If you are hosting a website for the first time there are many decisions you need to make. Among these decisions is the kind of webserver to choose. A server is computer hardware and software that make your webpage visible to your visitors. Every piece of information on your website is hosted on a server such that when web users search for your webpage the instruction goes to the server which then shows the page to them. Therefore, the visibility and responsiveness of your page depend a lot on the kind of server it is hosted. If there is too much traffic on the server or the capacity is low, then your website may load slowly. Also if your server is attacked by a virus it may shut down your website or make it vulnerable to other attacks. So, what are the options you have when you want to choose the best server to host your website?

Types of Web Servers

For small businesses, the most popular web hosting is a shared server. In this hosting plan, the service providers host many websites on a single server. Then, the server resources like disc space and memory are allocated to each of the websites. The major advantage of this hosting plan is that it is cheap since all the websites will be sharing the cost of the server. Also, a website may advantage of other websites by using more than its own allocated resources. But this may affect you as well if other websites are using more than their resources. Shared server hosting requires little maintenance on your own as the service provider will be responsible for the maintenance of the server. However, sharing a server with others means you do not have total control over the configuration of the server. Also, you cannot control the activities of other websites and if a website is using large data, it may have a negative effect on the functionality of your website. Since all of you are sharing the same server, if one website on the server is attacked by malware, your website is also at risk even when you are not the target. To avoid all this, big companies will prefer dedicated server hosting.

A dedicated server hosting Put only your website on a server. In that case, you have full control over the configuration of your server. You can install any software you like on it and enjoy the privacy of the server. Also, you cannot be held responsible for the activities or carelessness of other websites. However, hosting a website on a dedicated server is expensive as you will be paying the bills alone.

To avoid the high cost of a dedicated server and still enjoy the privacy it offers, many service providers are now offering a private virtual server that combines the advantages of a dedicated server with the low cost of a shared server.

What is a VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) uses software to produce virtual copies of a physical server. Many virtual copies can be produced from a single physical server. Each of the virtual copies will be independent of others. If your website is hosted on one of the virtual servers, its functionality cannot be affected by the activities of other websites hosted on other virtual servers on the same physical server. Hence your hosting is private and you are in total control.

The Benefits of VPS Hosting

The first advantage of VPS hosting is that your hosting is private. Whatever others are doing on their websites does not influence your website. Also, you have full control over the configuration and management of your website. This allows you to install any software you like on your server. You can install an antivirus to further protect your website, set your firewall, and install software that is essential for your site’s activities. Because your hosting is private, you can store confidential information like your company’s financial statement, staff’s data, and research outcome on the server. You can also install software that can be used to manage your employee activities on the server. Despite all this, VPS is shared among many websites, hence it is not as expensive as a dedicated server.

Generally, VPS has the following benefits:

  • It gives you control and privacy
  • You can install any software of your choice
  • VPS hosting is safe and reliable
  • Your website will load fast
  • Excessive traffic on other websites will not affect your site
  • It is affordable

VPS, Share Server and Dedicated Server Compared


Shared Server

Dedicated Server



A shared server is the most affordable among the three options since many users are using a single server.

This is the most expensive option as you will be paying for the server all alone.

Although more expensive than a shared server but way cheaper than a dedicated server.


Although the server is secured if hosted by a reputable service provider, if a website is successfully attacked, other websites on the server are equally at risk.

Your site cannot be at risk because of an attack on another website. You also have the liberty to install additional antivirus and antimalware to protect your site.

An attack on another website cannot put your site at any risk even if both sites are on the same physical server. You can as well, install additional antivirus and antimalware to protect your site.


There is a limit to how you can customize the server as you are not the only one using it.

You have full control over the customization of your site and can do whatever you like with it.

Your server is private, hence you can customize it any way you like.

Loading Time

If there is no much traffic on your site or other sites on the same server, you will be fine, but if another server is using beyond its limit, it may affect the loading time of your website. Hence your site may load slowly due to something out of your control.

Your website will load fast as dedicated server plans usually come with high bandwidth and you are the only site using it.

Might not load as fast as a dedicated server but faster than a shared server.


You might experience downtime even when you are not exceeding your limit.

It is very rare to experience downtime.

As long as you are not exceeding your bandwidth usage it is not likely that you will experience downtime.

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server uses software called a hypervisor to create a virtualization layer on a physical server. Then the resources on the physical server are replicated and available on the layer as a virtual machine. Each virtual machine has virtual resources like CPU and RAM. The hypervisor can be used to create many virtual machines on a single physical server. Beach virtual machine on a physical server is separated from the remaining virtual machines and hence serves as an independent server. A virtual machine is allocated its resources independent of others and allows any software to be run on it. You can also configure each virtual machine independent of the rest. Hence, when a website is hosted on a virtual machine the machine functions as a private server.

After creating your VPS, an operating system must be installed. There are many OS that can be used but the most common operating system used by many service providers today are Linux operating system and Windows operating system. While Linux VPS is cheap and comes with an inbuilt antivirus, Windows VPS is more expensive and requires you to purchase your security software and other software you may want to install. However, Window VPS is easier to use, more secure, and allows remote control access.

A Beginners Guide to VPS Hosting

Having decided to go for VPS you will first need to purchase a domain name then look for a reliable hosting company to purchase a VPS plan. There are different VPS plans available from different service providers. The features to watch out for in the plans are the disc space and the memory size. After purchasing the VPS plan, then link your domain name with the VPS. Your service provider will give you a password to log in to your root account. This is an account that gives you access to all the features of your server. Then, the next thing will be to set up your server and configure it.

To set up your server, log in to your root account with your username and password. Update your account, then reboot the server for the update to be effective. From your root account, you can create more accounts, usually a superuser account that has the admin power. Then you can set your firewall, install antivirus and other software you want, and configure your server the way you like.

Managed VPS Hosting

Unlike shared server hosting that is being managed by the service provider, VPS is private, hence you manage it yourself. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the way you see it. VPS allows you to manage your account the way you like it, but it also put the responsibility of managing your account on you. That could be a burden. However, if you don’t want to manage your account yourself, you can purchase a managed VPS hosting plan.

A managed VPS hosting plan is a VPS hosting that is being managed by the service provider. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your website and business while the company that hosts your site will also manage it for you. It also means that your site server will be managed by a professional so you can be assured of the best performance. However, a managed VPS hosting is more expensive than conventional VPS hosting.

We May Help You

Whether you want to manage your server yourself or you want a managed VPS hosting plan, you can count on us for the best service. We offer VPS hosting with different plans depending on your website needs. All our plans are reliable and affordable. Our team consists of staff that are professional and experience and we have been in the business for a long time.

All our plans come with a 7-day trial period that is absolutely free. During these seven days, you can enjoy your chosen plan free and also use the time to check if the plan will work for your site. After the trial period, you are not under any obligation to subscribe. However, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our service.


Virtual Private Server shared a physical server with a different website, hence makes it affordable. Each virtual machine is produced by a hypervisor that replicates the resources on a physical server and makes it available in a virtual form on the server. However, each virtual server is isolated from the rest therefore making it private. This enables you to customize your server, install as much software as you like, and store sensitive information. VPS is also more secure, reliable and it loads faster than a shared server. But being a private server, VPS hosting gives you the responsibility of managing your server yourself. This may be a burden on you especially if you are not familiar with such management. But you don’t have to do it as you can purchase a managed VPS plan. A managed VPS plan allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business while the service provider manages your server for you. This plan is more effective but comes at an extra cost.

What Is A VPS Hosting

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