One of the best ways to host your website online is VPS hosting. It is generally considered to be better than shared hosting and more cost-effective than dedicated server hosting.

However, there are a lot of VPS hosting providers on the market, and it can be pretty challenging to find the best one for your website.

How do you host a VPS?

There are three main steps to follow when you want to host a VPS, include;

Get a Domain

This is the first thing you have to take care of if you want to host a VPS. Get a domain name for your website. This domain will act as a sort of address where visitors can access your website on the internet. You can create a unique domain for your website as well, but it must be properly registered.

Choose a Hosting Provider

The next step is to find a platform that will help host your website on the internet and make it accessible to the public online.

These days, there are a lot of hosting providers on the internet, and it can be pretty challenging to choose the best one for your site.

Select a Hosting Plan

Once you have gotten a domain and a hosting provider for your website, the next thing would be to choose your hosting plan, which would be VPS in this case. Once you have chosen it, you can now configure your server as you please.

What is the best VPS hosting?

In order to ease your stress, we have decided to help you in your search for a good Linux VPS by creating a list of the best Linux VPS for you to choose from. The list includes;

HostGator: Best for Reliability

If we are talking about the best VPS hosting service, there is no way HostGator will not earn a spot at the top. HostGator is an amazing platform that provides users with an amazing range of features, including domains and dedicated resources, for an affordable price. This incredible platform provides an uptime of about 99.9% for its servers, which is one of the best on the market. These uptime benefits are available for every hosting plan ofHostGator.

There are three main VPS hosting options provided by HostGator; the first one is the Snappy 2000, which features a memory of 2bGB, two cores processor, and a storage of 120 GB. These dedicated resources are great and can be used to handle the workload of most busy websites.

The second option is considered a step up from the first one, and it is known as the Snappy 4000. It features a memory of 4 GB and 165 GB disk space. Websites with a greater workload can subscribe to this plan to handle their web hosting needs.

The third option is the Snappy 8000, which features a memory of 8 GB, four cores processor, and a storage of 240 GB.

The cost of a HostGator web hosting varies according to the subscription option chosen. That is, there is a separate price tag for monthly payments and payments of sites that have committed to a 3-year contract. For instance, if you opt for the monthly payment of the Snappy 2000 VPS hosting option, you will pay $29.95 per month, but if you agree to a 3-year contract, you can pay as low as $19.95 per month.

Some extra advantages of using the HostGator VPS hosting include the 45-day money-back guarantee and free transfers if you are a new user that just registered under a month. However, the 3-year contract is one of their best benefits.

A2Hosting: Best Value for Money

This is hands down one of the best VPS out there right now. It is also one of the most affordable hosting services, offering people lots of quality features as part of their hosting plans. A2Hosting is currently one of the top-rated hosting services in the world. It provides users with unmanaged and managed VPS hosting service as well as Core VPS hosting.

A2Hosting provides servers that are equipped with SSD storage to improve speed and performance. Users are also given the choice of enabling the Turbo Boost in the checkout process if they want to enhance their site’s speed. A2 also provides users with customized Core VPS plans to use for root access in Managed VPS services.

There is no doubt A2Hosting is one of the best Linux VPS there is. With it, users have the ability to fully configure their OS, important settings, and many other admin rights. The hosting services use data centers situated in Michigan (USA), Singapore (Asia), and Amsterdam (Europe) with no extra cost to users.

Their customer support has also been praised by most of their users. Users also praise their refund policy, which allows any time money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of subscription.Users are also provided with a free migration service as well.

Bluehost: Best Features

Bluehost is considered by a lot of people to be the overall best hosting for shared web hosting, but it also provides one of the best VPS hosting on the market. Bluehost is the go-to VPS hosting platform for more than 2 million sites in the entire world right now. This is why it is one of the most well-known brands in the web hosting industry.

With Bluehost, new users get free domain registration for one year to be used for any VPS plan.

Bluehost is also popular for its incredible support team that provides 24/7 customer support. You can contact them via phone or live chat if you ever encounter a problem during your subscription.

As of now, Bluehost provides three main VPS hosting options, and they include;

● Standard Hosting: This provides two cores processor, 30 GB Solid State Drive storage, a memory of 2 GB, a bandwidth of 1 TB, and 1 IP address.

● Enhanced Hosting: This provides two cores processor, 60 GB Solid State Drive storage, a memory of 4 GB, a bandwidth of 2 TB, and 2 IP address.

● Ultimate Hosting: This provides four cores processor, 120 GB of Solid State Drive storage, a memory of 8 GB, a bandwidth of 3 TB, and 2 IP addresses.

Bluehost also provides the user with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bluehost features a wide array of features that earned it a spot on our list of best VPS hosting services. These features include SSH access, multi-server management, advanced file management, and so on. You will also be able to directly sort and edit your databases on your server.

Extensions of resources and extra protection can also be provided to users by Bluehost.

Hostinger: Best For Dedicated IP Addresses

Hostinger is one of the most popular and widely known VPS hosting services on the internet right now. The company is well known for its incredibly affordable hosting plans. If you are looking for a semi-managed option of Linux VPS, then Hostinger is the best and the most affordable option for you.

This semi-managed hosting service will enable users to configure their server management and other server related settings while the users configure all of their site’s back-end related issues. So users will have some help from the server at a discount while managing other aspects themselves.

Hostinger also provides users the ability to create a free website in its free version, just like WordPress's free hosting service. However, these free accounts often have limited capabilities compared to their paid versions, but they can still be used to set up a fully operational website. Hostinger also offers one of the cheapest VPS services with Linux support and many distros.

InMotion: Best for Migration

This is another great VPS Hosting service that provides users with a number of hosting plans to choose from for their sites. InMotion provides both self-managed and managed VPS hosting supported by Linux SSD servers.

For managed hosting, the price starts at $29.99 monthly, and for self-managed hosting, the price starts at $5 monthly.

The managed hosting plan is a pretty great hosting option providing users with virtual servers that are fully customized for e-commerce right out of the box. These plans are entirely customized for reliability and speed for eCommerce platforms like Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, and so on.

InMotion provides users with free private SSLs with scheduled snapshots and updated databases, domain settings, and email with cPanel. For the managed plan, users also get security updates and server management, while the self-managed plan comes with secure SSH keys and DDoS protection. InMotion also provides users with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is one of the best VPS hosting services.

Liquid Web: Best for Managed VPS Hosting

Another name that entered our list of best VPS hosting is Liquid Web. An amazing platform that is well-known for providing the best managed VPS on the market. Having been around for more than two decades, Liquid Web has managed to become the host of over 500,000 websites and more than 32,000 users from around the world.

The platform has not been popular for affordable web hosting services, but it manages to produce high-quality outcomes for users.

The most affordable VPS hosting plan by Liquid Web is around $59 per month, which is not that affordable, but it can be reduced to about $30 per month if you opt for the annual subscription. This plan provides a memory of 2 GB, a storage of 40 GB, a bandwidth of 10 TB, and a backup of 100 GB.

This amazing VPS hosting offers many customization options for letting users configure their servers based on their specifications. It can support many Operating systems, including Debian 8, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, and Ubuntu 14.04. They also support various panels, including Plesk, cPanel, and CloudLinux.

While it is true that Liquid Web is not the cheapest on this list, it is more cost-effective.

DreamHost: Best for Bandwidth

Introduced more than two decades ago, DreamHost has established itself as a leading platform in the web hosting industry. It can now boast of hosting more than 1.5 million sites in over a hundred countries all over the world.

DreamHost is a completely managed VPS service that provides a number of hosting plans to handle the needs of websites of different scale and type. It is considered to be one of the most affordable VPS hosting services available right now, and it offers a 3-year contract with a price tag of $10 a month.

It offers four hosting plans; VPS Basic, which provides a memory of 1 GB and a solid-state drive with 30 GB capacity; VPS Business, which provides a memory of 2 GB and a solid-state drive with 60 GB capacity; VPS Professional, which provides a memory of 4 GB and a solid-state drive with 120 GB capacity; VPS Enterprise, which provides a memory of 8 GB and a solid-state drive with 240 GB capacity.

Since the 1 GB RAM might be too small for some sites, it is best to go for the VPS business plan. Although you can get the best value with VPS professionals, you can always migrate to the plan anytime you want.

It should also be noted that DreamHost VPS also features other cool features like unlimited email, unlimited traffic, and free SSL certificates. These features help maintain your site's scalability.

They are also well-known for their incredible support team that provides 24/7 customer support. You can contact them via phone or live chat if you ever encounter a problem during your subscription.

Do You Need VPS Hosting?

There are a lot of benefits that VPS hosting can provide for websites. Although it is technically possible to maintain a stable performance with shared hosting with no observable performance decline, VPS hosting will help ensure you get the proper resources you need to grow your business at an affordable rate.

Here are some common signs that you need VPS Hosting;

  • Poor website speed
  • Increased Downtime
  • Poor security

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