It is important to be familiar with the advantages and features of this kind of web hosting before switching to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS provides you with full, core access to the operating system (OS) with which the VPS runs its own copy. It also operates in the same way as a dedicated server would do. For most companies, because of its ability to improve production and efficiency by reducing costs, VPS is a viable choice. The introduction of VOS makes an improvement in profit margins, from real estate companies to IT companies that have highly competitive levels.

Because it operates as a dedicated server but runs on another server, not only is VPS inexpensive, but it also offers a great degree of scalability, reliability, and security to its environment. You do not have to share VPS resources with other users and it allows you to run on more than one virtualization platform presently installed on operating systems.


So, the way to go is VPS for businesses that have progressed from shared hosting, but have scarce resources and a dedicated server budget. Here are the top five VPS hosting features and how they can assist your organization.

One of primary benefits/features of a VPS hosting plan is that they are set up in such a way that they have a dedicated distribution of resources. The VPS solution is ideal for guaranteeing a reliable service at a fair rate. You get flexibility by selecting adequate disk space and storage, monthly data transfers, and guaranteed RAM.VPS provides dedicated server-like functions and purposes that allow root access to give you the power to run multiple operating systems, install software, and manage resale services.

Usually, VPS platforms are a little more costly than shared hosting, but cheaper than dedicated server hosting. But among VPS service rivals, prices often differ. Check the market and select a package that is completely compliant but available at reasonable rates for your technological needs. Make certain your quality programs are never compromised. It may not impact revenue input by paying a little more per month, but it can significantly increase ROI. Every individual and company has numerous requirements for hosting. For people, companies and professionals with distinct names such as premium, simple and progress, all VPS and shared hosting packages are offered.

It is good to understand and determine the distinction between the parties, and it is often said that flexible systems are preferred in business settings to select a service that best fits your needs. You allow your website to scale up with VPS hosting services. Scalability Refers to the ability, usually using redundant device resources, to manage unexpected, increased workloads on the server. VPS means that you can scale for success, whether your organization is in hyper-growth mode or wants to handle an increasing number of workloads. You can choose either Windows or Linux VPS hosting option.

But it is prudent to learn a type of VPS environment you will need to run your applications before selecting a VPS hosting provider: Windows or Linux. Linux hosts a feature that is totally different from Windows, but certainly has its own benefits. Linux is your favorite platform if you are running Python, PERL or Ruby scripts. If you run on PHP or, a Windows environment is best suited for the job. More freedom and control are given to customers on shared servers and less freedom and control is given to web business management.

Yet most organizations prefer more authority and power, making it a safer option for VPS hosting. Try switching on and off the 'Reboot' button to reset your web business settings. Many people believe that when compared to VPS and dedicated servers, a shared server is more cost-effective, as 'limitless' customer services are provided at lower prices. However, the fact is that, particularly when the server is down, the unrestricted customer support of a shared server is often inaccessible.

In comparison, by selecting the most appropriate choice for the needs of your organization, you can get cost-effective, but high-quality services at VPS. Most frequently, the prices of VPS service providers are as follows, but 365 days a year, the VPS hosting package comes with 27/4 technical service and support monitoring for various web hosts. You will also be provided with a refund policy, depending on your chosen hosting provider. This comes as a standard - a reliable company can fulfill the organization's needs through customer service.

VPS hosting packages allow you to meet well-informed IT experts who can relate to you in a manner that you understand. If you feel comfortable with hosting terms and procedures and are tech-savvy enough to ask pertinent questions, it is best to look for a hosting company that offers top-notch customer service for all levels of technological experience. Support can often be attained via a toll-free phone conversation, e - mails, live chat or social networks. Indeed, with VPS hosting, you have these advantages at competitive costs and more. The efficiency of your website is a key metric for the success of your web busines ROI.

Visitors expect faster response times and quicker website loading speeds. Those 7 key items that could slow down the output of your website Source: websites that take a lot of time to load the material restrict visitors from performing for their needs. It also interferes with online sessions including video chat, live customer service and webinars, in addition to restricting the online presence. Improving your online output and presence and helping you grow your company and its return on investment is a function that is basically offered by usual and best VPS hosting services.


Cloud Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are available in several different flavors, and when installing a server, service providers provide an abundance of plans for clients to choose from. You are in charge of selecting an operating system, typically Windows or a Linux distribution, when you need a VPS, and you can also choose a pre-imaged auto-deployed application server, such as WordPress, cPanel, Docker or NodeJS. Importantly, you can also choose the output of the Cloud VPS that you create; this is achieved by choosing a VPS plan that suits your needs.

A Cloud VPS provides the optimal combination of a conventional VPS and dedicated hosting, making it an increasingly common service offering for service providers and hosting companies. Not only can you significantly benefit from the cost savings associated with the legacy hosting services with a Cloud VPS, but you also get the guaranteed CPU, disk, and memory capacity from a specific cloud platform.

  • Kamatera – The best Flexible Windows Hosting Solution

Kamatera is a great choice if you need cloud-based Windows hosting and want a hosting solution that is 100 percent customizable. It has a 99.95 percent uptime guarantee and has 13 data centers in North America, Europe, Israel, and China worldwide. Kamatera may not be the cheapest Windows host on my list, but it's still reasonable, although your monthly costs will rise dramatically if you opt for the fully managed service. You will not be linked to long-term plans for Kamatera's unmanaged Windows cloud hosting and you will only pay for the resources you use. You can downgrade or upgrade your servers from your account management portal.

  • InterServer – Cheap Price for Uncomplicated Hosting
With only one plan for its inexpensive, shared Windows hosting, InterServer makes things simple. You can host up to 25 websites, with free SSL certificates for each, using this low-cost hosting package. Use the WEBSITEPLANET coupon code to get the first month of shared hosting or VPS for just $0.01. This is a deal for a limited time-Click here to sign up now with InterServer. There are no storage, bandwidth, or email address limitations, and you benefit from managed hosting features such as free migrations of websites, automated updates, and a tool for backup/restore. The one catch is that when you sign up, you do not get a free domain name. InterServer also provides Windows VPS plans for a single CPU with 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of storage and 2 TB of bandwidth, which start at (almost) extremely low prices. For these plans, you can choose from Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019 and get increased security, Plesk control panel, and outstanding scalability.
  • Hostwinds – The Best Uptime Guarantee for Windows Hosting
If you are looking for something a little more efficient than shared Windows hosting but still need to keep prices down, Hostwinds offers managed and unmanaged Windows VPS hosting for a fraction of the cost of other Windows VPS hosts.

Regardless of the payment term you chose, the price is the same, unlike many hosts (although any promotional pricing is limited in duration).

One of the key benefits of Hostwinds' Windows VPS hosting plans is that they are cloud-based, maximizing performance and reliability.

  • GoDaddy – Offers a Free Domain and Office365 Email
When you need Windows hosting, from shared Windows hosting to dedicated. Windows hosting, GoDaddy has a range of options to suit your needs. You benefit from the same features available with GoDaddy's Windows hosting plans for Linux hosting, including infinity storage, bandwidth, and websites on all plans except the Economy Plan, plus a free domain name on first-year annual plans. There are, however, limitations on the number of MS-SQL databases that you can create on all plans, with the exception of the Ultimate plans.
  • Hostinger – Great Value Windows VPS Hosting
Hostinger isn't as relative cheap as other Windows VPS hosts, but the features it includes justify the price tag, making it great value for money.

The VPS plans from Hostinger offers you more processing power in contrast to similarly priced Windows VPS plans from other hosts. For significant savings, view the latest deals on our Hostinger coupon page. You will also benefit from 24/7 support from Hostinger, one of the best support providers in the market (in my experience). A dedicated IP is also included in both Windows VPS plans from Hostinger.

  • LiquidWeb – Enhanced Security for Windows VPS

LiquidWeb provides Windows VPS servers that are cloud-based, fast, and reliable. The rates are higher, but we're talking about an operation at the next level. Independent metrics mean that LiquidWeb is faster than its rivals. You may choose to run your own server, too, to reduce your costs.

All Liquid Web's Windows VPS plans involve Cloudflare CDN and 100 GB cloud backups, which enable instant snapshot backups of your server to be kept off-site in the cloud, giving you the absolute best level of data protection. LiquidWeb has an uptime guarantee of 99.999 percent.


  • Menu: Click on OpenTicket

Now, choose the relevant department associated with your question.

  • Technical Support: Open Ticket for Technical Support related queries.
  • Hosting VPS: Open

Ticket for VPS-related Queries

  • Billing Department: Open Ticket for billing related queries
  • Administration Department: Open Ticket for Administration related queries
  • Department of Abuse: Open Ticket for Abuse-related queries
  • Sales Department: Open Ticket for Sales-related queries

The screen below will appear after selecting an appropriate department.

  • To send a support ticket, enter the information requested on this tab.
  • Enter a specific topic related to your question.
  • If you did not select the appropriate department for your question on the previous screen, you can also select the appropriate department from here.
  • Choose a service for which you are collecting a support ticket from the Relevant Service Dropdown box.
  • You may also pick Zero, which is optional.
  • You can choose priority from the Priority section of your help ticket.
  • Write your actual question in detail in the Message.

If you want to give us your problem-related files or images, you can append them here (Allowed Extensions: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .zip, .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .crt, .pfx, .xls, .xlsx, .bak, .sql, .pdf, .csv, .p7b). Your attachment's maximum file size should be 5 MB.Click the Submit button when you are finished. You have now successfully submitted a support ticket and you have been sent a confirmation email with the ticket number and information.

  • Viewing and Replying to Tickets for HelpTo view the ticket you have already submitted, go to the Help menu and press the Tickets tab.
  • A list of tickets that you have submitted/received up to date will be shown. You can see the date & time on this page when you updated the support tickets, department, topic, status, and the last time you updated the support tickets. Click on the View Ticket tab, which is visible on the right side, to view a specific ticket.
  • Tap on the Reply button to reply and write a message. If required, you can also connect any files or images. To submit your reply, click on the Submit button.

How to submit a Support Ticket for cheap Windows VPS

If your VPN client uses Dynamic IPs, you would need to setup a dynamic DNS application on your VPS to retrieve your IP and connect it with a static host name if you do not really know which IP is meant for use.

This move helps you to connect to your Virtual server by switching the IP address to the hostname specified in the remote desktop program.

So, you must follow the instructions below before connecting to your VPN:

  1. Select a service provider for Dynamic DNS. We suggest, which fits well for our Windows system.
  2. You will be allowed to select your hostname after registration, which will be used to link to your Windows VPS. Please notice that in order to use the hostname, you will not require your VPN to be active, since it will also retrieve the real IP of the VPS.
  3. Once you have registered, you will need to install their Dynamic DNS client and customize it as you please with your default logins specified in the registration system.
  4. Once successfully installed, you can explicitly try the hostname in your remote management application to ensure that it functions correctly before the domain is activated.
  5. You can hit the attach button on your VPN once you have the recognition that your Dynamic DNS is working effectively.

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