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Virtual Private Server bridges the gap between a dedicated server and a shared server. While a shared server hosting offers the cheapest form of web hosting, it has many advantages. The first of its problem is that many users are on the same server, hence your limited ability to customize it the way you like. Also, it is usually characterized by low bandwidth. Even if you are sticking to the resources allocated to you, that can guarantee you a fast loading time as some other websites sharing resources with you might be using more than their allotted resources. Hence, you will be made to pay for the actions of other users. That there are many users on the same server means your data is not safe. If one website on the server is targeted by hackers all other sites on the server are also at risk.

The alternative, dedicated server hosting, finds a solution to all these problems. You will have the whole server to yourself, hence will be able to customize it in any way you like. A dedicated server also comes with more resources, hence can perfectly handle the traffic. If for any reason high traffic is going to be a problem on your website hosted on a dedicated server, it will be traffic to your website, not traffic on another website like it usually occurs in shared server hosting. A dedicated server allows you to install any software you like and manage your website the way you wish. However, this hosting option is expensive and many small and medium websites may not be able to afford it.

Luckily, Virtual Private Server(VPS) comes in-between the two options. VPS is a virtual server created on a physical server. A virtual version of the resources available on a physical server is created and shared among different websites. Hence VPS is also a kind of shared server but each server is independent of others. Because of this, activities of another website on the same physical server cannot affect your website. VPS also allows you to install any software you like on your server and customize it the way you like. Resources available on VPS are usually higher than those of shared servers and you can easily purchase more resources as traffic to your website increases. Hence scaling is easy with VPS. Because of higher resources, if your website is hosted on VPS it will load faster, and there will be a lower chance of downtime. Since you are in control of your server, you can install antimalware of your choice. Therefore, VPS is safer and more reliable. Although it is more expensive than a shared server, it is way cheaper than dedicated server hosting. So, what is the principle behind VPS hosting?

All You Need to Know About VPS Hosting

VPS works by creating a virtualization layer on a physical server, once the layer is created, the resources on the physical server are copied and the virtual copy is made available on the layers. These virtual copies are called virtual machines. The virtual machine are can be used to host a website. The technology uses software called a hypervisor and can create many virtual machines on a single physical server. Each virtual machine is allocated its separate resources and is isolated from the rest of the server. That makes VPS work like a dedicated server but with lower resources.

Benefits of VPS

Hosting your website on VPS has the following advantages:

  • Privacy

As stated earlier, each virtual machine used to create VPS is isolated from others; hence your activities are private. Because of this, you can store sensitive information like your company’s financial record or research results on your server

  • Customization
VPS gives you full control over your server. Therefore you can customize it in any way you wish. You can also install any software of your choice on your server.
  • Safety and Reliability
Unlike a shared server in which an attack on a website on the server can be a treat to your website, you are perfectly isolated from others in VPS. also traffic on another website cannot influence your website, hence the server is reliable and will be free of downtimes.
  • More Resources and Faster Loading
Websites sharing resources on VPS are usually lower than those of shared servers, hence there are more resources available on VPS. This will make your site load faster, more responsive, and avoid downtime.
  • Easy Scalability
In VPS you can easily purchase resources that you need at the moment. As your business grows and you have more visitors to your website, you can easily purchase more resources without any need to migrate from one server to another as the case will be in a shared server.
  • Affordability
Although VPS is more expensive than a shared server it is still very affordable and way cheaper than a dedicated server. Therefore, even small businesses can afford to host their website on VPS.

Types of VPS Hosting

Because VPS is private, then as the website owner, you may choose to manage your server yourself or purchase a plan that includes management of the server by the hosting company. So, there are two basic types you can choose from – Managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting.

Managed VPS Hosting

If you purchase managed VPS hosting you put the responsibility of the management of your server on the hosting company. This includes the installation of operating software and other software your website needs for functioning. Installation of antivirus and antimalware and protection of your site against attack, fixing of error codes, updating your server software, and many other management services.

Managed VPS Hosting has the following benefits:

  • It enables you to concentrate on other aspects of your business
  • Your website will be in the hand of professionals
  • The site will be well protected.
  • There will be regular updating of your site
  • It produces an optimal performance of your website
  • Managed VPS is safer and more reliable

However, it is important to note that managed VPS hosting is more expensive than unmanaged hosting.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

If you decide to manage your server yourself you will save on your monthly subscription. However, you should only go for this option if you have good knowledge of server management. The service provider will still be responsible for the installation of the operating software, but the installation of other software will be your responsibility. You will also be responsible for updating your software. You will be in charge of your control panel and the customization of your server. Likewise, you will be the one to monitor your server for attack and correct any error message.

Five Reasons You Should Prefer Windows VPS Hosting

Even though Windows VPS may be more expensive than Linux and other operating systems, many features make it the best option. The following are some of the reasons you should prefer the Windows operating system to other operating systems for your VPS.

  • An Easy-to-Use Interface

Windows VPS is easier to use than any other operating system. You don’t have to be a professional in computer operation before you understand how to use this interface. This makes it easy not just to run your programs but also to customize them. Hence Windows VPS offers the highest level of customization. You can also easily update your software. Another important factor is that Windows is from Microsoft, and Microsoft computer is the most popular computer today. Many people are familiar with the use of Microsoft computer hence will find Windows operating system very familiar.

That your company is using Microsoft computers also means you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your software on Windows VPS. The Windows software that you have already installed on your computer will be compatible with your VPS if you chose Windows. But if you have gone for Linux or any other operating system, some of your existing software may not be compatible.

  • Remote Desktop Access Feature
With Windows VPS geographical location cannot be a barrier to access your desktop. You can even share a desktop with many users located at different places at the same time. If you link your desktop to Windows VPS, Windows will virtualize all the programs and files on the desktop such that you can access them on any computer that is linked with the internet. That means you can access your VPS account remotely anywhere you are. The remote desktop access also makes it possible for many users to use a single file on the desktop at the same time or send files to the desktop simultaneously from different locations. Other operating systems like Linux do not have the special feature.
  • Comes With Programs for Building Websites
Another great feature of Windows VPS is that it comes with many programs that you can use to build websites. If you choose Windows operating system for your Virtual Private Server, you will also get SQL, ASP, and ASP.NET among many other programs free of charge. With those programs, you can successfully create your website.
  • You Can Choose Your Level of Protection
Linux OS comes with a preinstalled antimalware which is safe but does not put you in control. But Windows operating system allows you to install antivirus and antimalware of your choice. Hence you are in control of your server security.
  • A Brand You Can Trust
Many website owners have known Microsoft and Windows since they knew computer, hence can absolutely trust their product. Microsoft is a well known and highly trusted name in the computer and software industry. That Windows OS comes from this company is enough reason to choose it. Microsoft has many experienced staff and you can rest assured that you are in a good hand. In case you run into trouble, you can trust their customer support service to provide the assistance you need perfectly.

VPS Hosting Through Different Provisions

Although both VPS and shared server have many users on a single physical server, VPS provides many services that shared server hosting does not. With VPS you can install software to manage your business. There are software that can monitor your staff on and off-field. You can link your staff's mobile devices to the server and let them send data directly from their phone to your server.

How We Can Help You

After considering all the benefits f VPS, if you decide to choose it for hosting your website, then we may help you. We offer both managed VPS and unmanaged VPS. We have a team of professionals that can help you through your journey of web hosting. Our services are excellent and our pricing is competitive. We have different plans so you can choose the one that fits your business most. All our plans come with a 7-day trial. The trial service is free and you will not be under any obligation to purchase after the trial period. However, we are sure that you will be convinced to continue. You can contact us today to begin your free trial.


Virtual Private Server is a web hosting solution that offers most of the benefits of a dedicated server but at a lower cost. Compared with a shared server, websites hosted on VPS will enjoy privacy, more resources, better security, and better scalability. The owner of the site can also customize the server and install any software of his choice. However, VPS requires that you manage your server yourself. If you would prefer the service provider to manage your VPS for you then you will have to buy a managed plan which comes at an extra fee.

VPS can operate on Windows OS, Linux OS, and some other operating systems. While Windows may be more expensive than Linux and others, it is easier to use, allows you to install your choice security software, and offer remote desktop access. Hence, if the cost is not the most important factor, then hosting your website on Windows VPS may be your best option.

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