The Best Managed VPS Hosting Options To Consider

When we consider the benefits of hosting our websites on a VPS solution, you will realize that the positives far outweigh the negatives, making it almost necessary to host websites on a VPS. A lot of VPS service providers offer a range of budget-friendly, feature-rich services, unlimited bandwidth, and scalable services - the best option for developers.

VPS hosting gives a unique privilege to host a site on an independent, secured, and private partition of a physical server. This ultimately ensures that files are separate from other websites and are better managed. In addition to this, files command their share of system resources.

Thanks to the effective file management system, issues with other sites do not directly impact one another. Again, VPS gives you unusual control, reliability, security, and flexibility and combines the best of mutual and dedicated hosting.

With the effective infrastructure surrounding the file management system in VPS hosting, there is increased demand for VPS hosting solutions as developers place a strong emphasis on effective hosting solutions. All developers want to have websites hosted on the best managed VPS platforms. With this in mind is a list of the best Managed VPS hosting packages you can choose from for your projects.

Six Best Managed VPS Hosting Providers

Bluehost: Users often engage Bluehost because it is often remarked as the provider with the most feature-rich VPS hosting package and is quite useful for small, medium, and large businesses. Furthermore, it is often remarked as very accessible; hence, many web developers opt for this VPS platform.

  1. Bluehost makes it to the top of the list because of the variety of features it offers and even more because of the simple fact that it is affordable; thus, beyond being best-managed, it is feature-rich and pocket-friendly. Furthermore, with all the rich features it offers, one can easily state that Bluehost is futuristic as each plan comes with tons of amazing features.
    Bluehost offers a free domain name for the first year to its users and a 30-day money-back guarantee should you want to opt-out of this unique platform. Furthermore, it offers massive customer support that is not obtainable with other similarly priced VPS service providers.
  2. Hostinger: Hostinger is often regarded as the best semi-managed VPS provider, although it has some shortcomings. Hostinger offers pocket-friendly VPS hosting packages and is renowned for its cheap shared hosting plans; hence, it is a smart choice for a budget-conscious user. In addition to its mouth-watering benefits, Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a dedicated IP address and full root access, among others.
  3. Liquid Web: Liquid Web is no doubt loved by all and sundry, and aside from the fact that it is well managed, it offers the fastest VPS hosting services, which is one of the features that endear it to its users. This provider gives its users complete control of website management.
    Liquid Web offers its users root-level access with up to 10 TB of bandwidth, proactive site monitoring, and the best 24-hours customer support, and you are just a click away from downgrading or upgrading your site.
  4. HostGator: HostGator is no doubt one of the best managed VPS providers. HostGator is renowned for being the best for reliable services and efficiency. This VPS provider has been around for over a decade and is known to power over 2 million websites worldwide. Hence, if you want a reliable VPS provider then opting for HstiGator will be a smart choice.
  5. GoDaddy: GoDaddy is the best self-managed VPS hosting platform, and people love it because it is perhaps the easiest to use among the lots of VPS platforms. GoDaddy offers easy monitoring and alert notification as well as backups and a recovery console. Furthermore, it offers DDOS protection to websites hosted on its platform and a free SSL certificate to its users.
  6. Media Temple: Media Temple comes up here as perhaps the best managed VPS platform, and it offers the best managed hosting plans you can find anywhere. And it is so because they have experts that are always on hand to handle the technical aspect of managing your website. Furthermore, it has the best customer support team in the world of web hosting, and they are fast and reliable.

Best Managed VPS Hosting For Windows And Linux

There is no denying that VPS takes your website to another level, and it comes without a limit. However, getting a Windows OS enabled or a Linux OS enabled VPS host could be difficult or even a host that allows you to migrate from Windows to Linux. However, we have taken the time to research the best managed VPS host for a Windows enabled OS, and a Linux enabled OS.

  1. Hostinger- Hostinger comes as a budget-friendly host, and it is also among the best managed VPS platforms.
  2. Bluehost- Bluehost is the most feature-rich server on our list and it combines affordability with flexibility.
  3. DreamHost- DreamHost is the best for customers that are seeking unlimited bandwidth.
  4. Liquid Web- Liquid Web comes as the best managed and it combines speed with proactive server monitoring.
  5. HostGator- HostGator offers the most scalable VPS hosting service and uniquely combines reliability and efficiency.
  6. A2 Hosting- A2 Hosting is best recommended for web developers because it is fast and secured.
  7. InMotion Hosting- InMotion Hosting offers the best migration package; hence, it combines no downtime migration with a free SSL certificate for subscribers.
  8. HostPapa- HostPapa is, without doubt, the best VPS server for enterprises. They combine affordability with eCommerce optimization.

Do You Really Need A VPS

Nearly everyone wants to host a site on a VPS platform, but in truth, VPS isn’t for everyone. Hence, if you are starting a website from scratch, with the knowledge that you aren’t going to be having a surge in traffic or perhaps a lot of visitors in the formative years, then a shared hosting plan is perhaps the best choice for you.

However, with time, your website should start having a surge in the number of visitors, and at this point, you may begin to have problems with poor performance. This is when you should consider upgrading to a VPS plan. Furthermore, the bigger drawback with VPS is the price. Still, one can easily state that VPS plans are perhaps expensive for a good reason as they are specially built for rapid-growth companies and websites that may require more resources that can easily be scaled on notice. Again, VPS hosting gives you more flexibility, security, and control as well as offers a higher ceiling for ambition; hence, it suits fast-growth companies that demand an enhanced performance.

Furthermore, VPS annihilates slow loading and poor uptime. The use of a VPS offers you an unusual and unique level of flexibility and control that comes only with a VPS; hence, nothing happens with your website unless you want it to, and whatever happens with or around your website goes through you.

For instance, if you opt for a Linux-enabled VPS, it offers you the option to create multiple control segments that enables you to design your website to your taste. Again, if you possess good technical know-how, you can do whatever you intend to do with your website if you are hosted on a VPS platform without a limit.

Why Should You Opt For A VPS ?

Choosing between a managed VPS and an unmanaged VPS is quite a matter of like and technicality. For instance, the tech-savvy guy may easily opt for an unmanaged VPS solution if he has the time and the technical know-how, but the guy that doesn’t have the time and technical know-how will easily settle for a managed VPS. Hence, it becomes important to state the reasons why you should consider a VPN provider.


One major feature of the VPS is that it makes your website more reliable than other website hosts. Hence, using a VPS provides a safe environment for your website.

The traffic from another website wouldn’t constitute a problem to yours since your website is sectioned off in a secured space. This ensures a reliable experience for visitors. And that is because you are provided with an environment and resources designed to make your website reliable.

Again, you are not connected to another website in any way; hence, what affects another website should not affect yours

Optimal Performance

Whenever you evaluate a web hosting service, there is the need to have performance as a major factor to consider. By performance, we mean speed, uptime rate, flexibility, ease of use, configuration, and security. It is of no use if your website is slow or unavailable; hence, it is important to consider performance as a factor before opting for any VPS platform.

However, one major feature of a VPS solution is improved or optimal performance. One factor that triggers an improved performance on your website is the simple fact that activities on other sites cannot slow it. That isn’t the only reason though, a VPS offers a unique performance boost. Interestingly, all the web hosts listed here offer optimal performance; however, it is important to state that some outperform others in certain categories. For instance, A2 Hosting and Liquid Web are known for their speed.

There is the tendency to share a server with other hosts; hence, another website's activities may impact your website, and in most cases, negatively. Thus, if another website experiences a sudden jump in traffic, there is the possibility that your website will have a performance issue as well, but with a VPS, this is impossible as every website is partitioned into a secured space that is not linked to another website.

Furthermore, there is the propensity that you may have to contend with security issues on a non-VPS server because a hacked website is a problem to other sites on the server.

Customer Support

Customer support is no doubt where you turn to during downtime, and interestingly most VPS service providers have an excellent customer service team that beats most. You can trust the VPS hosting listed for excellent customer support. Your website should work for 24-hours a day, and even if you encounter any form of challenges, your VPS provider should be there for you.

Whether it is on the weekends, the middle of the night, or perhaps on holidays, you should be able to reach your supporter as soon as possible.

Server Resources

More often than not, people upgrade to VPS plans because they want to gain unlimited access to dedicated server resources; however, four major resources endear VPS users, and they are;

  • CPU: CPU summarizes the number of processing units within your server to computer information.
  • RAM: RAM simply equates to the amount of memory that your CPU can access from the server.
  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth indicates the amount of data that flows between your website and your host server.
  • Storage: Storage implies the amount of space or spaces available for content on your website.

However, one good thing about VPS is that it allows you to allot and use the resources allocated to you just as you may wish.

Optional Root Access

VPS plans undoubtedly come only in two ways, which means it is either managed or unmanaged; however, unmanaged plans give you full root access, but it is not so for managed plans. Interestingly some managed plans offer optional root access to subscribers.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best managed VPS platform could be even more hectic than developing a website. However, there are certain factors that must be considered before you opt for any VPS service provider. These factors are; performance, customer support, server resources, root access, and cost. For you to make the right decision, ensure you look out for these features when considering a VPS hosting provider for your projects.

Best Managed VPS Hosting

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