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Shall I Pick Cloud Hosting Or VPS Hosting And Will It Work For Me?

Picking or selecting a type of hosting to go for depends entirely on the user. Web hosting companies offer a range of web hosting types from shared web hosting to dedicated server hosting with each having specific features that may be an advantage or disadvantage to a website administrator depending on what he or she intends to achieve with the website he or she is running. Different types of web hosting exist some of them include; shared web hosting, The virtual dedicated server which is also known as the Virtual private server (VPS) web hosting, reseller hosting, Cloud hosting, Clustered hosting, Colocation web hosting.

Choosing between amazing options like Cloud hosting and VPS hosting might be a difficult decision to take alone especially when one only barely knows enough about these two types of web hosting. So for one to make an informed decision on either one of these web hosting types, one must understand what cloud hosting and VPS hosting means including its features and benefits.

Cloud Hosting is a type of web hosting where resources are stored on multiple servers therefore, the website admin can use the resources from the multiple servers with such resources being easily accessed. Web hosting companies that offer cloud web hosting also offer infrastructures that are embedded in the cloud services which may be public or private cloud services. With the public cloud services being available to the general public on-demand, the public cloud offers three variety of services that are widely recognized; Software-as-a-service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and the Platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The cloud hosting service uses these infrastructures to offer the cloud services

Software-as-a-service (SaaS): SaaS simply means software-as-a-service, it is one of the most common infrastructures used in cloud hosting. Access to apps through a software interface hosted by the web hosting company is basically what software-as-a-service means. This infrastructure is available to every user opting for a cloud hosting service and can be easily accessed through a web browser.

Infrastructure-as-service: With infrastructure-as-a-service, one gains virtual tools (Virtual machine and storage) instead of physical infrastructure to manage the tools of software-as-a-service. With the virtual infrastructure, one gains more flexibility and processing power. It is also easier to install patches and there is maximization of resources with one only needing to buy the resources needed.

Platform-as-a-service: Platform-as-a-service is a service used by most developers. It is a blueprint which the developers use in the building and running of their apps. Also, it provides a space where developers can easily run their apps.

These infrastructures are the part of cloud services offered when one chooses to go for cloud hosting. Aside from the infrastructures offered by web hosting companies, when one opts for the Cloud web hosting service, the benefits one attain from choosing Cloud web hosting is also numerous some of which includes low cost, free domain name, easy scalability and flexibility, Back-ups and storage, Enhanced security with SSL certificates, adjustable easy pricing, etc.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Low Cost: With only the subscription fees paid for the cloud hosting plan, one can get access to infrastructures and automatic handling of maintenance. The cost of hiring a third party will be removed this will reduce the cost. There are also different plans for the cloud hosting type of web hosting, therefore one can pick from any one of the plans.

Free domain name: Most subscriptions to a cloud hosting plan gives access to a free domain name with no additional or extra charges.

Early access to new applications: With Cloud hosting, one is easily the first one to be notified or have access to brand new applications

Easy Scalability and flexibility: With an option where one can customize their own features, a website admin can easily add custom functions he or she wants to the website.

Back-ups and storage: With resources in cloud hosting linked to the cloud, one can be assured that the data is securely stored with automatic daily back-ups.

Enhanced security: Data stored in the cloud is assured to be secure as it has really strong firewalls to protect data.

VPS is an acronym for Virtual private server. VPS hosting also called the Virtual dedicated server is a type of web hosting service that gives one a virtual space with added private resources on a server having multiple users.

VPS hosting is basically having your private server however, it requires less technical expertise and being significantly cheaper than some of the other types of web hosting services such as the dedicated server web hosting. With VPS hosting one has access to one’s own disk space, operating system, CPU, RAM and bandwidth, Server security, etc.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is usually measured in Gigabytes (GB), is directly linked to data transfer over a website in a given time measured in bits per second. A larger bandwidth like those offered at vpsserver.com can enable one who opted for VPS web hosting to use their website or have traffic to their website without frustrating delay. Bandwidth is one of the features of the VPS web hosting type.

Disk space: Disk space is used for the storage of data (from your website) on a web server. Data from your website is to be stored on your webserver. A good VPS web hosting plan comes with enough disk space for convenience.

RAM: RAM is also one of the numerous features offered through VPS web hosting.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting as compared to other web hosting types has numerous benefits ranging from affordability to guaranteed resources.

Cost-effective: It is cheaper than other types of web hosting types like the dedicated server due to shared hardware components and uses the same foundation of resource sharing. And similar to cloud hosting, there are different plans for the VPS hosting type with added features for each type. For as low as $5 you can get started today with vpsserver.com if you are in need of VPS hosting with maximum features.

Scalability: With a change in your business, VPS allows you to purchase the resources you need and scale up and down without restrictions.

Increased website performance: VPS hosting allows for quick loading and your website is always available thereby increasing the traffic to your website because when your website is slow to load, people tend to get frustrated and leave to other websites thereby reducing your website traffic.

Security: With VPS hosting, you have the power to custom firewalls and set security to your own taste thereby curating your website in a way you feel secure with what you have done.

Guaranteed resources: Your website will have a predefined RAM available whenever needed. Basically, no other VPS server will ever use your resources. Your website will be available every time and other server users will be able to affect your website.

With full knowledge of both types of web hosting, one can effectively choose the right type of web hosting to go for. Corporations having their website being their center focus should probably invest in cloud hosting while anyone requiring a website for a startup with no established traffic or growing traffic should invest in VPS web hosting, VPS web hosting has a range of plans offered with added features so one can opt for higher VPS plans as traffic to their website increases. Visit Vpsserver.com today to enjoy VPS benefits for as low as $5 with a free 7-day trial. Comparing the benefits and features of both types of web hosting, one should now be able to pick any of the two web hosting types having gotten a thorough idea about both. The potential website admin should go for the type of web hosting that offers all the benefits and features he or she needs to make his or her ideal website.

PHP VPS Hosting

PHP is one of the features offered by almost every web hosting company offering a VPS web hosting. PHP short for Hypertext Preprocessor is a hypertext protocol embedded scripting language in an HTML page. Its main function is for the development of dynamic websites (One whose information or content changes for each viewer or anytime one views it). A dynamic website requires HTML to write, the PHP is therefore also essential here as it is embedded in the HTML. PHP is one of the most popular computer scripting language used in some of the biggest websites worldwide.

VPS web hosting providers offer PHP hosting as a feature added when subscribing to a VPS plan. A good VPS hosting provider offers the latest version of PHP - PHP 8; which was released in the fourth quarter of 2020. Other versions like PHP 4 (2000), PHP 5 (2004), and PHP 7 (2015) also exist with some no longer supported anymore. PHP Hosting basically affects the server (which is storing and managing resources of your website) and your website itself. If your web hosting provider does not support PHP hosting, a website written in PHP cannot run. Also, website admins that strive for total privacy such as the total encryption of the information of their customers, need a web hosting provider that offers PHP. PHP hosting is a feature in the basic plans of the VPS hosting type it should cost no additional charges to incur as it should already be embedded as a must-have feature in VPS hosting. The installation and configuration of the PHP can be easily done with the cPanel.

The cPanel is the control panel of a web hosting service where one can manage the web hosting server it was released in 1996 and has become a very important feature when choosing a VPS provider as it is used in the scalable management of the website. With the cPanel, one can easily configure and manage PHP also.

How to Set up a VPS Server

The VPS server may sound like a complex system to handle, in fact, it can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, setting up a VPS server is relatively easy to do. It takes just very easy and quick steps and you're on to hosting your website.

To set up a VPS server, you first proceed to select the hosting company you have entrusted to offer great services and features to you. And you then ensure that you have also selected your VPS plan, you will be directed to your dashboard where you have to fill in your personal details. On ensuring the details have been accurately entered, confirmed and processed, from the dashboard or home page (depending on your web hosting company), click on the ‘add server’ button, you will be redirected to the selection of an application and then the selection of the particular server you wish to go for which vary in price. Each server has its own features and services offered with a variation in each server.

After the selection of the server, select your server size and server location. The server location will differ depending on the Web hosting provider you decide to go for.

In conclusion, there are many alternatives to choose from when choosing a provider before even having to set up the server. You can get started today quickly and easily, just contact vpsserver.com, you can get a VPS plan for as low as $5 with a free 7-day trial. Their servers are also very easy to set up when compared to others.

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