What Is A PayPal VPS?

To fully grasp the meaning of PayPal VPS, which in the simplest words is an easy, convenient, safe, and instant way to pay for hosting, we shall go through it gradually, first understanding what PayPal is, and then what a VPS entails. Let’s begin!

PayPal can be seen as a reputed financial system with which you can use for buying from a good number of foreign online stores, transferring and receiving money to and from various accounts, and paying for services as well. With the services of PayPal, you can carry out your online purchases, and all other transactions in complete security. Also, you will have no problem using PayPal as its virtual IP server is static, never changing.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) on the other hand is like a mix of a dedicated server and shared hosting. It is a part of a complete physical server isolated with dedicated resources by virtualization technology. A VPS is usually hosted in a different country and its hosting supports a variety of payment methods. These methods range from cryptocurrency, bank wire, all the way to our focus, payment by PayPal.

With all the knowledge thus far, PayPal VPS can be seen simply as a VPS hosting service that supports the use of PayPal. Making use of PayPal to pay for VPS hosting services is arguably the best, safest, and most secure method when compared to others. This is like we have seen because of the fact that your IP is always fixed and so even if the network tries to interrupt your transaction, the processes are unaffected. The use of PayPal for transactions offers many advantages, and below are some of them:

  • The transactions are completed in an instant.
  • You can send and receive payments at any time across the globe.
  • PayPal has been functional for a long time now and is trusted by millions of users.
  • It is highly secured and well protected from fraud. This one in particular makes PayPal one of the most effective ways to keep your financial information very safe and to prevent identity theft. This is because you can complete payments without risking your financial information.
  • Making payments and completing all other transactions with PayPal is very easy.

Considering all the advantages mentioned above, many websites now accept payment by PayPal for buying VPS web hosting plans. Top VPS hosting providers like VPSserver.com have now identified PayPal as a globally accepted, and the easiest method to rent a VPS from them. You just simply need to add a balance to your PayPal account and order a plan.

Even if you do not have a PayPal account to rent a PayPal VPS, opening one is very fast and easy, and you will be ready to purchase a plan in minutes. A PayPal account can be opened at the PayPal official website. After getting an account, buying any plans can be done securely and conveniently. With this method, your hosting account can be activated instantly after confirmation of payment. And ordered domain names will be registered instantly too.

Using PayPal is a great way to pay for not only VPS web hosting alone but for any type of Webhosting in general, along with registration for a domain name. You can choose from a variety of plans, including 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months, and whatever plan you subscribe to, your subscription is completed immediately your payment is confirmed. Plans vary on PayPal VPS, you can even host more than one website and domain on a single PayPal VPS plan. Also, your PayPal VPS is covered by 30 days money-back guarantee for most hosts.

Another important piece of information that shouldn’t be left out is the fact that asides PayPal, you can get enjoy similar VPS services using many other payment methods. A few of them include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Pay Stack, Skrill, Flutterwave, and Credit cards, among a host of others.

5 Best Web Hosts That Accept PayPal Payment

When you want to pay for your hosting service using PayPal, it is seen most times as the best method of payment for web hosting. However, though the use of PayPal can be very convenient, some providers have added some extras to it, and that might reduce the comfort for you. Some make it compulsory to pay extra processing fees, while others make the process a bit more complex. Therefore, in this section, we have offered a solution so you don’t have to tolerate inconvenience when paying for your VPS with PayPal. Below are the 5 best Web hosts that accept PayPal payment.

1. VPSserver

If you are looking for the best web host which accepts PayPal payment, this is definitely one you should consider. They offer services that are beginner-friendly, as they have a large community base that offers enough articles from professionals to give you extensive knowledge on web hosting. Also, they offer a 24/7 live chat support service in case of any emergency.

Pros of using VPSserver include:

  • Unlimited resources
  • High-level security
  • High performance
  • Free 7-day trial


  • Plans are a little more expensive when compared to others.

VPSserver is perfect for every type of business, and it supports a wide variety of other payment methods. These methods include Bankwire, Crypto, Skrill, Credit Cards, etc. Contact them on vpsserver.com.

2. Hostinger

This is a balanced web host provider with perfect prices for small to large size websites. Their resources are very generous and prices justifiable.

It offers a good range of products. Their plans are relatively very cheap as well, and they all come with very interesting features, which are very useful to small businesses. Also, when paying for a plan with PayPal, you are not requested to pay any extra charges.

Its Pros include:

  • SSD hosting.
  • Choice of different server location
  • Free daily backup
  • A great website builder

Cons here are:

  • Expensive renewal plans
  • Limited email accounts

Other payment methods accepted by Hostinger are Coin Payment, Credit Card, Google pay. You can learn more about hostinger and get their services on their website www. hostinger .com.

3. A2 Hosting

This hosting brags most about excellent and is well known for its turbo servers. You should know that it is believed that sites on servers load 20x faster than those on regular servers. Another major benefit of A2 hosting is that the plans you buy come with pre-configured settings for your account, ensuring you get maximum performance. Also, you are allowed to pick where you want to host your website from locations in the USA, Europe, and Asia. When paying with PayPal, no additional charges are incurred.


  • Excellent server performance
  • Free from risk, and you are given a money-back guarantee
  • Enough room to grow
  • Well trusted by many


  • Live support is not available always

A2 Hosting is highly recommended for WordPress and e-Commerce websites and accept other payment methods. You can contact them on their website www. A2hosting .com.

4. GreenGeeks

Here is one who prioritizes caring for the environment by providing environmentally friendly web hosting services. They make use of a large amount of wind energy, significantly increasing their power output, and hence their performance. GreenGeeks offers a lot of interesting features, and some include free automated backup, unlimited SSD storage, etc.

Pros of using GreenGeeks include:

  • It is environmental friendly
  • It has very high server speed and performance
  • It is trusted by many customers
  • It offers free site migration for new customers

Cons include:

  • Price increase during the renewal
  • A non-refundable setup fee

GreenGeeks is highly recommended for Low-budget eco-friendly websites, and support only credit cards other than PayPal. They can be contacted on www. greengeeks .com.

5. HostGator

This is the largest hosting brand by Endurance International Group (EIG). It is targeted at hosting small and medium business websites and blogs. Although it offers unrivaled bandwidth and disk space, a limitation it has is that it doesn’t allow you to use over 25% of resources within 90 seconds. Their plans are available at very reasonable prices, and they offer high performance hosting with Integrated Caching and Failover technology.

Pros include:

  • It is user friendly.
  • Excellent server performance
  • Their plans are very affordable
  • It is well-known by bloggers


  • Their renewal fees are expensive
  • The server is available only in the US

Hostgator is recommended mainly for personal and small businesses, and they accept other payments other than PayPal such as Credit Card, Money order, Bank Transfer, and Check. You can get the services of Hostgator on their site, www. Hostgator .com.

Buy VPS With PayPal

PayPal is a service that lets you perform online payments easier, faster, and more secure. With it, you can get goods and services from millions of stores in the US alone, as well as from more than 203 global markets without going through the stress of converting currencies. All you need do is know how much you want to spend and go on with it.

As we have already seen, we know that PayPal enables us to perform faster and easier online transactions. Most people prefer PayPal because of the confidence it gives when making transactions. One interesting feature PayPal has is its 180 days buyer protection – a feature that enables it t cover your purchases from deceitful delivery. This gives you the feeling of confidence that someone has you back.

One very important benefit PayPal offers that keeps it up among people's favorite is its top-notch security and privacy. When making a payment with PayPal, all that’s needed of you is an email address or mobile number. Your more sensitive payment information – such as credit card number, name, and other sensitive details are kept private and hidden from third parties.

Using PayPal is also widely accepted and preferred by many when paying for VPS services because of its high convenience. It lets you complete payments using very easy steps while it takes your privacy as a priority, and keeps your transactions very secure. In addition to the one-time purchases you can make, PayPal is also an equally important way of making recurring payments for monthly bills and subscriptions, including VPS hosting services.

After deciding on making use of PayPal, you should know that there are two types of accounts which are individual and business accounts. However, it's totally free to sign up for any of the accounts you opt for. All you need do is download the PayPal app, or log in to their website to make all your online transactions conveniently. Below is a list of summarized steps in signing up for a PayPal account.

  • Open PayPal's website or app
  • Click on sign up for an account
  • Select the type of account of your choice
  • Click on Get Started
  • Fill in the required information in the space provided
  • Click on continue
  • Follow all the instructions you are given to complete the signup of your account.
  • Your account should be ready in no time, and you can then add credit or debit cards to proceed to make payments as soon as possible.

Many web hosts accept PayPal as a method of payment. One of such hosts and a top service provider is VPSServer.com. On their site, you can get different servers and plans which you can order instantly, simply by adding balance to your already created account and buying the server of your choice.

To buy VPS with PayPal, you simply select the PayPal option when signing up. Afterward, you'll be given a link that takes you to PayPal to log into your account complete payments. For use in future payments, you’ll only be requested to log into your customer portal and complete an additional time payment, or to set up a PayPal Billing Agreement. A few moments after your signup, your login information for the customer portal will be emailed to you.

Buy VPS with PayPal today to be a part of the future.

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