How to Order Cheap VPS Server Hosting

Many clients are now accustomed to different hosting platforms. As much as this is a good thing, it also has a disadvantage as it may cloud your deductive skills. This makes it a necessity to understand which platform suits your business best. How do you know when it’s time to switch to VPS hosting you may ask? Look out for these signs below:

  • Check if your traffic surge rate has gone over 30% and if your website has crossed 5K page views per day.
  • Ensure your website is now generating enough revenue (I.e. when the growth rate is around 30%).
  • Decide if you want complete control to server & resources or not.
  • Check if your website is gradually becoming reluctant.
  • Decide how much of priority privacy of applications and websites is to you.
  • Finalize if you want to keep your website private and separate from neighboring websites.
  • Ensure you are willing to run a customized operating system as well as applications.
  • Check if the notification you receive for monthly consumption of shared hosting provider resources shows that you have consumed everything.
  • Check how much heavy multimedia contents your website contains.
  • Be sure you’re willing to enjoy some of the great features of VPS server.

When it becomes clear you have to move your business from a shared server hosting to Virtual Private Server hosting, you should always consider going for the cheapest out there. I know that at this point, the next and final question that will be on your mind is; how can I order a cheap VPS server hosting?

In this section, we will teach you the steps to order a cheap VPS server. The entire process is straightforward and takes only about a minute, though you might have to wait up to 20 minutes or less for the creation process to be completed.

  1. The first thing you’ll be needed to do is to select the operating system you want for your VPS server (we’ll be using Windows VPS server throughout this example. However, the same steps are used with Linux VPS server).
  2. The next thing is to choose which plan you wish to use. You’re provided with many different plans. Standard plans are perfect for an average VPS. They are packed with plenty of power and are well balanced. Below are some examples of the standard plans:
    • $ 4,99 plan: 1 GB Memory/ 1 core, 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer
    • $ 9,99: 2 GB memory / 2 cores, 50 GB disk / 2 TB transfer
    • $ 14,99: 3 GB memory / 2 cores, 75 GB disk / 3 TB transfer
    • $ 19,99: 4 GB memory / 3 cores, 100 GB disk / 4 TB transfer
    • $ 29,99: 6 GB memory / 4 cores, 150 GB disk / 5 TB transfer
    • $ 39,99: 8 GB memory / 6 cores, 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer
    • Popular plan:4 GB Memory, 3 CORES Processor, 100 GB Disk, 4 TB Transfer. Pricing for this starts at $ 19,99
    You select the plan of your choice according to your budget and requirements (note that there is a free 7-day trial for the first four standard plans). If you are tight on budget, then go for something less expensive. If however, you are looking for more CPU power or more Memory, you can look at our CPU Optimized and Memory Optimized plans (they are of course more expensive though). Also, have it in mind that Windows’ process is quite heavy, so it is advisable to have at least 4GB of RAM or higher.
  3. Next, you click on “Start VPS” below your desired plan (you’ll see “start 7-day trial” if it’s among the first four standard plans).
  4. You will then be required to fill a straightforward form, enter your contact address, choose your region, select your billing cycle and payment method.
  5. When you are done confirming your order, try and be patient because the server usually takes between 2-20 minutes to install.

Managed Windows VPS

One major confusion that arises when clients want to buy a Windows VPS hosting is whether to buy Managed VPS hosting or Unmanaged VPS hosting. Many find it challenging to decide on which to go for, so in this section, we will explain the differences between the two, focusing mainly on the Managed Windows VPS. Have it in mind that a poor decision will ultimately lead to the poor performance of your website.

An unmanaged Windows VPS account is one where the web hosting provider sets up only the server for the client leaving full control over the system to them (the client). That means that the client is responsible for security hardening, installation of apps, and so on.

When using a managed Windows VPS on the other hand, the VPS service provider offers a broader range of service. It takes full control and responsibility for all installations, software updates, configurations, setups as well as maintenance. It supports the client where there is an operational issue. This means that you will have peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on your business without having to worry about the performance of your VPS.

In case you might be wondering what services managed VPS providers offer, beware that different hosts have their own services, so you are advised to check the support option of the plan before you sign up for it. Though some services may differ, essentially, all Windows VPS servers offer the following services:

  • They ensure the highest availability.
  • They take appropriate security measures to prevent vulnerability.
  • They monitor alerts for low disk space, High CPU and RAM usage, as well as potential security risks.
  • They update OS, server patches, and security on regular basis.
  • They provide technical support at every hour of the day.
  • They backup and maintain your resources regularly.
  • They Install the necessary software and SSL certificates.
  • Other services that can be offered include 24/7 technical and control panel support, migrating domain name, databases and other site resources, troubleshooting and fine-tuning, maximum security from virus, malware and DDOS attacks and anti-spam server monitoring and protection.

Knowing well the difference between the two offers, it is evident that the managed Windows VPS is by far more advantageous. However, the unmanaged plan is still beneficial in some cases. Now, you may ask, “when should I choose a Managed Windows VPS hosting?”. If you want to purchase a plan, your decision should be made after considering the following factors:

  • Budget: Make sure you put your budget into consideration before you make a decision. You should consider the difference in cost between the two hosting plans. Unmanaged hosting is available for a lower price while Managed hosting is more expensive since the service provider offers a higher level of services. However, have it in mind that even though the Managed VPS hosting might be more expensive, it is without doubt worth every extra cost.
  • Competence of your workers: Before you decided on choosing Managed Windows VPS hosting or not, consider the level of expertise of your workers. For instance, if you have workers who can perform installations, maintenance, and so on when the need arises, there is no need for you to shift all this to an external party and pay extra. If on the other hand, you lack these workers, obtaining the managed Windows VPS is a very good investment.
  • Customization: When getting a managed Windows VPS, there are usually some conditions the service provider will require you to meet. Most usually, you will be compelled to buy a control panel with it. This means that it may come with several softwares which you might not need. Therefore, you should consider if you or your company has any unique need and if you want to customize your server in a way that is not possible with the managed VPS.
  • Level of desired access: you should make a decision considering the level or amount of access control you or your IT team needs. If you do not run a business where you’ll need unlimited control and you can still operate even when being a little restricted from deciding some issues concerning the VPS hosting, then the Managed Windows VPS is the better choice.
  • Scalability and performance: If you are operating on the managed support option, your service provider will be responsible for monitoring your VPS daily and advising you when to scale up or down your VPS resources. If you are not willing to constantly monitor your VPS on your own, then getting a managed VPS should be your decision. Also, if the nature of your business requires higher bandwidths, unmanaged VPS servers may be more suitable for you.

Generally, the Managed VPS hosting is a more expensive alternative for the Unmanaged hosting since you are charged for technical support and assistance and other beneficial services in the plan. However, it can be very valuable if you lack the knowledge or expertise of managing servers. There is also the possibility of you finding yourself in a situation where you need technical assistance at midnight. The avoidance of situations like these is good proofs that your extra dollar was well invested.

3 Ways to Get Cheap VPS For Students 2020

Most VPS service providers provide only plans for commercial uses. However, when you do not have a big business and really need to use a VPS, you can get it in various ways. Students are good examples of users of VPS who fall under the group of people who need VPS services at a lesser scale. They make use of it for several purposes, mainly education activities. Although only students who study computer science and other computer-related courses are likely to get a topic or subject related to VPS, many others are still eager to learn about VPS irrespective of their educational background. Whatever group you may be in, you may have asked about how you can get cheap VPS. Below are ways with which you can achieve this goal:

  1. Amazon AWS Educate Program: with the goal of getting into every online business, the top retailer Amazon has also created an education program to provide easy education tools to students and teachers. This new service is also dedicated to offering servers to do remote work, database management, cloud storage, hosting, as well as other related tasks. The service can be used for hosting remotely and provides enough space for keeping files virtually. The most attractive aspect of this service is that it offers a year of free service, which is enough for a student. With this, you can consider Amazon AWS as a source for obtaining free VPS.
  2. Microsoft Azure VPS: This is a service release by Microsoft to compete in cloud computing business. It has a complex system and network and is convenient for managing vast and large networks. Microsoft Azure has some services which are free for students via their school, allowing you to access VPS without having to spend anything. It, however, has limited storage and specs but is enough to fulfill basic requirements.
  3. GiftHub Student Developer pack: This is one of the most popular open-source platforms, and it has been doing collaborations with most of the famous VPS providers, including the two we mentioned earlier. It provides many free plans and offers numerous promo codes which can be used to get a very good amount of discount on your hosting plans. If you receive these coupon codes, you can also use it to get free VPS for as long as a few months. Therefore, it is one of the cheapest VPS you can get in 2020.

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