All these upgrades, however, usually require you to know how to configure each environment. A VPS administration interface is offered by some hosting companies, while others give you admin rights and think you'd know how to use the command line interface. Managed VPS hosting ensures that you don't have to think about your website's technological aspects. Instead of customizing and managing your VPS, you can concentrate on operating your company and the online presence's frontend elements rather. All the regular updates, improvements, and security activities will be performed by your web host.


Here is our rundown of the several hosting companies that will empower you to improve organizational performance without compromising your VPS's online operations. A customized interface, automatic one-click WordPress installation, automatic WordPress updates, unlimited storage and bandwidth and free SSDs make Dreamhost a common option among WordPress users, enabling it to power over 600,000 WordPress websites and blogs Additionally, for US-based non-profits and charities, its VPS and dedicated hosting are made free. The platform provides a free day's hosting allowance per each hour of latency if you encounter latency.

Protection is secure, with the network infrastructure of the service designed to withstand disasters including fires and earthquakes, and this is separate from the three-megawatt power distribution backup of the system. With these tools, you are guaranteed that your website is not only stable, but still working. With its dedication to preserving the environment, GreenGeeks stands out from other hosting providers. They have invested in energy-efficient technology infrastructure and also guarantee a 300 percent renewable energy match for each power output they use to operate their device by carbon offset goods.

Users receive cPanel-based site management, limitless data transfer, limitless email accounts, regular storage, automatic CDN, a default SSL certificate, and an available domain name once per website with the Lite shared hosting plan. Upgrading to the Pro or Premium plan will allow you to host unlimited pages, and better performance is included with these plans. The GreenGeeks controlled VPS hosting and reseller hosting plans often provide a cPanel interface. Not only a cPanel-based interface, but also sophisticated resources such as a web-based file manager, hotlink security, and IP deny manager are included in the shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and reseller hosting plans of HostGator.

In one website, the HostGator Hatchling shared hosting package works and involves unmetered bandwidth, an automatic SSL certificate, and available registration of the domain. Updating to the more advanced packages will give you lots extra functionality such as limitless websites, secure dedicated IP, and special SEO tools. In addition, all of the shared hosting plans from HostGator provide $100 in Google Adwords credits and $100 in Bing Advertisements bonuses to enable you put your brand out there and bring potential visitors to your site.

The group owns and runs its own datacenter, which ensures that talented and qualified system managers and engineers are just a few meters away from your VPS facility. In reality, the two owners of the company still react daily to support tickets and fix hardware. The shared hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting plans of HostPapa all feature a cPanel gui. iPage provides easy and scalable hosting solutions for enterprise, private, public, and non-profit websites, commanding a past record that stretches more than a generation.

IPage tackles 3 things that consumers are most worried concerning: sites, mail, and internet safety. iPage provides a simple, free drag-and-drop creator to help you build impressive websites in a matter of minutes. If you're in a rush, iPage offers thousands of customizable templates for websites and a suite of free marketing tools that you can use to enhance your internet presence. With an annual membership, iPage customers can register a domain name for free and create their online shops, websites, and image gallery with an almost unlimited range of relevant apps.

The Starter shared hosting package operates for two websites and comprises 100 GB of SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, CloudFlare CDN, Let's Encrypt SSL, and unlimited domain registration. iPage uses Google's Webmaster software to monitor and control the presence of its search results, granting both Google and Bing $200 worth of ad credits. Additional features such as limitless websites, unlimited storage, limitless personal emails, automatic backups, SiteLock protection, and a business website builder are unlocked by the upgrade to much more comprehensive packages. One particular feature that HostPapa offers is one-on-one preparation for all their shared hosting plans.

HostPapa offers to help customers move through it before you can do it on your terms. HostPapa promises to help you walk through it until you can do it on your own. Boasting regular backups, real-time server monitoring, and enterprise-grade equipment, Hostwinds offers an exceptionally uncommon 99.9999 percent uptime guarantee, covering everything but approximately a split-sec Alternatively, the managed hosting services of the organization include loading problem detection, package installs, virus scans, and DNS and firewall solutions setup. You will read much more about company's satisfaction guarantee and focus on customer support by clicking on our analysis of Hostwinds down.


There's more than a reasonable shot that you are now acquainted with the cPanel interface if you move from shared hosting to VPS. As a control panel, however, it is great to know that the software is continually being created by its programmers: refining the interface, upgrading existing features and introducing new ones. You'll also find that there are daily updates to repair bugs and improve protection. The reseller user is a subservient of the server administrator. iPage provides some of the best cheap web hosting providers in the industry today. For those with VPS hosting accounts, notifications to cPanel-WHM will be taken good care of by your web host on your behalf.

Their promotional rate is $1.99/month only. For such a cheap price, iPage has a remarkable range of advantages, such as limitless disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited domains, and a free SSL certificate. In the first year when you subscribe, you will get a free domain. However, what I like about them is their feature of limitless email addresses. You can generate as many addresses that go straight to your domain as you want. It also comes with autoresponders and also with mail forwarding. For those of you seeking to increase little more elegance to your email address, this is perfect.

It is also a bit more difficult to master how to do it. Having said that, the iPage VPS plans are very cost-effective compared to other providers out there. So it won’t charge you too much for an update to get your hosting included with cPanel.

Disk space: Disk space, or storage capacity, is the amount of space that you have to store the content of your site. Think about files, photos, blogs, all the wonderful things that make up your web should all go someplace! If your space becomes too short, it's easy to envision what difficulties you'll encounter as you continue to add content to your site... Uptime: Uptime is the amount of time a server runs, meaning that the sites it supports are also up and running. How can anybody ever visit your website if your server is always down? Uptime is important for keeping up with the competition, so make sure it's as near as possible to 100 percent. HostGator, for instance, has excellent uptime: 99.99 percent!

Note on pricing: The rates mentioned in the table above represent the discounted prices provided to new clients by these suppliers. If you choose to register for the most simple shared hosting service, that's the cheapest rate you will expect to pay. Based on the type of hosting you select, and which plan you sign up for, both price and disk space can differ. Efficiency is typically the first thing anyone looks for when it comes to hosting a website. You want to find a web hosting company that provides good uptime rates, but you should also please remember how your web host is treated by you.

Clients recent hosting provider may also provide stellar performance, but if your account is too complicated to manage, then you should look for a reseller user with a cPanel web host that has a more constricted range of attributes compared to the root user. The server administrator restricts them to features that impact the accounts of the reseller's clients, but not the entire server.

The Reseller Panel (WHM) is provided with reseller access where all their resold accounts can be handled. All generated accounts ('resolds') also have access to the reseller. Reseller rights are set by the server administrator. Per server, there can be several resellers.

Whenever it relates to cPanel functionalities, you're spoilt for choice. It provides an extremely comprehensive suite of tools to manage each facet of your webpage. Domain management: set up subdomains, parked domains, addon domains, and redirects. Security: set up password-encrypted files, SSL/TLS, IP address blocks, set up access limits, and secure the web with features such as ModSecurity. It's easy to get started with cPanel & WHM. Domain management: set up subdomains, parked domains, addon domains, and reroutes.

We give you lots the necessary skills to achieve and optimize all server management tasks, enabling you to concentrate on motivating your clients and building every aspect of their website development process. The services we offer give you lots a graphical user interface that can control your portion of the server. There are tools offered by the cPanel control panel in order to optimize website power. This enables administrators and end people to view, directly from their browser, the various aspects of the server and website. We also give installation of the 1-click app together with cPanel VPS, allowing you to install 125+ apps at the click of a button on your VPS Hosting.

Since all our technological assistants have undergone official 'cPanel University' training if you are a WHUK customer, assistance is provided anytime you need it by webchat, phone or email.


You've designed the site, strategically scheduling the data, themes, and much more. It's great, but does anyone ever look at it, communicate with it or use it? You need to create a robust marketing strategy to get the kind of traffic you want, one that can improve your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ratings. Wait, however! You should know that there are other ways you can improve your online marketing efforts before you limit your attention to only keywords. Via VPS Hosting, one of them. Yes, you heard us correctly. Selecting the perfect server to host your website will benefit greatly from seeing or not seeing your website.

We're going to tell you how, but let's start with the basic elements first and illustrate what VPS hosting is. If your server is corrupted, it could start taking your IT operations offline and put your business at a standstill. There's also the possibility of large fines, reputational damage and consumer legal action if there is a data breach. This is why 60percent of hacked businesses within 6 months go out of business. With this in mind, when selecting a dedicated hosting service, protection should be a deciding factor. You should accept it as part of your package and as additional facilities, from the location and physical protection of the datacentre to the variety of security options your host offers.

Users must look for firewalls of the next generation, malware avoidance, security for web applications, DDoS protection, and prevention of malware and viruses. In addition, SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses and malware scanning should also be provided. There will be occasions when your IT team needs the technical help of your service provider to conduct a task or to solve a problem. This service should be an integral part of your deal with the provider and, most significantly, by phone, email, live chat or ticket, should be available 24/7. After all, if on Friday night, your dedicated server goes down, you don't want to stay before Tuesday until it gets repaired.

While you are promoting your website to a given audience, the main question you need to ask yourself is where are you trying to rank? Is the provider in the same place as you are, or does it have a network that allows your intended consumers to connect your content easily? It is smarter and provide a server in the region you are targeting if you are attempting to rank the website for a specific geographic location. The platform must be fitted with useful functionality, as provided for hosting the webmaster's site and blog on Virtual Dedicated Server hosting.

A few of the best characteristics of VMware's virtualization management systems are features such as sophisticated disk management, robustness and fault tolerance. Versatility is the best part of virtual dedicated server hosting where VPS keeps track to adjust the products and configurations in compliance with changes in traffic and load on the server. These are some of the ways that your marketing efforts can be affected by hosting.

Before you start, remember that advertising stretches further than just the choice of essential keywords. While VPS may not have as immediate an influence as keywords, long-term advantages such as faster loading time, reduced bounce rates, and higher SERP rankings will all lead to an increase in traffic and interactions on your website, which is inevitably the goal! Technical support varies from customer support entirely. By professional, we mean getting a specialist IT team available who at the point of touch can provide solutions. They will have the experience required and will be capable of dealing with any issue aggressively..

A successful hosting company will also release a variety of valuable online tools for their clients, such as theoretical frameworks, tips, technological forums and 'how-to' blog posts, aside from person-to-person support.

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