Managed hosting is the best choice for those who have a limited knowledge of VPS hosting and don't mind paying the extra cost for constant professional help, while unmanaged on the other hand is befitting for those looking not just to save cost alone, but for those who have what it takes to handle the complexity of managing a server all by themselves.

Whatever one you choose is your decision to make, but have it in mind that offers both, and are the best in what they do. Contact them today to get the best of both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, and receive a free 7-day trial along with it.

5 Best Managed VPS Hosting for Small to Medium Business

We understand VPS hosting for small and medium businesses to be available in two services or options by providers – these are managed and unmanaged versions. We also know the managed VPS essentially entails the service providers running certain administrative processes such as updates, installation of security patches, monitoring, and backups on the virtual space. This is most suitable for website owners with insufficient knowledge of the server customization settings. Websites using managed VPS have limited customization of the Operating System upon which they work.

There are many ways in which managed VPS can be very beneficial to small businesses. With it, the level of administration duties you are required to carry out is considerably lessened. Therefore, you can run your small businesses conveniently and expertly without having expert knowledge of server management. Also, you can focus better on the growth of your business, instead of having to bother yourself over your server management. This gives you a better chance of growing up your business.

In general, having a managed VPS is the best move for a small business owner. The peace of mind you get knowing that your website is in good hands, and having someone, an expert to be specific, take away all your stress is ideal for being a successful business owner. The only job you are left to focus on will be to grow your business to meet the requirements of today’s competitive market.

Although the managed VPS hosting is an ideal decision, if you choose the wrong one, it could be bad for you. You know you are literally handing over your entire server to be monitored by a third party. Therefore, if you are to go with the wrong one, they can exploit that and it could be hazardous for your business. So it is very important that you go for the best always. Below are 5 best managed VPS hosting for small to medium businesses:

  • VPSServer

VPSserver is, without doubt, one of the very best options for dealing with a managed VPS hosting. For a fact, its services are top-notch and have never failed to satisfy customers. Some of the benefits you stand to gain with VPSserver are unlimited resources including bandwidth and storage space, good and automated scalability, top-notch security, various forms of customer support – including a 24/7 live chat option and a supportive community where a very wide variety of questions are answered and many more tutorials and lectures are given. It is arguably the best for small businesses as its charges start from as low as just $5/month.

  • HostGator

HostGator is one of the heavyweights when it comes to managed VPS hosting. Its services include complete customization, along with many security features – including RAID 10 disk configuration, and HVAC units data center. With the services of HostGator, it is easy to start small and scale as your business grows. Their charges start at about $20 per month.

More services offered by HostGator include; hosting unlimited domains and sub-domains, adding unlimited email addresses, creating FTP accounts and databases, and many more.

The company also partners with industry top guns like Intel and AMD, thereby improving their services and maintaining a steady performance. Their support team is always available too, in case of any emergencies.

  • DreamHost

With its services available at just $10 per month, DreamHost is a top contender for the best managed VPS for small businesses. More points to support this claim are also its ease of setup and use.

DreamHost provides the essentials to improve performance and security. You not only get free SSDs, SSL, TLS, email, and unlimited domains option, but unlimited bandwidth and traffic as well.

Also, you will be guaranteed 100% uptime and a responsive support service that is always available to you. Lastly, you will receive unlimited MySQL databases, automatic software updates, as well as the ability to scale your resources in just 10 seconds.

  • A2Hosting

A2Hosting offers a fine-tuned service, giving an easy to use control panel and a powerful isolated server. All this is backed by a 99.9% uptime and an always available customer support team.

A2Hosting's plans start from about $25/month, for which you get amazing features like 4GB ram, 75 GB storage, free SSL and SSD, and the freedom to choose a host in any of their four data centers. most interestingly, all these are available right from the first entry-level.

A2Hosting as a company pays serious attention to their security and offers a "Turbo Server" option with which you can get 20X faster speed. It is, without a doubt, one of the best options for small businesses.

  • BlueHost

BlueHost is a prominent name when it comes to managed VPS hosting. It is quite the modern type as it was built from scratch using only SSD storage. Utilizing their services grants you the opportunity to enjoy benefits such as ease of setup, one-year free domain name, extreme performance resulting from open source technology, improved control panel, and sufficient resources. You also get an always available customer support service, and the best part is the availability of all these for just $15/month.

Choose a Fine Tuned Managed VPS Hosting Solution

A managed VPS hosting option is always a service we cannot stress enough, due to the great importance and influence it has had over a lot of business over the years. We know the managed option to offer professional help from the provider to assist in the management of your server. It takes over major decisions including administrative processes such as updates, installations, monitoring progress, and carrying out backups on the virtual space. It is perfect for those who have limited knowledge of server management.

Due to the importance of this service and the fact that many have opted for it, there have been many updates over the years, hence, the rise of the fine-tuned solution. Without a doubt, the managed VPS hosting is great, but a fine-tuned or a version of it precisely adjusted to attain the highest level of performance, efficiency, and effectiveness is even much better.

By choosing a fine-tuned managed VPS hosting solution, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Faster Performance: You should always have in mind that the load time and speed of websites are very important to your business. This is for the fact that many users tend to leave a website if it doesn’t load before 8 seconds, and also because of the fact that Google makes use of speed as a ranking factor. Therefore, a good performance is vital for business growth.
  2. Better Scalability: Another benefit of choosing a fine-tuned option is the provision of better scalability, or for the fact that it is highly scalable. This means that going for the option makes it possible and easy to change your resources – either increasing or reducing it without suffering from downtime.
  3. Security: This is one very important benefit a fine-tuned solution gives. With it, you have a generally higher level of security. Aside from having an improved isolated partition, your server will also be run by a better provider. The improved level of expertise at which your security problem are being taken care of is a priceless benefit. Knowing you have an expert on the other side making sure your server is always well secured can give you peace of mind, helping you run your business well.

With a fine-tuned managed option, you are provided with all the improvements you need to ensure your server is operating with the best performance always.

An average managed VPS option will only let you use up to a limited amount of resources, but a fine-tuned solution grants you far better scalability.

With the few advantages mentioned above, you see that the fine-tuned solution is the best when it comes to managed VPS hosting. You can also deduce from the aforementioned benefits along with the fact that you’re given far better resources that your business is provided with all it needs to grow better than when you operate on an average managed option.

In conclusion, we can state for a fact that the choice of a fine-tuned option is ideal for those who want to go for a managed option while ensuring the growth of their businesses. Therefore, with everything we have treated so far, it is obvious that the best we can do for our business needs is to choose a fine-tuned managed VPS hosting option.

Dedicated Control & Functionality in a Scalable Hosting Environment

As your business, as well as your website, grows, you will start to experience an increase in the number of visitors occasionally, therefore, an increase in the load on your server. This is mainly because there will be more people visiting your website and doing more things simultaneously, leading to much more requests for the server to deal with. With a scalable hosting environment, you are given the opportunity to grow or scale the resources of your server to match whatever rate your business grows. This gives you peace of mind as the need to worry about downtime as a result of lack of sufficient resources is eliminated. Also, the limitation of other options where you would have to upgrade to a new plan after the exhaustion of your allocated resources is taken care of.

The growth of a website is ensured by a scalable hosting service by providing you with dedicated control and functionality with which you can install the necessary applications and services at will. With this, you can mimic a dedicated server and create an environment mainly using important third-party tools and SSL certificates. This in turn smoothens and improves your experience in managing your services. These services may be web hosting, server databases, mailboxes, etc.

Superiority in control, as well as functionality in a scalable hosting environment, will always differ, but there are a few features that have dedicated control and functionality in a scalable hosting environment provides your server with. Below is a run-through of a few of these features:

  1. Domain and DNS Management: You are given the ability to manage everything about the domains that are being hosted on your server. This includes the subdomains, add-ons along with the DNS.
  2. File Managing: We know that organization is vital in a business, therefore, you'll always need an easy way of uploading, removing, and managing your files. In a scalable hosting environment, you a granted quick and easy file management. You can also make use of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which requires using a different application set up independently.
  3. Email accounts Management: You are granted multiple email accounts associated with each domain, alongside the ability to create, remove and manage these accounts. Most frequently, you get POP3 and IMAP emails free of charge. With dedicated control, you can configure anti-SPAM solutions, and monitor incoming mails against blacklists.

Subdomains grant you the opportunity of creating a new website entirely separate from the one you’re already using, while still using your main domain name. While with the Add-ons domain, you can choose to assign an add-on domain to a specific website at any time. With this, every request that is sent to your domain can simply be redirected to another website of your choosing.

With DNS Management, you are given the power to fully customize DNS for your domain and every add-on domain to your taste.

More features include TSL/SSL security, Mod Security, Automation, Error pages customization, Databases management, among a host of others. Basically, dedicated control & functionality in a scalable hosting environment helps you effectively take charge of your website’s hosting environment and help implement a significant effect in the growth of your business, ensuring you have a powerful online presence.

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting

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