VPS is a virtual machine used to connect to the internet. There are different types of hosting plans such as shared hosting, dedicated server, VPS to mention but a few but our focus is on VPS hosting. To make how VPS works more understandable to you, I will use an illustration. VPS hosting is like you renting a room in an apartment wherein you have your privacy in your room, no disturbance, no outsider interfering in your personal life or affairs, no sharing of food and other personal effects but you still need to share some things such as bathroom, toilet, kitchen, parking lot and the likes with your neighbours. That is the short illustration, I hope you got that. That is how VPS works. You have your resources all to yourself but you share your server with your neighbours.

Understand the different types of hosting plans

You need to know and understand the types of hosting plans in order to make the best choice. There are about six types of hosting plans and I will be talking about them here. They are shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting and colocation. Now I will go on to talk on each. The first type of hosting plan to be discussedis shared hosting.

What is shared hosting? To make you understand better, I will use an illustration like that of VPS hosting. Shared hosting is like you renting a room and having many roommates who you share all your resources like food, water etc. with. In this situation, you don't have your privacy and there is constant interference in your personal affairs by your numerous neighbours. This is how shared hosting is.

This type of hosting plan is good for new users of hosting services. Here, your website is stored together on just a server with other multiple websites. In a shared hosting plan,the same server resources such as RAM (Random Access Memory) and CPU (Central Processing Unit) are shared by all domains.However, since you share your resources with other websites, there is a reduction in your cost which makes shared hosting good for all website owners at their beginning or early stages.

Beginners at most times find shared hosting as the simplest type of hosting plan. Therefore, not regarding your status, if you want to own a blog, with Shared hosting your site can be reached or accessed on the website. There are many tools that are useful and helpful that come with shared hosting. Everything that has an advantage will surely have a disadvantage. As good as shared hosting is, since you are sharing with multiple users, you will constantly experience inrush in the use, interferences and so on but it is ideal for owners of websites who inhibit less amount of traffic.

Another hosting plan is the Virtual Private Server (VPS). An illustration has been given on it previously so I should continue.VPS hosting plan is good for owners of websites who have no use of a dedicated server but as well want to gain more control in his domain. Despite the fact that all the servers get their resources from one physical server, all sites work within their domain. Although VPS hosting makes available storage space and management for owners of website, it is still incapable of handling very high traffic spikes and thus the effects of sites hosted on your server tell more on the efficiency of your site.

With the control of dedicated hosting, VPS hosting is capable of minimizing your cost of use and management over a shared hosting service. This is a good hosting plan for advanced web owners and users. The third on the list is dedicated server hosting. This type of hosting plan can be compared to when you rent a flat all to yourself. You don't share any of your resources be it food, clothes, bathroom, toilet, parking space etc. with anybody or neighbour. You as well enjoy your privacy and you manage and control whatever resources you have at your disposal without any undue interference from anyone. Dedicated hosting plan allows the owners of sites to have a total control of their site and its contents. This is due to the fact that the server is exclusively a rented one and what is stored on it is only your website. It simply implies that you possess high administrative power; therefore, all the operations and security pertaining to your server is under your control. But you know, as nothing comes freely, you have to pay to enjoy all these controls.

Because dedicated server gives complete control and ownership to a web user, this makes it very expensive among all other hosting plans. Therefore, people who own sites with much traffic and desire to totally have control over their sites make use of it. Also, for the installation and ongoing management of the server, a personnel who is well-trained and technically sound is needed and required.

The fourth type of hosting plan is cloud hosting plan. This type of hosting plan is not as common as the ones mentioned earlier. Cloud hosting as at now is the technical word synonymous to an Industry of technology. Relating it to web server providers, it is the interconnection and working together of several computers with the use of computer resources that are combined to run applications. Through a network, this solution can be accessed and allows the use of the server resources meaningful. Cloud hosting simplifies the whole process for web users by providing them with resources they can use easily to manage and develop their servers. All the resources utilized cover an optimum range of many servers which help to reduce the possibility of wasting your time as a result of the malfunctioning of the web server. With the cloud hosting plan and with time, you can develop your site when you make use of all the helpful resources but the only thing you need to do is to pay for the services rendered to you. This means that cloud hosting is scalable.

Another hosting plan though not also common ismanaged hosting. Managed hosting at times is majority of the hosting plans put online. Provisions are made by the hosting companies for proper management, monitoring and updating of services that are very technical on the server. The management of the hardware, operating systems and all others are monitored by the hosting provider daily with the managed hosting. The last on the list of hosting plans is colocations. Rather than locking up your server in a building, you may decide to colocate as the word suggests your equipment by renting a space in a colocation centre. This colocation centre provides the IP address, bandwidth, power cooling systems as required by your server.

More than an office server can do, colocation at a reduced amount is capable of providing greater bandwidth level. You have your hardware, software and services as well as your devices to yourself and therefore it is ideal that you take care of all you possess. Having considered and understood the types of hosting plan, you should be able to choose which is best and suitable for your business and that will be able to take care of its needs.

Why VPS hosting is different

After having full knowledge and understanding of the types of hosting plans, one will know that VPS hosting is different from the other hosting plans. Now, you may want to know why VPS hosting is different. One of the reasons why VPS hosting is different from other hosting plans is the independence and privacy it gives to its users. VPS hosting allows one to have total control over his domain at reduced prices which is not in shared hosting.

Although dedicated server hosting also gives one complete control of his domain, it comes at high rates. As we sell in a competitive market, VPS hosting is a good hosting plan that is good for you to sell your services without having issues relating to unavailability of resources, high cost of resources, undue interference and insecurities to mention but a few. VPS hosting also can handle any amount of traffic without causing qualms. This is due to the enough resources available to the website owner or user. VPS hosting is different from other hosting plans because of its high security level, scalability, high performance, ability to handle large amount of data and reduction in the price of services rendered to web owners and users.

You need customized software.

There are reasons why you need customized software. It can be stressful for both new and mature companies to make a decision of whether or not to either make use of a technical or a customized software for their businesses.

The captivating fact about this dilemma is all business owners know that eventually, acustomized software is the solution required to meet the needs. Simply put, there is availability of customized software development in a perfect world, yet apprehension remains. Your concern may be based on cost. Isn't it?Timeline development?, Utility or everything on the list? These points are addressed today as a result of research made to check what is needed for an easy software. The first reason why you need a customized software is because you are in a market full of competition where every business owner wants to make his business the best and as well make it sell well.

In order to produce or render the best service to your customers, have you relied on software? Because of its efficiency and speed in carrying out tasks than others, experts of off-the-shelf software usually refer to it as a competition with merits. Thinking or talking of long term, a customized software development is the only merit that is connected to the development of software.

Another reason why you need customized software is that it is conducive for business growth and expansion which will help your business in the future when the need for expansion arises as this is what every business owner hopes for. This is because it is confined to only your business and it can be measured and help to monitor and manage your growth and development. The safety of your business matters as much as its growth. Custom software development will help you to get a high level of security. With custom software, you need not fear insecurity in any form it might come. One major advantage of using a software customized is that there is availability of many technicians who can help to decode and solve all issues with your security. However, your software could become exposed to risks and attacks. So there must be a proper documentation of the identity of the experts as well as management against risk and attacks in the professional custom software making use of approach that is illogical. When you have this done, you can be rest assured of the safety of your data.


In conclusion and as a summary, there are several hosting plans available to all web users but the features of each will help you determine which is best and most suitable for your business. We have shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting and colocations. All these hosting plans have their good characteristics which make them suitable for the type of business you are doing as a website owner but of all of them, VPS hosting is considered the best because of all its favourable conditions- the type of service it renders at a reduced rate, its ability to deal with a large amount of traffic and so on. You also need customized software for your work. This is because it helps you in the business world, which has now become a competitive world. It is also useful for the growth and expansion of your business. These are the basic things you need to know. Happy reading.

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