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Virtual private server (VPS) offers full SSD-powered virtual servers on a stable and reliable 40Gbit network in Miami. You will be making a shrewd and wise decision when you choose to invest in these mouthwatering hosting deals. There is no doubt that you will find it challenging to find better deals out there because these hosts offer incredible quality services without needing you to break the bank.

These hosts consume less power than regular ones and can be used for various purposes. We have webmasters, developers, and hosters as our clients, and they have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of our products and services. This post will explore the available hosts, their prices, and other vital details you need to make informed decisions when buying one.

VPS Hosting for Sale

Many people see VPS as the halfway house between shared hosting and a dedicated server. Each VPS can run its individual software and operating system independent of others within the server in the case of a more extensive physical server. For those seeking a server that offers top-notch performance that consumes less space and power than a dedicated server, VPS is their best bet.

VPS offers customization that is not available when using shared hosting. Therefore, if you have a website that is in dire need of upgrading because it requires more substantial resources, VPS is a viable option any day, any time. It is crucial to note that VPS and VPN (Virtual Private Network) are not the same despite their similarities, especially in name.

A VPN is a technology that guarantees your anonymity when using the internet. However, a VPS is a form of web hosting that keeps your servers secure. So, you need to know what you want before investing in a product to avoid disappointments. Once you are sure that what you need is a VPS, you are ready to consider other crucial factors, such as the location.

The location of your VPS affects its loading speed. For example, if most of your clients live in the US, then the best option is to host your VPS in the UK. This approach ensures that your customers will be able to enjoy the speediest load times. Meanwhile, one of the ways you can guarantee top customer satisfaction is to have a host that helps them to surf the internet without delays.

So, our VPS is a fantastic option for resellers and web developers who want to upscale their business. It offers unparalleled versatility because it can be used for various tasks such as game hosting, email applications, and many more. There are other unique perks you stand to enjoy when you perform some specific actions on our platform. For example, you can earn money by referring new customers to our services.

There are also rewards for sharing your knowledge with others on social media and participating in community discussions. You can redeem the points you gain by participating in these activities in exchange for our services. Potential buyers trust our products because all our VPS have a built-in firewall.

They are also safe because we offer Distributed Denial of Service, or DDOS protection. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to be able to detect outgoing and incoming cyberattacks, which is crucial in the light of an increase in such malicious activities in recent times. There are three categories from which you can choose, depending on your priority and needs. In order to make things easier for our customers, we have made various payment methods available such as PayPal, Credit card, and Bitcoin.

5 Best Managed VPS Hosting for Small to Medium Businesses

For software developers, eCommerce companies, innovative startups, and other small to medium businesses, we have a wide range of managed VPS hosting that will delight them. Here they are:

3 GB Memory / 2 Cores/ 75 GB Disk / 3 TB Transfer

This package is a perfect display of our attention to detail when providing managed VPS hosting. It guarantees high performance, which guarantees excellent customer satisfaction. Besides, it supports major Oss, including Debian, Linux, Centos, Ubuntu, and others. So, there is no cause for alarm because you can even use cPanel and Plesk as a control panel when setting up your custom configuration.

However, in case your preferred OS is not on the lists, we still got your back. All you need to do is to ask our VPS hosting team for assistance, and you can be sure that you will get a swift response and solution. Moreover, this option offers other juicy features, such as a secured platform for the privacy and information of your client. This feature is particularly important if you are doing a lot of financial transactions.

8 GB Memory / 6 Cores/ 200 GB Disk / 6 TB Transfer

This VPS hosting has similar features as the last one. However, it offers more speed and memory space. Therefore, it is your best bet if you have lots of videos because you will need more disk space and ram to give your visitors the best browsing experience. It is better than shared hosting with our SSD (NVMe) storage included. Besides, it offers a better user experience because it is tantamount to watching a football game from the VIP box.

In other words, it allows you to have complete control over your environment through a process called virtualization. This process breaks a physical server into virtual machines. With this VPS hosting, you will get total server admin privilege, which is crucial in the absence of the ovhcloud control panel. Besides, the “hypervisor” feature ensures that each user has complete freedom to configure their virtual machine environment to their taste.

3 GB Memory / 2 Cores / 75 GB Disk / 3 TB Transfer

Just like many of our VPS hosting services, this package ensures that you are the sole owner of your data, which is perfect for small and medium businesses. Unlike shared hosting or web hosting, no one, including us, has access to your data and online assets. Therefore, you have no cause for alarm regarding any unauthorized access to the personal information of your customers. Another exciting feature of this VPS hosting is that it welcomes all kinds of content.

Therefore, as long as you don’t violate the laws of the country the website is hosted or regulations currently active in the US and Gibraltar. If you had a VPS and want to change to this one, it is not an issue. All you need to do is to terminate the existing VPS and begin a new one. You will be able to transfer your data and applications effortlessly. The main consideration is CPU or RAM power. You can –day use the 7-day free trial and preview the VPS hosting before purchasing it. In the rare case that you are not satisfied with the services, you will not be coerced into buying it.

4 GB Memory / 3 Cores / 100 GB Disk / 4 TB Transfer

Many users are proud of the decision they made to purchase this VPS hosting due to its numerous exciting features. It takes a matter of minutes to set it up, and your account will be instantly activated once your registration has been completed. This package offers you complete control and exclusive access to your dedicated access server portion. It allows you to add software, configure and backup your server. It also enables you to install your own security patches and use your preferred operating system and VPS control panel.

This VPS hosting also ensures that you have your own IP address. Therefore, you will be able to secure your domain name and develop as many websites as possible. With more than 15 locations around the world, we offer you various places you can use this VPS hosting, depending on where you have the most of your customers. Note that the clients in the location of the server will enjoy the fastest browsing rate.

4 GB Memory / 2 Cores / 50 GB Disk / 2 TB Transfer

This memory-optimized VPS hosting is ideal for small and medium businesses because it is cheap and offers quality services. It can be used by beginners regardless of their ability because it is user-friendly and easy to set up. It does not require advanced technical knowledge, and you can get started with the 7-day trial before considering purchasing it. It is also easy to manage because it offers you access to features such as site backups, quota management, log analysis, and anti-spam.

VPS Hosting Plans, Pricing, and Features

When buying a VPS, you can choose from the standard, CPU optimized, or memory-optimized category. Standard packages are well balanced and have plenty of power, making them perfect for the average VPS. However, when you need more memory or CPY power, then you should consider the other packages. The standard package compatible with 1 GB memory, 1 core 10 GB disk, and 1 GB transfer costs $ 2.99.

Meanwhile, the 1 GB memory / 1 core / 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer and 2 GB memory / 2 cores / 50 GB disk / 2 TB transfer options cost $ 4.99 and $ 9.99, respectively. Bigger options are also available. For example, you can get the 6 GB memory / 4 cores / 150 GB disk / 5 TB transfer for $ 29.99 and the 8 GB memory / 6 cores / 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer for $ 39.99. It all depends on your needs and how much you are willing to invest.

Just like the standard, the CPU optimized packages also comes in various options, features, and prices. For example, the 1 GB memory / 1 core / 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer costs $ 69.99 while the 2 GB memory / 2 cores / 50 GB disk / 2 TB transfer is available for $ 139.99. Higher packages in this category include 6 GB memory / 4 cores / 150 GB disk / 5 TB Transfer, which costs $ 279.99 and 8 GB Memory / 6 cores / 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer, which costs $ 419.99.

The memory-optimized category also features various exciting deals and options for your enjoyment. They are suitable for applications that use more memory. Therefore, they offer a healthy dose of memory, making them perfect for avoiding paying for resources you don’t need. One of the most popular packages in this category is the 2 GB memory / 1 core / 25 GB disk / 1 TB transfer, which cost $ 7.49.

Other excellent options include the 6 GB memory / 2 cores / 75 GB disk / 3 TB transfer and 16 GB memory / 6 cores / 200 GB disk / 6 TB transfer, which costs $ 22.49 and $ 69.99, respectively. So there are more than enough options from which you can choose, depending on your needs. You can be sure that whatever choice you make will serve its purpose effectively.


Our VPS hosting ensures that you will be able to create your own custom server with the kind of environment that is suitable for your needs. We are confident in the quality of the services of our VPSs, and that is why we offer you a 7-day trial before you make a purchase. This post has highlighted the best deals for you. Ensure that you choose the option that best suits your need. You should consider factors such as location and the kind of activities that will be prevalent on your websites before picking a package. You can be certain that whatever option you choose will offer you value for your investment. So, don’t hesitate to subscribe today.

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