A lot of website owners today, started out using basic shared hosting plans. However, as their websites continued to grow and gain more attention, the basic hosting plan stopped being a viable option for them. Therefore, if you've noticed a considerable increase in your traffic levels, then it's time you start considering an upgrade.

The VPS, short for Virtual Private Server, is a hosting plan that offers websites its personal operating system, bandwidth, and disc space. Which makes it the exact opposite of the shared hosting plans that offer access to these resources to many users. The Virtual Private Server hosting primarily allows users to deliver better services to their visitors even as their traffic increases.

Therefore before anyone can create a website for whatever purpose, the first criteria to consider is the hosting plan. There are several options out there which include the Shared hosting plan and the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plan.

Using the shared hosting establishes your website on a server together with several others, seeing you share the bandwidth, operating system, and disk space with other users.This is the exact opposite of dedicated hosting which allows just one or several servers to host a single website. In the case of VPS hosting, it is generally considered a hybrid as it makes use of crucial elements of both the dedicated and shared hosting plan.

With the Virtual Private Server (VPS)hosting plan, the website is still established on a similar physical server used by several users, although, each VPS account is practically separated. On the other hand, the VPS virtual server uses an operating system with its resources committed to a single website. This mostly results in an improved level of security and overall performance

Generally, upgrading to a VPS hosting plan does come with increased costs. To be more specific, the VPS hosting plan is generally costlier than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated hosting. Furthermore, the cost of the VPS hosting plan is also dependent on the Operating System you choose for your server.

The hosting plan’s Operating System you choose such as Linux or Windows will shape the nature of your server. That is, it determines the applications you can download and install, the time taken to perform crucial tasks, and the overall performance of the server.

Talking about a great Operating System, the Windows-based plan comes to mind. It is one of the most popular and incredible options out there as it offers an outstanding level of security and technical support. The windows-based VPS hosting provides easy access, incredible resources, and greater control of these resources to its users to promote a high level of performance to various sites hosted on the Internet.

Why do you need Windows-based VPS hosting?

There are lots of benefits you stand to gain when you sign up for a Windows VPS hosting plan. Let's have a look at the most important advantages you stand to enjoy when you subscribe to Windows-based VPS hosting.

It saves a lot of expenses

Budgeting comes to be more difficult as you continue to see increased growth on your website. And it will be a poor choice of investment if you continue to spend more money and time using shared hosting. And on the other hand, you don't need to buy a dedicated server since you don't need one, therefore, VPS hosting offers the best middle alternative for websites that are just starting to grow.

There are zero ‘Neighbor Drain’ of Reserves

A primary disadvantage of shared hosting is the idea that the exact resources are used by numerous websites. This implies that in a situation where another website on the shared server is experiencing a lot of traffic, then others will have more limited resources to make use of.

Because of this, your visitors might suffer delayed loading times consequently leading to a reduction in conversions and traffic. Shared hosting is not the best plan for websites looking to grow big and convert huge traffic and it isn't the best professional image you would want your business and website to project.

By using the VPS hosting, you will have enough resources to run your website program. This implies that you will be able to provide a smooth and faster experience for all visitors coming to your website.

An increased layer of security

Generally, VPS hosting is deemed more protected than shared hosting and this is because the data and apps kept on a virtual server are entirely separated from other users.

For the shared hosting, a hack or malware malfunction on another website sharing your server could also affect your website. In comparison, VPS making use of separate storage for each user implies that it is more difficult for viruses to circulate among users.

Furthermore, depending on your host, additional security measures are provided to their clients. This implies that security benefits such as intrusion monitoring, regular remote backups, and firewalls are offered as extra security. However, when compared to unmanaged plans, the general maintenance, and a greater percentage of the security measures are the responsibilities of the users.

You have more autonomy on your website

Generally, VPS hosting plans are separate from other accounts making use of the exact physical server hence you have more autonomy over your compartment. You have access to the whole operating system and available files and resources.

Depending on your host, Windows-based VPS can come with an entire administrative control enabling you to customize and set up your server in any way you want it including the use and installation of extra software. This additional control over your website implies you can carry out more sophisticated coding and run applications efficiently.

It is also worth mentioning that Windows-based hosting is also very easy to upgrade as you continue to grow your business. There is a broad span of packages you can choose from each providing various tiers of memory, storage, and processing power. This implies that you just have to purchase what you need without causing harm to your website in the process.

Features of Windows-based Server

The Windows-based server has a lot of features you need for your business. It provides the basic infrastructure that adapts and evolves to meet all your business needs whether you need to run existing apps or create new ones. Let's have a look at the features the Windows-based server possesses.

Enterprise-grade hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

A three-years update rolled up by Microsoft in the release of Windows Server 2019 including the hyper-converged infrastructure HCI. Through this release, the basic components of HCI such as storage, networking, and computing have now been improved using the Semi-Annual Channel for high-scale software-defined programs and organizations building data centers.

With this current update, HCI is delivered above a group of factors that are packaged together with the server license. This implies that HyperV is run by a group of servers to ensure dynamic decrease orincrease of potential for loads of work without rest

Project Honolulu

The Windows Server 2019 update saw the formal release of theProject Honolulu server management tool from Microsoft. Project Honolulu works as the central console that enablesIT experts, to effortlessly oversee GUI-less and GUI Windows 2012R2, 2016, and 2019 servers in their territories.

A major advantage to Project Honolulu is the simplicity it offers in the area of management. This is accomplished by adding up familiar tasks like server configuration, Windows Services, performance monitoring (PerfMon), and setting la take that operates on the server systems. With this, Project Honolulu allows tasks to be undertaken easily by administrators on various servers in their territories.

GUI features

The new update in the Windows server has seen the re-introduction of a GUI in the latest version. The LTSC release of the latest Windows server (2019), has given IT experts the chance to make use of the GUI of Windows Server on their desktop including the Nano release and GUI-less Server Core.

Standard security measures

A trusted feature with Microsoft is the security measures put in place to protect its users. And as such, the latest version of Windows Server only helps to improve security. The in-built security helps firms to address an "expert breach" replica of managing security.

Instead of inferring that the firewalls on the perimeter of an organization will deter any hacks or security breaches. The new security measures speculated that the application and servers in the center of a database has been endangered.

The latest update comprises Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that evaluates public vectors for security violations, and instinctively alerts and blocks possible hostile attacks.TheWindows Defender ATP offered by the latest update allows IT experts to make use of network transport, security-integrity components,and data storage to prevent hacks on Windows Servers.

Smaller, more efficient containers

It's no longer news that firms are continuously looking for ways to reduce the overhead and footprint of their IT operations and removing bigger serves to replace them with smaller and better containers.

Windows representatives have profited by accomplishing a greater density of cast to boost the entire operations of the application with no extra expenditure in the development of hardware capacity or hardware server system.

The latest version of Windows Server has a leaner, smaller ServerCore image that reduces the overhead of virtual machines by 55% to 80%. This allows firms to be able to reduce their cost while improving efficiencies in investments.

Windows subsystem on Linux

It would have been a crazy idea 10 years ago to suggest that Linux and Microsoft will be working hand in hand. However, things have changed since Windows Server 2016 opened support for Linux instances. The late release of Windows Server 2019 has further made a huge breakthrough by adding a whole subsystem specialized for Linux Operating Systems on Windows Server.

The subsystem established for Linux on the Windows Subsystem offers a better layer of integration used in networking, security controls, and provides essential virtual machine operation and native filesystem storage.

Organizations have discovered that the capacity to natively support Linux on Windows Servers combined with the increase in efficiency of containers can reduce costs by doing away with the need for more than one infrastructure and rather operating them on Windows Server.

Access and Identity Management

Cloud-based identity services are offered by Windows VPS Active Directory in providing on-premises applications and one sign-on experience for the cloud. In addition to this, multi-factor authentication is established as extra compliance and security.

The Windows VPS hosting that employs the Microsoft Interface and Microsoft Server management tools has some unique benefits. And this is possible because Microsoft is an experienced company at providing these services.

Microsoft understands the needs of its customers and has invested a lot of time and resources to solve difficult drawbacks existing in its framework. For some time now, the firm has invested a significant amount of funds and talents into developing server sections and using resources that its competitors have not been able to use easily.

The result consists of advanced software, customer services, guide alternatives, and tutorials that are all created to aid users to have more understanding of the workings of the system and how users can best make use of it.

It is now evident that Windows-based VPS comes with a lot of incredible distinct features. However, there are slight differences between web hosts, but because web hosts try on the software and services offered by Microsoft like the Hyper-V, the firm is more inclined to provide additional assistance for it. It may comprise additional customer service, better informative explanations on various inquiries, and immediate updates.

Final Thoughts

The more your website continues to grow, the more crucial is it to consider upgrading or changing your host. If the needs for your website have outgrown shared hosting then this is the perfect time to upgrade to a windows-based VPS hosting.

A VPS hosting will enable you to adapt and be more versatile to varying conditions effectively.

Windows-based VPS Hosting

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