A business like everything starts small and grows more prominent when the right techniques and strategies are implemented. Now, as your business grows, so also does your clientele and site traffic. Increased traffic influx can negatively impact your site speed, especially when your hosting platform is ill equipped to handle such a high traffic influx. In this case, you should move over to VPS hosting plans.

Some VPS hosting plans incorporate cPanel and may be managed or unmanaged. Understanding what cPanel VPS has to offer and the differences between managed and unmanaged VPS plans is crucial.

About VPS Hosting

If you cast your mind back when you first launched your business, you will realize that you had limited knowledge of the business world and what to expect. Like other newbies to the e-Commerce business, you most likely started with the shared hosting platform. At that point, it probably was sufficient to meet your needs. As your business continues evolving, you will need to step up to a better hosting option.

VPS hosting is generally acclaimed as the best web hosting option by experts and users a lot. One reason for this is that it offers you the best of both dedicated and shared hosting environments. It gives you the flexibility and scalability you badly need for your growing business. Let’s not bore you with the VPS hosting workings; we will move right ahead to cPanel VPS.

What Do I Need to Know About cPanel VPS Hosting?

When virtual private servers were first designed, they offered users none of the flexibility they now enjoy. Access to customizing server features was reserved for the system admins and developers. However, subsequent modifications adapted the flexibility and root access for users. Thus, it became more logical to pair the VPS systems with cPanel hosting.

Initially, cPanel was only used on servers with significantly higher resources available, e.g., dedicated servers and shared hosting servers. Now, however, VPS uses optimized versions of cPanel. These cPanel VPS options offer users higher efficiency due to numerous backend improvements and optimizations. These optimizations allow it to function with machines that have smaller resources.

Now, cPanel ranks among the more popular control panels available on the market. It has amassed such popularity that the name cPanel is associated with the control panel. cPanel VPS is popular because it simplifies the task of running your website. It offers you lots of tools that are easy to use and highly reliable.

What are the benefits of cPanel VPS Hosting?

Using cPanel VPS hosting has tons of advantages; however, the most significant benefit is the use of installation and use. cPanel is super easy to install; you don’t need any prior technical training to do it. Find tons of information on how to install, manage and fix issues on your cPanel VPS server online. Go through video tutorials, help forums, user guides, etc., for help if you get confused at any point.

Let us explore a few of the other advantages cPanel VPS hosting provides you.

  • Root Access – As we mentioned earlier, VPS Hosting is a combination of shared and dedicated server hosting. Thus, it includes some features of both these server environments, like root access. Although your server is hosted on the same physical server as other servers, it remains isolated. Thus, you have full root access to the server.
  • Instant Resource Allocation – cPanel VPS hosting allocates server resources to you almost immediately your server starts running. The resources range from CPU to operating system and RAM. Depending on your traffic influx, you can scale up the server resources anytime you wish to do so.
  • Security – cPanel VPS hosting offer you premium security. Remember that although you share the physical server with another user, your server is still isolated, like that of the dedicated server hosting. Thus, each user has a dedicated IP address assigned.

With the root access, you can manage your server resources as well as customize them. Feel free to add or remove applications, files, documents, etc.

The great thing about the isolation of servers hosting different sites is that even when there is a bug attack or virus, a DDoS attack doesn’t spread from the original problem. Thus, you have contained attacks. Your data also enjoys this improved security as all server data is stored and backed up in a secure remote area.

  • Improved Performance – Some cPanel VPS Hosting comes with the more modern SSD, while others use the more traditional HDD hard drive. With both, you are assured better performance. However, SSDD VPS offers high-performance levels.

They offer your website faster loading speed, resulting in a better user experience and overall site performance. Speed is crucial to the growth of e-Commerce websites because it is one of the metrics considered by search engines when ranking and optimizing websites.

  • Scalability and Reliability – cPanel VPS hosting platforms offer you better scalability. Scalability, put quite simply, is the ability to increase and improve resources. For a fact, we know that the better your site performance, the higher the traffic influx to your site. Thus, your VPS hosting provider must allow you to scale up your resources whenever the need emerges.
  • Customer Support – cPanel VPS hosting is easy to use and navigate. New individuals just starting up their online business and website can use it without hassles. However, in any confusion or issues, cPanel VPS provides you with a dedicated technical support team. You can contact this team for help at any time and day.

Which Reliable cPanel VPS Hosting Providers Can I Use?

cPanel VPS is widely used and loved; thus, selecting the best can be challenging. To help, we have done our research and come up with these cPanel VPS hosting providers. Feel free to check them out.

  • Blue host
  • HostGator
  • InMotion
  • GoDaddy
  • A2 Hosting

Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting; What It Is All About

One of this article aims to shed more light on the types of VPS hosting options available. To understand and distinguish between them, you must know the fundamental characteristic and distinguishing features of both. Let’s begin our class, shall we?

What is Fully Managed VPS?

Managing your server requires a lot of effort, time, and technical know-how. In fully managed VPS hosting, the service provider handles all server-related tasks like software installation, maintenance and core updates.

With fully managed VPS system, you are free to concentrate on the task ofgrowing your business. Simply put,managed VPS hosting is a hands-free approach to VPS management.

The managed VPS servers offer you better flexibility and freedom than unmanaged VPS servers. We recommend this type of server for users who lack the necessary technical skills and have no one on their team with the much-needed knowledge.

In managed VPS, the hosting provider is accountable for the functionality of a purchased server.

If you are a rookie e-commerce business owner, you will find that managed VPS is ideal for your business needs. It does not require you to possess any technical know-how of server management and control. The VPS hosting provider takes care of the server management such that you don’t have to concern yourself with the technical details involved in running a server.

What are the Pros of Fully Managed VPS?

  • Server Maintenance - The hosting provider ensures that the server is running optimally, and that there are no glitches that will cause your site to crash.

Updates and System Monitoring – With a fully managed VPS system, you do not have to bother updating your hardware or software to keep your site running. The VPS provider also takes care of monitoring the traffic spikes. Monitoring traffic flow is crucial to determining if your site can handle traffic at peak periods without crashing.

  • Data Protection – Your files are examined continuously for vulnerable spots, and the data is backed up regularly. These constant back up make it easier for data to be restored in the event of a server crash.

The provider always checks improved Security - Fully managed VPS systems for weak spots. The site is also scanned regularly to prevent debilitating actions, whether by malware, DDoS, virus, etc.All these checks help to detect potential threats and keep your site safe.

  • Tech Support - Users of fully managed VPS can be assured of 24/7 assistance on their site. Mistakes are bound to happen alongside confusion; when this happens, save time by contacting their customer reps.

What are the Cons of a Fully Managed VPS System?

High Cost - Fully managed VPS hosting systems are considerably more expensive than self-managed VPS servers. After all, nothing goes for nothing; you do not expect full server management to come at no extra cost.

  • Limited Customization – With fully managed VPS hosting, users find that they do not have as much control over their server as they would love. The VPS provider gets to make decisions as regards the hardware and software to install and update.
  • Time – Since you have little or no control over what is installed or deleted from your server, you will require permission. For example, if you want software or hardware removed, you have to write to the provider. Now, while the request may be attended to promptly, you still cannot negate the fact that time was spent on a negligent procedure.

What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

As the name suggests, unmanaged VPS hosting offers you access to manage all server processes. We advise only those with the required technical knowledge to opt for the unmanaged/self-managed VPS hosting type. You get to manage your server resources, operating system, installation and upgrade of the system, etc.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is especially great for users with an established business presence in the market.

What are the Benefits of Self-Managed VPS Hosting?

  • Easy Customization – unlike with managed VPS, users of self-managed VPS have total control over all server areas. You can install or remove any software or hardware component of your choosing without having to seek permission from the provider.
  • Price - Self-managed VPS hosting costs less than managed VPS. Part of this is because the provider doesn’t do much except provide the hosting space.
  • Security - Self-managed VPS hosting allows you to control your data security. You can make it more intensive or even reduce the security levels to the barest minimum. Whatever you choose, it is within your power to execute.
  • Self-reliance – You don’t have to depend on anyone’s authorization before making the changes you desire to your server. All installations, updates, and changes are totally up to you to make.
  • Difficulty – Running an unmanaged VPS hosting requires you to have technical knowledge. Thus, it is entirely unsuitable for beginners. With limited experience, it can prove extremely difficult to manage.
  • Performance – One bad thing is that the performance of your server is mostly dependent on you. Thus, if the server is not performing as it should, you can only blame yourself.

What are the Cons of Self- Managed VPS Hosting?

What are the Core Differences between Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

You won’t find a lot of differences between managed VPS servers and unmanaged VPS. There are, however, two crucial distinguishing factors we shall examine.

Managed VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Server maintenance and upgrade are under the control of the VPS hosting provider.

You are in charge of upgrading and maintenance of the server.

A bit more expensive, however, it is the best VPS type for beginners.

It is cheaper when compared to the managed VPS hosting and is best for experienced users.


A great hosting provider can either make or mar your website; thus, it is best to select one that offers you premium features like the cPanel VPS. It provides you excellent uptime, improved flexibility, access, and performance. Your cPanel VPS plan may be fully managed, in which case the provider has more control or self-managed such that more power rests with you. We have provided you with the pros and cons of each type and 5 of the best cPanel VPS providers currently on the market.

Managed Cpanel VPS Hosting

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