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The web hosting server does a lot for various organizations, bringing them into the digital space and growing their online presence. Over the years, new businesses have often begun with the shared servers, as they are relatively cheaper and also does a lot for online businesses to some level. However, as the need for more resources comes up, users start seeking better web hosting options that would suit their work.

A better choice is the Virtual Private Server that works with a shared physical server while providing users with their virtual private space. Hence, you can have your own space even though there are other persons on that same server. You can get into many customizations without needing authorization from the service providers.

Although the VPS web hosting is quite expensive than the shared servers, they are cost-effective, and their resources are worth their cost. However, users can also access cheap VPS web hosting with several resources. Many web hosting platforms provide cheap VPS of even $1 to users to get started and access various features for a short while. However, we offer cheap VPS plans for free for seven days, allowing users to hack into the benefits that this service provides.

Introduction to Cheap VPS

Our cheap VPS web hosting service includes the managed and unmanaged VPS plans, with a fast setup that takes a few seconds to complete. Users can access our cheap managed plans by merely creating an avenue to get the SLA added to their server for extra support. Even though this web hosting is termed a cheap VPS server, there are no regulations on the server.

Hence, you can get full access to law-abiding with all business activities with no hiccups on the server. To get started, users only need to create a cheap VPS account with us, using their email and a strong password that they can remember. Once your email gets confirmed, the installation process begins, and in no time, you can have those awesome customizations you've always desired at the tip of your fingers.

On this server, all users' data are secured using the Kernel-based Virtual Machine protection, and as such, even other users on the same physical shared server would not have access to your data. Currently, users may not even pay up to a dollar for these cheap services, as they can utilize our seven days of free trial. After accessing our exceptional web hosting services, they can get started with our billing plan that begins from $4.99.

You can enjoy a flexible service, as no contracts are stating the minimum period for using our cheap VPS plans. This flexibility implies that users can decide to continue or discontinue their services whenever they choose to do so through their control panel. On this server, individuals are provided with the options of either of facing the installation process.

There are several data service locations situated across around down. You can find these centers in North America, Australia, Asia, and various other areas. Thus, you can choose any of these centers and enroll in the cheap VPS web hosting plans that we offer.

What Are the Advantages of using a Cheap VPS?

Although the shared server is relatively cheap, they have limited resources, and every person sharing that particular server uses the same resources at a particular time. This sharing of resources is persistent unless you seek a change from the web host provider, and even when there is a change, it affects every user on the server. Thus, many persons crave their own space to work and make changes without interfering in other people's work or vice versa.

The VPS is the best option, as they provide users their own space within a shared server. Although they come with several resources, they are quite expensive than the shared server. However, there are several cheap VPS options that you can use and have unlimited access to more resources. There are several benefits that these cheap VPS provide, and some of them include:

1. Reliable Web Hosting Services

Our latest technology, the cheap VPS services come with an excellent performance level that makes them highly reliable. Thus, it doesn't matter if the cost is relatively low; the resources and reliability are not adversely impacted. There are no slowdowns on this cheap server, as all activities are done at a faster pace.

Our cheap VPS hosting is quite different from those old cheap hosting that has low speeds regularly, leading to dropouts. On our server, there are no disconnections, and you can handle all your tasks smoothly. With the 40 Gbit Mellanox reliable network, which functions with the Intel E5 core processors, all the services of these cheap VPS are top-notch.

2. They don't work on low RAID storage

Although they are cheap, their services and storages are not, as we don't risk your data storing them on a cheap RAID storage drive. However, our upgraded services make use of the excellent SSD storage that works at a faster pace.

All the data of users on this cheap VPS hosting are secured using the ample 3-way replication storage that provides keeps a backup copy at all times. Hence, you can rest assured that you can always access your data even when your primary storage drive gets compromised.

3. Top Security on the Cheap VPS

One of the significant challenges businesses face in the digital world is a malware attack, as their data gets online. A successful attack can disrupt all business owners' activities and lead to a loss since clients may not access their sites. With the various activities involved in the business, users may not keep a very close watch on cyber-attacks.

Also, it can be time-consuming for users to keep looking out for such attacks. Hence, our cheap VPS comes with top-notch security that keeps all the server's activities safe and secured. One of the significant security threats that this service deals with is the DDOS attacks that often results from an increase in traffic (presence of malicious traffic). If this attack is not quickly detected and worked on, it can glitch in the service.

Thus, the website would then become unavailable and inaccessible. Hence, this cheap VPS configures a firewall that keeps your workspace secured, detecting possible attacks, and neutralizing them before they can have any impact on the server.

4. Excellent Performance

It is a known fact that downtimes can be very disastrous for businesses, as it would become hard for clients and potential audiences to visit your businesses. Also, websites on various search engines, including Google, get penalized for any downtime case, especially if they have some search rankings. Thus, it would be quite beneficial if you get a hosting service with excellent performance.

Although the cheap VPS is very affordable, even for start-up businesses, the server's quality does not get compromised. There is a guarantee that users on this cheap hosting would keep getting an uptime of 99.9%, without a chance of experiencing any downtime.

5. Gaining Control

On this cheap VPS server, you can have total control of the services. Thus, even though you go for the unmanaged VPS hosting, there are easy to understand control panels and excellent customer support to guide you through the server's dos and don'ts. Even though you need to upgrade your VPS package to meet up with the sudden surge in the business workload, you can do that quickly.

Users can also leave a particular VPS package for a lower one with ease by making a couple of clicks. Furthermore, whether you want to create a firewall setup, reverse DNS, or access your VPN, you can navigate through the central control for assistance.

6. Excellent Customer Support

Aside from the control panel, this hosting also provides access to our customer support to users to help them out with whatever issues they face on the server. There is also live chat support that makes the whole contact process easier and quicker.

7. Availability in various locations

The cheap VPS hosting is made available in different locations around the world. Our hosting centers are currently in over 15 locations globally, including Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. Thus, you have total freedom to make choices from the different VPS locations.

5 Reasons You Should Prefer cheap VPS

The cheap VPS provides several advantages, and as such, many individuals are leaving the shared servers and upgrading to these VPS hosting options. There are fewer bounce rates on this server, leading to a quicker loading time on various business sites. Users can now enjoy dedicated server resources, including a remarkable bandwidth and memory, CP core power, and data stored on SSD drives.

There is a high level of scalability, added capabilities, and excellent root access. The control panels are not left out, as they keep users in charge of the server's activities. Using this hosting, business owners can rest assured that their sites become unaffected by security breaches and sudden traffic surge. All these are offered at a lower cost, and when compared to the use of hardware servers and managing them, they are relatively cheap.

Thus, here are some more reasons why you should prefer cheap VPS hosting and use it for your business.

  1. They provide you access to a control panel that is created with rich features for an excellent performance. With the help of the control panel, you can do many things without seeking assistance elsewhere. You can view your console, start the rebooting and restarting process on the server, setup the server's firewall, and launch the VPS package that you desire.
  2. With the various hosting centers worldwide, users can get instant support from centers within their desired location.
  3. This hosting server supports several operating systems, as the cheap VPS comes with more than 50 working templates. These templates also come with fantastic resources from Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, and many others. You can also customize the templates to suit your needs.
  4. The server's proactive nature and the technical team's security on this server help conduct regular security checks. If there are cases of attacks, they also come in handy in fighting them off.
  5. Users have the option of using the managed or unmanaged server option for their operation. Even when you choose the unmanaged option, this hosting solution also offers some level of support. They can always contact the hosting customer service, and get the appropriate direction that eas their work.

Thus, those with some technical knowledge can put it into use and save cost. Furthermore, with the cheap VPS hosting managed service, business owners can reduce the work burden.


The use of VPS hosting services provides many benefits for business owners and organizations. They help provide a virtual workspace for each individual even while on the shared server, disseminating the needed resources accordingly. With all these activities within the VPS hosting solution, no individual interfered with the other's activity. Although some users are stuck with the shared server because of their lower cost, they cannot do much as fewer resources are on that server.

Hence, they can access our cheap VPS web hosting solutions and quickly try out the free trial to provide users for seven days. Despite its affordable cost, there are several benefits that users get from using these services. Some benefits include high security, reliability, scalability, excellent support, and an incredible uptime of about 99.9%. You can access the various cheap VPS hosting plans that we offer and get started within five seconds.

Cheap VPS $1

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