Although all these are what you can do generally with a control panel, you have to be extra careful about the type of panel you go for, as a wrong one can make you experience difficulties in these managerial activities.

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The 5 Best cPanel Alternatives

cPanel is a word that is commonly used in the world of web hosting. It comes as an added advantage or feature in certain VPS plans offered by web hosting companies. Effective and easy management of one's website or web server including the addition of added security, admins, email accounts, and FTP accounts can be easily done with the cPanel or control panel. The cPanel is ridiculously easy to navigate through. With barely any or little knowledge, one can excellently use the cPanel as everything is laid out or explained for top-notch management of one’s website. The cPanel is relatively easy to use as it is equipped with little instructions to enable the user to manage his or her website properly. cPanel is also equipped with your website’s metrics which with proper analysis, can be used for the efficient management of your website.

The cPanel is offered by most hosting companies for free. With over a million users, cPanel has grown to become one of the most famous control panels used for the effective management of your website, as such, people effectively depend on and flock the web hosting feature. Although most web hosting companies offer the service as an added feature after getting a web hosting plan, the cPanel is not exactly free. Recently, cPanel is now priced at a standard monthly fee. With the monthly fee added, the cost of cPanel has influenced web hosting pricing for the user. Therefore, despite the amazing benefits offered by cPanel, people are opting for a more economic options that may be closely related to the services offered by cPanel or at least be used for the effective management of their website. Other people, however, opt-out of cPanel for their respective reasons which may not be pricing, some web hosting companies offer other options and not the cPanel, others feel like navigating cPanel is extremely time-consuming because of the bulky nature of the pre-installed files, etc. However, people still need an alternative to cPanel for the management of their website, FTP accounts, etc. When choosing an alternative for the control panel, one needs to look out for the following options to get the best offer for your resource.

  • One needs to get a cPanel alternative that functions properly with your operating system. Some cPanel alternatives will either fail to function properly with your server’s operating system or will fail to install entirely, and this can lead to waste of valuable time and money.
  • One reason cPanel has grown so large is the ease and flexibility of use. With no need for a tech expert, one can run and manage his or her website fully and effectively. Therefore, when selecting an alternative to the cPanel, the one selected should also be relatively easy to use and have options to effectively manage your website.

There are many alternatives to the cPanel. However, it is advisable that you do not just go for the first one you see on the market, go for one which can stand in place of the cPanel without you losing. Among the numerous alternatives to cPanel that there is out there, the five (5) cPanel alternatives that will be listed shortly currently have the aforementioned features and are relatively lower pricing also:

  • Plesk: Plesk is undoubtedly one of the top alternatives to cPanel, it is evident because of the constant debate between these two options. Plesk first went live in 2001 and from 2004 to 2019, Plesk has gone through series of structural designs with added features as a result of their version update. From Plesk 7 (2004) to Plesk 8 (2006), Plesk 9 (2008), Plesk 10 (2010), Plesk 11 (2012), Plesk 12 (2014), Plesk Onyx (2016), and lately Plesk Obsidian (2019). Plesk is the only web-based control panel that offers support for Windows running on Linux also. Like the cPanel, Plesk also offers the option to manage email accounts, admins, and the likes and also enhanced security like potent firewalls, proper back-ups of data, etc. Plesk also has a great support team, offering support to their customers at any time via mail or phone. Plesk is priced on a monthly or yearly basis with pricing offered for different versions of the plans. The pricing of the plans is split into the Web admin edition, the web pro edition, and the web host edition with different price ranges with a discount given for the web admin edition of the yearly plan and another discount given for the VPS plan for the Web host edition.
  • CentOS Web Panel: CentOS is a control panel used mostly with VPS hosting plans. CentOS runs automatically to fix any issues. However, the downside is its availability to the CentOS server operating system alone. CentOS offers maximum security with security features like SSL certificates, CSF firewalls, Fire System lock mod, Shell access manager, etc. It also offers access to manage FTP accounts, addition, and removal of users, etc.
  • Froxlor: Froxlor like the cPanel offers users a simple interface to work with, users that barely have any advanced technical skills. The only difference between these features is that Froxlor offers it for free. It was created with the sole purpose of providing easy management of web servers.
  • Ajenti: With Ajenti, one can use it for the management of their website when one has already hosted on a server, with the system files and options still intact. The Ajenti web hosting management offers security, effective accounts management, etc. Ajenti is also free.
  • aaPanel: The aaPanel shares striking similarities with the cPanel. People that might have left cPanel because of the pricing but were huge fans of the features, structures, and designs would love the aaPanel because of its similarities with the cPanel. Giving options like SSL certificates for security, FTP accounts, and easy scalability. But unlike the cPanel, the aaPanel is free to use.

Figuring which cPanel alternative to go for is really hard to do. Picking one of the Five listed here will be an excellent choice but the right choice might vary from one individual to another. For example in the case of the aaPanel where people might opt for it because of some of its similarities it shares with the cPanel.

Virtualizor VPS Control Panel

The Virtualizor is a VPS web control panel that is used in the management of the VPS server. In the Virtualizor VPS Control Panel, one is billed on an hourly basis.

After sign up with Virtualizor by imputing the necessary details, you will be redirected to a panel with options such as 'List VPS', 'My Profile', 'Settings', 'Account Password', and 'API credentials' listed by the left. After clicking ‘list VPS’, 'Status', 'ID', 'Name', 'Type', 'OS', 'Hostname' and 'IP' arranged in on a table with a button to click to managing the set as listed under every name on the table. If one has one or more VPS servers he or she can manage every one of them through here. After selecting the ‘manage’ button on the ‘List VPS’ table, you will be redirected to another page for the management of VPS where you can easily change the hostname, change password, IPs, etc through here. The ‘Control panel’ in Virtualizor is located in the advanced options section. Options for the control panel include the popular cPanel, Webmin, Plesk, Interworx, and webuzo. One can select any of these options as their control panel for the effective management of their website with each having its specific features and pricing. Choosing one is solely based on the choice of the user, what will work or benefit the user in terms of effective website management. The cPanel is the most popular option. However, with its standardized increase in monthly price, some customers are looking for new alternatives. Virtualizor offers a wide range of these options such as Plesk, Webmin for management therefore, one has a wide range of options to select them.

Role of VPS Web Hosting Control Panel

Virtual Private Server web hosting already comes with numerous benefits such as having your private resources, its easy and efficient scalability, large bandwidth, disk space, and ram however, most VPS hosting companies also add the control panel to the existing features which are extremely useful in web hosting today. The control panel of a web hosting service is a tool where one can manage the web hosting server. The benefits of the control panel are numerous, ranging from its carefully calculated metrics for effective website management to options for managing FTP accounts and enhancing security through Two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, IP blocker, etc and also used for software installation, features that will help the web designer manage his website with effective tools. Having a control panel has numerous benefits ranging from security to user management, as a result of its benefits and features control panel plays a huge role in VPS hosting, and as such it is always put as an added feature by most web hosting companies because of the numerous roles.

Security: Security is one of the utmost necessities in website management, with a control panel offering enhanced security like two-factor authentication, SSL certificates, passwords, IP blockers, etc. Without the control panel, one won’t have the option to easily switch or manage the security of his or her website leaving the website vulnerable to attacks by intruders or hackers. They will be constant insecurity about the website files and data with no means to derive satisfaction through the management of our website security yourself.

Email accounts Management: Managing email accounts with a control panel is one of the most basic and common uses or features of the control panel. Adding and removal of email accounts on the VPS web hosting plan is extremely easy with a control panel with little technical knowledge, one can effectively use this feature to the fullest. Email accounts management is important in VPS web hosting, using control panel to manage them easily can be a dream.

Configuration and set-up: With the control panel, one can change or configure your Virtual Private server to your particular taste with ease in addition to easy set-up and maintenance with a simple push of the button without the costly assistance of an IT expert. The control panel can easily be used by the website admin to configure the website, hosting names, FTP accounts, IP addresses, and others by simple clicks on the right tools available on the control panel.

Database Management: Metrics on your website can be accessed through the control panel, these metrics can be used in the management of your website – what to do and what not to do to drive traffic to your website. Also, the control panel makes it possible for the admin to manage the storage of data and restrict data access.

The control panel is an essential tool in web hosting today, playing a big role in the effective management of web hosting. Some of the most widely used control panels include the cPanel, Plesk, CentOS, aaPanel, etc. With them, one can enjoy the benefits of Web hosting, as such control panels play a huge role in them.

VPS Hosting Control Panel

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