You can purchase a web hosting platform freely. This purchased hosting is also known as VPS reseller hosting. The reseller hosting is used for many purposes like hosting WordPress blogs, big sites, small and medium businesses, etc.

With the wide range of reseller hosting options available, choosing the best one can be challenging. We have made a list of the best VPS hosting resellers and the benefits they provide you with.

What does the Term VPS Hosting Mean?

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. As the name implies, VPS mimics the operations of a dedicated server. It offers you almost the same services. The difference, however, between a VPS and the dedicated server is that the environment is shared.

VPS hosting is a unique blend of dedicated web hosting and shared hosting. The key difference, however, lies in the use of a hypervisor. The hypervisor is responsible for partitioning your website and keeping it separate from other server users.

With a virtual private server, you can increase your site's performance. You will also find that scaling up the plans to suit your needs is very easy. Also, VPS offers your site better protection at a fair price. Let us delve into the world of VPS reseller hosting and what it holds for you.

What is VPS Reseller Hosting?

VPS reseller hosting is a platform created by VPS providers. It allows you to sell your hosting platform to other users. This option is great for web designers and business owners looking to start up a hosting solution platform. Effectively, this is an easy solution for people who want to start a web hosting company.

You will need to select a VPS provider, pay the agreed fee for that plan, and then sell off the hosting to another person. Now that you understand what VPS reseller hosting is all about, it is time to help you understand the best VPS reseller hosting providers.

How Much Is VPS Reseller Hosting?

The price of VPS reseller hosting is not fixed. The different VPS hosting providers set the prices based on the plans and the features offered. We advise that you choose a VPS plan that meets your business needs regarding price and functionality. The next section will help you with tips on how to pick VPS reseller hosting plans.

What Must I Check For When Selecting a Provider for Reseller Hosting?

Choosing a reseller hosting provider is more than just selecting a familiar provider. There are things to look out for, not just the reviews online. First on your mind should be what your business needs and the purpose of the hosting platform. Let's look at these key factors that will help you choose the best reseller hosting provider.

  • Account Management - Look out for a reseller hosting provider that offers you a user-friendly design. Key features should include WHM, WHMC, custom dashboards, etc. All these help you to create, automate, and manage every aspect of clients hosting with ease. These features mean that you are not forced to interact with the servers on a Unix or source-code level.
  • Resources - The resources that the VPS hosting provider offers to you as a reseller is important. We advise that you check out space, bandwidth, and guaranteed uptime. Be sure to note how many accounts you can create no of websites you can host.

Look out for extra features like email, SSL, domains, etc. Also, check if you can proportion these resources to clients without the interference of the providers.

  • Client Interface - Make sure your provider offers you the interfaces you require to do business. Some clients may want to perform some tasks independently. Thus, your VPS host provider must ensure that the standard user interface to make this possible is available. At the very least, every client should be able to access their control panel.
  • White Label - Since you want to purchase VPS hosting plans to resell, you should make sure the plan is customizable. Customized in the sense that you can design your branding to add to the clients' accounts. You should also have access to extras like emails, cPanels, and any other user-interfacing material.
  • Support - server downtimes can be disastrous to your business. Thus, it is important to know the quality of support your provider is guaranteeing. Go for a VPS hosting provider that offers 24/7 support. The more platforms these supports are offered on, the better.
  • Pricing - the pricing of reseller hosting differs from provider to provider. Thus, we always advise intending VPS resellers to select providers that have affordable plans. Bear in mind that the cheapest plans don't necessarily mean the best plan.

Ensure that whichever VPS reseller hosting plan you choose offers you the essential services you need. Some plans may seem a little expensive at first but may eventually be worth it. Next, let's look at the top VPS reseller hosting providers available.

How Can I Compare VPS Reseller Hosting Plans?

Choosing a VPS reseller hosting provider can be quite tough. It is not an option provided by all VPS hosting providers. The second challenge for most people after finding a VPS provider that allows reseller hosting is knowing which one is good enough to suit their needs.

To this end, we have done the heavy lifting and researched all the major providers that offer reseller hosting. Our extensive research has also led to the discovery of which VPS reseller hosting provider is the best. Thus, we will answer your questions regarding VPS reseller hosting with the knowledge and insight we have gathered from our extensive research.

With total confidence, we can say that we have listed these VPS reseller hosting providers among the best currently available.

1. InMotion

InMotion is one of the top VPS hosting options available. Asides from the standard VPS hosting package, they also offer users reseller hosting options. With InMotion, you are assured of getting great value for your money.

InMotion offers users high uptime, great disc space, very high bandwidth, and much more. They have many VPS hosting plans. Thus, you will find it very scalable. You can begin with the least expensive plan then upgrade to another plan when the need arises. Other features that I motion offers you are:

  • Round the Clock Customer Support - With InMotion reseller hosting, you have assured round-the-clock customer support. The support includes phone support, live chat, email, and a ticketing system. The quality of the support you get is not something that should be trivialized. The round-the-clock support means that you can get someone to help you with any issues you encounter as soon as possible.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - InMotion also currently offers a 90 days money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee period is the longest period that any web hosting platform offers. With such a long money-back guarantee time frame, you can opt-out of their services at any point and still get your money back.
  • Easy Account Creation and Management - InMotion Hosting provides you with access to WHMCS. Thus, you can automatically manage, bill, and provide support for your clients from one dashboard. You can easily manage your clients' accounts with an unbranded name server, unlimited FTP accounts, and SSH.
  • Unlimited Domains - With InMotion Hosting, you can create many domains at no cost. You can also add subdomains, add-ons, and parked domains. The reseller hosting plans all allow you to register high-level domains for your customers.
  • Customer resources - As a reseller under InMotion, you have total control over the resources allocated to each client. Thus, the task of assigning bandwidth, disk space, domains, and other resources lies with you. You can allocate these resources as you please. However, they must not exceed the limit provided by your provider.
  • White Label - InHost allows you to brand your hosting platform as you wish. You can provide your services and packages for your hosting clients without stress.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost is another VPS hosting provider that offers you reseller hosting packages. These packages are available via the reseller club. Reseller Club provides you with several features.

  • Four reseller hosting plans - ResellerClub has four different plans you can choose from. The prices range from $10.9 to $25.49 per month.
  • Flexible plans - As a hosting reseller with BlueHost, you can create a vast number of websites. You are also responsible for allocating resources to the various sites under you. Thus, you can easily create a custom plan and flexible pricing for your clients.
  • WHM and WHMCS - BlueHost reseller hosting plans come with WHM to create and manage sites under you easily. The WHMC features allow you to automate client management, billings, and ticketing easily.
  • White label - Reseller club provides you with a fully customizable control panel. Feel free to customize and brand it to suit your needs.
  • Support - ResellerClub offers you round the clock customer support. You can get help via phone, live chat, or email.

3. HostGator

HostGator providers you with one of the best reseller hosting platforms. With the promised 99.98% uptime, HostGator providers you with an unbeatable uptime guarantee. The difference between HostGator and other web hosting platforms is 0.01%, which may seem minute. However, that little percentage translates to better uptime and improved user experience.

  • Account - HostGator also offers users unlimited client accounts. This feature helps you get great value for all your site's or reseller accounts. These accounts, however, have a specified resource limit. Meaning that your clients are limited to a specific bandwidth, disc space, RAM capacity, etc.
  • Free Domain Reseller Account - Like InMotion, the HostGator hosting provider offers you a free domain reseller account. This free account is offered with each VPS reseller hosting plan. Also, they provide you with great customer support. You can speak or chat with any of their representatives anytime you wish.

4. GreenGeek's

If you are passionate about taking care of the environment, then you will love GreenGeeks hosting provider. They offer you green energy matching the percentage of 300%. This 300% marching corresponds with your usage of 100% and 200% of renewable energy. This green feature helps you stand out from other reseller hosting platforms and serve as your unique selling point.

Support - It offers you a guarantee of 99.8% uptime, the same as HostGator. It also provides you with 24/7 support meaning you can reach out anytime and get help almost immediately. The support option includes phone and live chat.

  • Money-Back Guarantee - With GreenGeeks reseller hosting, you get free monthly backups. The provider gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee.

How Can I Get Free VPS?

Although there are many free web hosting services, very few of these are for VPS. Most of the free hosting platforms cater to dedicated hosting and shared hosting platform. If you don't want to sign up with the VPS mentioned above hosting providers, you can try out others.

An alternative is to sign up for other free options like Amazon Web, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, etc. Even the best VPS reseller hosting providers dangle free access to entire you to subscribe for their premium service. You can take advantage of these free plans while they last. However, you may find that the resources these platforms will offer may be limited.

What these freebies will give you time to do is understand the services provided by the VPS provider. Though, we must warn you that you may find some of these free plans disappointing because of the limitations to what you can access. Nonetheless, the final decision rests with you.

Although you can get lucky, free VPS hosting is generally considered a scam. Thus, you must be careful where you input your card details.


Stepping up to a VPS hosting plan is a good decision. Even better is deciding to resell the VPS. You can start up a successful VPS reseller hosting business easily and make money. Follow the tips here for help.

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