Windows VPS Hosting: All You Need to Know About Windows VPS Hosting

For eCommerce site owners, the virtual private server is an excellent middle-ground between the limited shared hosting and the more expensive dedicated hosting. VPS hosting provides you with sweet flexibility, and infinitely more resources than shared hosting can ever dream of. You can choose either Linux VPS hosting or Windows VPS hosting.

We will look at Windows VPS hosting, what it entails, and the various software you can install on your Windows VPS. You will also find a list of some of our best Windows VPS providers and information on control panels for VPS hosting.

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is currently one of the commonly used web hosting tools on the market today. It is efficient and provides you with access to configure your server. One huge selling point of Windows VPS is the ease of use, thanks to the familiar graphical user interface.

Enjoy the functionality and flexibility Windows VPS provides you with; take advantage of the ease of customization to configure your server environment to your specifications. There are numerous other benefits that you stand to enjoy with your use of Windows VPS. Let us take a quick look at some of them.

Why Should I Use Windows VPS?

As we said, Windows VPS offers you numerous benefits that make it well worth the cost. We shall examine some of these benefits that make Windows VPS a must use for website owners.

  • Cost-Effective Web Hosting Solution – Let us first state that Windows VPS is a cost-effective way to host your eCommerce site. Shared hosting just won’t cut it because the reality of business is that your needs and resource demands increase as you continue to grow. At some point, your resource demands will exceed the limit provided by shared hosting.

Thus, it is wise to invest now in a hosting solution that more than meets your needs and offers you the ability to scale up your resources as your site continues to grow. By so doing, you can save a little more money that would have gone into getting a new hosting server. The cost of a Windows VPS plan is by far lower than that of a dedicated server.

  • Improved Security - Windows VPS hosting offers you better security than shared web hosting ever can. The improved security is partially due to the fact that all data and files from your site are stored in a remote server. The isolation of your server from other sources prevents the transmission of bugs across users.

You also enjoy additional security features ranging from antispyware apps and antivirus to firewall. Don't forget, Windows VPS regularly backs up your data securely to ensure that you never lose it.

  • Root Access – Windows VPS offers you total access to your server. Thus, you can manage and customize your server environment with ease. You can add domains, subdomains, delete, add or edit existing software.

What Software Can You Install on Windows VPS?

Like we mentioned earlier, Windows VPS allows you root access to your server. One of the benefits of having root access is the freedom to add your desired software to your server. You can add common software to your Windows VPS like MySQL, WordPress, antivirus software, and many more.

Windows VPS Manager Software

The software for managing your Windows VPS is the control panel, a useful tool to have in your arsenal. The control panel is a graphical interface that allows you to manage several aspects of your server easily without using the command line. With the control panel, you can handle email accounts, FTP, DNS settings, and general database all from a single location.

If you have one or two servers, you may not grasp the importance of a control panel. However, if you have to manage multiple servers, say a couple of hundred servers, you will need something to make the process easier. Control panel is a smart tool that helps you hasten critical administrative tasks like patching, installation, monitoring, and so much more.

Top 6 Control Panel for VPS Hosting

Imagine you are a system administrator, and you have over 100 servers to manage without a tool to make it easy. Stressful right? That’s right. Managing servers without a control panel will have you busy all the time and expending invaluable energy on tasks that can be done quickly. We have come up with six free control panels you can use to manage your servers easily and with no stress. It is essential to select a high-quality control panel because selecting one lacking the key features will essentially cripple your server and limit you from enjoying your server thoroughly. Here’s a small note of warning though, most of these control panels are compatible with VPS hosting.

1. CyberPanel

Topping our list of free control panels for VPS hosting is CyberPanel, a powerful control panel with a wealth of desirable features. It is powered by OpenLiteSpeed and is designed with numerous tools such as PowerDNS, ModSecurity antivirus, FirewallID, and many more. It offers you a one-click installation of all your favorite applications like Joomla and WordPress.

CyberPanel is equipped with GIT repos that help you deploy your apps via the use of GIT webhooks and a dedicated command line terminals for users who so wish. Other features of CyberPanel are:

  • It is powered by OpenLiteSpeed and comes with a custom command line terminal.
  • It comes equipped with Rainloop webmail to help you send and receive emails.
  • It comes with an integrated MariaDB database server, auto-installer for Joomla, and WordPress.
  • It offers advanced cyber protection

2. Cockpit

Cockpit is one of the open-source control panel compatible with Linux VPS. With it, you can perform tasks like managing storage, starting containers, inspecting logs, configuring your network, and so on.

Cockpit is capable of monitoring and controlling multiple servers simultaneously. The best part is that you won’t have to stress yourself in any way. All you need do is add the systems you wish to monitor, and Cockpit takes over the management and monitoring.

Cockpit has excellent documentation features that are easy to install. The documentation allows you to monitor your servers as soon as it is set up. That’s not all; Cockpit offers you other juicy features. You shall find out more below.

  • With Cockpit, you can visualize your server performance.
  • Cockpit helps you to manage the Docker container and user accounts.
  • Possesses a web-based shell in a terminal window
  • Helps with gathering diagnostic information and system configuration
  • Modifies your network settings

3. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is the top control panel with statistics and multilingual features. It was developed by ISPConfig UG and is used by many people worldwide as an open-source control panel. It is excellent for users searching for a multilingual control panel, and it enables the basic panel tasks via the web hosting interface.

ISPConfig is available in 22 different languages and offers you an easy to use, user-friendly interface for managing your server. It is excellent for Nginx and Apache users as it is designed to handle the VPS hosting servers. New updates are released at regular intervals, and with them, enjoy a control panel designed with a superb combination of both MySQL and PHP.

Other features of ISPConfig include:

  • Email, web, and domains management
  • Web-based VPS management
  • Efficient database systems management
  • Management of various servers stemming from a central control panel
  • Offers you IPv6 support
  • DNS, Email, and FTP management
  • User-friendly web interface with access to log file reporting
  • Direct access to server logs, mirrors, and clusters, including access to configure it.

4. Ajenti

Ajenti is one of the most customizable control panels for VPS that offers you improved performance and speed. It is an open-source web hosting control panel that gives you much more efficiency than most on the other control panels on the block. It offers you better performance and a much faster remote server access.

Usually, Ajenti comes preinstalled with other modern tools like code manager, text editor, file manager, and terminal access. It is designed to help boost the efficiency of the server management process. Ajenti supports a wide range of operating systems so that you can set up Ruby, Python, Node.js, and PHP.

The Ajenti-V plugin is necessary to create and host websites, databases, email accounts, etc., on your server. Other features of Ajenti are:

  • Website, domain, and email management
  • Web-based VPS hosting management
  • Top-quality database management system
  • Capable of managing multiple servers with ease
  • FTP, email, and DNS management
  • User-friendly web interface alongside easy server customization
  • Direct access to server logs and log file reporting
  • Built-in plugins, mirrors, and clusters are available with this control panel

5. Webmin

Webmin is on our list as the top control panel that offers users maximum security. It is the web-based version of a panel known best for being flexible; Virtualmin. Originally, Webmin was designed to support UNIX and like systems. However, current versions support Windows VPS.

Webmin is written in Perl, a high-level programming language. Like Virtualmin, Webmin is an open-source VPS hosting control panel with extra features that allow you to manage multiple servers swiftly and with much-needed flexibility. Enjoy the wealth of features, interface, and features Webmin has to offer you today.

Other features of the Webmin control panel for VPS hosting includes:

  • Efficient domain, email, file, and server configuration.
  • Email, domain, and web management
  • Management of web-based virtual servers and database systems
  • Management of multiple servers using only one control panel
  • Improved flexibility alongside integration with other control panels
  • IPv6 support and user-friendly interface
  • DNS, FTP, and email management
  • Direct access to server logs and logfile
  • Provision of the firewall for top-notch security
  • Availability of numerous modules for configuration
  • Easy mirrors and clusters configuration

6. CentOS

CentOS is a widely known community-driven control panel that focuses on providing users with a rich open-source control panel. It comes with loads of web hosting management tools and a wealth of features that offer you even more control over your server environment. CentOS is designed to work with Linux VPS as well as CentOS and CloudLinux distribution.

With CentOS, you enjoy the powerful CSF firewall, live monitoring, and IP access management. You can enjoy the extra security feature, i.e., a dedicated file system with a lock feature. Some other features of CentOS are:

  • Efficient Linux based control panel that supports CentOS/RHEL 6.x
  • Support for phpMyadmin and MySQL panel
  • Advanced security modifications
  • Preinstalled postfix, Roundcube, and Dovecot mailbox interface for taking care of email management

Best Windows VPS of 2021


Hostwinds has more VPS packages than most other VPS providers. Enjoy ten additional plans for managed and unmanaged Windows VPS each. Hostwinds provides you with a wealth of operating systems and server configurations to help your business grow. With its SSDs, you enjoy up to 500% more speed, 99.99% uptime, and a free dedicated IP address.

Hostwinds gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee, unlimited SSD space, and access to a free domain for one year.


LiquidWeb is a top-rated Windows VPS server that is ideal for sites with high incoming traffic volume. It boasts of the best server uptime (up to 100%) and has three significant managed hosting plans. With LiquidWeb handling the server management, you can focus on other tasks that matter.

LiquidWeb offers you free SSDs and site migration services. Depending on the plan you choose, you can enjoy disk space worth 30 GB to 150GB. Enjoy absolute peace of mind with LiquidWeb Windows VPS.


If you are trying to launch an eCommerce site that is highly scalable and can withstand a high traffic influx volume, then Windows VPS is for you. With Windows VPS, you enjoy better server performance, increased uptime, flexibility, and improved customization at low prices. Finding the best Windows VPS can be challenging; that is why we have provided you with 2. Find contained here is a list of our top 6 control panels that make managing your VPS environment even more comfortable.

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