What Can You Do With VPS Hosting

VPS hosting offers a wide variety of uses and can be used to do virtually everything that is expected of web hosting. This has made it the most used web hosting option. One may still ask, exactly what can you do with VPS hosting?

Before going ahead to list some of the things, we have seen that VPS hosting can be used for everything required of web hosting, however, it can be used in many ways to do a lot more. Below are several things you can do with VPS hosting other than just basically hosting your website.

  • Running a high traffic website: This is one of the major reasons why VPS is one of the most widely used web hostings. With the unlimited resources which VPS offers to your website, it is a very good solution for those whose website starts getting too much traffic. Also, are allowed to remove unneeded apps and free more space, making your Virtual Private Server faster.
  • You can host a personal or professional server with VPS: Using VPS hosting gives you the chance to host a server for many uses, including for professional use, and your personal server environment as well. Having a personal server environment means you can run your server outside of hosting your website. With this, you have a virtual playground to do many things, including hosting multiplayer games.
  • VPS allows you to test new applications: This can be very beneficial if you frequently test custom server setups. A VPS provides the perfect environment for you to test new applications also and you won’t have to spend too much either.
  • With VPS, you can gain access to extra file storage: There are some activities that you might want to carry out and it will require additional space. However, you might find it difficult to do when you don’t have the required space. In such a case, a VPS offers you a less expensive solution for an upgrade, giving you more space and security for the smooth running of your server. Complimenting this is the fact that you can also easily back up your website data.
  • Running a VPS helps you create a private sync service: With a VPS, you can easily sync your private data into a third party server which you don’t have control over. You also get a flexible and affordable solution and create a platform with which you can sync with functionality similar to Dropbox but without any privacy concerns.
  • A VPS can be used for the deployment of a personal cloud: You can host applications such as OwnCloud and other similar ones. These applications are used to handle data syncing, including the likes of the calendar, galleries, task manager, etc.
  • With a VPS, you can run private analytics: using a VPS hosting, you can run analytics, most especially for businesses, which has large scale data. Also, you do this without using a dedicated server, therefore, you are given a much cheaper alternative to performing this task.
  • Using a VPS gives you the chance to easily manage your projects: Among the tool a VPS makes available to you, a good project management tool can grant you easy access and help you run your business conveniently. It is important especially for businesses that employ remote workers. In such cases, you are given the perfect assistance to manage your projects.
  • VPS hosting helps you develop and test your code: This is very important in businesses that deal extensively with development. A VPS gives you the needed help in the development process and tools with which you can stimulate testing environments, helping against bugs and glitches.
  • Management of IoT devices: A VPS can be used as a hub to manage businesses that use embedded sensors significantly. You are also given the perfect tools with which you can analyze the data of these devices.
  • Management of VOIP servers: A VPS grants you the option of installing any VOIP application. With this, you can make calls without having to use infrastructures. These devices let you turn them down and make use of them only when needed. Therefore, you don’t spend any extra cost on hardware.

The above mentioned are only just a few uses which you can employ your VPS too. There are even a lot more, all you need do is ordering a VPS hosting and you’re good to go.

What Can I do With VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server hosting offers you so many uses, which is why it is known as one of the most widely preferred options for web hosting by many. Its many advantages can be used or applied to many uses. VPS hosting can be used for your private reasons, for business or e-commerce, and many other areas. It is a good hosting option for many. And we will explain to you some of the things you can do with VPS hosting.

First, in business, if you want to start up your own business, you can use the VPS to get enough resources, flexibility, and good technical support, all at a very reasonable price so it will be convenient for you to start up the business without spending too much capital. If you want to grow your business, if you expect it to grow or if it is already growing, aside from the good scalability it has to adjust your server to take more traffic, VPS hosting also offers better-quality plans to help with that. You can start an online store or market with VPS hosting as well, and it will still be very convenient due to the resources and affordability it has.

If all you require is higher resources, you can achieve that too with VPS hosting. This is especially for those who need dedicated resources but lack technical knowledge. You do not have to buy a dedicated server and struggle with everything or pay extra for extra staff. You can use the managed option of VPS to get higher and dedicated resources and still enjoy it without having a broad knowledge of it.

If you need multiple IP addresses, or direct root access in general, VPS hosting can be used to achieve that goal. If for instance, you want to set up an SSL, you will need to appoint a dedicated IP to it alone. VPS plans in general offer multiple IP addresses with which you can achieve this goal. Also, if all you need is just direct root access in general, maybe because you want to customize your server to suit your taste, or you want to install some apps you like so well, you are offered direct root access, and you can do all this and even more.

There are some cases where you just need some specific applications, maybe some that your business can’t do without, you can get and operate them with VPS hosting. An instance is in how much importance your company’s workflow is to you, and you want to provide Jabber for it with which you can create, share, and report conveniently without downtime. The VPS is a lifesaver here. If maybe you want to start an online training portal and you require the right apps along with good resources and technical support, the VPS hosting can be used to get suitable apps with which you upload content like articles, videos, tutorials, etc. Another case could be that you just want to create a portfolio for web development, photography, and more. VPS hosting grants you this wish as it offers excess resources, high speed and performance, and great scalability to sum it all up.

There are still many more uses you can employ for VPS hosting. It depends entirely on how you manipulate the resources and features you are offered by VPS hosting.

What Are The Benefits of VPS Hosting Over Web Hosting?

The Virtual Private Server is just one amongst the multiple that is created on a single physical server. One might think that since it is sharing a server, it will be at a disadvantage. However, there are many advantages associated with its use. It is private and has its space dedicated fully to itself. We know of some of the many ways we can use a VPS, however, below are the benefits of VPS hosting over web hosting.

  • Dedicated Resources and High Performance: VPS provides you with a good amount of resources such as RAM, CPU, disk space, etc. All of which are needed to help your business grow. Also, all these resources can support a good level or amount of traffic. This goes a long way in ensuring your site operates with high speed and performance.
  • Reliability: Using the VPS, you are assured of one of the best reliability in web hosting. This is because each user's resources are kept independent from others and the server has the perfect features to help in the performance of the entire VPS.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: VPS hosting has adequate resources that when your websites start generating too much traffic, you can easily modify it to suit you due to the good scalability of VPS hosting. This has made the hosting very flexible.
  • Complete control: Also, VPS hosting offers you the chance to have complete control over your entire server. You are free to manage the server however you like. You can carry out services like installations and all other management is in your hands. With this, you are allowed to decide without restriction however you want your server.
  • Security: The security of the VPS is arguably one of the best in the entire web hosting business. It is impenetrable by hackers and it is very difficult for viruses, malware, and spyware to get through its complex line of defense. Also, since you have complete control over the server, you can easily improve its security by putting up firewalls and taking other security measures to secure your server even more. This also offers you peace of mind and help you carry out all other operations on the server without having to worry too much about security breaches.
  • Privacy: As in the name Virtual Private Server, it is not only virtual alone but private as well. Many users fear that since you will be sharing the server, it may affect the security of the VPS. However, this is false as your resources are dedicated to you and cannot be accessed by other users.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With all the important features which VPS offers, it may be quite surprising that it is still very affordable. It usually has a wide variety of plans all tailored to suit various budgets. With this, you can choose one which is perfect for your need.
  • Dedicated support: These are some of the most interesting benefits a VPS hosting has. Support is available from a team of professionals at all times. You can get help, tips, and guidance at any time at all, most especially during emergencies. With this, you will not find yourself stuck at any stage, and this can be a very good improvement to your business and experience online in general.
  • Cloud backup: With VPS, you can backup your data with convenience at any time. It has many features to help with this, one of which is an automatic cloud backup schedule. With this, you can set a time when the VPS automatically backups your data into a cloud without you being around to do anything. Backed up files are easily retrievable whenever you need them. You have access to the cloud at all times, therefore, you can download your backed up data at a point in time, and with convenience too.

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