Conventional hosting started with a web host providing a domain name for the client and keeping your files and resources for you at a point in the development story. This method was not free of many restrictions and limitations. Often a time, when we revisited websites that I and my friends perused before, we would be shocked with a "server down” prompt or the website owner will completely pack out of the domain, and you see the domain on marketing ads.

Many factors could have resulted in this; first, it could have been that quality VPS hosting was not used, the hosting was done using shared hosting, or the server crashed during peak periods in traffic. If those websites eventually resurface again, they may have a new domain name, the files that are uploaded will be completely different from what the site used to have, etc.

Many website owners have had their fair share of shared hosting and how many resources they lost. Quality VPS hosting has been a saving grace to many that have suffered from resource loss due to server crashing or server running slow. This has led to the loss of potential customers too. The advent of quality VPS hosting has helped to drastically reduce this occurrence to the barest minimum. Hence, we can still access websites that started 8 years ago and not get lost.

What Does Hosting Entails

The internet is a vast ecosystem that houses all forms of internet communities, from websites, software to search engines, etc. For a website to be cited in its internet home, you need to host it on a server. This server comprises a large storage data warehouse with many petabytes of storage facilities. It is from these storage facilities that a portion is given to you to house and save your resources.

Web Hosting is the process by which business organizations or individuals purchase, plan and provision their resources to be kept in a storage facility that helps make the files and resources available in an off-premise environment. This enables the files and resources to be accessible to the internet global community and can be accessed from any location around the globe if access is granted.

Various forms of web hosting exist. The most used and popular ones are; shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. All these helps to ensure your website's resources are situated in a hosting environment called the parent server.

Any type of hosting you decide to adopt has a particular storage amount that is allocated to your resources, like backing up your files on your mobile devices or your PC in cloud storage. Where you are given a fixed amount of storage capacity, most of them do not exceed a 15GB storage. Therefore, when your files are too much, you have to upgrade by buying more storage space.

Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which resources are shared just like the name implies. In shared hosting, one server is used to host several websites, these websites are conditioned to live together in the same server, and there is central management of the server, most time by the server provider. Scaling is also almost impossible because the allotted space is not yours alone, so whatever happens in the server happens to all the websites hosted on it.

Also, in shared hosting, clients using the same server have to be careful of growth, hence they are limited. And when your website is hosted with neighbors that are careless and do not care about the neighboring websites, then your website is in the problem. This is because the shared space can be overcrowded by resources from the clients and when the server is oversaturated, it can either crash or run slow which can result in resource loss or hamper the website's overall performance.

Resellers hosting is a form of shared hosting, in the sense that people buy servers from the company and sell to other people for profit, or buy a dedicated server and allocate the space to different people to host their websites on it. This type of web hosting is not free from problems associated with shared hosting. You can mitigate the problem if limited clients are allowed on the server, and the websites are smaller, with forecasted spikes kept in view.

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is one of the best types of hosting if your website is very resource-intensive, this is majorly used for hosting websites that are used for big data, gaming websites, or machine learning modeling websites. This is because dedicated hosting comes with a lot of storage space and resources; hence it is for large website hosting. The only downside here is that this type of hosting is expensive.

To adopt dedicated hosting, you must ensure your website's resources will not sit on a VPS adding scaling in view. When you use dedicated hosting for websites that are not resource-intensive, over time you get to notice that you are wasting money. This is so because there would be an excess of storage, CPU, Processor spaces, etc., that you are not using. Unfortunately, you get to pay for them, which is not good for the economics of scale. This could have been prevented if a VPS with ample capacities and resources was adopted.

What Is A VPS Hosting?

A virtual private server, also called VPS, is a type of shared hosting that is different from contemporary shared hosting. In VPS hosting, server resources are not shared. This type of hosting has the same function and build as a dedicated server. Each VPS is provisioned with its resources and exists alone without having effects from clients on the same parent server. This means you are giving a server that has its CPU, RAM, processors, etc., to host your website.

A VPS is created using a hypervisor to create a mirror image of the parent server.This enables the virtual private server to have an existence of its own without sharing its location in the physical server with other websites hosted on the parent server. This is synonymous with creating a room from a large room; by either bounding the openings with blocks or with woods so that there is privacy between the room you just created and other rooms in the apartment.

A quality VPS hosting is simply hosting your website in a virtual private environment that will be peculiar to you when you purchase it. This gives the feel of a dedicated host and helps to save a lot of money. In dedicated hosting, you pay for the whole space, but in VPS hosting, you only pay for what you need and what you use. It gives a high assurance of portability, scalability, and high availability, without any external control as you have root access to the VPS after purchase.

Cheap But Quality VPS Hosting

The aim of adopting a VPS service is to help our websites, resources, businesses, etc., to reach a global community always at any time. For all of this to be possible, you should take care to choose a quality VPS hosting solution that meets your need and help increase your business over time. A website first has to be very fast, to reduce redundancy and keep clients scrolling through pages in search of a good or service. A slow VPS is a complete turn-off for most clients as there is a low attention span.

A quality VPS hosting must have enough storage and processors that run at optimum, and the performance is good. This is because if the VPS is slow, the website will also be slow, which will result in the loss of clients. After all, they would not have the patience to wait for a website to load its resources. Before you pay for a hosting service, this point has to be considered.

Another factor that gives the VPS quality is the cost of such VPS. The plan here is to minimize cost while enjoying optimum advantages from your VPS. Any VPS service you plan to adopt must be one that has an environment that's is fast and reliable and one that is very cheap and pocket-friendly. This way, you will not waste money on VPS that does not have enough resources that you need.

Quality VPS hosting is one that accord users a high amount of virtualization. Here the websites and their resources have to be hosted on a virtual private server that assures 24/7 uptime daily without issues of server downtime. This can be done by understanding how the VPS and your storage works in your VPS server.

VPS helps to allow websites and web applications to be hosted in a scaling environment. This helps to keep the websites running till the person wants to either move his resources to a larger.You can ask for data transfer when the VPS is no longer large enough to continue holding your website and hosting activities.

Quality VPS platform renders data transfer services free of charge without charging their customers extra money. In summary, quality VPS hosting is one that gives you all the advantages of dedicated hosting, at its best, with standard and high-performance VPU or CPU, RAM, SSD, processors, etc., and a cheap cost without causing the client to break the bank.

Best Quality VPS Hosting

The best quality VPS is the VPS that offers quality services at optimum. The quality of a VPS would depend on the VPS service provider you are adopting and the user. A VPS provider may have a VPS that is optimum to his company but may not be close to the average for what the client wants; hence this cannot be attributed as the best quality VPS for the client even though it is the best quality for the VPS provider or company.

There are two major types of VPS; managed and unmanaged VPS. Managed VPS is the type adopted by clients that do not have a DevOps background. Consequently, the VPS Company helps to manage and keep a health check of the VPS. This type of VPS would be the best quality VPS for the client if the VPS is affordable, with good storage, speed, CPUs, processors, and other components. With extra security and uptime check with high availability.

Clients with high DevOps background would want a VPS that they can configure and tweak to their taste. They would not completely trust that the VPS Company would be able to handle their VPS server better than they would. For those types of clients, an unmanaged VPS server would be the best quality VPS for them if it has all the qualities they want.

Best Options For VPS Hosting

We have been able to create the premise that a VPS must have ample resources to comfortably house your data and resources. A client may have a website that requires about 3GB of RAM 19GB SSD, and 2CPUs to adequately provide their resources on a server, while others would require more than five times that to adequately host their websites on a server. So, the best VPS option to adopt is dependent on your resource needs or your website's present and future needs in view.

To be on the safe side, the best option for VPS hosting is to adopt services from quality VPS hosting. A quality VPS must be provisioned with great storage to allow for hosting and scaling, enough RAM, CPU, fast processors, etc. Quality VPS hosting should also assure the client of great security and protection of their data from hackers, viruses, and malware, uptime, and high availability should also be guaranteed. All these advantages should be obtained at a very cheap and affordable price.

Also, for unmanaged VPS, it should have a great control panel with features that help in advancing modifications by the user. Quality VPS should also have good backup and disaster recovery features. The support service for a good VPS must be good and friendly and be at customer's service to help solve any of their needs when they come in contact with one in the course of using the VPS. This helps to further gain the trust of clients and helps make life easy for them.


To conclude, VPS hosting is gaining more popularity, and hence many VPS providers and springing up by the day. Therefore, clients new to hosting might get confused about the VPS service to adopt and may end up picking just any VPS for their website hosting. If they are unlucky, they may pick something that would cause them pain and loss of years resources.

Hence, before you choose a VPS hosting service first, due analysis of what is required for your website must be carried out before you start looking for a VPS that will suit those requirements. In choosing a VPS, take care to study the kind of services they render. You only purchase after you have confirmed beyond doubt that it is what you need and have also determined that it would give you quality VPS hosting services before you can confidently host your website on the VPS.

Quality VPS Hosting

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