VPS Hosting is one of the most suitable solutions for users, when their websites outgrow shared hosting and its features. This is basically because, there is a significant increase in traffic and the clientele base of the business. This means more visibility and profit for the business and on another hand, congestion in traffic resulting in slower loading speed for your website pages.

This can adversely affect your business and brand. Thus, the need to upgrade to a hosting plan that better serves the need of the business and website arises. In other words, the user is saddled now, with the responsibility to switch to a hosting plan that improves website loading speed, manages the traffic better and at the same time, suits his budget.

Now, a Virtual Private Server is a server that shares the same physical server with a number of other servers which are at the same time isolated or partitioned into individual virtual spaces/servers. This is achieved by the virtualization technology.

It is important to note that there are two types of VPS Hosting. They are managed Hosting and unmanaged Hosting. While your service provider takes over and manages everything related to and incidental to the hosting in managed hosting, it is the other way round in unmanaged hosting.

In unmanaged hosting, the user takes care of everything related to server management. Thus, unmanaged hosting may not be a good option for users that are not tech-savvy.


In managed VPS HOSTING, your service provider takes over server management. Thus, you don’t need to worry about server maintenance and management.

Maintenance services like software installation, updates, back-up, security and every other thing is undertaken and fully managed by your service provider. This affords the business owner to focus more on business growth and generally, takes a lot off load off his shoulders; thereby making his job easier.


Below are some of the reasons why you should go for managed VPS hosting. Also, these represent the advantages that accrue to you as a user once you choose managed VPS hosting.

  • Reduces workload and makes management easier: Managed VPS Hosting frees up the schedule of the business owner and makes ample time available for him to concentrate more on building the business and managing the brand better. The long term benefits of managed hosting may include massive business growth and improved brand image and management. With his hosting provider managing the technical aspect of the business, he has absolutely no worries with regard to the server being adequately managed or not.
  • Ensures full root access: Since VPS hosting is a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting, it has the features of dedicated hosting and one of them is full root access. Based on this fact, you can modify your server when the need for a modification arises. Also, managed VPS hosting makes room for customization to suit the needs of your website.
  • Guarantees better performance: Managed VPS hosting greatly improved the performance of your server because most businesses go for SSD based VPS hosting which is a better option compared to its counterpart, the HDD based hosting. SSD based hosting improves the server performance by optimizing and improving the ranking of the website on Google and at the same time,, improving the website loading speed of the website.
  • Better Security: Managed hosting improves the overall security of your website. This is achievable because the servers are partitioned into virtual servers or spaces despite sharing the same physical server. Thus, the IP addresses are separate and different for each of the servers.
  • Affordable and saves cost: Managed VPS hosting is cheap and cost-saving compared to the cost of hiring a dedicated technical administrator for the sole purpose of server maintenance. With your web hosting provider taking care of the maintenance of your website, you do not need to pay a dedicated resource or technician to do that.


Fully managed VPS hosting is a kind of managed hosting where the provider completely takes over management and maintenance of the server thereby, relieving the user of the technical aspects and details of the server. This kind of managed hosting comes in very handy in organizations no one has sufficient technical knowledge and expertise to manage the server.


The following are the advantages of Fully managed hosting:

  • Support: With fully managed VPS hosting, the user is assured of 24/7 support. This means that once there is a problem of some sort, they only need to contact their providers and it will be sorted in no time.
  • Server management and maintenance: it is the duty of the hosting provider to ensure that the server is running properly and in perfect working condition. Also, he makes sure that there are no technical issues which may lead to the crash of the website.
  • Encryption and data protection: The provider checks files and data on the server from time to time to ensure that they are not prone to attacks from malware. Again, regular back ups are carried out to ensure quick recovery if data if anything goes wrong.
  • Regular Updates: Regular software or hardware updates are carried out by the service provider so that nothing goes out of date. This ensures that their website is up and running all the time.
  • System monitoring: The goal of system monitoring is to ensure that your website can managed increased traffic without difficulties or crashes. Your hosting provider undertakes the responsibility of monitoring.
  • Website Security: Under fully managed hosting, the provider carries out constant checks especially on the vulnerable parts of the website to ensure that there is no inversion of the system by malware.


There are so many uses of VPS hosting as a hosting solution. Knowledge of these uses will enable you to leverage on the benefits it has for you and your site as a business owner. Below are some of the uses of VPS hosting:

  • WEBSITE HOSTING: Website hosting is the most conventional use of VPS servers. This is because of its numerous advantages; some of which include provision of resources for your website, better performance and scalability, root access and full control over the server and opportunity to configure and customize. You can install applications and software to suit the need of your site or customize already existing ones to your taste.
  • PERSONAL SERVER HOSTING: Generally, you can host anything that functions as a server on your VPS although; you may need to check whether this feature is allowed by the particular provider. Thus, apart from the conventional use of VPS Server to host your websites, you can also use it for the purpose of hosting your personal server. One feature of the VPS server environment is its ability to provide an isolated virtual environment for you. This is a major reason why you should consider running your personal server environment that is, if you do not have one already. In addition to this, you have the space and environment to carry out additional online activities.
  • CHECKING APPLICATIONS: You can test/examine the setup and working condition of custom servers or even web applications. VPS hosting grants the perfect opportunity to do all these without incurring extra costs. This is because ordinarily you will need an entire dedicated server to test these things and this would mean extra expenses. But, with VPS hosting, you can conveniently carry out your tests without going through all these hassles.
  • FILE BACKUP AND STORAGE: A VPS server provides you with additional storage and backup for your files. With VPS, your files are safe and easily accessible when you need them.
  • ONLINE STREAMING: If you need to stream online regularly, VPS is a good option for you. If you hold online conferences and seminars, make broadcasts, Vlog or you teach courses online. It grants you all the scalability you need.
  • TORRENTING: This is another use of VPS hosting. Torrenting with your VPS server frees up a lot of space and gives you more times to torrent. If you torrent often, you should consider a remote VPS server. Not only will it make your task easier but also, more enjoyable.

Instance of a personal server you could host on VPS is a gaming server.

Again, you eliminate storage costs that could have incurred with Cloud storage since backing up with VPS server is less expensive. But, you need to make enquiries to ensure that the hosting provider has no issues with their VPS accounts being harnessed solely for storage of files. You can discover their stance on this in their terms and conditions.


VPS hosting comes with a myriad of benefits. As have been stated earlier, it is a hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting thus, it possesses the advantages of both types of hosting. Below are the benefits of VPS hosting.

  • TIGHTER SECURITY: With VPS hosting, the security of your server is guaranteed. VPS hosting gives you control of the security of your server. This is re-enforced by the partitioning and isolation of one server from the other. Since your VPS has its own space, its resources can only be accessed by you. This means that your server is protected from infection by malware from other servers. As an additional security measure, you can install firewalls and other security tools on your own server alone.
  • RELIABILTY: VPS servers are very reliable. Because each server/user has his own resources dedicated to his use alone, the performance of your website will not be affected by the activity or tasks being carried out by others used. Overall performance of your website is improved and downtimes and crashes are eliminated.
  • SCALABILITY: VPS hosting encourages your growth by recognizing that there may be need to move from one hosting plan to another. It prioritizes the needs of your business. Thus, it makes it easy for you to move up or down. You can also upgrade to a higher hosting plan when you outgrow VPS hosting or if it can no longer cater to the needs of your website.
  • COMPLETE CONTROL AND CONFIGURATION: A VPS server gives you complete control over your own server. You can take charge and manage your server as you like. The user is also at liberty to configure the VPS to suit the unique needs of his website. You can then decide to delegate the management and maintenance of your hosting service provider. You can choose a fully managed hosting service or delegate only the technical aspect of your business to the provider.
  • AFFORDABLE/COST-EFFECTIVE: VPS hosting is much more affordable compared to dedicated hosting. This is because, under VPS hosting resources are still shared only that this time, it is between fewer persons. With VPS hosting, a user operates within his budget and if he has to exceed it, it definitely won’t be by a large margin. It is safe to say that, VPS hosting offers you dedicated services at a price only slightly above that of shared hosting. VPS hosting successfully bridges the gap between Shared and Dedicated hosting, creating some sort of middle ground.
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE: Under VPS hosting, each user operates independent of other users. Isolation is maintained through virtualization. Thus, traffic spikes on other sites cannot affect your site. With VPS hosting, your site performs at optimal status.
  • FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE: VPS service providers give you all the support and assistance you need if you encounter any challenges. They are open and available to help 24/7.


Having seen all that VPS hosting entails, its uses and the benefits of fully managed hosting, you are fit to make a choice. With fully managed VPS hosting, your server gets all the maintenance, support, protection and management it needs to function at its best. Also, if you are not technically knowledgeable or experience, or your business lacks people with the requisite knowledge to properly manage the technical aspect of your business then, you should consider fully managed VPS hosting.

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