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The world's best and fastest KVM VPS. Guaranteed the best I/O performance!

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Deploy your scalable and Managed VPS within 55 seconds on our cloud infrastructure platform.

100% SSD Servers

100% SSD storage

Focused on performance and redundancy. Our virtual private servers are amazing fast with our powerful infrastructure and native SSDs to provide high performance.


Top-Class Infrastructure

Fast reliable 40Gbit Mellanox network with high-end Intel E5-269X processors. No more bottlenecks. No downtime. Pure high availability cloud servers guaranteed.

Manager your server

Feature-rich Panel

Our control panel is providing many features like viewing your console, reboot, restart, reinstall, change your OS, firewall and more. Easily deploy your VPS now.


benchmark score

Amazing benchmark score provided by the VPS community. Our scalable cloud computing platform is faster. Much faster. Built for high I/O performance.

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3 Way private server storage

3-way SSD


Why 3-Way SSD storage replication?

3-Way storage replication on our cloud hosting platform. Virtual Private Servers stored on three different servers at the same time. Much safer than a RAID system. Because RAID is only stored on one hosting server.

Fast Simple Setup. Easy to Use VPS.

Deploy fast and setup any Linux or Windows VPS with our control panel. We've got your back and provide 24/7 live chat support!

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Designed for next level performance servers

We've created the next level performance Windows and Linux VPS. Cloud computing for developers, innovative startups, businesses and many more. They have the speed, reliability, and the flexibility. Scale as your computing needs and business grows. We offer the best scalable, no-contract servers that you can cancel anytime.