The use of cloud services has become very famous in our world today, as users can now boldly testify of the excellent benefits their businesses enjoy as a result of moving from on-premise to off-premise servers. This is unarguably one of the best innovations that have been developed by experts in the tech industry aimed at optimizing the web services available to different companies. Therefore, for any business to get to the top of their game and successfully remain there, they would need to upgrade the various strategies deployed by them.

VPS hosting is currently one of the popular web hosting services in today’s onlinemarketing for businessesand is also known as Virtual Private Server Hosting.So, what exactly is VPS? Why is it so cheap? And how does one get Virtual Private Server Windows cheap to a large extent for business?

What is a VPS?

VPS, an acronym for Virtual Private Server, is best described as the most popular solution for hosting web servers. Several businesses commonly use it because of the fantastic benefits it offers over traditional dedicated host servers and shared hosts. This is seen in the cost, time, and scalability of its infrastructure; VPS combines the advantages of dedicated hosts, giving you more for less. With VPS, you gain access to a portion of a server and enjoy full rights over that part of the server. This feature is possible because of the technology VPS is built on, which allows every portion of the server to behave as a separate server entity. Still, in truth, it remains in one server with the other pieces.

VPS functions as your private server. A Windows Virtual Private Server makes use of Windows OS. Nevertheless, Linux VPS are also accessible in the market, but Windows are more used because of their versatility and user-friendliness.

Windows VPS; What They Are

Like every dedicated server, a VPS hosting server, which gives you access to your space/portion of the server, needs an Operating System (OS) along with a VPS SSD storage, RAM space, and disk space. These features, when available, helps to increase the flexibility and speed of your VPS.

Consequently, by definition, a Virtual Private Server Windows is one that makes use of software that ensures the domain of user’s businesses are being hosted with the help of Windows technology.

One of the benefits of using VPS windows for your businesses is the speed it guarantees your VPS; it is able to run efficiently without any form of interruption. It is also very affordable, making it easy for the service providers to serve you with cheap or cheap VPS hosting services.

Why is VPS hosting so cheap?

You might be wondering why VPS hosting is so affordable.Several web hosting firms provide you with VPS hosting plans that allow you to control your hosting account in full, at different prices. The plans are created such that users of the VPS hosting server seem to have rights to a dedicated server. However, you should note that a VPS is far different from a dedicated server; because it represents a virtual portion of an entire dedicated server.

This to say that, on the same server, there will be other hosting accounts which all serve as VPS hosting server to different web users. But their presence does not have any significant impact on a user's VPS account. The virtual portion of the VPS is specially created using software that allows allocating dedicated resources to the VPS users without requiring a new machine to be set up.

This way, users can enjoy the benefits attached to having a server to themselves (Private Server) and not pay for a dedicated server setup. Therefore, VPS hosting can cost you about $50-$100, determined by the allocated resources to that account. However, a dedicated host would cost about $200 or more every month. Consequently, using a VPS hosting server for your sites would give you a discount of 50% compared to a dedicated host.

Aside from VPS being cheap, it is highly advantageous too when compared to the other form of web hosting. For instance, if a website shuts down in a shared hosting service, the others are also turned off due to the fact that they are all on the same server. However, the case is different when we talk about Virtual Private Server. If one website shuts down in this case, it doesn't affect the others because although they are on the same server, they use different resources.

As a result of the cheap cost, it is very beneficial for companies to use VPS hosting rather than shared hosting, especially if they don't want their online business to fail because of the failure of one website. This can result in a significant loss of the company's revenue.

How to get access to cheap VPS hosting service for cheap

Of a truth, it is easy to get access to cheap VPS hosting. Although a cheap VPS hosting service can never be the same as paid alternatives, so you shouldn't expect to get the top-of-the-line service when you use a cheap VPS plan. This is because a cheap VPS has limitations in the features you can use; however, it is a great way to begin your migration to the cloud. This way, you can experience the benefits of a VPS without having to pay for it, and then you can now decide on the hosting plan best suited for your use. So, to get VPS hosting for cheap, you need to contact a host service provider.

How to get cheap VPS hosting

To get a cheap VPS, you need first to sign up and create an account with sellers/ distributors of web hosting services. The following are some of the cheap Window VPS hosting you can get your hands on cheap:

1. AccuWebHosting

This is a well-known VPS hosting provider that provides its clients with a full 30-day trial. And you don't even need to input your credit card details before you gain access to their services. It is entirely ad-cheap and has almost the same features as those experienced when using a paid version. Every hosting plan has cheap backups and a server firewall, which helps to keep it protected. They have data centers located in the US.

AccuWebHosting comes with crucial features like 500 GB of bandwidth; Windows-based VPS hosting; 2 CPU cores and 1 GB of RAM; 35 GB of storage; One month of ad-cheap service, etc.

2. x10Hosting

This is another well-known VPS provider in the web hosting business. It comes with a well-tested track record that validates its reliable and smooth success. Their plans are entirely hosted on the cloud, including their cheap VPS hosting. This makes it highly advantageous as it is capable of supplying its clients with unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Their plans are scalable and can scale-in or out depending on what you need. Their cheap plan comes with services such as a simple management system and a cPanel interface. Unfortunately, you do not have full access to all the services available to other paid users. Also, as a cheap user, you don't have root user privilege and, as such, cannot fully control your VPS account.

X10hosting comes with crucial features like Unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth, 512 MB of RAM;cPanel access; Windows-based VPS hosting;Fast cloud-based service, etc.

3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

The GCP is another fantastic platform where you can gain access to a cheap VPS hosting account, and it's cheap for one year, although restricted to the services you can utilize. To register on the platform is very easy and straightforward, especially if you already have a Google account. However, although limited, the cheap plan is awe-inspiring, granting you access to a cloud infrastructure that is powerful, tested, and trusted.

With the cheap plan, you can utilize several products, ranging from API platforms to app engines and many more. The control panel comes in a simple design that enables you to understand how to navigate your way around the platform on time, thus ensuring you're able to experiment on several available opportunities and control your VPS easily.

Google Cloud Platform comes with crucial features like 12 months of cheap service, a simple control console, Windows-based VPS hosting, 1 GB of storage, etc.

4. Amazon Web Services

Amazon offers a range of services hosted on a VPS hosting server; these services are jointly referred to as Amazon Web Services. They are used mostly by developers and large firms/enterprises. The cheap service on the platform is designed so that website owners can quickly learn all there is to know about VPS systems. This is because, along with a cheap one-year access, called the cheap tier service, users also get cheap tutorials that instruct them on how to get started.

After creating a VM (Virtual Machine), the next action to take is configuration using the web-based tools. You can also carry out design remotely with the use of their mobile app. AWS also comes with a monitoring system referred to as cloud watch; this feature helps you take a record of all your resources and the instances running at any given time so that you can keep in tune with your budget. For example, in the cheap tier, the cloud watch would inform you when you attempt starting a paid service as such, would ensure you don't get charged.

Amazon Web Services comes with crucial features like 5 GB of storage;access to tutorials and guides;no credit card needed; Intuitive control panel and management tools; Windows-based VPS hosting; 12 months of cheap VPS service, etc.


The AVA VPS hosting provider is not so popular, unlike the others that have been discussed above. However, their cheap VPS hosting plan is one of the best you can find out there, especially for simple websites. The plan gives you access to essential resources enough for your website needs. Although, since it's cheap, you'll not be getting the most potent VM available, then you can be assured of getting the best cheap VPS there is.

Their server technology is believed to load sites about three times more than that of another hosting service provider. The features included in the cheap VPS plan are unique; VPS setup takes just minutes, after which you are given root access enabling you to control your account entirely and gives you DDoS protection. Another fantastic feature of this platform is you don't have to put your payment information before starting your cheap account user.

ALA VPS comes with crucial features likeDDoS protection built-in;Linux and Windows-based hosting;100 GB of disk space and 1000 GB of bandwidth;Root access; 120 build minutes per day; 1 CPU core and 1 GB of RAM, etc.

6. Digital Ocean

This is a highly established VPS hosting provider that is well known due to its excellent performance capabilities. All VPS plans by them are entirely cloud-based and have a 99.9% service uptime level agreement. However, the cheap VPS hosting plan lasts for just 60 days. After which, you begin to make payments monthly to stay connected.

The fantastic thing about the platform is that there is no limitation; the cheap tier gives you full access to all their services; that way, you have a complete idea of how the platform works. So, you get to use all their services, such as security features and one-click installers. And their control panel ( is straightforward to utilize, thus allowing you to fully manage all segments of your VPS host from a particular place.

Digital Oceancomes with crucial features likeOne-click app installation, proprietary VPS management tool, 60-day cheap trial, Cloud-based hosting, optimized servers, 99.9 percent uptime agreement, Windows-based hosting, etc.


Getting a personal VPS can sometimes be seen as tasking, consuming your time and money. Although this can sometimes be true depending on the VPS hosting provider you use. However, you can quickly get a cheap VPS host or a cheap VPS host from any hosting provider.

Therefore, irrespective of your budget, moving from on-premise to the cloud can be very smooth and easy. You don't have to pay for the services yet until you are sure of the benefits it grants you, and you know how to navigate your way around the service provider chosen by you. The virtual private server windows provide for you is affordable and can be gotten easily from any of the VPS hosting provider discussed in this article.

Virtual Private Server Windows Cheap

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