How Much Is A Vps Hosting?

Due to the fact that VPS web hosting stands somewhere between shared hosting and Dedicated server hosting, its price range is not as low as shared hosting and not as high as dedicated Server hosting. Generally, the price range of a VPS hosting can be somewhere between $20 a month to $100 a month, according to the configuration of the VPS hosting plan. When you compare this price to that of shared hosting, you will see that shared hosting costs tend to stand somewhere around $10 a month or less, and Dedicated server hosting can go as high as $100 a month or higher.

Generally, there are a lot of VPS hosting plans that come with Linux OS, and it can sometimes be difficult to get one that comes with Windows VPS hosting. The operating system of your server is a very important factor to consider when you are choosing a VPS hosting service; for instance, you might be planning to run programs that need a Microsoft environment. However, you will often find that Linux OS servers are cheaper than Windows VPS servers (they can cost about $10 to $20 lesser than Windows servers)

Getting a VPS hosting will help make sure you do not have to worry about sharing your resources with your neighbors like it can be seen in shared hosted servers. This is because websites hosted on VPS often get their own allocated server area, which has been partitioned away from the rest of the server. This means you will get your own allocated resources, including memory, OS, disk space, monthly transfer limit, control panel, and so on. However, one of the main advantages of VPS hosting is its ability to enhance the performance of a website. Your site's performance cannot be affected by the other sites on the server, as you can often see in shared servers. VPS hosted servers are also considerably safer than shared hosting.

Do I Host Vps At Home?

This question is mainly trying to see which option is better; getting some hardware components for your home PC and running a server or getting a cloud VPS. Well, the simple answer to this is Cloud VPS.

One of the main reasons why hosting your server on the cloud is better than at home is the IP address. If you want to grant the public access to your site, you need a public IP address, and hosting your VPS at home will probably get you a private IP address that can only be accessed by other computers in that region.

Public IP Address

  • It can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection and a computer from anywhere in the world.
  • It can be gotten by a VPS hosting provider.

Private IP address

  • It can only be accessed by people with an internet connection and Computer in your region.
  • It can be gotten by an individual or an enterprise.

So if you want to get the public to see your website from anywhere in the world, then the ideal choice would be a cloud-hosted VPS, but if you are running something like a game server that you want to make available to only people in a certain region, you can host your VPS at home.

What is the Real Advantage of Using VPS Hosting?

You will find that there are a lot of advantages of using VPS hosting for your website. Although it is possible to get stable performance with a shared server with no noticeable negative effect on your site's performance, if you are getting considerable traffic, you might start seeing some significant effect on your site's performance mainly due to the effect of other users on the same server. But with a VPS hosting service, you will get your own partition on a shared server with your own allocated resources for an affordable price.

Some of the most common advantages of using a VPS hosting service include;

Resources Provision

With VPS hosting, you will be allocated a number of dedicated resources for your site. This way, your server will get some components like processors, memory, storage, Operating systems, and control Panel for your websites or any program you want to run on the server. But you can sometimes find yourself with a project or business that requires more resources, which can easily be taken care of by migrating to another VPS hosting plan with better resources. For instance, if you sometimes find that your website is getting considerable traffic that is becoming too much for your current configuration, you will migrate to another plan. These are the reasons why allocated resources are one of the best advantages of VPS hosting.

Configuration and Customization of Servers with Root Access

A VPS hosting service will also get you to root access for your server. This means you will be free to customize and configure your environment; however, you like for any project, business, or program you want to run. Many VPS service providers often offer root access to their users. This advantage is a great one for tech-savvy users and web developers that are always looking to configure their server environment for a number of projects.

With this feature, users will also be able to customize the appearance of your server at an affordable cost, unlike Dedicated hosting. True, you can also customize your server with dedicated hosting, but they are often more expensive.


Since it has already been established that VPS hosting stands in the middle of Dedicated hosting and shared hosting, it is no surprise that a comparison of these three hosting services showed that you could expect optimized performance and allocated resources from VPS services, unlike shared hosting and you can get these features at a more affordable rate, unlike Dedicated hosting.

Now when we talk about scalability, you have got it covered with VPS hosting. As a result of the resources allocated with VPS hosting, you can easily upgrade your resources as your site traffic increases. This way, you can be sure your site can handle your business growth. A typical example is when a website is initially operated on shared hosting, and the site starts getting some considerable traffic; this would be the perfect time to migrate to a VPS hosting environment. Another case is when your site is outgrowing your current VPS hosting plan; then, you can change your VPS hosting plan to one that can handle your site's needs.


Since you have been doing some research about VPS hosting for a while now, you would have noticed the fact that VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting and more cost-effective than shared hosting. It is generally considered to be a very reliable hosting service for all kinds of websites, mobile apps, or databases. Due to its scalability, it can also handle a wide range of traffic scales to support your website's growth over time.

This means that you do not need to spend too much capital on a dedicated server because VPS hosting is more affordable and can still help enhance the performance of your website. Due to this, your site's configuration can be done without having to think about the high cost of subscription that comes with dedicated server hosting. But, if, for some reason, you decide to use a dedicated server hosting, migrating from VPS hosting is also easier if you can get the money for a dedicated server. However, even in that situation, it is still a fact that you would have been able to save a considerable amount of money by using VPS hosting for some time and find out which resources and features you need for your site, app or database before you choose a dedicated hosting plan to subscribe to.


In terms of performance, it can be said that having allocated resources will provide optimized performance for your site. This is because you will be able to utilize your server components better on VPS hosting than on shared hosting. On shared hosting, users will have to deal with shared resources with other users whose capabilities can sometimes be stretched over the limit by the load from too many users. This will, in turn, result in decreased site speed and overall performance.


With VPS hosting, users get a more secure environment compared to a shared server. This is mainly because those servers are often protected by the service providers. Another factor is the fact that they do not have to worry about being affected by a cyberattack on one of the other users on the server. Also, the root access that comes with VPS hosting allows users to manually improve their server's security.

Unique IP Address

A lot of the VPS hosting providers often enable users to pick a unique IP address for their website. This is not like the one seen on shared hosting, where users have to share the same resources and IP addresses with their server neighbors. The IP address provided will be your site's personal address, so your neighbor's illicit site will not have any negative impact on the reputation of your site. Also, for business sites that want to integrate credit processing, a unique address is the best option for SSL and to remove their IP from www.

Also, these unique IP addresses provide some additional advantages for your site's search engine optimization.

With a unique IP address, you will be able to properly manage your brand reputation on mail servers. On shared servers, users have to constantly deal with a bad reputation on mail servers due to the illicit activities of their neighbors using the same IP address. This can sometimes lead to blacklisting or spamming. However, with a unique IP address, you can easily avoid this.


When you use shared hosting, you will have to worry about the reputation of your neighbors affecting your brand's reputation. But with VPS hosting, you get your own partition in the server, which is isolated from the other partitions. This way, the actions of your neighbors cannot affect the performance or reputation of your site.

Improved Control

Another common problem that you will encounter when using shared hosting is reduced control. That is, you would have limited ability to configure your server environment as you see fit. But with VPS hosting, you get root access, which allows you as a user to get admin privileges to configure and customize your server environment to suit your needs. On shared servers, most software packages to be installed on the servers can be gotten from the hosting provider. If a user tries to install an unsupported software, the providers are alerted, so you can only use a limited number of supported software. But with VPS, you get root access, which enables you to install any piece of software or database you need for your site, business, or project. You can even install an industry-specific program.

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