CentOS vs Ubuntu - Which One to Choose for Your Web Server?

CentOS and Ubuntu are the two big Linux distributions and here is the difference between these two operating systems. By reading this you people can make a decision like which one is better for your web server. In CentOS, it is considered as a free version of Red Hat. There are several differences between these two CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But most of the time, these two operating systems are similar. Red Hat Enterprise Linux comes with paid support and it is a commercial operating system. One thing that makes CentOS very attractive that is every version of this operating system serves for over ten years which is something people will not find with other operating systems. Usually, CentOS is lightweight and this is also an advantage for the user. If anyone looking for a lightweight distributor to host the webserver then CentOS is the best one.

In Ubuntu, it is recognized for its constant and large amount of features. Compared with CentOS Ubuntu has a lot of features by default which makes everyone’s life easier but it is heavy compared with CentOS. Also, Ubuntu is based on Debian and it is a very popular operating system. Then Ubuntu is not only has a server, it is a version of the operating system for the desktop. If anyone wants to work in a Linux environment then Ubuntu is a very convenient one. Also, it is an incredibly powerful environment with full security and it will be the perfect choice for the webserver. There are a lot of operating systems are available but Ubuntu is the frequently used one and the interesting thing is Ubuntu is started in the year two thousand four but the evolution of this system is very quick.

What are the difference between CentOS and Ubuntu?

The first difference is the package management system and the user-visible difference is CentOS based on Red Hat and uses rpm and Ubuntu-based on Debian and uses apt. The second difference is software upgrade so Red Hat Enterprise Linux is conservative when it upgrading software. And it is consistency and security is the key factor for its growth. Also, in Ubuntu, it is less conservative with a short release cycle. When the user wants to use an advanced version of this server then they must make CentOS get it and it always depends on their use case. The third difference is web hosting compatibility. Most of the users prefer CentOS for web servers or web hosting because of its web hosting control panel compatibility. Red Hat Enterprise Linux also focuses on CentOS, so if you want to offer a web hosting service then CentOS is the perfect choice for it. The fourth difference is release and support. CentOS has a huge support cycle compared with Ubuntu and also Ubuntu releases its support for every two years and the lifetime of this support is nearly five years. The released year of CentOS is two thousand ten and it has five minor releases, and lifetime of this supports are until November two thousand twenty. If you want consistency and a support cycle then CentOS is an excellent choice. So these are all the main differences between these two but there are a lot of differences available but that is all not minor differences.

Which is better CentOS or Ubuntu?

If you are a businessman and you are run a business then dedicated CentOS is the better choice compared with Ubuntu. It is more secure and provides constant performance than Ubuntu. Due to the lower updates, Ubuntu is not the better choice for managing any business data. Additionally, these CentOS provide its support for Cpanel which Ubuntu does not support. Also, you people can ask why CentOS is differing from Ubuntu. But there is no biggest difference between these two because these two’s distributor is Linux. So more or less these two’s features are the same. But in Ubuntu, the user can download deb packages using the package manager. CentOS is a more stable distribution than Ubuntu. Generally, CentOS is used as a server, not desktop but we can use it as a desktop operating system. CentOS are the open-source software. There is a reason for CentOS popularity that is the user can get a quality operating system and it is based on the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. So accessing this software is an easy task. Linux is one of the best servers but the tough one is how to choose the best server from a lot of servers.

Can we use CentOS as a desktop?

Mostly, CentOS is used for server applications even it will be used as a desktop but very few people use it as a desktop. It can be a better choice for a desktop also. It is a stable and sturdy operating system once it is configured properly. If the user uses this operating system then they can feel the power of this true Linux operating system. The exciting thing is anyone can use this operating system free of cost and there is no need for to registration process for getting this operating system and it can be downloaded from the internet directly. By default, CentOS has a graphical user interface. It will load up when the operating system is booting. Even it can be load up if the operating system is not booting. Mostly, educational universities and information technology industries will use this software widely.

Main features of Ubuntu:

The desktop version of Ubuntu will support any software on windows like chrome and firefox. It supports every office suits and will give better performance to the user. Also, it has an in-built mail software called thunderbird and it gives access to email like exchange, Gmail, and Hotmail. One special thing about Ubuntu is it is the most popular open-source operating system. There are many reasons for using this Ubuntu. It is a free open source software and also it is fully customized and has full of configured applications by default. For most of the users, Ubuntu is the first Linux-based operating system. This is an open-source operating system for cloud computing. There are a lot of versions of Ubuntu that are available and everything is more or less similar so the user can choose their favorite operating system for their use. The main feature of Ubuntu is, it is multitasking and supports multi-user. It has a programming interface and the use of flies that are created by the user can access them anytime they want. It has built-in networking which is preventing the user to face any network problems. So these are all the main features of Ubuntu.

What are the major requirements for Ubuntu?

Two GigaHertz dual-core processor is needed for using this operating system. And four GigaBit system Random Access Memory for storing the data of the user. Also, it needs twenty-five GigaByte of hard-drive that is needed for this operating system. Thousand twenty-four into seven hundred screen resolution is a must. The user can install an external DVD drive or USB port on their computer. A stable internet connection is very helpful for this operating system and if it is stable then no need to worry about the server response. The main thing is it can be run in the system with five hundred MB of Random Access Memory.

Ubuntu for old laptops:

Some people think that if they want to use this operating system then a highly configured computer is needed but it is wrong because Ubuntu can be installed in the old laptops too. If the user is having a lightweight Linux distro then it is compatible with old laptops. By installing this the system can be run very fast enough. It is very easy to use so the user can easily use this system without anyone’s help. There are a lot of operating systems are available on the internet today so just choose the best one for your old laptops.

Requirements for CentOS:

Mostly, Ubuntu and CentOS have similar requirements but there is a slight difference is given below. Two GigaByte of Random Access Memory and a high processor is needed for using this. sixty-four-bit system is also very important for using this feature. CentOS is user-friendly so beginners can access this operating system very quickly. So the main thing you want to do is registering for the Red Hat subscription and configure your internet protocol address. How to use a secured server for rent?

Nowadays everything is technology-based so no one shows their willingness to buy anything because they get something from the internet for rent. In that sense, anyone can use any type of server, operating system, and other control panels for rent. There are a lot of provider’s shows their interest to the person who needs to use a secured server. Those types of servers cannot down and crash because they are perfectly managed by the management. So if you looking for the best service provider for store your data or any other process then must visit this VPSServer.com and they are ready to provide their servers for a very low cost. Even they have over a hundred plus fully configured templates available to deploy their server in just a second. Also, the user can back up their data from their server while the server is running.

Features of vpsserver.com:

There are notable six features of vpsserver.com and those features are given here. The first feature is numerous operating system options and API. That means they have over a hundred pre-configured templates to deploy the server in just a second. The second feature is on-demand and live backups. Most of the service providers do not allow their user to backup their data while the server is running but vpsserver.com allow their user to backup their data at any time and their server do not down. The third feature is a flexible billing system. They will never force their user to sign in the contract for using their service. Also, the user can choose how long they keep their server and they will leave this work to the user. The fourth feature is a virtual private network service. They allow their user to use their private network and they can join VPSs in the same location. The fifth feature is a quick and easy firewall setup. The work of manage and setup the firewall configuration and rule additions is very easy and quick. The sixth feature is native internet protocol version six supports. That means their VPS can be launched with internet protocol version six and it is completely free of cost. So these are all the features of them.

What is worldwide DDOS protection?

Generally, DDOS means a Denial-of-service attack. In computing, it is a cyber-attack that makes the machine or other network resource unavailable to their user. The main motive of this attack is to make the website to handle a lot of requests at a time. But in the VPS server, there is no worry about this denial-of-service attack. This attack is very common in the information technology industries. So by sending a lot of requests to make the website unavailable is its work. VPS server providing some tools to their use to detect the incoming and outgoing attack. Their network tools will respond to their client immediately and take respective actions to prevent them.

Technical coverage of VPS server:

They always manage their VPS server perfectly and they support twenty-four hours a day. And they prevent the user’s website from any malware. Installation and finetuning are very easy and their audits help the user for their performance and security. They are frequently monitoring their server condition and update their kernel compilation upgrades and patching. Even they keep the server software installation running. Their technical team will always ready to help their customer and whatever the problem is their Linux and windows experts available at any time. Their experts are over five years of experience.

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