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The Nord VPS provides an “encrypted tunnel" over the Internet when you connect to a virtual private network provider which fastens your browsing speed

Nord VPN, a program that safeguards internet access and online anonymity, stands for "virtual private network." It provides an encrypted tunnel for your knowledge by hiding your IP address, protects your online identity, and enables you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots securely.

No one, even though they have nothing to hide, likes to be watched and tracked. That's why you'd want to step up your privacy game. Here are a few explanations of why a VPN is needed:

  • You periodically use public Wi-Fi.
  • By default, when using public Wi-Fi, a VPN is your best friend. There are many opportunities for hackers to steal your information from public hotspots, so using a VPN means you should stop thinking about it. You can search online with total anonymity with a secure VPN link over Wi-Fi.
  • You also want to access websites that are blocked.
  • You need to encrypt your files.
  • You might need to mask the location.
  • You want to escape detection by the authorities.
  • You would love to use File-sharing services.

How does a VPN work?

It provides an “encrypted tunnel" over the Internet when you link to a virtual private network provider. This secures information that moves between you and your destination, from a search engine to an online banking account. Register for Nord VPS now and get a free 1/7-day trial.

This tunnel is generated by first authenticating a VPN server to your client. The server then extends an encryption protocol to all data that you send and receive.

A VPN bundles it in an outer envelope, which is then encrypted by encapsulation to ensure that each data packet stays safe. It holds the data secure during the switch, and it is the central aspect of the VPN tunnel. A decryption process extracts the outer packet as the information arrives at the computer.

Setting up a VPN connection

Although more and more internet users are following the movement of VPN security, many people still think it is very similar to rocket science to use a VPN service. Although it can indeed be frustrating for some digital security software, top VPN service providers build their applications simple and easy to use.

This implies that you can launch a VPN link with only one click using Nord VPS. If your Nord VPS account is set up and an app is downloaded on your computer, all you have to do is:

1. Open Nord VPS

Activate the Nord VPS app on your PC, Mac, or mobile that you have downloaded.

2. Sign in

And use the same login credentials that you used with the Nord VPS program to sign up.

3. Connect

Click the Fast-Attach button, which will pick the most fitting server for you instantly. Don't you like that? From the map, choose a new spot.

Nord VPS Essentials

One Nord VPS account will support six devices at a time, giving you six times the security. Windows (add: ), macOS, Android, iOS, Linux-Nord VPS (add: ) can mask your location, IP address and encrypt the traffic no matter which operating system you use.

If you connect Nord VPS to your router, any computer on your network will be encrypted, using just one room out of the six available.

  • Then how many computers are protected by a single Nord VPS account? Anything from them. And it counts.
  • We live in a world of gadgets, but any new gadget that can be used on the Internet holds new threats. Hackers hunt for shortcomings. "It's as if you have a sign on your lawn that says, "I don't lock the patio door," if you use a VPN on your computer but leave your phone unprotected." A VPN is a must with several devices.
  • Often pay attention to the number of devices it will accommodate when selecting a VPN provider. For you, your organization, and your relatives, multiple VPN connections are essential.
  • It would be difficult for you to locate a person that uses only one gadget that is Internet-capable. Laptops, smartphones, iPads, game consoles, Android TVs, routers are all around, and they need to be covered.
  • Running a company without a VPN opens up all sorts of dangers for you: hacking, corporate surveillance, and leaks of data. Placed all the computers on your network under the security of Nord VPS.
  • Are social media, email, and online banking used by your family members? Issue silly-everyone does. You can assure their privacy with a single Nord VPS account-it is the safest family VPN.
  • You can seamlessly set up Nord VPS on every platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. With step-by-step instruction guides readily accessible and help professionals operating 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, the app is straightforward and quick to use.
  • For secure and easy browsing, encrypted Nord VPS proxy extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox open up another route. Install the extension, log in with your username and password, and it will encrypt your traffic.

How to set up Nord VPS

When you have many gadgets that you want to secure, setting up a router with a VPN link can be easy. It's also helpful if you have computers that do not explicitly support VPN settings.

Curious, what's the right router for you? For the best efficiency and security, here is the router we suggest using with Nord VPS.

It has to support Open VPS for a VPN link to function on your router. It has to be provided as a "Client" to allow you to connect it to Nord VPS servers.

So, first, you'd have to figure out if your router enables the correct protocols. To do so, a) read the user manual for the router (usually you will find it on the manufacturer's website), b) call your supplier or c) check the configuration of your router. Bear in mind that most ISP-issued routers do not enable VPN settings.

If the router specifies a protocol allowed in "pass-through" mode, it will most likely not function. 'Pass-through' basically means that VPN communications from devices attached to it are not interrupted by the router. It does not, interestingly, say whether the router itself can be configured.

On Windows 7 and later versions, install and use Nord VPS.

The preferred choice for connecting to Nord VPS servers on your Windows PC is the Nord VPS native program. With your expertise in mind, we built it to provide easy access to features such as Double VPN, Onion servers, and automatic Kill Switch. By design, the program uses Open VPS, one of the most robust VPN protocols out there.

This guide describes how on your Windows PC, to download and install the Nord VPS software, log in and connect to our servers. We offer a rundown of the settings as well.

  • Click Download on your preferred Nord VPS
  • Go to the Downloads folder and double-click a file called Nord VPS Setup.exe. If you authorize the app to make improvements to your computer, a pop-up window might ask you. Select Yes to begin with the setup.
  • The dialog for the installer opens. Only click Next.
  • If you want the Nord VPS software shortcuts on your screen and Start panel, check the boxes, then press Update.
  • The installer will continue with the process of installation. You will be asked if you want to start Nord VPS right away until it is complete. To complete the setup, press Finish.

Setting up and using Nord VPS

  • On Windows 7 and later systems, Nord VPS is straightforward to use. To set up the app and link to a VPN server, follow these necessary steps.
  • On your screen click on the logo of Nord VPS. Please wait for the program to launch, then enter your username and password for Nord VPS. To proceed, press Sign In.
  • Tip: Don't hesitate to use your Nord VPS account with the right password, as it will help you prevent credential stuffing attacks and keep your account safe.
  • You can see our server list and map on the app's main screen. You will search for servers in the top-left corner by using the search bar. It would help if you pressed the gear icon in the top-right corner to open the program's settings. You will see our Fast Connect button at the bottom, instantly connecting you to a server that our smart algorithm recommends.
  • By clicking on the country pin on the map, you can connect to a server in a particular country.
  • The Country Pin will turn green once linked. The status bar for Fast Link at the bottom should state that you are safe.
  • Click on the search bar in the top-left corner of the app if you want to connect to a particular server. To seek what you need, enter a country, a group, or a particular server number with a keyword (e.g., Mexico #4625).
  • You can see a white Nord VPS icon in the device tray in your computer's bottom-right corner when linked to a server. Even if you close the app window, Nord VPS will keep protecting you.
  • It can also be in the device's secret tray, which you may open by pressing the arrow upwards.
  • Right-click the Nord VPS icon for quick controls in the notification center: Quick Connect/Disconnect, reconnect to the latest servers, open or quit the app.

When you're disconnected from stable Nord VPS servers, the Internet Kill Switch cuts off your internet connection. Default off.

When you miss a VPN connection, the Software Kill Switch shuts down the specified programs. If you add Skype to a folder, for instance, Nord VPS closes it once you reconnect. Because accessing a stable VPN server takes a few seconds, this will keep the data from leaking after immediately reconnecting to the Internet. Default off.

Advanced setups

  • With Custom DNS, you can define a particular DNS server for a Nord VPS program.
  • Obfuscated Servers allow you to circumvent network controls, such as firewalls, for example. For countries with limited network connectivity, this is advised.
  • LAN invisibility makes the computer on the same local area network inaccessible to anyone (LAN). Bear in mind that you will not connect to devices on the same LAN, such as printers, until this is allowed. Default off.

If you have technical difficulties, the Nord VPS diagnostics tool is run by Diagnostics. Collect the diagnosis information and provide our support personnel with the ticket ID for more assistance. If you are not issued a ticket ID by the diagnostics tool, you can send the .zip file to our support personnel instead.

Introduction to Nord VPS

A VPN is not just a buzzword that tech-savvy people combine, but also a way to regain your privacy online. You might have guessed if you need it, too, with the growing popularity of VPNs. A thorough description of what a VPN is and how to use it without deep programming experience is given in this article.

By default, the Internet is not secure. Hackers are always searching for ways to break in and steal your money from your machine, which is compared to governments spying on their population and advertisers marketing the surfing data to ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

It preserves your data by bringing everything you do online into a tunnel when you turn on a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. And no one can ever see what you're doing when you do stuff online using a VPN tunnel, which gives you an added layer of protection.

What do VPNs do?

Now you know about the VPN tunnel, the encryption, and that your data is secured. So what does all of this mean? Assessing a VPN might be difficult, but when you might need it, we came up with a few instances:

  • Content streaming that isn't available in your region.

In each region, the list of movies and TV series available on certain streaming services is different. Through a VPN, you can link and circumvent this limitation to a server in another location.

  • Connecting safely to public Wi-Fi.

Fake public hotspot hackers frequently set up to steal credit card numbers, passwords, and confidential information. On public Wi-Fi, a VPN secures the traffic, keeping you shielded from hackers.

  • Save money online while shopping.

Any places provide consumers from different countries with different costs. You can cover your position with a VPN and jump around to check for the best deal.

  • Bypassing authoritarian regimes by censorship.

Many nations block such websites and apps, forcing their residents to access only websites authorized by the government. Nord VPS has obfuscated servers configured to circumvent these restrictions and allow you to access prohibited content while traveling.

Keeping data private for you. The VPN means that no one can see what you do online because that's all about internet privacy.

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