

Regardless, we can authoritatively state that Azure VPS is a great choice for all businesses, including those looking to expand.

Why Should I Choose Azure VPS Over the Other VPS Servers?

Azure VPS offers you the flexibility and top-notch performance you need for your business. Asides from that, there’s also the fact that with Azure VPS, there are no hidden charges, and you get to pay for the services you enjoy on an hourly basis.

With Azure VPS, you gain root access and full control to the server, including the ability to start and stop any process as well as stop and reboot the VPS itself. Enough of that, let’s look at further reasons why you should choose Azure VPS

  • Reduced Cost – Most VPS users often boast of providing high-quality performance at low prices. However, most of these VPS providers fail to follow through with their promises. With Azure VPS, on the other hand, you are guaranteed great performance at really low prices.

One way this comes into play is the scalability of resources you enjoy. You can alter your servers’ needs to match your site’s ever-changing needs. Pay for the extra services and features you desire. Thus, you get to save money that would otherwise have been spent finding an alternative web hosting server. The cost of getting an Azure VPS is way below that of a dedicated server.

  • Properly Allocated Resources – Microsoft Azure VPS has one up shared hosting. It employs a hypervisor in the allocation of resources. This way, all server resources are allocated fairly, and you don’t have to compete for resources with other server users.

You don’t have to share your servers’ resources with other users with proper resource allocation. Essentially, Azure VPS offers users a smoother and better server experience.

  • Higher Level of Security - Azure VPS offers you better security. You get better security because your site’s files and data are stored remotely in a remote server. The data isolation makes it difficult for bugs to be transmitted between users.

Some Azure VPS hosting plans also offer you further security measures. These measures include firewalls, regular backups, anti-spyware apps, and antivirus apps. However, users are not protected from DDoS attacks.

  • Root Access – Azure VPS grants you root access to your server. This guarantees that you have increased over the site, including its configurations. You also gain control of the operating system and add domains and subdomains. You can also delete or edit the files available, and if you choose to, you get access to install any software of your choice.
  • Easy Scaling of Server Resources - With Azure VPS, you can upgrade your features to match your ever changing needs. These features can be upscaled or downscaled with ease. Some of the resources that can be upscaled include storage, RAM, memory and bandwidth.
  • Scalability - While your server may not require using the full CPU, certain workloads may necessitate the full CPU’s use at all times; you may need to finish some tasks swiftly. Some of such tasks include micro services, development, testing of servers, etc.
  • Top-Notch Performance at Affordable Prices – Azure virtual private servers are designed to boost your server excellently. The best part of Azure VPS is that this optimized performance comes at pocket-friendly prices. Like with Linux VPS, you get to be your server’s admin and enjoy all the flexibility that it brings.

With over 40 data centers worldwide, you are guaranteed faster data transmission and retrieval. Yes, proximity to the server is extremely valuable, and Azure VPS offers you that and more.

  • High Traffic Capacity - Azure VPS has unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic capacity. Depending on which Azure VPS plan you select, you can enjoy as high as 2 Gbit/s of bandwidth. With the high bandwidth allocation, your site is equipped to withstand increased traffic influx and run efficiently. Thus, you get better user experience reviews.
  • Allows you Manage your Site - With cPanel, you can effectively manage your server anyhow you want. Azure VPS hosting solution offers you this and more at an affordable price. One of the great parts is that the cost is expected to reduce even more in the coming years.
  • Easy to use – another reason you should upgrade to Azure VPS web hosting is the ease you can use. Its ease of use makes it one of the best website hosting options. Once you leap on to the Azure VPS hosting train, we guarantee that you will be unable to go back to just any kind of web hosting option.
  • Uptime - Azure VPS offers you an uptime of nearly 100.

What are the Pros of Azure VPS

Azure virtual private servers are designed to offer you lots of juicy benefits. To help you identify them, we have compiled a short list of some of the pros.

  • Redundancy - You need web hosting that offers you great performance. In essence, Azure offers you the option of swiftly moving your server to an unaffected server in case of any failure.

A data center run by Azure is not likely to flop. We can guarantee this because of the large amount of money earmarked for round-the clock-maintenance.

  • Ease of Customization - Azure offers you a myriad of features you can pick from: CPU, RAM, hard disk size, dedicated or shared server, etc. You can upscale the bandwidth anytime the demand rises.
  • Multi-tasking - The top performance servers Azure VPS employs can attend to hundreds and even millions of clients simultaneously. Thanks to the optimal bandwidth capacity you are allocated, all this is possible. Thanks to your freedom to multi-task, you can offer clients a stellar experience and boost your credibility and conversion.
  • Technical Support - Azure VPS provides you with access to technical support anytime, any day. If you run into any difficulty, all you need to do is contact their support team, and help will be rendered to you for free. Azure VPS cloud hosting offers you several features on a pay as you go.
  • Productivity - Azure VPS pays special attention to productivity. You can tell by merely looking through the features they offer you. Availability - As you are well aware, any product you advertise online instantly becomes readily available. Hence, your business no longer has to deal with the limitations of 9-5. The difference in time zones has no bearing on your server performance or availability.
  • Reach and Accessibility - Azure VPS offers you access to host your website at cost-effective prices and have your products accessible worldwide. One upside of this is once your clients learn of your services and experience the ease of navigating your site, you are sure to get repeat transactions.
  • Broader Clientele - When you choose Azure VPS, you automatically make your business accessible globally thanks to their servers littered all over the globe. The global reach broadens up your clientele base.
  • Credibility - Any information hosted online or eCommerce business by default is regarded as credible and is usually taken more seriously than those displayed on paper. Now, you must host your site on a server that allows you reliable uptime and all-round performance. Azure VPS offers you that and allows you to present a credible front to your clients and other web users.

How Can I Set Up My Azure Virtual Private Server?

Now that you are clear on all Azure VPS can offer you, it’s time for us to guide you through the part of setting it up. Even if you lack technical know-how, do not worry. The steps we have outline are simple and easy to follow. Follow them to the later, and you will have your server up and running in no time at all.

  • First, you must sign up for Microsoft Azure VPS. To do so, you will be required to enter your credit card details but don’t worry; it is for confirmation purposes only. After sign up and registering, you will get a few days of free trial. Azure will not charge your account, except you choose to extend it.
  • If you already have a Microsoft account, you should sign in. Azure will send an email containing the confirmation link. Once in, confirm your account by clicking on the link in your email, and you ready to start with Azure.
  • You will be prompted to finish the signup process. Do that and choose your desired VPS plan. You can opt to jump this step and move straight to the Azure VPS portal.
  • Go to your dashboard and add your VPS server by clicking New. Alternatively, you can click on the Market place and search for all available servers. Choose your desired virtual server, and select your desired machines.
  • Choose classic as your deployment mode, then click on create. You can launch your server with password mode or SSH. The next step is to select a location for your server. As always, we advise that you choose a server location close to you.
  • Now that all those have been done, it is time to configure your server as you choose. You can select any storage type you like; standard SSD or premium SSD. Magnetic drives back up standard disks. They offer you an extremely low cost per GB and are great for bulk storage applications.
  • On the other hand, premium discs are backed up by solid-state drivers. They offer users low and reliable latency performance. Premium SSDs are great for IO intensive applications and offer you up to 5000 IOPS per disk.
  • If you have all the needed configuration, you can click OK. Your Azure VPS server should be up and running.

Does Azure VPS Offer Free Account?

Yes, Azure VPS offers clients free accounts. With your free account, you get 12 months of free product access. After the 12 months elapses, you will be billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. You also get a $200 free credit valid for 30 days.

Where Can I Find a European Cloud Hosting Server in Asia?

One way is to search the Microsoft Azure website. The geography and locations of their servers are specified. All you need do is enter your desired geographic location, and a server in the matching area is displayed.


Microsoft Azure is a cloud VPS hosting platform that offers users extraordinary features at extremely low prices. Between the scalability, low cost, and option of using the premium disk SSD, there are so many reasons why you must choose Azure VPS. Lest we forget, Azure VPS allows you to open a free account with access to certain free features for a year as well as $200 free credit. Sign up with Azure VPS today to enjoy these mouth licking offers.

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