Find The Best Webhosting Company Offering DDoS Protected Hosting Services

As important, useful, and well secured as web hosting is, it can be really vulnerable to various forms of attacks. One of the deadliest of such is DDOS. The damages DDOS has cost website owners and server users, in general, is so much that it should not be ignored at any cost. Therefore, it is very important that you find the best Webhosting company offering DDOS Protected Hosting Services.

DDOS, an acronym for Distributed Denial of Service attack are just unauthorized attempts to increase the traffic of a given server or network. It is the process of hackers making use of multiple computer systems as a source of the traffic to flood a website, ultimately crashing it. DDoS should not be taken lightly as it has led to the shutdowns of many websites. In fact, a third of all website shutdowns are associated with it in one way or the other. Therefore, you should not only plan for going for a good VPS but one that offers the best protection against DDoS.

DDoS protection or a DDoS protected service is a service which internet service providers, some hosting providers inclusive, offer to contain or control the effects of DDoS attacks. If your website is effectively protected from DDoS, it will be less likely to experience downtime when attacked. Also, your website won’t offer poor performance to customers due to the downtime.

Although the larger organizations or industries are the most usually targeted, even smaller ones can be targeted as well. This is because cybercrime is indiscriminate over targets. Therefore, every organization which makes use of applications and services on the internet should always have a specific amount or level of protection over DDoS attacks.

There are many advantages of using a web host that has DDoS protection. Aside from the fact that it keeps your server and website more secured, it can also help save costs. Such costs could be the cost of getting your server back online, hiring experienced security staff, or buying and installing more security services.

The importance of using DDoS VPS hosting which has been earlier stressed has led to the increase in the use of hosting companies who make use of it. This increase can make it quite difficult to decide on which is the best and hence, which to go for. However, you can greatly reduce this task by considering a few tips.

When you want to choose a hosting provider, you must first ensure that the service provider has effective DDoS mitigation for its network. If otherwise is the case, and the provider is to suffer from a DDoS attack, all its customers could suffer high collateral damage. You should also know that web hosting providers are usually a top target for cyberattacks, and this is because of the large number of users they usually have. An attack on the web host provider itself can affect their customers as well. Sometimes, an attack on the provider can be aimed at a particular customer, but this could seriously affect you too, even if you are not the target. Therefore, you must ensure whatever company you want to work with don’t just offer DDoS protected hosting services alone, but have a dedicated, always-on DDoS protection for itself as well.

The provider you decide on using will play a major role in your security, as it is solely their responsibility to block DDoS traffic by the ability to filter it close to the source, and also at a much larger scale. Their activities will avoid the need to divert attacks to a third-party cloud, making your work much easier and your experience more convenient. You should also remember that the best DDoS is not just about your budget alone, but about the value. You can check out reviews to see what previous customers have to say, evaluate, do your homework and see which one is just the best for you.

For a long time now, has been a top tier provider of a high-quality DDoS protection solution for companies in need of quality and affordability in one. If your goal is to find the best Webhosting company offering DDoS protected hosting services or simply to learn about them, then you should definitely contact today.

5 Reasons You Need A New Web Host

A webhost can be seen simply as a service provider that allocates a certain quantity of space and other resources to a web server so that websites can be hosted. With Web hosting, the files, such as code, images, etc, are made available for viewing online. All websites need webhosting, it’s a necessity.

All websites require a certain amount of space and other resources, and these resources are allocated in different plans. The main are shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, arranged in ascending order depending on how much resources give. They can also be seen to be arranged according to the kind of technology they use, the level of management, and the additional services they offer.

No matter what type of webhosting you decide on going for, most of them offer the same general service – Webhosting. They offer your website online access to the web and keep it available 24/7. Hosting providers make this possible by storing your website’s data and files on a special computer called a server. When your website is made available and people type in its address, the moment they press enter, the request is processed by your server and makes your website accessible to them.

The services web hosts provide are many and they can be various reasons why you might want to work with one, or change to another. Below are 5 reasons you need a new web host.

  1. Security purposes: The security of a website is a feature that is very easily forgotten from the start. It is always seen as important after an attack, sometimes when it's already too late. However, it should be something that’s taken as a precaution, like buying insurance, it is as important.
  2. Sufficient Resources: The number of resources such as bandwidth and disk space that a web host gives will determine how well your website will perform. If you're to work with only a little or very limited resources, you will experience many damages to your business. You will need a new web host if you need more or sufficient resources.
  3. Adequate Support: Having to experience your website going off or suffering from other misfortunes can be very frustrating. Sometimes, the fault could be from you mishandling your server, or from the hosting provider itself. Whatever the case, however, you’ll always need adequate customer support.
  4. Minimization of sales loss: If you are the type who depends on your website for sales, or simply, you sell products online, every little time your website spends offline is harmful to your business. This is because you keep losing customers, and hence money.
  5. Boost of site performance and SEO: The loading speed of your site, together with its overall performance are very important factors that affect your search engine ranking. Having your site take too long to load is very disastrous to your business. It could be caused by poor maintenance by you, or most usually, it’s the fault of your host.

When hosting a website, although there are important steps you must take, none of them will matter if you can’t get the level of security most web hosts offer. It’s like wanting to secure your room, but you leave your main gate wide open.

Web hosts are needed because of the high level of security services they offer. Some of them include regular backups, DDoS protection, etc.

Whenever an issue that you cannot handle on your own arises, you will need a professional support team to come to your rescue. The support team is also there to reduce the work you would have had to do on your own.

Therefore, if you need support in general, or you are not getting adequate support, you will need a new web host.

With a good host, however, you are guaranteed more uptime. Uptime is simply how often your website can be expected to stay online.

If your site keeps going offline constantly, even without you making any errors, then it’s a clear sign you might need a new web host. You should ensure to go for a web host with 99.9% uptime.

If you’ve confirmed that your site is well optimized and the fault isn’t from you, then ensure you’re on a suitable plan. If it’s still too slow, then the fault is most likely from your host. You should take that as a sign you need a new web host.

After seeing reasons you need a new host, and you decide it's time, don't just go for the first you see, research on how to choose the best VPS hosting for your business.

How to Choose a VPS Hosting For Your Online Business

If you have considered the type of online business you do and decided VPS hosting is what you want to operate on, you’ll be faced with a very wide variety of offers to decide on. Making the right choice, however, is dependent on several factors, and they are outlined below:

  • Windows or Linux: One very important thing you must understand is the type of VPS platform you want to run on. The most commonly used are Windows and Linux systems. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages and are more useful to some people/businesses than others. One very important difference is that Windows is more compatible with the common Microsoft programs, while Linux offers more customization and performance. Also, Windows is more easier and user-friendly to learn and use.
  • Managed or Unmanaged: hosting on VPS basically means you are responsible for the management of an entire virtual server. This task can be very cumbersome and tricky. Not everyone is capable of managing an entire server on their own, and that’s why there are the managed and unmanaged hosting options.
  • Sufficient Resources: Ensure that whatever VPS hosting you want to choose has adequate resources to support your online business. It should have enough bandwidth and disk space most importantly. It should also be scalable enough for your business.
  • Security and Customer Support: These are two very important criteria you must consider if you want to choose the best VPS for your online business. You must ensure that whichever you choose must have a very good security setup. It should be able to withstand a good variety of attacks and keep your business data very safe.
  • Cost: This is, without doubt, one of the most important things to consider. The price you will be requested to pay, alongside your budget plays a huge role in your final decision. Do not go for something too pricey or too cheap, compare the cost to the level of resources given, as well as the services being provided.

With the managed option, your provider is responsible for and is majorly involved in monitoring the performance and accessibility of your server. For unmanaged, however, you are left to deal with your server on your own.

If you have all it takes, you can go for the unmanaged, if otherwise, the managed can be a very good investment.

Scalability here refers to the ability to support a spike in traffic, especially when your business starts to grow. This is very important to ensure the healthy growth of your business.

Also, it should have a very good and responsive customer support service, in case of any emergency.

In conclusion, before deciding on any web hosting for your online business, take these tips into mind and do your homework. An advice is to check the reviews of VPS hosting and to go for only trustworthy providers.

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