VPS hosting on Windows 2012 provides many website owners the opportunity to some other unique features of VPS servers from within their hosting platform. This hosting type comes with full access control over your machine and facilitates the customization of hard resets.

The Windows 2012 VPS hosting is best for hosting your websites because it provides you with a reliable Windows VPS server that is fully equipped with an automated Virtualizor Control Panel. It comes with Windows 10 VPS plans, which you can easily actuate. Actuation allows you to connect via the RDP or VNC to the Windows 10 VPS.

The Windows 2012 VPS hosting uses high-quality dedicated resources to bring you better performance, security, reliability, and scalability, excusing you from the discomfort that comes with sharing accompanied by other hosting platforms.

This hosting is designed to meet your visitors' daily growing needs by providing you with ready applications, databases, compute nodes, etc. Some of its many features include:

  • Ability to sign in from any device using a remote desktop.
  • Virtualized hardware SSD storage arrays.
  • CPUs with hyper-threaded features.
  • 1 Gbps network interface with maximum OS performance.
  • Ability to manage. EXE extensions and other settings via Administration privileges.
  • Ability to upgrade hosting features
  • Additional use of other Microsoft products and software addons.

Why Windows 2012 VPS Hosting?

Besides your visitor's growing need to quickly access a quick website and seek the relevant information they want, you may want to consider the following features that make Windows 2012 VPS hosting the best option for your site.

  • The high-performance ability: The Windows 2012 VPS hosting uses a speed-optimized server that allows you to use any selected server location and free SSDs. The advantage of this is that it facilitates the easy loading of your web to web visitors. You do not need to worry about any delay impacts on your page and inadequate conversion rate, resulting in overall lower SEO rankings.
  • Easy migration and better IP management: You can easily migrate your hosting site and have better IP address management and support for open-source applications and other programming languages.The IP address management (IPAM) system allows for easy auditing, discovering, managing, and monitoring the IP address for your servers, especially if it is running on the Domain Name Server (DNS) or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  • Improved user interface: The hosting server of this type of VPS give you effortless navigation across its user interface with improved and new versions of the Windows Task Manager, which lets you be up-to-date on the current events of things on your hosted site.
  • Latest Hyper-V addition: The Windows 2012 for hosting your VPS comes with the most recent Hyper-V version. This hyper-V consists of several new features you can add to your Windows VPS. Some of these features are storage resources pools, multi-tenancy, cross-premise connectivity, and network virtualization.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS): The budding new features of the most recent IIS 8.0 have been added to the server of your Windows 2012 VPS. These IIS features include server name indication (SNI) support, CPU throttling, and better SSL.
  • Resilient File System (ReFS): The use of the ReFS has been enhanced in Windows 2012 VPS with its built-in resilience and on-dick structure features. The built-in resilience feature allows you to manage your platform within a lesser period easily. In contrast, the on-disk feature employs its directory size and limitless file to allow quick scalability.
  • Improved Active Directory: The Windows 2012 VPS hosting now features a new and enhanced Active Directory Administrative Center due to improved virtualization. To manage several tasks is now easy as the Active Directory Recycle Bin now uses a GUI, allowing you to use different password policies on the same domain.

The Hyper-V gives your virtual machine up to 512 RAM, 16 TB virtual disk, and 32 virtual processors. These Hyper-V resources allow you to build-up the virtual environment that will accommodate your specific need.

Protect Your Infrastructure with Disaster Recovery

Protecting your Windows 2012 VPS hosting is the very first step in securing against unforeseen disasters and keeping your website live and public.Many issues may arise in your site's operation, and these issues may include the system's inability to boot, failure in loading the OS or deleting some user's essential files.

The Windows 2012 hosting type uses a built-in technology into your virtual machine, including all the data and applications. This technology replicates the virtual machine environment to another Hyper-V host that is hosted.

Window 2012 hosting type allows you to create another additional tertiary replica site to enhance better protection. Any changes made are then replicated at a particular set time by you.

The purpose of this is that whenever your system infrastructure is suddenly overtaken by unexpected downtime, you will be able to be back online in a matter of seconds as a result of the replication. Some of the disaster recovery (DR) options you have are;

  • Windows Failover Clustering: The Windows Failover Clustering (WFC) gives a server-level shield to your Windows 2012 VPS for either unplanned or planned downtime. With about 64 nodes, the WFC is usually installed using the PowerShell or Server Manager option. Such an option provides several ways of starting the SQL server using any other node if the initial node fails.
  • Replication of storage: Storage replica is introduced to enhance better DR replication of clusters of servers or an entire server on a block level. Such replications allow for easy resource management without the need to rely on any third-party storage replication technologies.
  • Windows Server Backup: The backup of the Windows server is the primary disaster recovery method to use. This type of backup gives you the ability to use Hyper-V VMs, which improves your site's lookout.
  • Hyper-V Replica: The Windows 2012 server was the first to use the Hyper-V replica. This replica is designed for Windows 2012 VPS hosting to provide adequate DR. The advantage of this is that you can quickly build and maintain an updated version of some chosen VMs even while using another Hyper-V host. Hyper-V replica can be used to extend your site to a tertiary level, and it does not give automatic failover.

The asynchronous replication is used for the web having a higher latency of networks. However, this type of replication may experience some form of data loss in case of a system failure or failures arising from the host.

The synchronous replication is better to use or consider for your DR because it provides a low-latency network type. In any possible failure, you will not experience any form of data loss since it mirrors the data so that they remain intact at the file-system level.

Single/Multiple Site Replication

The single/multiple site replication is the right way of disaster recovery because it allows operators to use two foundations on the same data center or spread over several data centers or physical locations. These two foundations are;

  • Primary foundation: The primary foundation is the critical foundation deployed on the main data center you are using because the center is often responsible for major traffics.
  • Secondary foundation: The secondary foundation is usually deployed in the other failover data center because it gets little traffics.

You may consider the single/multiple site replication because of the following reasons.

  • You can always use or trigger a switchover if you want to upgrade to a data center without the need to take the databases offline.
  • If there is a data center outage, you can quickly activate a failover to keep up with the uptime.
  • There is support for developing multiple replications, which allows easy configuration, thereby ensuring maximum end-user experience.

Critical Data Protection

There are several ways to protect your website's data against any form of threat; some of the methods use can use for data protection are

  • Use BitLocker for Drive Encryption: Storage technology and virtualization has made cloning of disk possible; this greatly enhanced better data protection. The threats of offline attacks are significantly reduced when you use BitLocker. Besides, your data is protected from any form of malicious booting by any user of an alternate OS. You can be sure that the server installation will always need administrator privileges.
  • Use Firewall: Ensure that you have a firewall on your Windows 2012 VPS hosting all the time while running it. The firewall can easily filter the internet's information according to your site's settings and further prevent other malicious software and hackers from getting access to your valuable information. You can easily block and unblock any IP and tell which pot is open by doing this.
  • Use Remote connections with SSL/TLS: The first standard primary step for Windows 2012 VPS hosting is the enforcement of the use of SSL/TLS with remote connections. Such syncing ensures that there are restrictions on connections by IP. You will need the SSL to authenticate the server and encrypt the data transfer between client and host. This authentication perfectly protects any interference as a result of the client-host communications.
  • Always install the required Updates and Service Packs: You should use the most recent updates for your Windows VPS hosting for a leap performance. Any old form of OS can make your site an easy target of attack. You can easily do this by using the auto-update feature of Windows so that you do not need to bother yourself every time about updating. These auto-update features will quickly install any new or latest updates and fix other patches.
  • Use of Intrusion Detection System (IDS): As the burglar alarm is to the home, so is the IDS to your Windows 2012 hosting. It tells you of any alteration to the records of files kept on the server. Such an alert is crucial, especially when hackers are trying to replace binary applications.
  • Eliminate unnecessary Bindings and Protocols: You can remove unwanted bindings and other services on your web to reduce the threat of unwanted attacks. Alternatively, you may opt for port binding, which will only specifically reveal how and where messages are delivered and transmitted within the network.
  • Limiting Public Network Access: You truly need to allow visitors to have public access to your web, but total public access may open up your site for many intrusion attempts. You can easily use VPN tunnels to limit outside usage; also, ensure that you use 128-bit encryption on your private network communication.
  • Use Anti-Virus Protection: Anti-viruses are necessary if you don't want attacks associated with downloading and uploading files. By using anti-virus, your File Server is protected from any form of spyware, adware, malware, viruses, rootkit, etc.
  • Use a secure password for your administration account: You should know that if the password to your user account is weak, its security is also weak. You may consider using a password with a minimum of 10 characters, having numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters, etc. All these ensure that there is maximum protection of your account.


Windows 2012 VPS hosting remains one of the best hostings you should consider, especially if you want the experience that comes with dedicated resources and the availability of several security features. You will not only have the opportunity to between several arrays of security features, you will also be able to activate your preferred VPS plan.

This hosting gives you access to use the latest Hyper-V addition, which is one way you can protect every vital file information from disaster. Another prominent feature of the Windows2012 VPS hosting is replicating on several other host platforms giving a secondary and tertiary database system that adequately protects from any form of threat.

Windows 2012 VPS Hosting

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