There are many choices available for website owners when considering the hosting plan to purchase. You can go for cloud hosting, shared server, VPS, or dedicated server. While a dedicated server is expensive, it offers the best hosting experience. A Dedicated server put only one user on a physical server, allowing him to customize the server the way he likes. Hence, it is fast, safe, and secure. However, many small businesses consider it to be too expensive. Of course, suppose the traffic to your website is minimal, and you don't have sensitive information on your website. In that case, there might not be any reason to be paying exorbitantly to own a dedicated server.

But your business might have outgrown a shared server hosting that offers the cheapest plan. If you have moderate to high traffic or cannot afford downtime, then a shared server may not be your best option. If you have sensitive information on your site, hosting it on a shared server is also risky. A shared server put several users on a physical server sharing the available resources among them. Because they are all sharing the same server and its resources like memory and disc space, the websites also share the cost. This makes share servers to be very affordable. But it is not reliable. Not only does hosting your website on a shared server put your site at risk of frequent downtime, but it also put it at a higher risk of attack. In a situation like this, a virtual private server (VPS) may be your best option.

VPS uses software to produce several virtual machines on a physical server. The virtual machines copy the information on the physical server and are isolated from one another. Each virtual machine can serve as a server to host a website. Although VPS has many users on a single physical server, the virtualization of the server means each virtual machine is isolated from the rest. Hence it functions more like a dedicated server than a shared server.

VPS is private. Therefore, you can load sensitive information on a website hosted on VPS. You can also customize your server according to your taste. The server allows you to run any software of your choice, including antivirus and antimalware. This means you can effectively take charge of your website security.

Although VPS shares resources among the users on the physical server, VPS's resources are usually significantly more than what is available on a shared server. Also, no website can interfere with your use of resources. So, as long as you don't have too much traffic than your allocated bandwidth, your site will continue loading very fast and responsive. Hence, VPS is fast, secure, and reliable. There is also a very low chance of having downtime when using VPS.

Despite all these great features of VPS hosting, you may be surprised that it is very affordable. Why is VPS so cheap, and how can you get the best deal on VPS?

Why is VPS Hosting So Low Cost?

Of course, there is no fixed price for any hosting plan. It all depends on the features available in the plan as well as the company you are buying the plan from. But while the dedicated server may range from a hundred dollars a month to thousands of dollars in a month, you can subscribe to VPS with less than 5 dollars a month.

VPS is cheap because it shares the server and resources among many users. It also takes management off the shoulders of the service providers. If you want the hosting company to manage your server for you, you will have to pay extra fees for a managed VPS plan.

Our VPS plans are of three categories. We have standard plans, a plan optimized for CPU, and another one optimized for memory. Each category then has a different memory and transfer speed to choose from. The traffic to your site, the kind of data your load will be important in selecting the VPS plan that will be best for you. However, the table below shows our VPS pricing for different plans.


Standard Price

CPU Optimized Price

Memory Optimized Price/ Additional Memory

1 GB

1 GB Memory/ 1 Core 25 GB Disk/ 1 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 1 GB Memory)

2 GB

2 GB Memory/ 2 Cores 50 GB Disk/ 2 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 2 GB Memory)

3 GB

3 GB Memory/ 2 Cores 75 GB Disk/ 3 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 3 GB Memory)

4 GB

4 GB Memory/ 3 Cores 100 GB Disk/ 4 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 4 GB Memory)

6 GB

6 GB Memory/ 4 Cores 150 GB Disk/ 5 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 6 GB Memory)

8 GB

8 GB Memory/ 6 Cores 200 GB Disk/ 6 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 8 GB Memory)

16 GB

16 GB Memory/ 8 Cores 400 GB Disk/ 7 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 16 GB Memory)

24 GB

24 GB Memory/ 10 Cores 600 GB Disk/ 8 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 24 GB Memory)

32 GB

32 GB Memory/ 12 Cores 800 GB Disk/ 9 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 32 GB Memory)

64 GB

64 GB Memory/ 20 Cores 1600 GB Disk/ 10 TB Transfer




(Plus extra 64 GB Memory)


96 GB Memory/ 24 Cores 2400 GB 11 TB



$739.99 (Plus extra 96 GB Memory)


192 GB Memory/ 32 Cores 4800 GB 12 TB



$1379.99 (Plus extra 192 GB Memory)

Note that all our plans come with a 7-day trial. You can enjoy any plan you choose for free during the seven days and still not under any obligation to subscribe after the trial period. You can visit our website for more information.

Types of VPS Operating Systems

There are many operating systems you can load on your VPS server. The most common are Windows operating system and Linux operating system. While the Linux operating system is cheaper and comes with antivirus, Windows OS is more expensive, and you will have to purchase your antimalware separately. However, Windows is easier to use, and it comes from Microsoft, which many website owners are already familiar with. Being a Microsoft product means any other application on your desktop from Microsoft will be compatible with your server's operating system. Also, Windows OS comes with other software that can be used to create a website.

Another vital advantage of the Windows operating system is its remote desktop access feature. If you host your website on a Windows VPS, you don't have to be with the computer linked with your server before you can access your server. Windows allows users to access the files and programs on their desktop from any computer connected to the internet. Hence you can control your server from any location. You can also share documents on your desktop with your staff while you were at different places.

But as stated earlier, the Windows operating system is more expensive than Linux and most other options. While Linux OS and most of its software are free, you must purchase a license before you can install Windows OS or other software compatible with Windows. So, how do you go about this licensing?

VPS Licensing Details

If you are to install Windows operating system on your VPS, you may want to know if you will be responsible for licensing the software or your hosting company. Many users consider it a double payment if they have to pay for a VPS subscription and be paying for the operating system subscription. However, the cost of Windows licensing goes to Microsoft and not the hosting service provider. But to make things easier and straightforward, many service providers usually include the cost of the operating system licensing in the total subscription plan. Even though you are still paying for the license, in that case, you don't have to make two payments. You will also know what you are paying before you buy a subscription so that the licensing fee will not appear like hidden charges. But different companies operate differently. A service provider may choose to leave you with Microsoft for your OS licensing. In any case, if you are not sure what applies to you, it is better to ask before you purchase a plan. If you would prefer a particular arrangement, you can also discuss it before finalizing your subscription plan. Many service providers will be willing to listen to you and provide you customized service.

Affordable Windows VPS Lightning Quick, Scalable, and Secure

Among the critical things you should consider in a web hosting option are the loading speed, site responsiveness, scalability, security, and reliability. Fortunately, VPS has them all. This web hosting option usually allocates more resources to users than a shared server. That makes the site load very fast. It also makes it easy for you to scale. As your business grows and you start having more visitors to your site, VPS allows you to buy more resources without having to migrate from your server. Hence, unlike a shared server, you can always have enough resources as required by your website. Also, unlike a dedicated server, you don't have to pay for the resources you don't need if you host on VPS.

If you host your website on VPS from a reputable service provider, then your site will load fast and be responsive. It will be easily scalable. It will be safe and reliable. That is why we are here to help you.

We May Help You

We offer the cheapest VPS hosting. Our services are excellent and affordable. We have been in the industry for many years and provide web hosting services to companies in different countries. Our team consists of top experts who are both professional and friendly. They are also very experienced. Therefore we will be happy to work with and provide you customized services that will be best for your business.

We have different VPS plans starting from as low as $4.99 per month. We also offer managed VPS hosting if you don't want to be involved in the management of the server so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. All our plans come with a 7-day free trial. You can contact us today to begin your trial period.

The Take-Away

VPS has many great offers. Although it shares a physical server and resources among different users, each virtual server functions as a separate entity. Hence, if you host your website on VPS, you will enjoy almost all the benefits of a dedicated server. But because many users pay for a single physical server, VPS hosting is very affordable.

VPS can be hosted on a Windows operating system or Linux operating system, among other available OS. While Windows is the easiest to use, it is also the most expensive. If you install Windows operating system for your VPS hosting, you will need to purchase a license. However, many service providers will be willing to include your OS licensing cost in the subscription plan, but it is always better to ask for clarity.

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