Know all there is to know about managed VPS and managed WordPress hosting.

Understand why managed WordPress hosting may be an awesome choice for your website.

Getting the top VPS hosting for WordPress websites can be tasking, especially since there are many options in the website world.

It is very important that you know if you really need VPS for your WordPress website. You need to find out if it is the best choice for your needs; if a dedicated server or a managed WordPress hosting is not more preferable.

You should also know the advantages and disadvantages of using VPS. This will help guide the decision you make for your needs.

This article will guide you on things you need to know about VPS and also list top VPS hosting for a WordPress website, hence aiding you in choosing the best VPS for your website. It will also show you why choosing managed WordPress can give your business a competitive edge over others. Read on as we delve into it.

Why Should I Choose VPS for my WordPress Website?

You may want to consider why VPS is okay for your WordPress Website. The reasons are not far-fetched:

VPS has the benefits of providing privacy, less expensive and gives room for scalability. It has other features like automatic site backups, professional staff support and enhanced security.

Using VPS also gives your WordPress website a great portion of a server. There is less or no sharing of resources with other websites and if one website exhausts its resources, it won't have a negative impact on your site.

In addition, using VPS will enable your WordPress website to handle a surge of traffic. When your audience has grown to a permanent stage, you don't need to move your website to a new server.

Furthermore, VPS enables your WordPress website load on time. It helps it handle as many visitors as possible that visit your website and gives you improved uptime.

Top VPS Hosting for WordPress Websites

Now that you have seen the benefits of using VPS, let's consider some of the top VPS hosting for a WordPress website. They are:

1. Flywheel VPS Hosting

WordPress VPS hosting and website management packages are two interesting features that Flywheel offer. Flywheel is designed for people who require a dependable, high-performance website while worrying less about technical issues.

Flywheel has many features that make the launching of WordPress websites and managing quite simple.

The following is a list of the features it has.

  1. Equipment for prompt site launching and cloning.
  2. Simple account and website management dashboard
  3. Backups for website
  4. White label hosting (optional) and custom billing

Flywheel offers affordable VPS WordPress service. You should sign up for it.

2. Liquid Web WordPress VPS

Liquid Web offers a variety of hosting services like managed WordPress hosting, dedicated cloud hosting and Cloud Sites package. However, for this article, we are considering Liquid Web VPS hosting.

Every Liquid Web hosting server is optimized for speed, performance and security. The WordPress hosting option includes automatic updates, staging sites and a great dashboard. The following are the features of Liquid Web:

  1. Paid add-ons available
  2. Resources are easily scalable
  3. They have three data center locations biz two in the United States and one in Europe.
  4. Equipment for fast creation of staging environments and cloning sites.
  5. Easy migration from free WordPress website to Liquid Web.

3. HostGator

This is a very popular website host in the website market. It hosts more than eight million domains. The features it has which include one-click WordPress install, twenty-four-seven support and ninety-nine percent uptime guarantee make HostGator the best web hosting for website owners.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is the official WordPress recommended hosting provider. It is able yo handle surges of traffic and you won't have to worry about being slowed down. If you are a small business owner, Bluehost is the best option.

5. Media Temple VPS hosting

Media Temple VPS comes in three different types viz self-managed, managed and fully managed. Irrespective of the type you outfit, you can scale up or scale down the plan as your need varies.

In addition, When you opt for Media Temple VPS hosting plan, you have the opportunity to host WordPress websites.The following are the features they offer:

  1. Wide range of plans in each VPS
  2. One data center which is situated in Virginia in the United States
  3. One-click application installation, WordPress included.
  4. Ability to handle traffic surges.

6. Pressable VPS

Pressable is distinct in that they do not have storage or bandwidth allowances or a memory quota. Rather, you choose a plan depending on the number of sites you want to host. The following are their unique features:

  1. Ability to manage twenty times daily traffic on demand
  2. Website backups and software updates
  3. Single data center in Texas in the United States.
  4. Free access to Jetpack Premium
  5. Staging environment tools. Tools for cloning sites also available.

One thing to note about Pressable is that it is not a standard VPS hosting. However, due to the absence of bandwidth and storage limits and its low price, it is worth being considered.

These are a few of the top VPS hosting for WordPress websites. Let us proceed and look at why you should opt for managed WordPress hosting providers.

Top 9 Reasons to Choose Managed WordPress Hosting 2021

If you want your business to thrive, you need to do your homework well. Your homework includes hosting, marketing, social media, content creation, advertising and so on. These can be too tasking and very stressful.

Therefore, we want to consider why one of the most important decisions you can make as regards your website is opting for a managed WordPress Hosting 2021. If you want to give your business the best it deserves, then going for a managed WordPress is a great decision.

Before we go further, let's consider what a managed WordPress hosting is.

Managed WordPress Hosting: What Does it Mean?

What is managed WordPress hosting? How does it differ from shared hosting, and VPS hosting? These may be the questions topmost in your heart. Don't worry; you'll get answers. Let's consider each of the three mentioned hosting viz:

1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Just as the name implies, shared WordPress hosting involves you sharing your resources with other people. We can paint a scenario of you sharing a room with others in an apartment. Because the room is shared with others, the price you pay is low. However, you may have little or no privacy. Many times, you are not comfortable.

Shared WordPress hosting is low cost. The hosts are GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, SiteGround, etc. Most people who use this hosting are those who are either building their first site, moving away from, on a tight budget and want inexpensive hosting, or who don't know the disparity between the three types of hosting and just make a choice based on the cost.

The disadvantages with this are slow performance, low security and bad support.

2. VPS WordPress Hosting

This is another type of WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting can be described as you owning a room to yourself in an apartment. You pay high but you have your privacy and comfort. However, you will need to share some resources like the car pack, bathroom, and toilet with other occupants of the apartment.

VPS WordPress hosting is way better than shared hosting in performance, security and support. You don't share your resources and you enjoy your privacy and comfort. There is no fear of your resources getting used by other users on the site and it handles traffic spike effectively.

3. Managed WordPress Hosting

Small to medium-sized businesses, big blogs and big companies searching for specialized enterprise WordPress hosting are those who usually opt for this type of hosting. A managed WordPress hosting is a great investment. It allows for better performance and reduces time and manpower spent. Kinsta, Flywheel, WP Engine and Pagely are examples of managed WordPress hosts.

Now that we have briefly considered the three types of hosting, let's look at top 9 reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting 2021. They are:

I. You get premium and optimum support

Managed WordPress hosting gives optimum support.

II. Good Security

Managed WordPress hosting ensures that security is taken with all seriousness. You don't have to be afraid and you can sleep with your mind at rest that your business is going fine.

III. Automatic Backups

You are sure that you can't lose your data and information with managed WordPress hosting.

IV. Optimized for great performance

Managed WordPress hosting enhances high performance. It gives a competitive edge.

V. Data centers for global reach

You don't have to look for data centers too long because they are close to you and are strategically for easy access.

VI. Developer Friendly

Managed WordPress hosting is developer friendly. SSH, Git and WP-CLI are few of them.

VII. Scalability

Managed WordPress hosting allows your business grow maximally. It is highly scalable.

VIII. One-click staging environment

IX. Dependable and quicker lookup time.

In case you are not interested in using managed VPS, what other options can you consider? We will be considering these in the next lines.

Managed WordPress VPS hosting alternatives and competitors

The following are managed WordPress VPS hosting alternatives and competitors:

1. Hostwinds

Hostwinds provides website hosting services for people and businesses. It also offers support twenty-four hours every day in a year with backups.

2. DigitalOcean

It offers tools to control your virtual server. It has a great level of customization, good computation and security.

3. Plesk

It is a cloud web hosting control panel. It grows businesses and websites. It provides support to many platforms like Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS and others. It is also easy to manage.

4. Bluehost

Very easy to use and suitable for small projects. It powers more than 2000,000 websites. It is quite convenient to use and provides a lot of options.

5. A2 hosting

It provides hosting services.

6. Lunarpages

It provides a secure, dependable and great technology infrastructure.

7. HostGator

If you want to create a lovely website, HostGator had all you need. They always have someone to aid you in case you need help. They have twenty-four-seven expert support in a year.

8. Linode

It is enhanced for fast response.

9. SiteGround

Awesome technical support, up-to-date technology, and great security solutions are what they are known for.

10. Hostinger

Supplies all clients the necessary tools they need to have for a great website. The team is dedicated and ready to render assistance.

11. GoDaddy Hosting

Super cheap and you have the essential resources required.

12. DreamHost

Not costly, dependable and have many features.

13. Netrepid

It aids upcoming companies scale up their transit from the bottom to the sky. They have great email system and keep you updated frequently.

14. AccuWeb Hosting

It is an excellent web hosting. It has reliable uptime, and awesome customer support. They have many hosting features and amazing speed. You can't complain when using AccuWeb hosting.

15. Vultr

It is a very easy to use hosting service. It is secure and has an awesome support.

16. InMotion Hosting

Great technical support and technology. You don't have to worry about your business because it is well taken care of.

These are few examples of managed VPS hosting alternatives and competitors. They are all worth considering and you can check online for more. Many of them have amazing reviews which can further guide your choice on which one to go for.

Wrapping Up

What you opt for depends on what your business needs. If you are fine with managed VPS, you can stick to it. But if you are looking forward to giving your business a competitive edge, then managed WordPress hosting is the best bet.

I believe with this article, you understand all you need to know between managed VPS and WordPress hosting. Cheers.

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