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1 GB memory
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160 GB SSD disk
4 TB transfer
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4 GB memory
4 cores processor
80 GB SSD disk
2 TB transfer

Virtual Server Hosting include

Tons of server templates

Fast Virtual Servers

Choose your server and use virtual servers as operating system with instant deployment.

Live server back-ups

Live backups

All backups can be made while your virtual servers is running and online. There is no downtime during backup.

Hourly, daily and monthly server billing

Flexible Billing

There are no contracts at You can choose how long you keep your Virtual Servers, Hourly, daily or monthly.

Private networking server

24/7 online

Your virtual server is 24/7 online, no downtime and can be accessed from all over the world.

Managed server Firewall

Easy and fast firewall setup

Configure your firewall and rule additions. They are easy and quick to setup and manage on the control panel.

Secure server


All our SSD Hosting servers have high security and protection to give you the best available Virtual Server on the market.

Virtual Server Hosting

If you are looking for a virtual server, we are confident you will be delighted with our virtual hosting server offering. We go above and beyond to provide an exceptional service for our clients continually improving and adapting what we offer. A virtual server is Ideal for any type of business, from small start-ups with limited requirements, to larger global organisations. A virtual server can help you connect to your ideal customers seamlessly all over the world. If you are looking for the best virtual server packages, you are in the right place. Our plans start from just $4.99 offering an excellent package of technical support, powerful features and customisation.

What is a Virtual Server?

A virtual server or a virtual private server (VPS) is a hosting server that is divided into virtual pieces. Virtual servers are very powerful featuring high-end hardware. The key benefit of a Virtual Private Server offers is scalability of capabilities. When you are using a regular, physical server you may encounter storage, memory or CPU issues. However, with a virtual server you do not have these issues. A VPS makes use of smart virtualisation software that can quickly be upgraded to met your needs - in a matter of seconds.

Why Virtual Servers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services have become incredibly popular over recent years, as it provides an exceptional way to establish an online presence across the globe for many different types of businesses. A virtual server saves you both time and money as you will not need to maintain your own physical servers. Also, in terms of performance, virtual servers provide exceptional performance. Virtual private serving hosting also gives your business flexibility, as you can scale your package to meet the needs of your business operations. For most business, making the switch to a virtual server is the right one, giving them security, scalability, improved operations and reduced costs.

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Practical features of Virtual Servers

3-Way storage Windows VPS

Virtual Server Management

One of the most important benefits of utilising a virtual server is that there is much less work involved for your workplace. There is no need to instruct an engineer to repair or replace hardware, you can manage your server using our cutting-edge interface. Your virtual server can be deployed in less than a minute, and once up and running you will benefit from the best VPS Hosting experience available. Our virtual server are all deployed using hardware with NvME SSD storage for providing the virtual server. We make use of a unique method to store your server across 3 disks simultaneously on the virtual servers. When you choose us for your VPS needs, your data will always be safe. You can discuss the options we have available with a member of our team.

Windows or Linux operating systems supported

With our virtual server, you can choose your operating system of choice. You can set up a virtual private server for any purpose, and your server may be enrolled with multiple windows or Linux based operating systems. We also offer a broad variety of these operating systems. Many of the servers we have deployed use a Linux based system, however many of our customers prefer to use a windows based system. We also update our databases regularly to ensure that you have the most recent version of the OS you need. All of our virtual services are licensed and provided by official distributors, and with many locations across the globe, you can choose the one closest to you for optimum service.

Expanding global network worlwide

We are continuing to expand our network of virtual servers every year, adding to the number of locations where we have servers all across the world. We have servers in almost every continent, and we can provide you with our high-quality service no matter where your business is based. All of our services include a backup schedule, and you can choose your preferred backup times to suit your business needs for your virtual servers. You can backup your data, daily weekly and monthly. It is easy to manage this functionality from your service page, ensuring that you never lose valuable and sensitive data on your virtual server.

VPS cybersecurity

In the unfortunate and rare event that your web host is the victim of a cyberattack, you will not lose any data or sensitive information on your virtual servers. We take regular backups at all times to ensure your most valuable information is kept safe. We make the most of an advanced security system, so the threat of a cyberattack is minimal. However, we always strive to improve our security and plans in case of a cyberattack. When you utilise one of our VPS solutions, you will also benefit from our Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack protection. A DDOS attack occurs when several computers are combined to generate a massive amount of traffic, enabling them to overwhelm some virtual servers. When these virtual servers hosting are overwhelmed, this makes websites and servers susceptible to server errors and website outages. To prevent this from happening, we use a tool that is able to detect potential DDOS attacks. In the event our network tools detect a DDOS attack, they will respond immediately and take the required steps to mitigate and prevent any failures in the network.

Control your Windows VPS

Scalable Virtual Server

Virtualisation is incredibly popular. In the modern day, businesses grow quickly and face different challenges every day. The scalability and flexibility of a virtual server makes it the perfect choice to meet the needs of your business. A good example is where business requires you to scale a server for a limited period of time, such as to accommodate increased home working during the Coronavirus pandemic with your virtual server. A VPS makes is simple to scale up and scale back as required. When you are finished with a project, you can simply end your VPS hosting contract and delete the server any time you want.

Unique storage offering

Most of our server locations utilise our unique storage technique, specifically designed to keep you up and running. We store your server across three storage levels to ensure that your server, and consequently your data is kept extra secure. In the event that any data corruption occurs, there are two other storage levels. Safety, security and keeping your business operations up and running are an important part of our customer service offering. You can try it out for yourself, look at our virtual server offers and promotions or discuss your needs with a member of our team today.

Fully-customisable vps solutions

We understand that no two businesses are ever exactly the same, so why should their VPS Hosting interface be? All of our virtual service clients have root allowing them to easily and simply customise their VPS. A good example, is that our customers are able to choose their data centre location from over 15 locations across the world, right from their user interface. Once you have chosen your server, our highly-skilled technical team can manage the rest of the process for you - ensuring that you don’t run into any technical issues.

Easy personalisation and intuitive

We know how important user experience (UX) is to our customers. As a result, we and upgrade our control panel, keeping all elements of good UX in mind. The result is that it is very simple to operate and exceptionally user-friendly. The simplicity of our VPS Hosting control panel means that you can customise your virtual server as required without the difficulty of a confusing, time-consuming process. We have also made sure of virtual server solutions can be set up quickly with minimal difficulty, and are suitable for beginners. You do not need to have advanced technical experience to make use of our virtual servers. Try our virtual servers for yourself and find out.

Additional supported back-ups

When you use our VPS Hosting solutions you gain access to our excellent support services. We don't just look out for security risks, but provide a comprehensive support offering for our clients. For example, we are on hand to help you migrate your digital platform or website from any web host and we can help you install and refine your virtual server. We want our services to be a perfect fit for you and your business, so we go above and beyond to ensure that our solutions work for you and your business. You will have access to 24/7 support from our technical experts, all of whom have at least five years of experience in this area of work. We understand how important technical support is to your business, and so we ensure we nurture this element of our offering as much as any other area.

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