Technology has continued to be a blessing to humanity in ways we cannot describe. Each Nanosecond that passes daily is accompanied by an amount of innovation and growth in the tech space. No wonder a scholar once said technology is a gift from God to man. Technology has no limitation, and it is not stopping; innovations upon innovations would be dished out daily. Who would have considered having a VPS hosting for game servers years ago?

Gaming has come to be an essential aspect of many lives. It helps to relieve stress while enjoying yourself. Gaming has also been heard of to strengthen bonds and closeness among friends. With the help of technology, gaming has taken different shapes; it has moved from an on-premise environment where players have to meet physically to play games to an off-premise environment where players can access the game and play remotely.

With VPS hosting for game servers, one can move his/her gaming resource to a server where remote access is possible. This is done by purchasing a virtual private server that would suit the quality of the game you want to make available for either your friends, family, or the general public to access. With game servers, the game is made available all round the clock without having any limitation in time. Hence, you can play anytime you want.

VPS Hosting

A VPS is also known as a virtual private server; it is a hosting server in which resources from shared hosting are partitioned to serve as a sole server having its resources. These resources include; the RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage, and processor, etc. Although it is a shared form of hosting, it is built to act as a dedicated server, and it is cost-effective. Hence, VPS hosting for a game server is relatively cheap, unlike dedicated hosting where cost is very high because of the large number of resources it accords.

The VPS works by having a mirror image of the parent server by the functioning of a hypervisor. Hence it can function alone as a virtual private server, having its independent resources with a given amount of RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage, and processors. No matter the occurrences that may occur in neighboring servers on the same parent server, nothing will happen to the virtual private server that you hosted your game server on.

There are other forms of hosting; they include shared hosting where there is one central server and clients buy different portions of the server to hosting their games, websites, or businesses. Under this form, there is a great problem of disturbance from the neighboring websites hosted on the same server as a result of the shared nature of this hosting type. In shared VPS hosting, the whole community of clients shares the server resources.

Another type of hosting is dedicated hosting. This form of hosting is majorly for resource-intensive websites or businesses. The cost of owning a dedicated server is usually on the high side. As the name implies, you are given a server that belongs solely to you without any interference from neighboring servers, there is no neighbor in dedicated hosting. The major limitation here is that the resources are usually very large, hence the cost.

VPS hosting, on the other hand, serves as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, in the sense that it is a shared form of web hosting but has dedicated functions and resources. The parent server is shared into compartments; each part is made to function alone as a VPS. The differences between the two different VPS are either the brand or company that owns the VPS or the memory and resources allocated to e VPS.

Web Hosting For Gamers

With the massive simulation and great mods in games these days, there has been a massive increase in the communities and numbers of online gamers. This, in turn, has increased the popularity and need for online gaming. Which has also led to different development inaccessibility of these games from different console; whether mobile or a pc or in a dedicated gaming environment and other gadgets.

With the huge surge in the need for online gaming, comes the responsibility to host games on servers that will satisfy the needs of these teaming gaming populations. Hence the need to host the online game on servers that are secure, with a scalable environment and large storage to contain the surge and influx of gamers while keeping the game at premium quality.

Previously many preferred dedicated web hosting for gaming purposes. Though this is the premium for gaming hosting if your game requires a lot of scaling and has heavy automation and mods that you cannot get from a VPS. Dedicated hosting is very expensive because it has many resources that may eventually not be used up by clients in their hosting plan and cycle. Hence, there is a waste of those resources that are not utilized.

A VPS is used to combat this problem of high cost and excess resources associated with dedicated hosting. It is a Virtual server that stands alone and is provisioned resources from the parent server and acts as a dedicated server. Consequently, with a VPS, all the advantages you can get from a dedicated server can be gotten without wasting resources. All you need to do is determine the maximum amount of resources your game would need to be hosted.

Requirements For A VPS Hosting For Game Server

Before you can adopt a VPS and pay for it to be used for your game server hosting, adequate care must be taken to mitigate picking the wrong infrastructure for your hosting plans. Decisions taken here can make or mal your gaming business or leisure. Hence, you must take time to decide what you will require to keep your game running without having downtime and when there is a need for scaling.

For optimum satisfaction, a VPS server should have these attributes:

  • A VPS server must have a large amount of storage space: giving the high amount of load work on a gaming server. The VPS plan you should subscribe to for your game hosting must have an ample amount of storage to handle spikes in the number of players on your gaming websites without crashing.
  • The VPS server must have a high amount of CPU: for a VPS to run at optimum performance, it needs to have a high amount of CPU, to checkmate simultaneous access on the gaming website by different multi players at the same time. This allows the VPS server to handle multiple requests at the same time without crashing.
  • The VPS server must have a high amount of Processors: this has to do with the speed at which inbound requests are handled and the time of executions. For gaming websites, the VPS server has to run at nanoseconds speed to be able to give a prompt response to the gamer's request and execute the games.
  • The VPS server must maintain an uninterrupted uptime: this helps to make the game availability a hundred percent without any downtime.

Quality, High Performing, And Affordable VPS Hosting

Generally, to choose a VPS hosting for a game server plan, you must first consider a lot of factors, so that you will not make mistakes. The general idea behind adopting a VPS server for hosting games in place of dedicated hosting is to reduce the cost effects that accompany dedicated hosting.

Hence to choose a VPS for hosting your game website, the quality, performance, and cost must be considered so that you can cut costs and still have value for your money. The difference between the same VPS plan hosting is the companies that are rendering the services. While some VPS providers can be relatively cheap and affordable with a high accompanying amount of resources, others will be more or slightly costlier with the same resources.

To decide which VPS work optimum for you, you have to consider some factors that include;

  • Good customer service relation: this will enable you to be in touch with your VPS service provider. Therefore, you will always have first-hand information about your server and get unblocked when you are stuck.You can also get information concerning the health of your server and how to keep it running at its best.
  • Control panel that is user-friendly: for someone who lacks skills to manage and provision your server resources well, there will be a problem when you purchase a VPS that its control panel is not user-friendly and needs a developer to set it up. The VPS service you should adopt should be one where you can navigate and configure the environment with minimal or no support.
  • The VPS server must be affordable: there a numerous VPS server out there that are packaged with a high amount of resources and yet very cheap and affordable. These are the type you should be looking at. The best VPS to adopt are the ones that are pocket-friendly yet giving optimum resources that suit your needs.
  • The VPS company should have a good reputation: in as much as we are trying to cut costs and get great value for our money, any VPS hosting game server company that we should patronize must be one that has a great track record and its servers are secure. Therefore, when there are any incompetencies in the future, we can be assured that our resources are safe and in good hands.
  • The VPS provider should be able to accord a high amount of scale when the server can no longer accommodate your resources as a result of increased gamers in different areas of the globe. They should also be able to migrate you to a dedicated server if the need arises without loss of data or downtime in the server.

Host Online Games With VPS

Virtual private server (VPS) has since been a better option to most gamers. This is because they can have a server that meets just what they need and no excesses. This is particularly true for gamers that develop games and host just for their consumption. Such persons would be wasting a huge amount of resources if he or she chooses to host the game websites with dedicated hosting.

With VPS, you can host your online game whether resource-intensive or the game is developed for just three players. VPS is cheap, affordable, and reliable and offers speed to your gaming experience. VPS hosting for game servers will keep your games on the server safe and secure with access to the game at any point in time you wish to play.

With a personal VPS, you can make any modifications and configuration to your game as much as you want without having to consult anybody or distort any service on the server because once you purchase your own VPS server, you are given root access and that server is dedicated to you.

Some advantages of VPS hosting for game servers include:

  • VPS server for online game hosting is cheap and affordable: compared to dedicated hosting, VPS hosting for games is very affordable as some hosting service provider would start their plans at $5 or less or more per month depending on the number of resources you need.
  • There is a great amount of security: after purchasing a VPS server for hosting your online games, you are given root access. This means that only you can carry out any configuration on your server, hence there is no third party. This helps to ensure the maximum amount of security on the server.
  • It is highly scalable: in case of a high traffic period, the VPS server has allotted space to handle a certain level of spikes in traffic if the players increase without warning.
  • With a VPS server, you can easily create backups for your game logs by creating a snapshot and carrying out point in time recovery if there is accidental server downtime.
  • VPS server assures a high amount of availability to your online game website.


Numerous online games exist in this present era of growth, especially these days where people are confined to stay in their homes to avoid contracting the virus. As a result, many avid players are utilizing the power of the internet to connect with families and friends over a gaming console; this is made possible by utilizing resources in a VPS server.

VPS server can handle the high resource demand of a gaming website. It offers a large amount of scalability with an interface and environment that are graphical, easy to understand, and manage. It is also flexible and helps to keep your gaming website running without interruption or without undergoing downtimes. A VPS would give its optimum best if it is properly managed.

VPS Hosting for Game Servers

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