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Low-cost Linux And Windows SSD VPS Hosting

In recent times, users have used many web hosting options, and have pointed out SSD VPS hosting to be their most preferred option. It is very usually the go-to solution whenever a business begins to witness growth, and hence more traffic. We can agree that this is healthy for your business, especially as you start to gain more revenue. However, you will have to be very careful as if you don’t manage your server well, you may start to suffer from slow speed which is very unhealthy for your business as it could turn out to be very disastrous. Therefore, when your business begins to grow, you will need to go for better web hosting, while trying to keep spending minimal.

In most cases like this, you are expected to go for a low-cost SSD VPS hosting. The VPS (or Virtual Private Server) is a type of web hosting where multiple servers all make use of single server space, although they are all kept isolated and independent from each other. It is the same situation as with an apartment building with around 4 flats, in which every tenant is not affected by the activities of his neighbors. This means it is almost like shared hosting, but in its case, it allows fewer users per server space. It also gives each user access to their dedicated resources, just like with a dedicated server.

Already knowing and fully understanding what a Virtual Private Server is, you should have in mind that you are presented with different types of Operating Systems. The two most important and widely used OS are Linux and Windows. These two have very important and useful features and both excellent choices for your server. The decision of which to go for is entirely your choice, but whichever you go for, it is best you not only go for SSD Linux or Windows VPS hosting but for a one of low cost.

There are many reasons why going for low-cost Linux and Windows SSD VPS hosting. With this solution, you get to enjoy exceptional services at a very affordable cost. Making this decision also has a positive effect on your savings as get to spend less than usual, giving you more revenue to focus on the development of other aspects of your business. Without doubt, making the right investments means that your business will be more likely to do better.

Since SSD is also involved in the mix, you stand a chance of enjoying a faster server. This is because SSD can simultaneously read and write data, making the execution of requests much faster. The SSD also comes with many other significant improvements with which the drive is capable of saving data at an improved rate. Research has shown that just swapping to SSD can increase a server’s speed and performance, by 200%. Since speed is an important ranking factor used by Google, having this improved speed at your disposal can be very beneficial for your company.

Remember that Linux and Windows are entirely different Operating Systems, the aforementioned are merely advantages common to bother of them. You can further research into the advantages of each of them and make your selection based on which one will best satisfy your business needs.

High Performance Fully Managed SSD VPS Hosting At Lowest Price

With VPS hosting, you are given the power to do many things, you can conveniently host your website and applications to carry out your business activities. While the VPS on its own is very beneficial, always ensure to go for the very best options available. The best you can do for your business at any time is to go for a high-performance fully managed SSD VPS hosting at the lowest price.

A fully managed hosting is one in which your entire server is managed by your service provider. They take care of necessary software installations and updates. Your provider also ensures your server is as secure as possible and is in the best working condition at all times, while at the same time still being available to you whenever you need extra help. Many may think that going for a fully managed plan is too expensive. However, though it indeed costs a little more than the unmanaged option, if you are to compare it with having to pay third parties to assist in your management, you'll see that the fully managed option is more cost-effective.

With a server that runs on SSD, faster and better performance is guaranteed. This is because, unlike the HDD, SSD does not make use of physical moving parts, and is, therefore, free from mechanical failures. This service also makes it possible for reading and writing to be done simultaneously and keeps your data always backed up and well secured. We can not begin to stress just how much your business can benefit from such an innovation.

Going for this recommended option will provide you with the very best resources to guarantee maximum performance. You get sufficient RAM, unlimited and well secured SSD-run disk space, enough bandwidth, and a lot more, all working to make sure your server has high performance. This can help boost your business in unimaginable ways.

Getting a worthy server is one thing, but getting one that doesn't affect your budget in any way is another. Imagine getting a hosting service that you had to put your all into, and in the end, having nothing to sustain your business. Your business will most likely die off. Therefore, always ensure that whatever hosting you are going for is at the right price. Going for a server that is of high performance and which suits your business just right at the lowest possible price can prove very beneficial. You don't just get to save more, but you are left with more revenue to develop other parts of your business, thereby increasing its potential to grow.

In conclusion, if a high-performance fully managed SSD VPS hosting at the lowest price is what you seek, do well to contact With them, you can get the best of this service. There is no more time for delay. Contact today and see why their services are tagged as the best.

7 SSD VPS Hosting Ideas

When it comes to VPS hosting, the number of possibilities it creates for its users is limitless. A VPS in general can be very useful, with the introduction of SSD, the boundaries are even more widened. Out of the many opportunities this extremely important web hosting provides, below are 7 SSD VPS hosting ideas:

  • Web hosting: Of course, this is the most frequent use of SSD VPS. Web hosting is obviously the first thing that will come to mind whenever SSD VPS is mentioned. SSD VPS hosting gives users a better way to get a befitting service for their money. Its services are much better and effective than most. With its dedicated RAM, much-advanced SSD storage, and better CPU, users can get the best out of web hosting for any type of website or app.
  • Save Money By Self-hosting Apps: With SSD VPS, you can choose to self-host your projects instead of having to use SaaS. This saves you from having to pay monthly charges, and in the long run, it can be very beneficial for your business. With an SSD VPS, you are given possession of your server, have your own software, and are given control over everything hosted by you. Most of the time, self-hosting might require you to have more skills, the money you save, however, makes it worth it.
  • Running a Game Server: As we must’ve already known, as gaming has become more and more popular over the years, it has grown out to become a favorite pastime to many of us. In an age where the internet has become more accessible, online games have also become very popular.
  • Setting up a Mail Server: A hosted email is yet another service that every business pays to use. However, with an SSD VPS, you can host your company’s own email server, thereby avoiding this extra cost. Even with the most basic VPS option, you can easily manage open-source email servers and host all your employees’ addresses, imagine how much more you can achieve with the SSD VPS. On the other hand, If you are to use SaaS, then you should be prepared to be charged per mailbox.
  • Set up a VPN: Our world today is filled with internet fraud, Virtual Private Networks assist users by hiding online payment details, as well as company and client data from hackers. However, many of these VPN providers themselves have untrustworthy ownerships, while some even sell their users' data. With this, the ability to install and use your VPS as VPN can be highly valuable.
  • External Backup Server: As long as you are working online, backing up your files is of high importance to you. We must have all at some point lost files, folders, and even entire drives and know how devastating it can be. Therefore, taking precautions to avoid this is very essential, most especially in business settings.
  • Use it to Experiment and Improve your Development Skills: With the SSD VPS, you can significantly refine and improve your skills in many fields. You are given the chance to carry out many activities, such as learning how you can run a webserver, experimenting with programming languages, creating apps, executing open-source projects, etc. In a nutshell, an SSD VPS is an excellent playground for developing your computing skills.

Although most business software options such as Dropbox and Slack are sold as SaaS, you can always get a self-hosted alternative. These alternatives, if you get the right one, can be as good as the SaaS option, and even outperform them in some cases. With SSD VPS, you can host these alternatives yourself and save a little fortune.

One hosting idea of the SSD VPS is for setting up an online game server or hosting one with your friends. You can host and play games like Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and a lot more. Although these gaming sessions are mostly hosted on a dedicated server which can be very expensive, with a powerful VPS such as the SSD VPS, you can conveniently host these games, get the same performance and save cost as well.

There are many open-source email servers on the internet that do not require much tech knowledge to run. If however, you have access to SSD VPS and you have the required capability, you can always set up and host your mail server.

If you are the type that makes frequent use of WiFi, your data is even more prone to danger, because this network is hardly ever secured enough. However, with an SSD VPS, you can utilize your server as a VPN to ensure your browsing session is safe and secured on whatever WiFi you’re using. You can also check your accounts and financial data without having any fear of online fraud whatsoever.

You may think or decide that backing up your files in physical drives solves this problem. Well, it does, but only to an extent. With an SSD VPS however, you can host and backup all your data conveniently. This is by far a better and safer option.

With this SSD VPS, you can also backup your entire website, so you can perfectly restore it to what it was before, after a crash.

With the SSD VPS, you can conveniently test and try out new applications, and also engage in coworkers with anyone anywhere in the world. This means you can shade codes with any online co-worker privately. The best part of this service is that you can destroy your entire SSD VPS at the click of a button and start all over if things don't work out.

SSD Windows VPS Hosting

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