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Are you new in the web hosting market and you want to be guided on choosing the best hosting company in terms of quality and price? Or do you just want some recommendations? You are in the right place. Read on as we expose to you all you need to know. All you need is an open mind and perhaps, a pen and a book. Ready? Let's go.

How do I choose a VPS host Company?

Maybe one of the topmost questions in your heart, when you are about to start your website, is, "How do I choose a VPS host company?" You don't need to worry too much. This article will put you through how to be able to choose one that suits what you want.

VPS, like we know, is a type of hosting in which numerous users share a single server as a host for their sites. Here, each user has his resources or virtual machine. This is so that other users are not affected by the activities of other users of the same server. There is no fear of exhaustion of resources or breach of security. Hence, VPS is a good choice.

The following are things that can help you in making your best VPS choice:

1. How many resources you need

It is important to decide the quantity of resources you will need as your site will obviously use resources. For instance, you should find out the size of hard disk space, the amount of RAM you are going to use, CPU, and so on.

Also, bear in mind that the bigger your website or project is, the more resources you'll need. You should also take into consideration that your business or project can expand in the future and you should make provision for that.


The size of RAM you use depends on how intensive your projects are. If you want many projects going on at different times, you will make use of more RAM then. 4 GB RAM will be great for this. If your project is more intensive, you will require more than that.


Have a 14nm architecture with a multi-core for multitasking.

Hard disk

A solid-state drive is highly recommended for a VPS host. It is quick at rebooting, has a huge performance and the transfer speed is more than that of traditional disks. In addition, the SSD's are resilient when there is power failure and that makes them an ideal fit for VPS host.

You need a quicker hard drive because you need a faster storage device, even if your CPU and RAM are quick.

2. Your Operating System (OS) Choice

Windows or Linux are the most common choices you have when you are deciding on the OS you want for your project.

Linux is less expensive than Windows and is an open-source OS. Windows is also a good choice, depending on what you want.

3. Management

Two types of VPS hosting exist which are the managed and unmanaged VPS. You can opt for unmanaged VPS if you have all it takes (technical skills, included) to handle backend operations like software updates, patches and security. Unmanaged VPS saves you some money at least.

However, if you do not want to saddle yourself with these tasks, you can go for managed VPS where someone will do that for you. You will just need to pay extra.

4. Root Access

If you're using a Linux based VPS, you will get root access that is non-negotiable. You can use full command controls, scripts, SSH and automation that comes with ease. Plesk Onyx is also fine if you require a control panel solution for server administration, operational work on maintenance as it gives you control over the functional operation.

5. Your Web Host Location

You need to think about where the location of your web host will be. You also need to consider how your customer data will be protected. Choose a location where you will enjoy sophisticated technology at cheaper rates.

6. Customer service

Before you finally decide on which VPS host to go for, you need to consider this last point. If you want your site to always keep running, if you expect your host to be responsive and helpful at all times, if you want them to be able to support during emergencies, then you need to open your eyes well and choose the right host company. Make sure the customer support is top-notch and twenty-four seven. Ensure that your host is able to protect your site against hackers and exploiters.

Finally, selecting a perfect or great VPS host for your business or project can be daunting at times, especially when you have many brands you can choose from. Choose the one that gives you the most resources at an affordable price. Check out the physical specifications of the server before opting for it. Choose the company that best suits what you want.

Now that we have looked at what to consider when choosing a VPS host company, let us look at managed WordPress options we have.

Top 5 Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

You may be a newbie in WordPress and you are wondering what managed WordPress hosting is. You may also want to know the top 5 fastest managed WordPress hosting companies. You are at the right place.

Now, you may have done some research and come across many managed WordPress hosting companies and noticed that the price of a managed WordPress hosting is much more than that of shared hosting. Then you could have thought why the price difference is so much. You might have questioned if managed WordPress hosting is really worth the price, if it is much better than others, if you really need it for your site and which is the best hosting company. Put your mind to rest because we are going to show you explicitly what managed WordPress hosting is and the top 5 fastest managed WordPress hosting you can consider.

First, what is managed WordPress hosting? Some people describe managed WordPress hosting as "a 5-star hotel for WordPress" and "like having an army of WordPress experts on your side." Beautiful, isn't it?

Well, Managed WordPress hosting is what it is called. It is managed. It is a type of hosting where the technical aspect of running your site or business is managed or done by the host company. This involves speed, daily backups, security, scalability, website uptime, and WordPress updates.

Managed WordPress hosting ensures that you have a hassle-free experience and helps you focus on running your site and doing what you can do well. Optimum support is given by WordPress experts with years of experience.

Let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that come with managed WordPress hosting:

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Security: You can be rest assured that your site is safe from hackers when you sign up for a managed WordPress hosting. These providers have a really tight security layer that checks for malware and prevents any hacking attempt.

2. Very Fast: The servers are specially configured for WordPress. Even when there is a surge of traffic, the servers are still very fast.

3. Support from experts: Managed WordPress hosting staff has deep knowledge about WordPress. You will never have a problem.

4. Daily Backups: There are daily backups.

5. Updates are done automatically.

6. No downtime: It doesn't matter the traffic surge you have on your site, your site will not go down. That is sweet, right?

With these amazing advantages, are there any disadvantages? Yes, there are.

1. Quite expensive: Managed WordPress hosting is much more costly when compared to other hosting. I believe the reason should not be far-fetched. If you want the best, you should be able to part with some money in your pocket.

2. Less Control: Since someone is taking charge of the technical aspect, you don't have to say what you want and what you don't. But that is even the point. You don't want to worry yourself about such stuff. You want to focus on the important thing and leave other things for people to handle for you.

3. Limits: Many times, you are limited to run only WordPress based sites since the server is specialized for that. In addition, you cannot run all WordPress plugins. And you don't need to run all plugins because you don't need them. Therefore, that should not be a disadvantage to you.

Looking at the disadvantages, you see that the advantages far outweigh the downsides, making managed WordPress hosting a superb option.

Now that you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting, let's consider the top 5 fastest managed WordPress hosting companies that we have:

I. WP Engine

This is a high premium WordPress hosting. They offer quick and robust servers that can effectively handle anything. You're rest assured that your site is hacker-proof. They offer daily backups, automatic updates, security, and more. WPEngine is a great managed WordPress option.

II. Bluehost

Bluehost started in 1996 and is one of the oldest WordPress hosting. They are a large brand name (even the largest) when it comes to WordPress. With them, your site can never be slowed down even when there is a traffic surge. Their expert support is always available to help every time.

III. SiteGround

One of the most known as highly rated hosting provider in WordPress hosting is SiteGround. Very fast servers, great WordPress security, amazing twenty-four-seven expert support, backups, automatic updates and more are what you enjoy.

IV. Liquid Web

Famous for their quick and premium support, Liquid web has become an authority in managed VPS hosting, managed cloud and dedicated server hosting. High speed, huge performance and top-notch security are what you enjoy. Automatic updates, an intuitive dashboard to manage your sites and staging sites are an addition of what you get to enjoy when you sign up.

V. DreamHost

DreamHost has been around for a while (eighteen years) and it is popular for making web hosting very easy. Unlimited bandwidth, automatic updates, free SSDs and much more are what you enjoy. You don't pay for setup and you get a free domain too.

You may still want to know which hosting solution is best for your site. Let us look at it.

Which Hosting Solution is Best For Your Site?

Any hosting solution you want to opt for must be fast, reliable, secure and have good customer support. So, what is the best hosting solution? I will say it is Bluehost.

Bluehost offers all you need to host your site. They offer fantastic analytics and SEO tools that will enable you optimize your website's performance while attracting more visitors. Beautiful, you say? Yes.

They offer awesome shared hosting solutions at reasonable prices. Even if you are a newbie, they have you in mind. Their customer support is top-notch and you have twenty-four-seven support either by phone or live chat.

Their hosting plans come with a free domain, free site builder, free SSL certificate, and free WordPress installer.

Bluehost offers everything you need for your site and that makes them the best hosting solution.

There are other good options like DreamHost and the ones mentioned earlier but since you ask for which is the best, then Bluehost is.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, you need to consider some salient points before opting in for any VPS host. Do your research well and shine your eyes well. With the top 5 fastest managed WordPress hosting we have listed, you should be able to settle with the best option. Make a smart decision. That's the only way you can say thank you for this guide.

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