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Making businesses reach that desired spot online requires that individuals source for the best web hosting server as users can choose to use the shared server or dedicated server. There is also the Virtual Private Server, an intermediate and suitable for businesses leaving the shared servers. Although the shared servers are the cheapest web hosting option available, various business owners are frequently upgrading to the VPS web hosting option.

The VPS web hosting option offers many features that prove very useful for various organizations' online presence. They provide different individuals in an organization with their private workspace even as they share the same physical server. The operating system on the VPS server comes with various resources that make work runs smoothly for users.

Hence, the VPS web hosting mimics the dedicated servers' services while sharing a physical server, and it is quite cheaper than these dedicated servers. These segments that users have on the VPS server result from the copy of the virtual machine operating system allocated to the various individuals on the server.

Users can customize their work segment, which wouldn't pose threats to others on the server. There are various VPS plans, and you can easily access the cheap VPS plans that we provide and have a more efficient work experience.

We provide users with cheap VPS for as low as $4.99, and new business owners can start this plan. They also can make more out of the server by upgrading their server's resources whenever they wish. We offer users an uptime of up to 99.99%, as we know that downtimes on websites can results in poor browsing experience on the parts of clients, invariably hurting the business.

Our cheap VPS is provided with high technological features that make work faster and easier on the server. Furthermore, all the chosen VPS servers such as Linux, Ubuntu, and Debian, as well as others, keeps running right from the moment you've chosen them. Hence we assure you of high performance on the server.

How to Order Cheap VPS

The cheap VPS provides flexible plans designed for users worldwide, and they can start with our standard plans for as low as $4.99 every month. Our free seven days trial allows users to access these features before they start making purchases. To order our cheap VPS, you only have to create a VPS account with your email and use a suitable password. Then, you can get a suitable cheap VPS plan after your email confirmation.

Here are some benefits that users stand to enjoy when they purchase our cheap VPS plans:

  • Fast Setup

The excellent thing about the cheap VPS that we provide is that you can get started in no time, as the setup time is less than a minute. Within a few seconds, we can conclude the whole setup process after you've signed up for a VPS account.

  • Excellent Storage

Even though so many service providers offer cheap VPS on older hardware that seems quite unreliable, our cheap VPS is provided with the newest SSD storage. Hence, users can access an excellent server performance and make use of the awesome data backup we provide, using the three-way data storage replication

  • Reliable Service

Cheap VPS that makes use of older software has a higher chance of leaving users with a slow performance that proves disastrous for their businesses. However, we use the latest hardware storage that assures users a higher performance while on the server, without constant disconnection as seen on the older cheap VPS solutions. With our 40 Gbit Mellanox service super reliable, which runs on the awesome Intel E5 processors, there are no slowdowns on the server we host.

  • Top-Notch Security

It can be time-consuming for users to start managing every aspect of their business without any help. Thus, keeping a close watch on the possible attacks on their online workspace might be challenging. Hence, we provide maximum security to ensure no malware attacks and provide a firewall configuration that prohibits a DDOS attack.

  • Awesome Customer Support

Along with the cheap VPS we provide, users can always access our customer support for their excellent services. With the chat support, they can talk to them about any issues they face on the virtual server. They are available round the clock with an immediate response that can always save you time and other resources.

  • Fantastic Scalability

Despite the size of cheap VPS you choose, you have the option of upgrading these services when the need arises. Doing so wouldn't cost you much time, as you can quickly contact us, and we'll get the process done in no time. You can access the various scalable options that we provide, and here are the standard plans we offer that come with the 7-day free trial.

VPS standard Memory




Disk Storage



1TB Transfer





3 TB Transfer





3 TB Transfer





4 TB Transfer



The VPS root access also ensures that users have total control over their virtual workspace, and as such, they can make those desirable customizations that the organization needs. The server's customization process is quite simple, as the user-friendly control panel makes sure that users adapt easily without further experience.

  • Accessible Global Data Centers

Our cheap VPS solutions stem from over fifteen data centers located across the globe, and users can get total freedom in choosing their most preferred center. There are centers located in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. These centers provide excellent services, and their customer services are top-notch.

Managed cheap VPS

There are various VPS web hosting options, as there are managed and those that are not. The unmanaged VPS plan allows the web hosting provider takes charge of the installation of the server's operating system and allows the users to take charge of managing the following areas of the server:

  1. The software installation, alongside taking charge of the system's software updates and dealing with the control panel.
  2. All threats to the user's data are well secured, as there are numerous data backup applications put in place to ensure that doesn't happen. These users place a close watch on the various applications, take charge of installing this security software, and keep a close watch on whatever malicious attacks may occur. These individuals test run these programs to ensure that this software is doing great and ensure that the work output would be excellent.
  3. They have full maintenance and control over this server with excellent control and update on the upgrades available.

Please note that this unmanaged server may not be the best option for users that do not have proper technical knowledge. If users face any challenges regarding the power outage or some hardware failure, they don't get much help from the web hosting service providers. Thus, you are totally in charge of managing the activities on the server.

However, the managed VPS serve server, on the other hand, comes with some peculiar features, and it is suitable for those that own the services and barely have any technical knowledge of the server. The managed server covers all areas that users would have taken charge of and allowed them to enjoy the provider's IT professionals' assistance. Thus, the managed server is far more comfortable, and here are some things that come with it:

  1. The managed server comes to care of the initial host server setup, right from the site launching, constant monitoring of the managed updates, and the system's activities.
  2. All the application or software updates are constantly running, as they are also taken care of by the web host providers.
  3. The security patches are not left out since the operating system and the core application is already made available in places, installed, and updated.
  4. Users can also sit relaxed, as monitors are placed to note any possible attacks on the server and handle them appropriately. Thus, they can easily detect the early signs of malicious attacks on the hardware.
  5. Files on the server are easily retrieved, as the earlier versions are made readily available if things go wrong.

With these features mentioned above for the unmanaged and managed VPS, it is visible that the managed VPS web hosting ensures that users have more flexibility and have many burdens taken off from them. They can rest assures that all updates and backups are done at the right time without interfering with their job on the server.

Thus, most persons go for the managed VPS web hosting, despite their cost, which seems quite higher than the unmanaged server. However, in choosing a managed VPS web hosting provider, it would be quite beneficial to note their different flexibility levels, as they come with different management levels.

We provide users worldwide excellent managed VPS services that range from the cheapest VPS managed plans to those with great flexibility options at a higher cost. Our managed VPS service ensures that your server is fully updated with the service level agreement (SLA) and makes provision for a dedicated customer service control panel for users who work around the clock.

All DDOS, malware and virus attacks are kept at bay with the maximum security we offer, and there is complete control on your virtual workspace. Furthermore, we take charge of all migration of the organization's domain name, applications, and databases, alongside other important resources, to ensure the work's smooth running.

But, if you seek a far cheaper option and decide to take on our unmanaged VPS web hosting, our management experts also provide some support to help you take care of the tasks. Our team has placed various hotlines for the dedicated Windows server and Linux server with over five years of experience. Users can call these lines as often as they can and get in touch with our experts.

These experts can help provide them some more information on how they can fully understand and work on taking charge of the VPS issues. Interestingly, these customer support hotlines are available at all times, irrespective of the location or time zone.

3 Ways to get cheap VPS

Getting our cheap VPS hosting solution can be quite easy and quick. Although it is termed cheap VPS, users can access various resources on this server and enjoy more flexibility than on the shared server. It is an excellent option for various businesses, including those just starting, as it is very affordable. Users can get cheap VPS and start making more out of these services in no time. Here are three ways to get started with our cheap VPS hosting service

  1. Log in to your VPS account using the email and password you used to create a VPS account. Then continue by tapping on "Add Server" from the left panel.
  2. Put in your hostname on the designated space
  3. Please choose the desired VPS size from the variety of options available on our site and get started.

Please note that after installed the cheap VPS for you, the next step is to manage your server. Of course, this service comes with various default settings, but you can make some tweaks to have an awesome experience on the VPS server.


The VPS is one of the commonest web hosting solutions found amongst various business owners today. They offer users flexible services that ensure a high time on the server. There are various cheap server solutions available, and users can get started by creating a VPS solution, and we would set up their desired plan in no time. Our services ensure that all users' data are kept secure, and they can upgrade their services whenever the need arises.

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