VPS hosting cheap programs are best suitable for startup business owners or entrepreneurs. In case you have no idea of the best suitable VPS plan for you, you should consider getting a free VPS hosting trial. What does this mean? We are not charging you for hosting your site on our server until the stipulated time. After which, you can decide on your most preferred option. Moreover, the delay could be a great denial for scaling up your business. To make things faster, we recommend you try our VPS hosting cheap trial early.

For many newbies, it's quite easy to find VPS hosting trials. However, we aren't going to just tell you this without stating how to go about it.

How to Find VPS Hosting Trial

Many reputable and reliable service providers will offer you a free trial on first registration. However, VPS hosting trial only lasts for a stipulated time and not a long-lasting agreement. Also, the available features are nothing compared to users or pros who have subscribed to the services. Meanwhile, a VPS hosting cheap trial will give you an idea of the services and the best deal for your website. Generally, high-quality services hardly go for free. For instance, a service provider wouldn't provide a storage capacity available for top subscribers to a free trial user. When looking into free trial options online, be careful not to get carried away by unrealistic services. However, we offer various VPS plans that can be customized to meet your need.

Moreover, we will like to give details of our free trial VPS server. As mentioned earlier, VPS free trials are only available for a limited timeframe, with specific features. Here, we present a 7 days trial and a day trial to every interested business owners. After taking our free trial for either 7 or 1 day, we are convinced you will have the adequate knowledge needed to choose your business's best VPS plan. VPS hosting a cheap trial will help you focus on services that best apply to your website. Although some VPS features are restricted, here are important VPS hosting features that are made available on our free trial:

  • Fast Server Speed: Slow server speed is a common frustration among many online hosting users. However, you enjoy a fast speed that enhances server performance during our 1/7 days of the free trial.
  • 40 Gbit Mellanox: Our 40 Gbit Mellanox increases the performance of the server network. As said earlier, and unlike many other users on a free trial, you won't have issues with low speed or interrupted connections. Moreover, Mellanox provides reliable storage since it's a highly networked hardware infrastructure.
  • 3-way storage feature: It may be quite unbelievable that a 3-way storage feature is also available for a free trial. Yes, it is. We understand every data is essential at every level. Either at free trial or standard VPS plans. Therefore, we installed a 3-way storage feature against the old RAID drive. 3-way storage features stores your data and resources in 3 programs. Moreover, it makes it easier to retrieve lost data.
  • Full Control: You should have full control of your virtual private server, even at a free trial. Moreover, you will have access to your control panel and system software during your free trial. Some VPS setup seems challenging to operate, such that only the hosting provider has access to certain features. The control panel should be user-friendly to create an adaptable working space. Also, with a simple control panel, you can save time from going through several clicks to reach a particular setup.
  • Customer Support: Many free trial users are a newbie that needs direction on technical-know-how, and we put up with solutions. During the free trial, you can access experienced technicians who will be available to provide support when needed. With years of experience, we observed that some users need immediate answers to issues and queries. Hence, we have a friendly team that is available to respond to clients' needs 24/7. Also, you can go through the full package available for our Linux or Windows VPS clients during your 1/7 days free trial.

4 Tips for Your First Time VPS Hosting

If you consider hosting your website on VPS, then these tips will help you make the right choices:

1. Choose the right VPS

When you pay for VPS hosting services, you can either purchase a managed or unmanaged plan. To save you the stress of monitoring your website while you focus on other life matters, we can help manage your virtual private server. VPS hosting provides full access to every user for setting up and managing various programs. Whereas configuring VPS is quite a task for new users. However, if you are quite knowledgeable about IT, you can manage your VPS.

Also, deciding the right VPS applies to your system type. You can either choose Windows VPS, Linux VPS, or cloud-based VPS. However, the appropriate VPS depends on your system setup. Linux VPS is cheaper than others, but you will need Windows VPS if your system program is configured in windows.

2. Know your website resources

It's very important to relate your website resources to your service provider before choosing a VPS plan. Do you think VPS hosting cheap service is what you need? Let your website resources determine your preferred plan. You will need to answer questions like the storage capacity you may need, several contents, or traffic to generate. Moreover, knowing the required resources prevents excessive plan and save costs with a VPS hosting cheap plan.

  • Sign into VPS: You were probably on a shared server, and you are migrating to VPS hosting cheap services. You will have to sign in to your VPS before usage. Contrary to the shared server you were previously monitoring; you will have more access to make updates, change settings, run a different OS, and many more added features. Also, you will need a secure shell (SSH) access or port 22. However, your service provider comes to play by providing your IP address, username, and password. At the same time, SSH is most essential for windows users.
  • Update VPS: After signing in successfully, update your server to get maximum security and the latest system information. Updating your VPS is quite simple. You click the apt update button, then press the enter key. However, you will need to wait for a few minutes before your system finishes up. When it's done updating, reboot your system and login again.

7 Types of Web VPS Hosting

Different web VPS hosting types will be presented to you when scaling up your website. Although there are two popular VPS operating systems, namely: Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. Likewise, there are other types of management based VPS hosting. These are: Unmanaged VPS hosting and Managed VPS hosting. However, we've come up with three more popular and quality VPS hosting that will help you streamline your preferred choice rightly.

1. Windows VPS Hosting:

VPS windows hosting is a preferred option among windows users. This is most suitable for the windows installed system. You can likewise get a dedicated server advantage from windows VPS hosting. However, in windows VPS, you should install some applications such as ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, ASP, Access databases, and SharePoint.

2. Linux VPS Hosting:

Linux VPS hosting is affordable for many users. It's the most popular VPS used by various site owners. Linux VPS hosting cheap service is readily available because it requires no license fee. Also, Linux VPS has a simple operating system layout. Although it is cheap, Linux VPS allows users to run features like MySQL, POP3, and PHP. However, you can change to windows VPS if your system requires it.

3. Managed VPS Hosting:

In managed VPS hosting, you have full control (root) of your VPS. As mentioned earlier, an IT ignorant needs an experienced server to help manage a VPS. After your server provides necessary information such as "root" about your account, you will need a professional to run and monitor your VPS. The root is a term often used to refer to your account username. The necessary features your network provider will manage and monitor on your behalf include:

  • Setting up a firewall
  • Public Key Authentication
  • Troubleshooting
  • Native IPV6 Support
  • Security against DDOS, malware, and virus attacks

4. Unmanaged VPS Hosting:

Here, a user is obliged to run the VPS system. However, an IT novice will find this problematic. We encourage only expertise to choose this VPS hosting type. However, in case you need any help from a service provider, our customer services are available.

5.Cloud VPS Hosting:

Cloud VPS is specially designed from the regular hosting services, such that data programs are uploaded on the cloud for easier access. Cloud VPS has the same unique programs as the standard host server. Also, as your business progresses, you can adjust your website resources to fit your web requirements. Cloud VPS, however, require more expenses than many other VPS hosting programs.

6. VPS Reseller Box

In the VPS reseller box, you can transfer Windows VPS and Linux VPS using the control board. Reseller box enables users to erase records of unused VPS. It is useful for testing the most suitable VPS for your system. Also, the reseller box makes VPS much flexible that users can have their control board, and service providers can easily design VPS.

7. OpenVZ VPS Hosting:

OpenVZ VPS hosting is an open operating system that executes a supplement Linux framework. Moreover, it offers VPS hosting cheap services. This hosting provides full root access that is customized from another hosting framework. Users can easily change location, have full access to site modules, and update bit modules.


Many business owners often start online with shared hosting. However, you may have to upgrade as your site experience high traffic. A site generates high traffic when it has successfully attracted customers. Meanwhile, every business needs to go online to increase sales and visibility. It is not likely achievable if you continue sharing your site with random users because your site is more exposed to danger at this rate. Whenever other users on the same server generate traffic on a quite higher side, there is a likelihood to run out of resources faster. Meanwhile, you may spend more money than the initial calculated price. Opting for VPS hosting will not cost you as much as a dedicated server, especially when you purchase the VPS hosting cheap package.

On a final note, you can also get unlimited bandwidth with us. Unlimited bandwidth is a factor that yields VPS hosting a cheap package, among others. Generally, bandwidth is the amount of data shared between servers and users when guests visit a website. However, unlimited bandwidth reduces the cost incurred on the user. It doesn't imply a lifetime service with no payment. It simply means free usage for a stipulated time. Apart from our unlimited bandwidth option, you can also try our 1/7-days trial advantage. Our 1/7-days trial provides full access control of your website. Also, it gives insight into the available option that best suits your business. Regardless, we put users through selecting a VPS package. Other features available on our VPS hosting include;

  • Excellent performance: You can be sure of fast speed performance with VPS hosting cheap operations. Linux OS is an open-source platform that increases the speed of every server.
  • Closest Web Hosting Server: We have web hosting servers in 15 locations. This is to improve performers by diversifying the datacenters. Therefore, our 15 centers are located in London, Miami, Dallas, New York City, Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Sydney, Chicago, Frankfurt, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Hong Kong.

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