Mac VPS offers more advantages for Apple enthusiasts over Windows or Linux Servers, but finding a reliable Mac web hosting for IOS and OS X applications is rare. While a website’s operating system does not need to match a computer’s OS, Mac users prefer this type of web server hosting because of the remote desktop application and familiar system layout. With Mac VPS, you can quickly build your website using WordPress, the most potent open-source software available.

However, if you manage programs that involve the Apple operating system or are drafting info for OS X or the iPhone operating system, you need a Macintosh host. At a higher level, a Mac VPS hosting environment provides a remote desktop at your fingertips. Due to the authenticity and uptime guarantee of running a Mac application on Mac VPS, there has been a rise in the demand for plans that work with Mac operating systems.

A web host is essential to make a site. For a site to run on the browser, it must be anchored on a server. We reviewed different web hosting for Mac users according to web hosting features, server performance, bandwidth, security, uptime, reliability, availability, and technical support. And we singled out these two best web host options compatible with IOS and OS X applications.


This web host is one of the most high-ranking web hosting providers today. They offer several services, from dedicated servers to VPS hosting. While their servers are deployed on Linux, their support services and staff are focused on Mac users. These services give users several benefits during website maintenance and support.

When weighing different VPS hosting options, BlueHost’s VPS plan the best. If you are contemplating establishing your site on WordPress, BlueHost is your best bet. Their web hosting platform is very conformable with WordPress websites. BlueHost gives many benefits and leverages modern technology to offer its users unparalleled hosting solutions. Here is why BlueHost is our choicest.

  • Fast site performance

BlueHost servers have shorter load times. They are built with high-quality advanced NGINX structure, high-quality hardware, and fortified with a varnish caching technology that makes sure resources are centered at useful points. Dynamic requests are handled faster, which is a bonus for the latest websites.

  • Safe server environment.
They offer free SSL for all their plans, including shared, VPS, and dedicated. This ensures safe data transmission to a browser from the webserver. Therefore, your clients will feel reassured using your site. To guarantee this, BlueHost has implemented robust SiteLock features like SiteLock Professional, SiteLock WAF, and advanced CDN. For sysadmins and devs, they give SSH access on shared hosting plans too.
  • Scalability
As your site demands increase and grow, BlueHost lets you increase your resources by custom technology. Hence, you can begin with a basic plan and go higher as your business grows.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
Regardless of the disk space you employ, BlueHost does not restrict your resource requirements. This offers you a constant online presence. But if you exceed the usual usage, you will receive a notification e-mail to reduce your usage range.
  • 24/7 customer support
BlueHost maintains a sound knowledge base with articles, instructions, guides, and ways to attend to frequently asked questions. If you have more queries that these listed resources cannot address, you can contact the professional support team working round the clock through live chat, email, or phone.
  • Automatic backups
BlueHost run monthly, weekly, and daily backups kept for a total of 30 days. They let you run constant backups via the cPanel. Moreover, websites over 30 GB cannot benefit from these backups. You can also employ WordPress plugins like BackupBuddy to ascertain that your website is regularly backed up.

Other additional benefits that BlueHost offers include over 200 dollars marketing credits, PHP support: latest versions, free SSL certificates, and free domain registration. Now, let’s check out the VPS plans they offer. To help you peg-down your options and avoid purchasing more resources than required.

BlueHost VPS uses open-source technology like OpenStack and KVM for top-notch performance. With immediate provisioning, your site can be ready in a matter of seconds. For this plan, there are 3 sub-plans, which include:

  • Standard: This plan is available from 19.99 dollars for the initial month and 29.99 dollars for subsequent renewals.
  • Enhanced: This package is a budget-friendly VPS that cost 29.99 dollars in a month, for the starting price. And then 59.99 dollars per month afterward.
  • Ultimate: This plan gives up to 120 SSD and 8 GB RAM with an initial price of 59.99 dollars for the initial month and 119.99 dollars subsequently.


GreenGeeks is becoming a pre-eminent web hosting provider. The company uses green energy to power data centers and servers, which are innovative. They offer a unique web hosting performance for loading times and website speed. All their staffs use Mac and give good support to users. GreenGeeks offer a great feature, SSH access, which provides a fast and secure way to locate the webserver.

GreenGeeks feature various packages depending on your needs. One good thing is their plans come with the term ‘Unlimited’; MySQL databases, emails, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage. Some other great features are exceptional Mac-friendly support, free website transfer, free SSL certificates, and free domain registration.

The company also offers strong support through several channels; ticketing system, email, phone, and live chat. They equally have all queries in supportive blog posts, articles, and videos to assist you always. Also, their high performance fully managed VPS with cPanel gives you the power of a full server. Below are the scalable, reliable, and fast hosting plans that GreenGeeks offer.

  • 2 GB Fast Managed VPS

This costs 39.95 dollars per month, and the features include free softaculous license, free website transfer, GreenGeeks managed support, free SSL certificate, cPanel, 10 TB transfer, 50 GB SSD disk space, 4 vCPU, and 2 GB RAM.

  • 4 GB Best-selling Managed VPS

This plan costs 59.95 dollars per month and features cPanel, 10 TB transfer, 75 GB SSD disk space, 4 vCPU, and 4 GB RAM. It also includes a free softaculous license, free SSL certificate, free website transfer, GreenGeeks Managed support, and a 30-day cash back guarantee. It is equally available in Europe, Canada, and the USA.

  • 8 GB High-powered Managed VPS

This package costs 109.95 dollars per month and features 10 TB transfer, 8 GB RAM, 6 vCPU, 150 GB SSD disk space, and cPanel. It also comes with a 30-day cash back guarantee, free SSL certificate, free website transfer, and GreenGeeks Managed support. The available countries are Canada, Europe, and the USA.

Innovative Mac Infrastructure with a Global Footprint

The abundance of digital technology merged with intuitive software has changed many sectors. Applying automated technology and considering physical assets can utilize assets properly, discover efficiencies, and meet several societal needs. Thankfully, smart infrastructure came at the right time. We have reached a point where existing infrastructure outweighs new infrastructure, and new structure adds only about 0.5% value to national infrastructure.

In an ideal business world, there is a hardware system that works right out of the box. The computer would boost productivity without exposing the company’s data to security risks. However, when it comes to computer technology, the business world is not perfect. Today, small business owners face cost issues, interoperability, and usability when choosing a computer system. Since Windows has installed user base platforms, business owners often favor them over Apple’s Macintosh or Linux platforms.

Apple’s history of increasing the price for its proprietary hardware line has discouraged small business owners from embracing Mac infrastructure. But recent advancements in the Mac OS and the hardware and software compatibility are evolving the computing layout. Business owners can opt for the Mac infrastructure without forfeiting Windows access essentials on similar machines. Companies like MacStadium specialize in Global Mac infrastructure at a reasonable cost.

Here is why embracing the Mac infrastructure innovation might be a good idea:

  • Reduced disruption than expected: several small business entrepreneurs recently found out that switching from Microsoft to Apple incurs fewer costs than imagined. It also brings cost savings and productivity, despite the high price of Mac computers.
  • Paralleling Windows: the incorporation of Intel-related processors in an innovative software app and Mac applications via Parallels have taken out the real barriers to making a cost-efficient switch to the Mac infrastructure.

Popular Uses for a hosted Mac.

  • Jenkins and Xcode Server Integration
Xcode is the Apple integrated development environment used for developing applications for IOS devices. The software improvement process is continuous integration, using Xcode server and Xcode. They span analysis, testing, and automation. It involves using your Mac to develop Xcode applications, transferring the code to a repository, and transferring it to the Xcode server.
  • Daylite CRM Hosting
Daylite CRM is an information collector for all Man ecosystem content, plus many business functions such as creative servers, task management, address books, and native support for iCal.
  • Web and E-mail Hosting
E-mail services and generic hosting are the required standard feature. Mac VPS hosting environments are commonly intuitive, particularly for e-mail based services.
  • Filemaker Database Hosting
This is a database platform that works on Apple devices. It has a GI, supports scripting, and has remained in the same configuration for ages. You can easily share and create database applications from templates.
  • OS X Software Automated Testing
Imitating a Mac environment is not always similar to managing an app on the planned hardware. Acquiring remote servers is cheaper than purchasing different devices and hardware for automated testing in OS X.

How to access your VPS using RDP on Apple Mac

  • After payment and initializing your virtual private server, you will receive an email containing the server details and the various steps to open your virtual private server.
  • From the iTunes Store, fetch the Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • Locate Microsoft Remote Desktop; In Finder, go to file, navigate to New Finder Window, go-to favorites, click on Applications, and Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  • Double-tap to open the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and select ‘New’.
  • Enter the password, username, and port in the fields below the sent email.
  • Double-tap the new connection entry to activate your virtual private server.
  • You will be sent a certificate warning. Tap ‘Show certificate’.
  • Click on the checkbox for ‘Always trust “MYVPS” when connecting to…’ to avoid any warning regarding the self-signed certificate later.
  • Type in your computer account password to finish, including the self-signed certificate to the keychain.
  • You have to use a different password when you initially login for the safety of your virtual private server. Record the new password to avoid losing it.
  • You should be connected to your virtual private server and view a blank desktop.
  • Now, install the Broker’s MT4 or any other trading platform. Once the virtual private server web browser is open on your virtual private server, get the MT4 installed file from the broker. This varies in different brokers. Here are ways to acquire it:
    > The broker’s website: login to the client area and get the file from the download section.
    > Account opening E-mail: this is the e-mail from when you first opened an account. Login into the webmail on the virtual private server’s web browser and save the setup file through an attachment or a web link on the e-mail.
    > The weblink: if you know the setup file’s link (MT4), copy and paste it into your virtual private server’s browser address bar.

  • Once you have the installed file (MT4), save it on your virtual private server’s desktop. Then you can install it anytime at home on your personal computer.


Web hosting services are essential fundamentals for creating a reliable online platform. Finding a reputable and profitable web host is the starting point for making a known presence in the online world. As a Mac user, you will need a web host that is well acquainted with your expectations and compatible with your Macintosh PC. This article lists the two best web hosting providers on the market today that offer budget-friendly services with outstanding performance. In summary, Mac VPS hosting allows you to manage and setup many IOS devices and Mac computers from your Mac.

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