cPanel is capable of functioning as a virtual private server or even a dedicated server. Whichever hosting platform you choose to run cPanel on, you are assured that it is compatible with your operating system and the existing applications. It will support a whole range of applications like MySQL, Perl, Postgres, and BIND and email-based applications like IMAP, POP3, and SMTP services.

The benefits of utilizing a cPanel VPS hosting are numerous, with one strong point that it is well worth the cost. Our article will strive to give you an overview of VPS hosting with cPanel, its advantages, and how much it will cost you.

An Overview of VPS Hosting with cPanel

You may have come across the term cPanel VPS Hosting and most likely wondered what the phrase meant. In our article, we will try our best to explain the concept of cPanel VPS hosting. Before we start, you must understand what the key terms mean.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel designed to work with UNIX. It utilizes a three-tier design and provides users with a graphical interface and tools to make web hosting easy. Asides from the GUI interface, cPanel also comes built with a command line and API based access. The API based access grants third party software, developers, and web hosting organizations permission to make changes to the system.

VPS stands for the virtual private server. VPS is one of the web hosting platforms available. It employs the use of a hypervisor to allocate and manage server resources efficiently. An advantage of this form of web hosting is that it gives your server better uptime and improves the overall user experience.

cPanel VPS hosting is a control dashboard that allows you to manage your web hosting server. It gives you control over the server with just the click of a button, allowing you to design and manage your web hosting platform as you desire.

How Does cPanel VPS Hosting Work?

As important as choosing the right hosting provider is, it is even more important to select a good control panel. We recommend selecting cPanel because of the great features and numerous benefits which it offers you. With the quality features and tools that cPanel offers, you can manage your website and create infinite possibilities with your VPS hosting.

Owners of websites that run resource-intensive applications often discover that memory usage and its allocation are vital to their site's overall performance. These resource-intensive applications may be responsible for your website operating at a slower speed.

cPanel VPS hosting is a resource manager that allows you to optimize your site to operate the way you want it. With cPanel VPS hosting, you can allocate your website's resources to reduce downtime and improve your site users' experience.

Why do You Need cPanel for VPS Hosting?

When your VPS server is idle and experiences little traffic, your site users can navigate your site without experiencing a strain in the server or a drop in site speed. However, if your site begins to experience a sudden climb in traffic, it will translate into a climb in the number of resources used. cPanel VPS hosting was designed to help you allocate and utilize your resources efficiently.

The proper resource allocation and management of site resources will help cushion the increase in traffic. This way, more memory is allocated to your site, ensuring that your user's experience is not impacted negatively. There are numerous other reasons why we advise site owners to use cPanel VPS hosting. We have listed some of these reasons below.

  • It is Cost-effective – setting up and managing your web server can be both expensive and difficult. What cPanel does for you offer up developers that acquire the webspace through a virtual private server host. This interface that cPanel offers to website owners makes it easy for the web-builders to manipulate the website in the direction they want.
  • Allows you Manage your Site - cPanel effectively allows you to manage your VPS anyhow you want. This cPanel VPS hosting solution offers you this and more at an affordable price. One of the best parts is that the cost is expected to reduce even more in the coming years.
  • Easy to Use – another reason you should upgrade to cPanel VPS hosting is the ease you can use. Its ease of use makes it one of the best website hosting options. Once you take the leap to cPanel VPS hosting, we guarantee that you will be unable to go back to just any kind of web hosting option.

This is all thanks to the user-friendly GUI that allows you to manage and configure your website with no hassles at all. The ease of use also comes with a guarantee of reliability for all users and website owners.

What Are Some Common Features of cPanel VPS Hosting?

As we have stated repeatedly, cPanel VPS hosting allows you to design and manage your VPS account as you please. It also helps you to create backups for your server data, manage your files, boosts server security, and so much more. All of these functionalities are made possible by the features provided by your cPanel VPS hosting.

  • Email – the email feature gives you access to many features. It also improves flexibility in the process of email account creation. The email feature also makes it easy to send emails, delete emails, filter emails, and create filters. Also, it allows you to block spam emails, forward emails automatically, and so much more.
  • File Management – another feature of cPanel VPS hosting is the file management feature. It allows you to manage all your websites information over your VPS. Users can create multiple domains, create subdomains, manage the data stored on the disc space, back up important information and files, update FTP server entry rights, etc.
  • Domain Management – this management feature is especially handy and allows you to manage your domain easily and with no stress quickly. The root access cPanel provides you with is responsible for this ease of domain management and comes in handy in designing a user-friendly site. You can add domains, parked domains, and subdomains all on VPS hosting if you use cPanel.
  • Easy Script Editing - The ability to edit script is another great feature of VPS hosting with cPanel. The platform allows you to control online blogs, chats, shopping carts, forums, and many more easily.
  • Reliable Server Management – the command line scripts available give you the necessary permission to execute commands, configure the server, and investigate the server's issues with ease. This feature is especially great for users interested in dedicated servers and VPS hosting and who have the requisite knowledge of it.

What Are Some Advantages of Using a VPS Hosting with cPanel?

With your basic virtual private server, you get numerous benefits such as flexibility, scalability, and the ease at which the website can be altered to suit your current or future needs. These benefits are even more when you use a web hosting platform that allows VPS hosting with cPanel.

We have already hinted that cPanel VPS hosting, you can allocate and manage your resources efficiently. However, there is a whole lot more you can do when you host your site on a web hosting platform that allows VPS hosting with cPanel. These benefits include:

  • Manage Backups on Your Website and Manage Files - site owners all concur that there is nothing as bad as your website crashing, especially when backups are not available. With cPanel, you can easily backup your site's files and data. This way, in the event of your website crashing, you can get a bit of respite knowing your valuable data and files are securely stored somewhere accessible. Some website builders even let you carry out an automatic backup.

The cPanel interface grants you access to manage backups and files on your website. You can also add entirely new domains, email accounts, subdomains, and increase your security. These additions will translate to improved site performance and user experience.

  • Add Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, and Software - cPanel grants you access to the root server. This root access effectively means that you can add subdomains, new domains, email accounts, and even software without needing assistance from your VPS provider.

Effectively, you can set the pace for providing your clients, site, and customers the services and websites they need without the crippling need for authorization by your host provider.

  • Boost Your Security - the security of clients' data is vital to the success of your site. With cPanel, you can guarantee your clients' and visitors' security. Enable Google ranking to improve the secure socket layer, create an SSL certificate, or enable HTTPS. All these measures help curtail the ever-rising risk of data breaches.

Sites with SSL certificates rank higher than those without. This measure is part of Google's attempt to ensure data breaches' rate remains at the barest minimum. Your SSL certificate equips your site with features required to withstand cyberattacks and encrypts your sensitive data.

  • Increases Performance and Reliability - cPanel VPS allows you to utilize your site's resources in a way that optimizes your site's performance. Does the graphical user interface simplify the process of setting up your site?

How Much Does VPS Hosting With cPanel Cost?

Some VPS hosting plans operate with cPanel. The price for these website hosting platforms varies across the VPS hosting type. One option, however, is cPanel VPS Optimized. The price for the VPS hosting with cPanel ranges from $10.88 monthly to $29.88 per month.

Let's take a closer look at this VPS hosting with the cPanel option

cPanel VPS Optimized

Due to the existing cPanel policy updates to the pricing system based on accounts, cPanels licensed to both dedicated server hostings and VPS hosting platforms operate in a tier-based pricing system. The tier-based pricing system means that you are limited to a specified quantity of cPanels you can create once you make a purchase of dedicated or VPS server hosting.

If you intend on using VPS hosting servers with cPanels, the tiers are as follows.

Tier One: users with tier one access can register up to 5 different accounts. The monthly fee for access to this plan is $10.88

Tier Two: For $15.88 monthly, you get access to create multiple accounts ranging from 6 to 30

Tier Three: For $29.88 each month, you can create as many as 31 to 100 accounts with cPanel VPS optimized. cPanel Tier Pricing

A2 VPS Hosting

Another great option for VPS hosting with cPanel is A2 VPS hosting. This VPS hosting platform is great for website owners who are not familiar or confident with the VPS platforms available. It is designed with a customer-centric and user-friendly approach that is easy for you to grasps and leaves you feeling treasured. The providers of this VPS hosting with cPanel option offers users a 30-day money-back period.

Some of the features include

  • Round the clock support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Compatibility with both Windows and Linux operating system
  • Offers root access, free backup, and an unlimited number of email accounts.

There are different plans available. Each plan offers you various features at different prices. It is left for you to select the plan that best suits your needs and budget.

What is the Availability of cPanel VPS Optimized?

cPanel VPS Optimized is currently available on all virtual private server hosting platforms. You can make your choice from any of the available plans to improve your site's performance, ease of use, and website efficiency.


When it comes to your website, having VPS hosting with cPanel access can grant you the freedom you need to boost your online presence. VPS hosting with cPanel offers you several features and benefits such as traffic management, ease of use, improved security, easy management of files, and the ability etc., Having a virtual private server with cPanels simplifies your tasks, boosts your site's user experience, and generally gives you the power to configure your site to your taste.

VPS Hosting with Cpanel

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