As a standard rule, after a brand develops a website, the next task involves creating and uploading the website's data and infrastructure on the developed websites in form of web pages. Immediately this is accomplished, there is a need to give the website an online presence. Therefore, the built website has to be hosted on a web hosting server. This step is where hosting comes to play, and Namecheap VPS is a fantastic solution to your hosting problems.

Hosting helps to place your website on a server that will help in managing your resource. Hence, giving you a complete uptime presence and helping you boost the speed at which your website runs. A server is a space synonymous with a room for your website to stay in the cloud or a virtual environment that is not physical. Consequently, when you buy a web host solution such as Namecheap VPS, you are paying for a space to be allocated to you from the Namecheap parent server

Types Of Hosting

Currently, there are different types of hosting, they include the following:

1. Shared hosting

Here, as the name implies the server purchased is shared with other clients. It can be likened to sharing a room with somebody. Shared hosting comes with limitations such as storage exhaustion, traffic spikes from your websites. Also, your neighbor-clients websites can cause the server to slow down or crash the server, there is also bandwidth problem, and problems of improper management caused by other clients sharing the server with you.

Reseller Hosting is another type of shared hosting. It is built with additional resources that enable you to sell the hosting space to other website owners who want it for their websites. Furthermore, it is relatively less expensive than dedicated or VPS hosting. This type of hosting is ideal for web developers and website designers that carry out long-term website management.

2. Dedicated host

In this case, you are given complete autonomy and ownership to a server without any interference from any other persons. Dedicated hosting is usually more expensive than shared hosting.

3. Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

Although seen as a form of shared hosting, this form of hosting has very fluid options such as a great configurable interface and awesome server allocation. Unlike shared hosting that hosts different websites on a single server.

How VPS Hosting Works

In VPS hosting, the host server is partitioned into small independent servers, and these are allocated to a different website. Hence each website has its peculiar server, and all this server is from a host server or a parent server having a physical location. The resources in the parent server are shared equally between clients. This type of hosting is great for webmasters, website developers, websites that carry out large data operations, and others that do not want shared hosting services.

VPS hosting is relatively cheaper than dedicated hosting and affords the website owner a great deal of flexibility and complete virtualization in an off-premise environment. In VPS, you are given every feature you would get when you opt for a dedicated server; it has its OS (operating system), RAM, processors, CPUs, and other resources from the parent server.

The only downside to a VPS is that scaling up can be an issue since a fixed amount of resources is allocated to you. When there are spikes in traffic and these traffic surges exceed the allotted amount of space allocated to your server instead of the server auto-scaling, it would either run slow or crash. The major fix is to opt for another VPS that has more storage options.

VPS is one of the best hosting services to adopt, as it helps in managing site resources, offers protection against malware, and helps prevent or eliminate viruses. It also keeps the site running 24/7 without interruption and ensures that your brand website is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Namecheap Hosting

Namecheap is a company that provides a domain name for websites; it also provides management services and domain registration for websites and has been in existence for a long time. This domain name provider, in addition to its business description, also provides hosting services. Namecheap VPS provides all the benefits embedded in hosting your website with VPS hosting efficiently and the service is very cheap and affordable compared to other hosting services.

Namecheap VPS is a hosting service offered by Namecheap to help give a website an online premise packaged with a total uptime presence. Its hosting services make your website to run with great speed, with very reliable services at a very affordable price. They provide applications helping to host your website without breaking your budget especially for clients that have a domain name from Namecheap. They also help move their websites to their VPS without charging them for the service rendered.

Furthermore, they have a support team that is always up 24/7. They thus help to solve your problems when faced with a challenge in using their services. Also, Namecheap uses the best technologies from the best tech companies for its technology, with all parts having many level redundancies from its very high speed to the energy source and the connectivity card.

Namecheap VPS hosting enhances a page's loading speed by making webpages run at very high speed. These features make website accessibility and navigation fun, unlike browsing through a website that runs slowly. This experience can be very frustrating and can cause potential businesses to lose their potential customers. It also allows for auto-scaling when the resource allocated to your website is no longer enough; they also allow for an upgrade to be carried out on your server to meet up with your increased needs.

Which Namecheap VPS Package Should I Choose?

Namecheap VPS hosting is a good pick for hosting blog sites for hosting an e-commerce website; it is also ideal for developers and for those that want to purchase the VPS for the sole purpose of selling it again.

Namecheap VPS hosting comes with different packages that are ideal for any type of hosting plan you want to purchase. And each comes with a high level of security, with a hosting server that is devoid of interruptions from neighboring servers. The plan also has its advantage one of which is flexibility. For example, if there is a traffic surge in the website it can scale and allocate more space to the site's resources.

Also, they give autonomy to the website owner or client over the server he or she purchases, and the beautiful thing about Namecheap VPS hosting is that all these come at a very affordable amount.

Basically, Namecheap VPS hosting has two packages a client can choose from or purchase. These packages are the popular plan, also called Pulsar, and the best plan called the Quasar:

  • The Popular plan (Pulsar)

This is the basic plan for Namecheap VPS hosting; you can subscribe to this plan either monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on how long the clients want to host their websites with name cheap. For the monthly plan, Namecheap VPS has a bonus of 17% off for first time purchase. For the quarterly plan, Namecheap VPS gives a 25% discount for the first 3 months of purchase; meanwhile, there's a 34% discount for the first year of purchase for the annual plan when this article was written. The Pulsar plan comes with a 2 gigabyte of RAM space, 2 core CPU, 40 gigabytes of SSD with RAID 10, and a bandwidth up to about 1000 gigabytes.

  • The Best plan (Quasar)
This plan has juicy components and resources higher than the Pulsar plan. It is best for a high resource website, e.g., gaming websites. This plan, just like the Pulsar plan has monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Besides, it also depends on the amount of time the website owner would love to host their website. Each of these plans also comes with its peculiar discounts. For the monthly plan, the first term has a 20% discount, the quarterly plan has a 25% discount, and the yearly plan has a 30% discount.

The plan comes with 6 GB of RAM, 4 core CPU and 120 GB of SSD and RAID 10, and 3000 GB of bandwidth. These ample resources make this plan best, as the name implies. Therefore, it's best for websites that have webpages with large resources and need auto-scaling.

No matter the plan you choose, Namecheap VPS hosting offers a 30 days money back assuming you want a refund. It equally gives complete root access to the website owner; this enables the client to carry out the type of configuration and customization they want on their website's VPS.

They also accord a great deal of security to their clients. Besides, in cases where you want to move your VPS and/or websites that are already existing to Namecheap, they allow you to do it without charging you, unlike other VPS companies.

Advantages Of Namecheap VPS Hosting

  • Namecheap VPS is highly scalable: many websites do have server downtime, and this result is website crashing; this could be a result of the website server not able to scale during peak traffic period. This downtime results in the loss of resources and vital data that may cost a huge amount of money. With Namecheap VPS, this problem is mitigated, as Namecheap is auto-scaling because its server resource has an ample amount of storage to keep the traffic in check. Consequently, the overload of the resource is managed while the website continues to maintain its 100% uptime. This helps to save money, data, and resources.
  • Namecheap VPS gives complete control to clients: with Namecheap, VPS clients can carry out any form of customization and configuration on their websites. They have total permission to install an add-on, plugins, third-party applications, and carry out server maintenance personally. Also, with Namecheap VPS, since the server is not shared, the owner has every liberty to carry out any configuration to suit his needs.
  • Namecheap VPS hosting is cheap compared to other VPS hosting: Namecheap VPS plans are relatively cheaper than other VPS service providers, and it provides more resources than other VPS providers. It also promises a money-back guarantee, with enough discount that enables you to save money.
  • Namecheap VPS offers high Security: Namecheap VPS hosting is different from shared hosting. And as a result, it is much secured compared to shared hosting. This is because in shared hosting resources are shared and hence, unsafe practices by neighboring websites can affect the security of your website. But in VPS hosting, you are in total control of your server resources, and only you can determine what comes in and goes out; therefore, there is maximum security. Also, with Namecheap VPS, you get a dedicated IP address; hence compromise with your website cannot occur with others. And because you have full root access to your server, you are at total liberty to install antivirus and software to mitigate against malware in your server and websites.

How To Order A VPS In Namecheap VPS?

Ordering a VPS in Namecheap VPS is a very easy process and can be done without any special experience or technical know-how. To order a VPS from Namecheap VPS, these steps would guide you;

  • The first step is to visit the Namecheap website and navigate to the hosting icon;
  • Select VPS hosting and click on the Namecheap VPS that suits your requirements;
  • After the plan has been chosen, you will be directed to an interface where you would either connect a domain name; under this step, you can connect an already existing domain name if you have one, but if otherwise, you will be required to choose a new domain name;
  • After you have connected a domain name, the next step is to choose the type of billing you would want, either monthly, quarterly, or yearly;
  • After the above step is completed, the next step is to add to the cart, check to see if all you want has been selected, agree to Namecheap VPS terms and agreement, and select pay now.

Is There Any Free Namecheap VPS?

Currently, no VPS service provider would offer completely free VPS hosting for your websites. However, most free VPS gives you access to trial versions that billing would start after a while. Namecheap does not have a free VPS plan, but all Namecheap VPS plans come at budget-friendly prices.

Also, for a customer previously using Namecheap shared hosting plans, they are given a free transfer to a VPS when they purchase a VPS from Namecheap. Those with a VPS plan that is different from Namecheap are not left out. When they purchase a Namecheap VPS plan, they are given a free domain name.


The importance of having your website hosted on a VPS has gained global acclaim over the years. Most businesses have fortunately realized having a virtual server can increase your overall profit monthly.

Namecheap VPS hosting so far has proven its relevance in the marketplace with all the fantastic benefits that come with it; great services at a cheap rate. You would therefore agree that it is the best VPS solution for any hosting problem. This is because you get a whole lot of packages and resource without breaking a bank. Therefore, it is unarguably the best VPS hosting service you need.

NameCheap VPS

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