For business owners, the frenzy to keep users visiting your website and engaged is one that never entirely dies out. A great web design and content will only get you so far; you'll need an excellent web hosting platform. It is at this point that you begin to research the various web hosting options.

These days, SSD VPS hosting is fast gaining popularity because of the reliability and improved performance it offers sites. We will share invaluable information on this latest VPS rave and why you should switch to it.

What is SSD VPS Website Hosting?

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting ranks high as the preferred hosting option for numerous small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses. It is widely preferred because it is designed to be a bridge between shared and dedicated server hosting. Thus, it offers you the best of both worlds.

In this article, we shall be assuming you already have the basic knowledge of how VPS hosting works. However, if you are new and desire to know more about it, you can find detailed VPS hosting articles on our site.

In simple terms, SSD VPS Hosting is a VPS hosting plan that stores information on solid-state drives. Rather than use the traditional hard disk drive, the VPS hosting provider users SSDs on the physical server. One benefit that the SSD VPS provides you with is improved speed and performance.

Why Should I Choose SSD VPS Hosting?

Remember that creating a mobile-friendly site that has original content and marketing is just half the work. You'll need a way to improve user experience, not to lose any opportunity to convert visitors. With conversion comes business growth and increased profitability.

Thus, you need to ensure you opt for a VPS hosting plan that lets you do this. We recommend SSD VPS because it has a whole lot to offer you. Let's explore the reasons why you should choose SSD VPS.

1. Improved Data Security

One thing you should be concerned about is you're the security of your data. At every point, you must be assured that your VPS provider has taken steps to ensure you do not lose valuable data. VPS that store information on traditional disc drives offers you data security, howbeit to a limited extent, because of the storage drives' nature.

SSD VPS, however, offers you better security because it does not use HDD servers. Thus, the risk of potential data loss is minimal. VPS hosting that uses SSDs do not have to deal with mechanical parts. Hence, they can eliminate damages resulting from movement. The lack of mechanical parts by the SSD further drives down wear and tear.

SSD VPSs employ flash memory for data storage. They ensure that the data is not deleted all of a sudden as a result of the magnetic disc effect. It also helps to improve the read and write speed to a large extent.

2. Increased Site loading speed

Like we have said, SSD VPS hosting employs the use of flash memory for data storage. The use of flash memory is responsible for better site performance and increased site loading speed. Now, as we well know, your site loading speed is vital to your site's success. Customers don't want to spend a ton of time trying to access your site. Thus, areas with slow loading speeds experience more bounces and, consequently, lower conversions.

If the storage is swift, the processor will not have to wait for the server to finish up with requests made earlier. Thus, the speed and performance of the server see a significant improvement. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what SSD VPS offers you. We all know that websites with fast loading time rank higher in search engines and have better SEOs. With SSD VPS, you can improve your site ranking.

3. Better Credibility

Every business owner knows how vital credibility is for growth and sustainability. When customers realize that your business is credible, they begin to trust you more, and the result is more conversions. Now, this is part of what SSD VPS offers you on a platter.

Unlike HDDs that use movable platters and are thus prone to damage, SDDs use flash memory. The flash memory has no movable part; hence, it is more durable and reliable. Owing to the increased durability, SSD VPS helps you garner the trust of your customers.

4. Better Performance

VPS hosting with SSD draw less current than those using the traditional storage disks. Being that they use less power, SSD VPS boosts battery life. If you are environmentally conscious, you will enjoy SSD VPS because it provides you with environmental-friendly features that deliver on the promise of high efficiency.

SSD VPS offers you a better speed for reading and writing data. The improved speed translates to better performance of memory resources and request processing. With better performance and enhanced speed, your site will enjoy better SEO ranking. This is because the speed of your site is one of the parameters used to determine page ranking.

5. Lower Power Consumption

SSD VPS hosting is not merely right for you as a consumer. It is great for the environment because only about 20% of HDD VPS power is used in SSD VPS. Thus, you find out that SSD VPS helps lower both your operational cost and carbon footprint.

6. Cost-Effective

Looking at it, SSD VPS may appear expensive from the initial point. However, they make up for their cost with the high-quality features and services they offer. First off is the fact that you get to enjoy excellent performance and flexibility.

Then, the SSD VPS does not use disks with moving parts, so you avoid the replacement of parts due to wear and tear. They draw less power and work at super-fast speed for reading and data writing. They also employ better technology that is better in the long run.

In terms of quality, SSD VPS offers users the best quality there is in the VPS world. Thus, customers find out that they don't need to leave the SSD VPS train for anything; all they need to run their business has been provided.

7. Improved Durability

One of the significant technical benefits of SSD VPS is that it is designed to be durable. Unlike hard drives, which can lose all the data stored in them, SSD VPS is more secure. If your SSD fails to work, it will not affect your stored data.

The absence of moving parts is responsible for the improved durable as there is no fear of wear and tear. Since you do not stand to lose any information even when the SSD spoils, you can focus on other aspects of your site that need improvement.

Regardless of whether you manually back up your data or not, SSD VPS improves your data security. No matter the temperature difference, your information is safe. Finally, VPS designed with SSD is built to withstand shocks.

8. Root Access

A lot of SSD VPS Hosting provides you with total root access. With this root access, you can add the applications you want to your server. Thus, you can easily customize your hosting environment while putting measures in place to ensure your data is secure at all times.

9. Improved Reliability

VPS with the traditional hard disk drives possesses moving parts. One downside to the moving parts is that with time, you begin to notice wear and tear. They are also susceptible to physical damage.

On the other hand, SSD VPS does not have any moving parts and is thus free from wear and tear. The technology employed for their design can last for a longer time frame. Therefore, the VPS with SSD provides site owners with better reliability than those with HDDs.

10. Little or No Data Fragmentation

One thing SSD VPS takes care of is data fragmentation. The absence of fragmentation of data in SSD VPS hosting is one reason why data is instantly located. Thus, the overall performance of your site improves exponentially.

With HDD based VPS, it is not so. The fragmentation is among the reasons for low site and application performance in HDD VPS.

What Kind of Sites Should Use SSD VPS?

Given all these benefits of VPS SSD hosting, it is not difficult for you to see why you should move to SSD VPS website hosting. Generally, these benefits can be enjoyed by all sites regardless of their type. However, sites with too high traffic volume have more to gain.

Thanks to the SSD, you can prevent site lag efficiently with these kinds of VPS. Now once you have successfully eliminated site lag, you can succeed in improving user experience. Improved user-experience translates to increased business growth.

Typically, SSD VPS Hosting benefits all kinds of websites. However, it is especially beneficial for the following sites:

  • Sites that use WordPress. These sites require information to be found from where they are stored in the file system or database. SSD VPS ensures that the process of processing the requests is swift and efficient.
  • Any website or application that possesses an active database
  • E-Commerce platforms, SSD VPS, fulfill the basic requirements of these sites; speed. Ecommerce sites rely on speed for better conversions.

What Are Some Cheap SSD VPS I Can Use?

❖ Vultr VPS

Vultr VPS is one great VPS hosting provider that offers you a web hosting platform with high-performance SSD. The SSD designs are one of the features that distinguish Vultr from all other VPS hosting providers. These top-performing solid-state drivers (SSDs) are why you experience the enhanced performance while using this Vultr VPS.

Vultr offers you improved efficiency, performance, security, reliability, and speed. Now with an increase in speed comes better loading time and consequently increased user experience. You get all these features and improvements at a super discounted price.

Other features of Vultr VPS are can be found below.

  • Easy to Navigate Interface – Vultr VPS SSD hosting offers you an interface that is easy to use and very fast. You will find labels guiding you on what to do and the services provided by the menu buttons.

Smooth Installation of Applications - Like many VPS hosting providers, Vultr SSD VPS offers you root access. With it, you can easily install or uninstall your chosen applications with the click of one button.

  • Affordable Prices - With as low as $2.5 monthly, you gain access to the basic Vultr SSD VPS features. The $5 monthly plan offers you access to the essential features you require to run your small or medium-sized business. You may need to subscribe to a higher plan if your business requires multiple sites, as the 5$ plan will not suffice in this case.

❖ InMotion SSD VPS

InMotion is one VPS provider that has been around for a while. The VPS is designed to balance performance with reliability. The use of solid-state drives further boosts the performance and security that users enjoy with this VPS.

A few of the features of InMotion VPS have been listed below.

  • Better Data Security - InMotion, like all VPS, offer you data security; however, what you enjoy is better. The enhanced protection, to some extent, is due to the use of the SSDs. Your data is not at risk of being lost in the event of an accident.
  • Great SEO - InMotion VPS offers you improved SEO. It achieves this thanks to the speed accounted for by the SSD. Sites with better loading speed rank higher and enjoy better SEO.
  • Increased Performance - InMotion offers you reliable top-performance. The high performance stems partly from the fact that you are assigned your server resources. Thus how other sites on the server perform has no bearing on your account.


SSD VPS is the answered prayer for business owners with a large volume of original content. It is not hard to see how upgrading from HDD to SDD VPS can make all the difference in how your site and applications perform with all the benefits it offers. Thus, if you can afford to, we advise that you take the leap forward and choose SDD VPS.

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