VPS (Virtual Private Network) are very potent but cheap way of hosting your site on the internet. Even though the web is filled with tons of VPS hosting providers, it is sometimes a tough venture to make an informed choice.

Luckily, there are some reputable and popular hosting providers that offer pocket-friendly hosting options even without compromising on quality. Some of them go as far as offering you just a few dollars of hosting service monthly.

In the article, we’re going to explain the benefits and features that you can expect from a cheap hosting provider, so that you can make an informed choice of when you go all out hunting for one.

If you do not plan on spending so much on a hosting service, the two likely choices that would suit your budget are shared hosting and VPS hosting. VPS hosting does not normally offer the same scalability, stability, and speed level that dedicated and cloud servers provide, which is one step from shared hosting.

For those using VPS hosting, they’ll readily notice that they can share some hardware components with other customers, but cannot do the same with resources. You will get your own virtual room of the servers, and this implies greater isolation and privacy than what is obtainable with a shared hosting solution.

VPS hosting is particularly great for sites with traffic levels that are best described as being medium. They are great options for those desirous of the middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting, or/and you’ve got a small financial plan that you want to stay true to.

This solution is also a very effective method of cutting down costs if you are still in the growth phase of your business. While it is true that you would not get the set of tools and features that you’ll get on pricier packages, you can get what you need for the meantime, if you have the right provider.


Hostinger is a cheap and popular VPS hosting platform that caters for both Windows and Linux users:

With this provider, even the cheapest plan you’ll get will include IPv6 and IPv4 internet protocols. For customers that subscribe to the premium feature of this provider, they’ll enjoy a dedicated internet protocol address.

Unlike other providers like Vultr, this platform functions as a general web hosting service that offers WordPress-focused plans. To add to its VPS offerings, it also includes dedicated, cloud, and shared hosting plans.

  • Pricing

Hostinger VPS packages begin at $3.95/month. And this includes 1GB RAM, 20GB storage, and on CPU.

This platform also includes Windows VPS package. Although, this option is somewhat pricier, beginning at $26/month. But, then all of the plans include a thirty days money-back guarantee policy.

  • Ease of Setup

This provider includes a VPS cPanel that makes it very easy for you to manage your virtual server. You can install recently downloaded scripts in it, back up your vital data, and reboot the system. Also, you will be provided with a complete admin privilege so that everything about the control of the system will be up to you.

  • Customer Support

The customer support section of this provider includes a multi-language support system, and a round-the-cloud live chat option. Sadly, Hostinger does not include a phone support.


Vultr is a quick instance VPS hosting provider. It includes SSD servers for easy deployment and building of cloud-based systems.

This platform offers both high-powered and standard compute instances that you may utilize for your VPS hosting demands. Vultr has is server accessible in about seventeen locations across the planet.

One of the exceptional advantages of using this system is the fact that it allows you to pick from infinite operating system combinations. These include Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and lots more. Also, deploying a customized ISO is your choice to make.

  • Pricing

The pricing for the Vultr VPS compute instance begins at $2.5/month. It includes 10GB SSD, one CPU, and 512MB RAM.

Vultr made it a rule not to include long-term agreements. You will be billed on a hourly basis with this provider, and then you get to pay monthly.

  • Ease of Setup

However, Vultr offers a plethora of one-click installation options for software such as cPanel and WordPress.

Just like what is obtainable with most self-managed systems, most of the setup, configuration, and maintenance responsibility are yours to make. But then, Vultr comes with a plethora of one-click set up options for programs like WordPress and cPanel.

Also, Vultr includes premium extensions that you can use for DDoS protection, backups, firewall, and lots more. Immediately you pick an operating system and a plan you want to settle for, you may set up your cloud-based compute instance in just a few seconds.

  • Customer Support

When placed shoulder-to-shoulder with other inexpensive VPS hosting alternatives, the support rep for this platform is not so great. But then, it features a healthy collection of tutorials, documentation, and user guides that you can use to answer your deepest queries.

A2 Hosting

One other popular VPS hosting provider that comes with everything from WordpPress and shared to dedicated and reseller hosting packages. It features both managed and unmanaged cheap installation plans.

This platform can only work with Linux operating system, but you have the choice of picking any of four data centers. Also, the system guarantees you a root-level access, paid SSD and cPanel options, and a one-click Webuzo software installer.

  • Pricing

A2 hosting’s unmanaged VPS hosting package begins at $5.00/month. When you make this payment, you’ll enjoy 20GB storage, 512MB RAM, and one CPU. Also, subscribers will enjoy augmented performance optimization boost upgrades.

The pricing for a managed VPS package begins at $25/month. Also, this provider run on a thirty days money-back policy, in case you didn’t enjoy its offering.

  • Ease of Setup

Aside being a cheap provider, one major advantage that this hosting platform has is the fact that it comes with an array of personalization options to configure and control your server. Also, this provider makes use of SolusVM, a functionality that helps you handle your account without encountering any form of difficulty.

The control panel of A2 hosting helps you reload your operating system, and also shut down and reboot the server. Although the control panel is obtainable for unmanaged VPS, the truth is that you’ll only get it in Elite and Mid plans as an extension benefit.

  • Customer Support

A live chat function and a round-the-clock support is offered by this provider. Also, it features a knowledge center and runs on a ticket-based system.

InMotion Hosting

One other VPS hosting platform that provides you with a variety of hosting options is InMotion Hosting. If it has to deal with an inexpensive VPS hosting provider, InMotion provides both managed and self-managed plans.

The hosting servers of this platform are designed with redundancy. Hence, they will provide you with a complete root access and control. You can make a choice of your specific Linux operating system, such as Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

  • Pricing

The self-managed VPS package begins at $5/month. When you make this subscription, you’ll also enjoy 1GB RAM, 25GB storage, and one CPU.

  • Ease of Setup

If you are on a self-managed VPS package, setting up and maintaining the system is all your responsibility. But, this platform makes the work easier for you with is cPanel functionality. Also, the provider features elite Ansible Control Node. This control node is an open-source automation structure that does not require you to pay a dime to set it up on your server.

InMotion offers a phone, live chat, and a general support center.

5 Best Managed VPS Hosting for Small to Medium Business

You’ll have admin privileges when you go for VPS hosting service. When you do, you’ll be directly in control of your server, and have the power to modify anything that you want to modify. For instance, you may decide to set up custom programs in your space without waiting for your hosting server to do that for you.

This type of hosting is best described by the saying, “if you die, I’ll die with you.” This implies that there’s likelihood that you may be putting your site data at risk in the event that a mishap happens with someone’s site on the very same server, since it is a shared server.

On the flip side, VPS hosting is particularly meant for your site only. There is no need bothering about what is happening on the other sites on the same server as yours because you’re the only one actually using it.

To add to it, VPS hosting provides you with great liberty to seamlessly scale your website if you are a small business owner. It makes a lot of sense if you are about to exceed the limits of the server. Hence, you can scale your business effortlessly without experiencing any technical issues or downtime.

A2 Hosting

With a powerful but isolated server, and an easy-to-use control panel, the VPS hosting offering from A2 hosting is meant to take care of heavy duties. This is supported by a close-to-perfect uptime rate and a great customer support that will immediately swing to action when you need their services.

Its pricing begins at $25 per month, and its entry-level offering includes features, such as:

  • 75 GB storage
  • 4 GB ram
  • Free SSD and SSL
  • Ability to choose any of the four data centers – Michigan, Arizona, Singapore, and Amsterdam

You will be provided with a functionality known as Turbo Server in all of the plans. And this gives you more than twenty times the speed you need, which in fact, is very great. Not to even mention the fact that A2 Hosting stresses a lot on its security.

Liquid Web

You’ll get the flexibility and power of a dedicated server when you use the cloud hosting facility of Liquid Web. Its VPS service is studded with some potent security features that works really fast, and well, too. You’ll enjoy some advantages of DDoS Attack Proetction, ServerSecure, and Cloudflare CDN.

One of the best things about this hosting service provider is the fact that it offer server bunches that are tailored and designed for common applications, such as WooCommerce, WordPress, etc. They have a great support team that’ll help you manage all you need to manage so that you get yourself worried over something that is not necessary.

The pricing plan of this provider begins at $59 per month.


Having been around in the industry for more than a decade, ScalaHosting has been ranked at the first position on my credible review sites like TrustPilot because of the amazing customer support agents that it has.

Its cloud-based VPS hosting service comes with a great speed and healthy cPanel, together with its great security systems.

Also, you can select any of its four premium plans that begin at $9.95 per month, or you may even have your own VPS system built by positioning your favourites, like CPU cores, SSD space, and RAM on the platform’s homepage.That way, you can leverage on a first-rate hosting provider that caters for your very needs.

Irrespective of the plan that you settle for, you will have the benefit of limitless site relocations without facing any form of downtime. Plus, they have a round-the-clock support team that are always available to help you whenever you reach out to them.


This VPS hosting provider offers its customers lots of security features and full customization, such as HVAC data center and RAID ten disk configuration. With Hostgator, you can start your business at a small scale and have it quickly scaled just by clicking a button.

Also, you may like to:

  • Include private nameservers
  • Host limitless sub-domains and domains
  • Include limitless email addresses.
  • Create FTP accounts
  • Create databases

Hostgator has a useful pact with sector leaders like AMD and Intel to continuously estimate and manage its server’s steady performance.Also, this service provider has a support team that can answer your queries via email, phone, and live chat.

The HostGator VPS entry-level package has a pricing of $19.95/month.

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