VPSs, short for virtual private servers, provide an affordable yet benefit filled option for web hosting. You have the choice of selecting between Windows VPS and Linux VPS. With Windows VPS, you have root access to your server and enjoy the user-friendly design brought on by the graphical user interface.

There are several core benefits of using windows VPS hosting for your web hosting; we will look at these in a minute. However, for now, let's take it slow and explain the core principles of Windows VPS.

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows VPS hosting ranks among the popular and efficient tools used by businesses today. They run on windows servers and allow you to configure your server. In short, you can do anything you wish with Windows VPS. The functionality and flexibility they offer you is one that cannot be taken for granted.

These benefits allow you to develop and test your servers, manipulate your server configuration, and so much more. We will be identifying some of these benefits in the next section.

What are the Benefits of Using Windows VPS?

  • Top-Notch Performance at Affordable Prices - Windows virtual private servers are designed to boost your server excellently. The best part of Windows VPS is that this optimized performance comes at pocket-friendly prices. Like with Linux VPS, you get to be your server's admin and enjoy all the flexibility that it brings.
  • Scalable Server - Windows VPS hosting platforms are designed such that they can be scaled up to suit your business needs. This easy scalability helps businesses meet their various needs. In addition to easily meeting your needs, this feature helps you stay within your budget.
  • A Dedicated Server Environment – with Windows VPS, you have root access to the server. Root access means you are the server's administrator and are therefore free to configure and manage it as you like. The dedicated server environment means that all the server resources are shared accordingly and adequately managed.
  • High Traffic Capacity - Windows VPS has unlimited incoming and outgoing traffic capacity. Depending on which Windows VPS platform you choose, you can get as much as 2 Gbit/s of allocated bandwidth. With these high bandwidth options, your site can withstand high traffic volume and run smoothly. Thus, you get better user experience reviews.

Why Should I Use Windows VPS Hosting?

As we have mentioned earlier, using Windows VPS offers you several benefits. We are sure you will love to take advantage of the benefits Window VPSs have to offer. Therefore, in the next section, we will be outlining the major advantages that come with using a Windows VPS hosting plan.

  • Reduced Cost - Windows VPS hosting is a cost-effective way to host your website. The reality of things is that your needs will change as your website grows and expands. Thus, budgeting for a better server will get harder. However, if you settle for a Windows VPS now, you can rest easy knowing that you can scale it up to meet your changing needs.

Thus, you get to save money that otherwise would have been spent on getting a new web hosting server. It is a good thing that the cost of getting a Windows VPS server is way below that of a dedicated server. It is a great choice for all businesses with the possibility of expansion.

  • Properly Allocated Resources - Windows VPS has one up shared hosting. It uses a hypervisor to allocate the resources of the server efficiently. This way, your site doesn't have to struggle for resources with other sites like it would if you were using shared hosting. Because other sites on the server are not draining your server's resources, you can offer your visitors a faster and smoother experience.
  • Higher Level of Security - Windows VPS hosting is a more secure web hosting option than shared hosting. The extra security is because all site data and files are stored remotely in a server isolated from other websites. With this data isolation, it is harder for bugs to be spread between server users.

Some Window VPS hosting platforms, in addition to this remote storage, also offer you other security features. These security measures range from firewalls to anti-spyware apps, regular backups, and antivirus apps.

  • Root Access – Windows VPS grant your root access to the server. This means that you have more control over your site and its configurations. You can control the operating system, add subdomains, domains, edit or delete available files, etc.

Essentially, you can customize the server just the way you like it. If you choose, you can install specific software, tweak server resources, and so much more.

  • Easy Scaling of Server Resources - With Windows VPS, you can upgrade your features to suit your growing needs. These features are very easy to scale up or down. Some of the scalable features include RAM, bandwidth, storage, and memory.

What Can I Use Windows VPS For?

  • Mail Servers - This is one of the common use for Windows VPS. With Windows VPS, you can run special mail servers. Thus, you can control the email servers directly without stress.
  • Web Hosting – another use of Windows VPS is web hosting. With Windows VPS, you have root access that allows you to install and customize software without needing the administrators' permission. Thus, websites run on a Windows VPS server usually experience better site performance and improved customer experience.

The inbuilt special encryption software in Windows VPS allows you to create an optimized and safe email environment. With the extra security, you can afford to use Windows VPS as your mail server.

  • Virtual Desktop - With permission to host your selected applications, you can create a virtual desktop. The created virtual desktop looks and behaves like a regular PC. These personalized virtual desktops or dumb PCs help you save money.

You can cut costs because you no longer have to spend on regular desktops. The dump PC is capable of hosting your applications on the cloud. These applications can then be run via your Windows VPS.

  • Backing Up Data – a really common use of Windows VPS is for backup. Each website has valuable data that the owner does not want to lose. Without the secure backup of the vital files and data, you can lose your site's information resources if the server ever crashes. Windows VPS takes away the fear of that happening.

Windows VPS hosting platforms allow you to retain select redundant copies of backups. These backup copies are stored securely in separate physical locations across the globe. This storage makes it very easy for you to retrieve your site data and files.

  • Forex - Forex traders love Windows VPS. The love stems from the fact that Windows VPS meets the super-fast response time needed for forex trading. Windows VPS hosting ticks all the required requirements for forex trading.

These forex checklists include low downtime, strong connection, automated hosting, and so much more. Forex traders who use Windows VPS can rest easy even with power failure because their trades will continue.

Is Windows VPS Safe?

Yes, Windows VPS is safe. Like we send, with Windows VPS, your data is encrypted and stored in a secure remote location. However, there are extra measures you put in place to improve the current security of your windows VPS. These steps include:

1. Disable Default Administrator Account when you install an operating system in your Windows VPS, it automatically creates a default admin account. This default account leaves your server susceptible to attack by bots. Bots usually attack your account by trying to log into your account forcefully.

To prevent attacks by Bots and others, we advise that you disable the default admin account. Next, create a new user account and allow full admin privileges. Ensure that the new account you create has random characters and is not simply saved as a user.

2. Create a Strong Password for Your New User Account we cannot overemphasize the need for a strong password. Having a strong password offers your website another layer of security. We advise that whichever password you choose has at least ten characters.

We will give you tips to help you with password creation. Please pay attention to them.

  • Create a password comprising of ten characters.
  • These characters must have capital letters, small letters, special characters, and numbers.
  • Do not use the same password twice.
  • Don't use variations of your password.

3. Install a Good Antivirus on Your Windows VPS with these other bases covered; it is time to select an antivirus. Next, install your chosen antivirus. This antivirus will protect you from suspicious malware, adware, etc., when you surf the internet, download, or upload files.

Without an antivirus, the risk of your server being compromised while you browse, upload, download files, etc., is extremely high. Choose an antivirus that provides you with auto-update features and protects you in ways that a firewall won't.

4. Enable Windows Firewall There is a default Windows Firewall that is built into all Windows VPS. This firewall can protect you in ways that the expensive firewalls would. Windows Firewall is great for safeguarding basic operations. To help you grasp the importance of enabling the Windows firewall, we have listed some of its advantages.

  • Protects your site from malware and hackers
  • It filters incoming information from the internet.

Windows Firewall is decent, while decent, cannot offer the necessary protection for critical operations. Therefore, you can choose a third-party firewall. Before installing the third-party firewall, however, go to your default policy and carefully allow the ones you need

5. Update Your Windows Operating System Regularly - Codes are considered perfect until bugs are discovered. The same is true with Windows VPS. AS soon as you install a new VPS, we advise that you run the Windows update swiftly. To ensure this, we advise that you check for updates regularly. You can set Windows to update automatically.

The recommended Windows updates are designed to address less critical issues and improve the computing experience. You can download and install the new automatically. Optional updates, on the other hand, can be downloaded and installed at your discretion.

6. Change the Default Port - Windows VPS runs virtual desktops on port 3389. Leaving this default port leaves your server open to attack by brute force. An easy way to guard against this is by changing this default port.

As with your admin user name, we advise that you choose a random port number to replace the default port number. You can also utilize host-based intrusion prevention systems. We have listed the ways HIIPS help to secure your Windows VPS from attacks below.

  • Protecting your Windows VPS from brute-force attacks
  • Monitoring your audit logs
  • Detecting failed login attempts.
  • Automatically blocking the IP address in cases where the failed login attempts are more than the set limit.

7. Use Anti-Spyware Apps We advise you to protect your Windows VPS by setting up Spyware protection. Spyware is software that shows off unwanted information on your computer. They collect your site information, show unwanted advert, and alter your Windows VPS settings, all without your permission.

Spyware can install toolbars, alter your default homepage, display repeated popup ads, ads bookmarks and links. There is what we call silent spyware. This spyware operates in the background of your Windows VPS, collecting sensitive information. The sensitive information may be your keystrokes or even keywords.

Your best bet is to install a good anti-spyware software. Most spyware warns you about incoming spyware attacks. They also help you trace the spyware and get rid of it.


The web hosting world keeps evolving; currently, Windows VPS is the preferred VPS hosting choice for web owners. With Windows VPS, you get access to a user-friendly design courtesy of the graphic user interface. Windows VPS hosting is safe and can be used for various things like mail hosting, forex trading, and creating a virtual desktop. We advise that you put other security measures like firewalls, antivirus, and anti-spyware software in place to help secure your Windows VPS.

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