There are three primary website hosting options; the most popular one is the VPS (short for virtual private server) hosting. VPS hosting is popular among website owners who are looking for a platform that offers access to more resources than shared hosting and yet is affordable. Users of VPS web hosting pay more than shared hosting users; however, they enjoy many more dedicated server resources.

There are a lot of VPS web hosting providers available; among the best is HostWind. You will find a list of our picks for the best VPS providers for web hosting, as well as tips to guide you in selecting a VPS hosting provider.

Do I Need VPS Hosting for My Website?

Yes, you do. Unless, of course, you want to go for a cheaper option that will have your pages loading at a snail's pace when there is a spike in server traffic. VPS hosting offers you increased efficiency, more server uptime, and, of course, speed. With VPS hosting, you are assured that your site has all the dedicated resources it could need to compete favorably with other sites.

How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost?

You don't expect VPS plans to cost the same as those of shared hosting; after all, VPS hosting is essentially a hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting. Thus, you should expect to pay $20 to around $100 every month for the plans.

Why Should I Pick VPS Hosting Over the Other Hosting Platforms?

  • Most VPS hosting providers offer Linux-based OS; this helps you save a couple of bucks as they are usually less expensive than Windows VPS hosts. VPS hosting affords you the luxury of not having to share your server resources with neighboring websites on the server. That is because your resources are allocated to you via the use of a hypervisor.
  • These server resources are dedicated to your site; thus, you never have to compete with neighboring sites for any resource. Even if the neighboring sites are entirely taken down, your site is unlikely to be affected. With the server partitioning, you can expect a smoother and more reliable website performance.
  • Another great reason that should spur you on to choose VPS hosting for your website is the high server uptime and security offered. VPS hosts provide you peace of mind and freedom from the regular downtimes that plague shared hosting. If your server fails, your site is immediately whisked to another running server.
  • You also enjoy better security owing to the security patches put in place and the regular data backups. You still need to learn the key features that make a VPS web hosting provider rock-solid. We will help you with that.

How Can I Select the Best VPS Hosting Provider for My Website?

As soon as you finish registering your site's domain name, the next line of action is to start selecting a VPS hosting provider. Typically, most VPS providers offer several plans with varying features and monthly subscription rates. The capabilities provided by each plan vary in terms of email, RAM, bandwidth, CPU, storage, and data transfer capacities.

With the host of choices you are faced with, picking out the best VPS provider may look like an impossible task. There are, however, certain features that help to distinguish great VPS hosts from the average ones. We have outlined a few of the hallmarks of the genuinely great VPS hosting providers.

  • Website Builders – Great VPS hosts provide you with plans that offer you the resources to make your website stand out and succeed. These web builders allow design your site quickly without having to use codes. Typically, you will find that the plans include at least 4 GB of RAM, a suitable amount of monthly transfers, and at least 100 GB worth of disk storage space.
  • Scalability – It is wise to look out for a VPS host that offers you numerous resource cadres. That way, when your site experiences a significant growth spurt in traffic, you can switch plans with ease. The scalability feature allows you to upscale your existing server resources at a minimal cost.

If you expect your site to grow exponentially, it makes sense to look out for a VPS host that offers you an unlimited number of email accounts. You will appreciate it when the time comes to scale up your email account, as you won't need to spend extra money on getting more email account capability.

  • VPS Hosts With Unlimited Resource Offering – Most great VPS hosts offer you unlimited resources in the form of bandwidth, email accounts, etc. You must read the fine print to fully understand what the provider means by infinite as there may be a catch in there.

Investigating what the VPS host tags as unlimited will save you from some rude shocks. For example, some providers may offer you an unlimited number of email accounts, but on closer investigation, you may discover a capacity limit of, say, 10 GB.

  • Type of Storage Drive – Great VPS hosting providers offers you the option of choosing either the traditional storage drive or the solid-state drives. Your choice of these storage drives depends on what you know about them. We prefer VPS with SSD drives because they are faster, more durable, and offer you more data security.

The traditional hard drives are cheaper and have higher storage capacities. However, they fall short in the area of resilience and data security. Conventional hard drives are prone to wear and tear due to their moving parts. On the other hand, Solid-state drives are more expensive and offer you lower storage capacity.

Anyways you get to choose. If your site requires super-fast speed, it is best to get a VPS with SSD. However, if you can make do with traditional hard drives, then you may as well go for it.

  • Security Encryptions – If you plan to sell products and services, you need a VPS hosting that offers you top-notch security. A wise choice will be to keep an eye out for VPS hosts with SSL (short for secure sockets layer).

There are VPS hosting providers that include a free SSL certificate in their plans. Others, however, may charge you a little extra for the SSL certificate. Why pay for it when you can get it free? Shop for the VPS providers that include the SSL certificate free of charge in their plans.

The SSL connection encrypts the data information exchanged between your website and your users' browsers. That way, your customers' financial details remain safe.

  • Money-Back Guarantee – Most VPS hosting providers offer users a money-back period. The actual length of the guarantee differs from provider to provider. However, from our research, we can say the periods range from 30 days – 90 days.

You may not grasp the essence of this money-back guarantee. However, if you want to try out a hosting plan for a brief while, say, for example, less than a month, the guarantee ensures that you get a refund after you cancel your plan. The refund condition is that you cancel within the VPS hosting provider's agreed period, say 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days.

  • Uptime and Server Downtime - All of the features we have outlined up until this point are essential. However, none of the features listed is as critical as the percentage of uptime your VPS server offers you. It is vital because server downtime can potentially ruin your site.

When your site is down, customers or clients cannot locate you or even access your products. Thus, it doesn't matter if your site looks great and packs rich features. If your website is down, it is as good as non-existent.

Four of the Best VPS Web Hosting Providers for 2021

We have carried out a thorough research of the available VPS hosting providers, and with our strict criteria, we have come up with this list. One of the critical criteria for making it to our list is high server uptime. Even if a VPS host has several great features, they are disqualified automatically once they lack an impressive server uptime.

Find out the VPS hosting providers that stand out from the bunch. You can set your site on the path to greatness by using any VPS hosting providers on this list.

1. HostWind

HostWind is one of our best hosting because of the value-packed features it offers. You stand to enjoy as much as 1 TB monthly data transfers, 30 GB worth of disk space, 1 GB RAM, and unlimited email account creation. The plan that features all these costs only $16.99 per month. With the higher plans, you get more resources; 96 GB RAM, 9 TB per month for data transfer, and 750 GB worth of disk space.

HostWind also offers Windows operating systems plans, unlike some other VPS providers that design plans for only Linux operating systems.

2. DreamHost

DreamHost offers you a bevy of tools that simplify the process of hosting your website. Each of their plans has outstanding features and are pocket friendly. The features include high server uptime, robust security features, excellent tools for domain management, etc.

DreamHost offers you flexibility, better site performance, and easy upscaling. Also, to all these, you enjoy a generous money-back guarantee and unlimited monthly data transfer. If you are looking to build a robust Linux-powered website, we recommend that you check out DreamHost.

3. A2 VPS Hosting

A2 is another great VPS host; they offer you excellent services at pocket-friendly rates. If you are keen on using WordPress with your site, A2 Hosting is the best fit. Asides from the rich features, A2 hosting sports a user-friendly design that is especially suitable for users new to the VPS terrain.

You get a 30-day money-back option; thus, you can try out plans that appeal to you and get a refund when you cancel your subscription. The hosting plans are robust and support your sites, especially your WordPress site. You also stand to enjoy terrific server uptime, excellent technical support, and scalability.

4. HostGator

Of course, our list has to have HostGator web hosting. It has an excellent array of web hosting plans and features at affordable rates. It features a website builder that allows you to design your website environment with as little stress as possible. Other features include high server uptime, up to 120 GB worth of storage space, and round the clock customer support.

If you are looking for a reseller VPS option, then you have even more reason to choose HostGator. It offers sweet reseller hosting plans that are robust.

What are the VPS Hosting Alternatives?

If your site is a small one with a low traffic influx, you can get away using a shared hosting platform. It will offer you the resources you need for your little site, and what more, it is affordable. You can get a fair plan for as low as $10 per month.

However, if you own a large site with a regular traffic surge, shared hosting won't cut it for you. You will require something that offers you enough resources to meet your site's needs and maintain a fast loading speed. If this case, we advise you to check out the dedicated hosting. It is excellent for users looking to build a strong foundation for their website and afford the high cost. Dedicated hosting may set you back as much as $100 each month.


As a website owner, your site must stand out from the bunch of similar websites out there. A superb VPS web hosting service is a great way to achieve this and improve your site's overall performance. You will find the factors that distinguish a poor VPS host from a great one; this should help you select the best VPS host out there. As a bonus, we have provided you with 4 of the best VPS providers for 2021; check them out.

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