Choosing to start a website or blog with WordPress is a very smart choice indeed.

With WordPress as a platform, owning a site of your own is very easy. WORDPRESS is a site builder as well as a data and content management system software that powers over 35 percent of the World Wide Web. It is free for all and can be used by anyone that Is looking to kick off any type of affiliate shop, blog, or website with thousands of views. It is the most flexible, user-friendly, easily-accessible website for beginners.

WordPress provides a means for users to publish and manage their own personal pages without the need to learn how to code. It can be extended, modified, or used in any way to suit individual or organizational means without needing to pay license fees. Overall,users get to have complete, unbridled control over the whole software.

It comes with numerous functions and features, some of which include :

  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Ease of publication
  • Free publishing tools
  • Up-to-Standard generated codes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Optimization of search engine
  • Freedom for user

While all of this is great,users have to go through the daunting process of choosing from the dozens of available web-hosting companies and web hosting plans for their sites. In as much as a user can get a blog up and running without the use of a web hosting service, it is very important to get a web hosting plan as this will play a huge role in the maintenance and total upkeep of your site in regards to uptime or downtime, security, and privacy.

Virtual Private Server WordPress hosting is a hosting service that is specially designed to maintain WordPress performance and security. Its services are mainly focused on keeping the WordPress online environment up and running in good condition.

VPS hosting does not provide a whole physical server to the user. Instead, the user is provided with a virtual partition or 'space' in a server, which gives the user privacy that cannot be gotten from a shared server hosting. It is easier to think about VPS hosting as renting a flat alone in a whole house and Shared Server hosting as having roommates in one apartment.

VPS server hosting provides users with the control and independence that a dedicated server provides, but at a more pocket-friendly price. This way, it combines both shared server hosting and dedicated server hosting to suit the user's needs.

Prices of VPS WordPress hosting plans vary with service provider and features provided, like Capacity and Bandwidth.Finding something that would work both for your budget and your website is the key to a great online presence.

VPS WordPress Hosting can either be managed or unmanaged.

A managed WordPress hosting is a service that provides technical support for a user's server. It is a hosting service that doesn't concern users with technicalities like updates of software, speed, data backups, and security of your blog or website. All these are taken care of by the host service.

This type of hosting takes part of the workload burden off of the user's chest. It is completely hassle-free and helps increase the productivity of the site while simultaneously saving time.

Unmanaged WordPress hosting on the other hand is on the other side of the spectrum. It does not provide the comfort that comes with having a technician do all the work. The user gets to be in full control of his server. He gets to build, configure, manage and secure the server all by himself.

VPS hosting for your Wordpress provides greater control and flexibility over your server.This is done by/with:

  • Provision of better speed and performance
  • Provision of security
  • Provision of configuration setting more specific to your website needs
  • Free, easy-to-use one-click installation
  • Choice to create multiple channels from a mother domain.

Although you do not get to hog a whole server,all resources provided by the VPS web hosts play a big part in ensuring the smooth running of your site. All factors and features directly impact speed, reliability, and security and come together to ensure users enjoy a successful website.

Although VPS Wordpress hosting is just one solution among many, some of its strengths are:

  1. Improved performance: having outgrown using a shared host or no host at all,improved performance and capacity is easily the biggest benefit a site using VPSWordpress hosting can get. Service providers dedicate server resources to providing better up-time and faster loading time to all websites under their care. These resources are not 'shared' with other websites. This provides a great customer experience and better traffic for the website. It results in shorter loading time, greater online presence, and better overall speed.
  2. Scalability: customers find it easy to scale up a plan or scale down a plan as they see fit for their ever-evolving needs.
  3. Improved security: Websites are given better security of their sites which helps them to ward off Trojans, viruses, malicious codes, hackers, and worms when they start to use VPS Wordpress hosting. The presence of highly important software provided by Service providers adds an extra film of help to prevent loss of resources between websites sharing one server.
  4. Affordability: the price tags vary with each package with the smallest price ranging from as low as $5 to $10.
  5. Greater flexibility: users are able to run dynamic online business or blogs with the ability to install what they need on their website.


Multiple Wordpress sites or Wordpress Multisite is a feature that gives users the ability to create a link or network of subsites within a single Wordpress platform. These sites are typically alternatives of one domain. This feature allows a rudimentary Wordpress unit to be converted into a focus of mini network websites or subsites.

A Multisite installs changes to all subsites via the Network Admin.

Any and all users can create a network of self-supporting sites for any purpose, be it individual or commercial.

If you are looking to use Wordpress as a single site, this feature does not need to be activated. Multisite makes it relatively easy to manage multiple sites on a single dashboard without needing to open separate installations individually.It is easier to replicate processes and actions across a network of websites.

Why should you go Multisite?

The key difference between a regular wordpress web admin and a Wordpress Multisite admin is the number of sites you get control of and get user accessibility of.

Features of a Multisite web gives administrators the ability to customize themes and create online stores with one domain. Say, for example,a small online store with several web pages for their products. This way, users who need to have subpages do not require new Wordpress installations with different themes,

One main advantage is the ability to manage all websites at once. This allows users to create as many sites as they require under one domain, customize as they deem fit, and all on ONE hosting server.

Multisite Wordpress provides single or multiple access levels for easier management of the websites. As a super-administrator of all links, you get to give specific people network access and save time spent in managing the site.

It is very affordable, convenient, time-saving, and productive for business traffic.

To own a Multisite Wordpress Network, it is important to have good Wordpress hosting. For smaller traffic, shared hosting is sufficient for the user but for a medium-to-large scale website, users should consider making use of VPS hosting.

To get started with Multisites, users need to choose a domain form. The sites intended to be on the web should be designed. Subdomains and wildcat Subdomains should be created and connected to your server. Wordpress Multisite feature should be enabled on the installed Wordpress and the site network should be configured afterward.

Themes and contents to be shown on the final pages should then be chosen and published, and the Multisite feature on Wordpress should be enabled.

After this feature is enabled, users are able to add new sites as they prefer.


Learning to manage your own VPS without the need for a service provider personnel is a very important skill.

While you might have a network provider manage and maintain your VPS to help you save time and improve the overall performance of your site, having to take care of your unmanaged VPS server provides freedom for you to set your server up however you like. If you know what you are doing, that is.

When going for an unmanaged VPS server, it is important to hold basic knowledge about technicalities like proper software packages for instance.On a managed site, a hosting provider necessitates all upgrades of software to improve the performance of your website.

While managing Your Own VPS,you carry the responsibility of your partition in the server. You get to configure, upgrade and manage your server while also making sure to provide your sites with adequate security.

So how can you get started on this journey of total control?

1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Control Panel

Now, you are made administrator of your very own server and get to exert power and control over all features it provides. With it,you will be able to shut down, boot your server and carry out a host of other crucial actions.

The hosting panel is known as Control Panel or cPanel. This is where the server is managed.

To get started, log into your panel via your unmanaged web hosting software to get to the user interface that gives access to examine everything that has to do with your server.

The next interface will provide you with all information about your server. From this point on, you can input commands.

2. Manage Your Domain Name

The next step is naming your server and connecting your registered domains to your VPS to make them run on that server.

3. Install Software Applications

The final step is the installation of the necessary applications to complete the setup. There are various offers on these applications, therefore, it is really important to choose one that is easy to understand and performs important jobs.

After all, this is done,building a website is relatively easy.

To build a website you need a Domain name, website hosting, and Wordpress.

  • Choose a domain name
  • Register the chosen domain name with a web hosting
  • Set up your website on wordpress
  • Design your website
  • Set up pages, menu end contents


Another good and secure program to run your websites on is the Google Cloud Hosting Platform, GCP.It provides different options and security via Google's own websites like Gmail.

If you are looking to try it out for the first time,it is advisable to use its Virtual Machines. This is identical to services rendered by VPS hosts.

Some notable advantages of hosting your website on Google include:

  • You only pay for compute time use
  • Private network
  • Great performance
  • Improved Security
  • Redundant backups.

1. Buy a domain name:

To create a website on this hosting platform, it is advisable to purchase and register a domain or go with the alternative of using a public IP address.

2. Host your website:

Google helps users to run two types of websites: a static website and a dynamic website.

Static websites are websites where viewers are unable to interact with the web page. It does not allow registrations and leaving of comments on the page. This type of website is run on Google Cloud.

A dynamic website on the other hand allows all sorts of interactions and can only be run on Google Virtual Machines. These Virtual Machines are able to run all forms of website.

3. Set Up Computing Engine

Virtual Machines based on Google can be customized as needed by the user. Complete customization is made possible by the installation of OS software.

4. Set Up, Stack

An Operating System should be chosen, followed by the installation of a web server and database.

5. Link your domain to your host.

The final step is to link your created domain with your Google host and test the website by visiting your domain from a browser on any device.

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