The Differences Between VPS Hosting and a Managed Wordpress Hosting

People often wonder what the difference is between VPS hosting and a managed Wordpress hosting. Sometimes people want to know the difference and the cost of both of them.The world now focuses on the cost rather than on service; hence, it becomes imperative that this article is written.

The focus of this article is neither the use of VPS nor the use of Wordpress but instead, the focus is to compare and contrast from a practical point of view and then expunge the positives and the negatives in both hosts.

VPS Hosting Versus Managed Wordpress Hosting

It is important to state that a managed Wordpress hosting is fundamentally different from VPS hosting. It is also important to know that choosing an unsuitable host could cost you both money and time in the long run. There could be even more severe implications than those mentioned above. Hence, choosing a suitable host will save you both money and time.

Further, the platform on which you host your website impacts the website. Hence, it is not just important to set up a website and get it running, it is equally important that the website should be hosted on a secured server. This, in the long run, determines how secure the site is to be hacked or experience a logjam.

Again, carrying out research on the best host or hosting options from the innumerable providers out there could both be scary and confusing. However, choosing the best host will save you some stress.

Managed website hosting is when a company, otherwise known as the host, offers you a range of services in addition to the usual host or server space that does make it easier to run your website.

However, one significant advantage of this platform is that it is simpler to run. All the backups, updates, configurations, and other technical issues that may require your attention at any single time are all handled by other people. Hence, you have less to think about with your website's day-to-day running as there are people who should worry on your behalf.

Furthermore, most people deemed a managed Wordpress safer because the same people who handle the technical issues are also there to take necessary preventive measures to secure your website from hacking attempts any other prevalent threats to owning a website.

Again, beyond the security mentioned above, a managed Wordpress hosting can be customized to suit your traffic needs and continue to run smoothly for a long time. Furthermore, the hosts of this kind of server have the required infrastructure and staff to handle surges in the number of people who visit your site, thus ensuring that your website doesn’t go down when it is most busy.

Therefore, when you weigh the hand-on-approach of a managed Wordpress alongside the extra services it offers, you will certainly come to discover that the price of a managed Wordpress and that of a VPS are almost comparable.

However, it is important to know that a managed Wordpress indicates a shared server; hence, your website is hosted on the same server with other websites, and a problem to one may rub off on others. For instance, when one website is hacked or experiences a surge in traffic, it may also impact other websites on the server negatively.

Disadvantages of a Managed Wordpress

There is always a downside to a thing, and the big factor here is that you do not have complete control of your website as there is the requirement that someone else should take care of it. Again, there is also a limitation to the sites you can run; another factor is the price, and you will no doubt be required to pay more for all their services.

VPS Hosting

However, the VPS hosting gives you the privilege to host your site on an independent, private partition of a physical server. This unilaterally ensures that your files are separate from other websites and ensure that it commands its share of system resources. Simply put, a VPS ensures that you do not share a server with another website.

With a VPS, the tendency isn’t a shared hosting; however, with shared hosting, you will have to always compete for your server processing power with other websites, and this in so many ways and so many times has led to logjam and interruption. However, it leaves you with the ultimate decision to decide the kind of software that you will install.

Consequently, VPS gives you unusual control, reliability, security, and flexibility and combines the best of collective and dedicated hosting. Again, your platform can be better-constructed, configured, and managed better than what can be obtained with a managed Wordpress hosting. However, you will require adequate knowledge of the Linux operating system and comprehensive procedural knowledge of the whole package.

Furthermore, with your VPS, you can easily ensure uptime, reliability, and flexibility of your server. However, it is an unmanaged package; hence, it places a lot of responsibility and demand on you, and so instead of getting help from your host, the duty of getting your website set up running is all on you.


As mentioned earlier, the use of a VPS offers you an unusual level of flexibility and control; hence, nothing happens unless you want it to and whatever happens goes through you. For instance, if you opt for a Linux-enabled VPS, it gives you the option to create multiple control sections that enables you to design your website to your taste.

This again is in opposite direction to a managed Wordpress hosting because you can dive into things, configure your website however and whenever you wish to, sort out technical issues the moment you have needs for them instead of waiting for your website host to do them for you.

In addition to that, with the right technical know-how, you can do whatever you intend to do with your website if you are hosted on a VPS platform.


There are so many advantages with the VPS that one can easily think that there are no disadvantages. However, there is always a flip side to everything, and the VPS has its own.

One thing the VPS does is it makes you solely responsible for your website, and this can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you are not a tech-savvy guy. Hence, one disadvantage is that maintaining your website via a VPS platform could be time-consuming.

Renting a VPS could be costly, and sometimes the cost of renting a VPS equals that of a managed Wordpress hosting. Again, the host of a managed Wordpress walks you all the way till your site is set up, but a VPS host does not offer such a service.

Furthermore, unmanaged VPS lack several services offered by a managed Wordpress and one of such services is the fact that if you encounter any technical issue, you will be left to monitor and manage it on your own; hence, once you start putting in the shift to get your site up and running, you will soon realize that having a host take care of your backups, updates, and site maintenance is very attractive.

The VPS Hosting Features You Need

It could be hard to choose the best VPS hosting once you make up your mind. Your site may be small, thus making a shared server suitable, but what happens when your site gets big? VPS may be pricey at times, but in most cases, they offer good value for money.

Website Reliability

One important feature of the VPS is the fact that it makes your website even more reliable. When you opt for a managed Wordpress, the tendency is to share a server with other sites; hence, the activities of another website may impact your website. Thus, if another website experiences a sudden jump in traffic, there is the possibility that your website will have a performance issue as well.

That may, however, lead to slow loading which has the propensity to drive visitors away thus impacting your conversion negatively. Again, you may have to contend with security issues because a hacked website is a problem to other sites on the server.

However, a VPS provides a safe environment for your website; hence, traffic from another website wouldn’t in any way constitute a problem to yours since your website is sectioned off in a secured space. This in a way ensures a reliable experience for visitors. And that is because you are provided with an environment and resources that are designed to make your website reliable.

Improved Performance

Another important feature of a VPS solution is improved performance and one factor that triggers an improved performance on your website is because it can’t be slowed by activities on other sites on your shared server. That isn’t the only reason though, a VPS offers a performance boost.

Furthermore, a VPS allot larger resources than a managed Wordpress solution; hence, you have access to more bandwidth, more storage, and perhaps even better technology thus resulting in faster page loading on your website and a lesser possibility of a bounce back.

Again, VPS hosting allows you to scale up your allotted resources if you anticipate an increase in traffic (visitors) so that your site doesn’t get off the air when it experiences an unusual surge in traffic.

You Can Use Your Resources As You Deem Fit

A VPS plan offers a different level of dedicated resources, and interestingly you can use them as you like, that is, however, a great distinction with a managed Wordpress solution, as with managed Wordpress you have little control over how resources are allocated or used.

Interestingly, when you sign up for a VPS, you will be notified of the resources you have to enable you to manage the usage of the resources, and you can afford to expand your resources along with your website requirement.

You Can Install Only The Software You Are Going To Use

One huge disadvantage of a managed Wordpress or a shared server is the simple fact that it offers you a little choice when it comes to configuring your site, and that is because it is managed exclusively by your host. However, this comes as a huge advantage for a VPS package because it provides you with a choice, depending on your needs. VPS gives you different OS and software options and does allow you to install the one that suits your needs.

Furthermore, VPS is helpful for web developers as it allows them to choose the version of PHP they may prefer and uninstall the applications that are not useful. In this way, you can free up space for additional server resources.

Choose The Services That You Need

Another awesome feature of the VPS is the simple fact that it offers you a choice of services that a managed Wordpress does not offer. It is easy to say that a managed Wordpress does not offer you more than just the place to store and run your website.

Final Thought

One of the most important decisions to make once you want to own a website is always whether to opt for a managed Wordpress or an unmanaged VPS plan. However, it is important to say that a VPS gives you the freedom to maintain, update, configure, and backup your site and deal with any technical issues that may arise with time.

Hence, if that sounds like a lot of work for you, then you can opt for a managed WordPress because your host will take care of everything listed above so that you can focus on your website and business alone.

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