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Will I Get Any Kind of Assistance While Using VPS?

Having good background knowledge on the types of VPS web hosting services based on management will help a lot in understanding the issue of assistance in VPS usage.

There are two forms of VPS web hosting. They are unmanaged VPS services and managed VPS services.

Unmanaged VPS web hosting refers to a web hosting service where basic features such as RAM, Bandwidth, disk space, and other utilities necessary to run a website are provided by a web hosting service provider, but server customization and management are left to the user to run on his own.

Unlike the unmanaged version, managed VPS web hosting offers all the necessary resources for the running of a website on a server and goes steps further to take most, if not all in some cases, of the responsibility of the server customization and management. Therefore, in this case, there are very few options for website owners operating on this plan to design the server OS to their personal taste.

However, even though most web hosting service providers take up the customization process based on their perception of consumer interests, hosting providers like take surveys on customer preferences and tailor the Operating system their servers run on to the average requirements of websites. This means that a managed web hosting option is still a rather wonderful choice for a business when using

Choosing any of these plans, that is, managed or unmanaged web hosting depends on certain factors which include the size of the business, level of expertise of the website owners, and of course, the budget plan of the owners.

A managed VPS web hosting service is very suitable for relatively small businesses that have outgrown shared hosting because of the little complexities involved in running their websites. This is not the same for bigger websites whose server requests are much more than smaller businesses’.

The need, therefore, arises for a wider range of settings to personalize the server’s OS to bigger websites' requirements and this is absent in managed VPS making the unmanaged version the best for such websites.

Furthermore, the level of expertise the owners of websites possess is another determinant in the selection of the perfect plan for a VPS web hosting service. If you are well acquainted with server OS customization settings and management, I highly advise you to go for the unmanaged VPS because there is no need for the hosting service provider to run the design of your assigned space on the server. If you do not have this knowledge, be that as it may, I highly recommend you go for the managed option at a little extra cost.

Speaking of which, the cost is also an important factor to consider in picking either of the two VPS web hosting options. The unmanaged VPS costs less than the managed version making it a no-brainer choice for most businesses. However, considering the factors stated above, you might want to adjust your budget to choose the one most suitable for your website.

Also, if the cost of hiring someone to manage the server OS is less than what it would cost you to go for the managed version, I’d suggest you go with employing an expert. However, this is least likely to happen as IT workers tend to require adequate pay for the services they render.

The issue of how much assistance one can get while using VPS web hosting is entirely dependent on which of these plans you use, managed or unmanaged.

If you are using a managed VPS web hosting service, you are most likely to receive unlimited support in running the activities of your website. These services are included in the sum you are charged.

This is completely different from the unmanaged type as limited support is provided by the web hosting service providers in this case. You may be helped with answers to a few questions available on the FAQ( Frequently Asked Questions) section, but many services would be unavailable.

A control panel, commonly known as cPanel available on managed VPS is absent in the unmanaged versions. Users will have to independently carry out all the functions a cPanel would or install a third-party control panel.

Also, when going for unmanaged VPS, you will have to know that email services are not provided by default. As with the control panel, you will have to set up and customize your Mail Transfer agent known as MTA. Qmail, Postfix, and Sendmail are some of the most popular MTAs in use today.

Businesses using unmanaged VPS web hosting will also bear the burden and costs involved in doing site transfers as time goes on.

Moreover, databases on your website are not automatically backed up for you when you use the unmanaged version of VPS web hosting. You will have to perform periodic and regular backups to prevent the incidence of data loss on your website.

Can I Install Custom Software On My VPS Server?

Most businesses like to personalize their websites, setting up software that not only aids the smooth running of the website but also gives an aesthetic effect to websites making them look classy and premium when visited. This is very important if you would like to gain access to extra resources that are absent in your server.

The answer to the highlighted aforementioned question is dependent on whether you use the managed or unmanaged version of a VPS web hosting service. If you are using the managed type, where all the basic resources needed to run your website are provided and the services you are rendered include default, preinstalled software that are important to the day-to-day running of your website, you are most likely not required to install any software. You can if you wish to, anyways. But most times, this is unnecessary and wastes RAM and disk space.

If you are using unmanaged VPS, you are likely to have more space since certain default software in managed VPS is absent in your server. This makes it easier for you to install as many custom software of your choice as you can within your available disk space.

In the installation of custom software on a VPS server, one has to consider two very important factors. These components, being Disk space and RAM, are never to be overlooked if you wish to successfully run your website.

Disk space in VPS typically refers to the quantity of space allocated to a website and all files associated with it on a partitioned server. It is measured in Gigabytes. Disk space wouldn’t be so important in web hosting if it were not for the many disadvantages attracted when it is insufficient to run a website.

From MySQL database glitches to the potential loss of customers due to slow speed, these negative impacts can be devastating to businesses. Want to know the way to escape this? Only install the necessary software. For example, it’s completely useless to download both Ubuntu OS and Fedora on the same server when they serve the same purpose. Simplified, it’s like using two spoons of the same size while eating, it's unnecessary, uncomfortable, and doesn’t make sense.

Moving on, RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It refers to the memory that handles the task of making all the data needed to run a program or an application on a server temporarily available. RAM is also measured in Gigabytes. Think of it as a palette with some paint on it. The palette doesn't store paint permanently. It just does so for the period when the painter is still using the paints on it. When it’s cleaned, the paints are washed off and cannot be found on the palette. This is so with the Random Access Memory assigned to a website, it stores data needed to run an application while it’s being used. When the server is restarted, the data is lost.

However, it’s a lot faster to access data on RAM than on the Hard Drive or Solid State Drive where data is permanently kept just like it’s easier to use diluted paint on a palette than to paint directly from bottles with undiluted paint in them.

RAM space, therefore, affects your business negatively when the one that is allocated to your website is too small. Using my paint illustration, a palette without many grooves will not be able to take many colors together making it difficult for the painter to paint effectively. This applies to Random Access Memory too. As you open more applications on your server, more RAM is being used up and you will eventually notice the server running slow. This happens when software on your server is more than the available space can handle.

In essence, while it’s permissible to install custom software on a server, one should consider its importance in relation to the space available.

Luckily for tight-budget businesses,, one of the best hosting services available, offers a wide range of RAM and Disk space at affordable rates. Try it for free today.

Design The Best VPS Hosting Plan For Your Project

In designing the best VPS hosting plan for one project, these are the following that should be considered:

  • Size of the website: How big your website is determines which VPS hosting plan you should go for. If you have outgrown shared web hosting, by just a bit and do not have a load of traffic on your site, a basic managed VPS plan will do the trick. However, if you own a medium-scale business and you would like to offer integrated services on your website with full control of the OS configuration, an advanced unmanaged VPS plan will be sufficient for you.
  • Level of expertise: Whether your business is very large or it just advanced from shared web hosting, if you or your staff possess a sufficient level of technical know-how especially on OS customization and server management, it would be advisable you go for the unmanaged VPS plan as you wouldn’t require a managed one.
  • Budget: If you are on a low budget, you are most likely to pick a VPS plan with basic resources. This means you won’t enjoy as much RAM and disk space as you would want to.

With these few basic tips, I would like to use a model website as an example and design the perfect VPS web hosting plan for it.

Let’s say I have a website where I upload long-form content with viewers ranging from 750-1500 per day. I also have a tech-guy sufficient knowledge of customization of server OS who knows how to operate the server regularly. I should go for an unmanaged VPS hosting option.

As I upload content on my website, pictures, gifs and images are also included and I receive a lot of comments, feedback, and mail on this website. I should probably be thinking of RAM space of around 3 Gigabytes. I should also consider disk space of 75 Gigabytes or so. While considering all these, I should think about my financial status as a business owner. Getting a good plan with the above-mentioned features should cost about $16 per month. This is quite affordable. My next step is to look for the VPS web hosting service provider that offers the lowest cost with innovative security systems. While I go through the many options that I research, I stumble upon’s web hosting plan that matches my requirements with a lower price tag and I go for it. I then set up my software on the server space I’m given and begin to use my website.

That's basically a plan for a medium-scale website. Yours may be smaller or larger, but if you follow the basic tips aforementioned in this article, finding the least expensive quality VPS web hosting plan for your website shouldn’t be a problem at all. And when you do this, check out’s range of scalable pricing plans suitable for your website.

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