The world today has significantly evolved from the norm when it comes to data storage. Prior to now, everything regarding data computing and storage was done using on-premise servers. This structure is cumbersome, difficult to manage, and tedious. The movement to off-premise services rectified this issue, giving clients access to super-fast computers with more storage capacity and ease of use. All these have been made possible with the help of VPS hosting services. The Virtual Private Server Google offers to its clients provides them with a Virtual Machine (VM) that makes use of the Ubuntu Linux OS, which is an open-source operating system and, therefore, cheaper to use.

What is VPS Hosting?

A VPS, which refers to the Virtual Private Server, refers to an OS (Operating System) hosted on a virtual space (off-premise) and attached to a parent server.The service makes use of virtualization technology and gives private resources (dedicated) to the users. With this service, users gain access to a virtual supercomputer, which they can access from any part of the world and with any device. The structure consists of interconnected computers/devices (called the host), a server (parent servers), and several other servers. With this structure in place, the VPS can successfully duplicate the properties possessed by a physical server in terms of its functionality and processes. Therefore, we can conclude that a VPS is a software that can emulate dedicated hardware.

What is Google VPS?

Google VPS refers to a service offered by google cloud that provides users with a virtual computer that can be used to carry out their various activities. The Google Cloud Platform provides a suite of computing services, amongst which are data storage, computing, machine learning, etc. Users of the platform can SSH into their various accounts on the Google cloud with the use of any device and from any location.

Like Amazon VPS hosting, which uses EC2 instances and LightSail, Google Cloud also provides a VPS instance called the Google Compute Engine (GCE). This functions as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform that enables users to successfully run their workloads on the cloud platform's physical hardware.

The service (GCE) makes provision for several scalable VMs (Virtual Machines) that serves as an enormous compute cluster, allowing you to access the various services offered by Google cloud.There are three primary ways for you to manage GCE: The Command Line Interface (CLI), RESTful API, or Web console. It is a pay as you use service that has a minimum time usage of 10-minute.

GCE uses an application program interface (API) to provide users with a VM attached to a DNS and has a load balancer to distribute the load and prevent the VM from lagging. The VMs comes with RAM modifications, CPU, and Linux distributions such as Debian and also CentOS.

GCE allows account administrators to select from 3 regions, namely the United States, Asia, and Europe. Within each region, there are two availability zones that support either Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors. Consequently, it is able to provide administrative tools that can be used at the regional stage to create more advanced networks.

What Is Google VPS Hosting Plan?

The google VPS hosting plan refers to a managed hosting services on the GCE, which grants you access 24/7 to your resources on google cloud. This is very effective, especially for organizations that need to be online at all times for their business to run in real-time. It provides clients with a team of cloud experts who are highly knowledgeable and able to run the GCE round the clock to solve all hosting concerns on the Google cloud, thereby helping to scale their websites effectively.

With virtual private servers, google now offers hosting services that are fully managed. This result helps developers, eCommerce stores, and digital agencies place more of their attention on the management of the business rather than focusing on the administration of the server and its maintenance.

With the Google VPS hosting service, you can successfully carry out web server deployment in minutes, leaving you with enough time to do the things you love best while our team manages your server. This way, you experience seamless management free from complications.

Currently, with a fee as low as $33.63 per month, you can gain access to a Google VPS hosting plan, which provides you with a VM with a RAM size of 1.70GB, a storage capacity of 20GB, a bandwidth of 2GB, and lots more. The fee also includes charges incurred from GCE hosting, so you get just one invoice. This is by far the most uncomplicated and most affordable hosting service you can find in the market, and it's less stressful too.

Importance of The Google VPS hosting plan

Compared to on-premise servers, the virtual private servers google provides for its clients come with many benefits, which makes them a fantastic option for any organization that is ready to migrate to the cloud. These benefits include:

  • One Invoice

With the Google VPS hosting plan, you a single invoice that covers the GCE services and the ghosting server on your Google cloud account. This means there's less stress involved in the billing process, thus helping manage your time and granting enough time to do the activities you love best.

  • 24/7 Expert Customer Service
The Google VPS hosting plan includes a team of GCE cloud professionals who work round the clock 24/7 to resolve all your hosting concerns and ensure your website is adequately scaled to meet the demand for your resources per time.
  • Top Performance
You gain access to a pre-configured GCE server that is industry standard and get cache resources, thus providing you with a top-notch server hosting experience.
  • Roles Assignment
The granular team controls our google cloud hosting services allows streamlined workflows to a great essence. This way, you can create specific roles and assign them to the members of your team, thus encouraging seamless control as you work on the cloud.
  • Saves Time and Resources
A tremendous amount of time is spent when you have a physically managed hosting server. However, the Google cloud hosting plan can resolve that for you. You get a managed server that requires little or no input from you. This gives you adequate time to run other aspects of your business.

What is a Google VPS hosting server?

A server refers to a powerful computer capable of storing files and data contained in your website. This is where all the information contained in your website, including the database, is stored, so whenever your domain name or IP address is typed into a web browser, this information is brought up from where it is stored (server) and displayed on the screen of the searcher.

The Google VPS hosting server uses virtualization technology to divide an on-premise server into various portions, giving users access to the part they pay. This feature allows you to provision just a part of a virtual server, so you only get to pay for what you use over the cloud.

It's a Virtual Private Server means it is entirely for the user to customize to their taste as they have complete control over their portion of the server. Users don't have to share CPU, RAM, or data with anyone.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) comprises several physical servers and resources that are available virtually, e.g., the virtual machines (VM). All these can be found in every Google data center sited at different locations all over the world. It allows you to make your choice of data center varied for each website you have. This is because GCP allows the deployment model to be multi-regional.

Another feature of the GCP is that it enables its users to use the site's App engine, CDN, DNS, storage, and several other products and services.

What is google VPS hosting?

Google VPS hosting alongside Amazon VPS hosting and Microsoft azure are amongst the highly sort after hosting services. It utilizes virtualization technology to ensure you get dedicated resources available on a particular portion of the server. This is different from shared hosting, where you get to share resources with other users of the server. It gives you access to a smaller portion of the server at a cheaper rate and is thus more beneficial than renting a complete server. This is because you might end up with more resources in paying for an entire server than you can use.

Website owners who experience medium-level traffic exceeding the limits allowed by shared hosting server plans but still not large enough to get the complete resources of a dedicated server can use the Google VPS hosting. This form of hosting can serve as a means to cater to all their hosting needs without worrying about your information being privy to others (in the case of shared hosting) or paying for more resources than you would need (in the case of dedicated servers). So, it becomes a win-win situation. You avoid lagging and can still scale-in or scale-out depending on the need per time.

And as earlier stated, the Virtual Private Server google provides comes in different plans that would meet your needs depending on your budget and the specifications of the computer you want on the cloud.

VPS Instances on GPC

To gain access to your VPS on google cloud, you need to be able to create an instance. By creating an instance, we mean a VM on Google cloud. Users can decide their VM properties, such as memory space or CPU while creating an instance. This choice occurs in two ways; you can choose to provision a new one for yourself by creating custom machine types or using machine types that are predefined. So, it is at the point of making it that you state the OS, availability zone, and machine type.

However, irrespective of the properties you want for your VM, custom, or predefined, there are three methods you could use to create a GCE instance. You can use the gcloud command-line, Google Cloud Console, or Compute Engine/REST API. For configuration of your instance applications, you need to establish a connection to your instance with the use of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for Windows servers and Secure Shell (SSH) for Linux server instances.

Steps to set up VM GCE instance

To set up a VM instance on the Google compute Engine using the Cloud console method, you should follow the steps below:

  • In the cloud console GUI, click on VM instances to get to the page.
  • Choose your project/task and continue.
  • Next, click on create an instance.
  • Pick a name for your instance, and change the Zone if you want.
  • Next, you must choose a Machine Configuration.
  • Click change in the Boot disk segment to properly configure the boot disk.
  • Click on Public images to select an OS and its version.
  • Click save for confirmation of the boot disk properties.
  • The next step is to select Allow HTTPS traffic or select allow HTTP traffic. This will ensure your VM has permission to receive HTTP/HTTPS traffic. Either of these choices will provide a network tag is added to your VM, thus associating the VM with the firewall rule.
  • After completing the above step, you can decide on adding modifications to the setting of the shielded VM. This would be an option, especially if you picked an OS image.
  • Lastly, click create; this would create a new instance and start it up for you.

So, these are the steps used by the virtual private server google (GCE) offers to create a Virtual Machine (VM) expert.


The use of VPS by several websites is an excellent and stress-free practice that has come to stay. It has several benefits amongst which we have the fact that it is cost-effective without consuming your time. Thus, these excellent benefits help you save money running your website and allow you to do other things like managing the overall business without worrying about server hosting.

The virtual private server google provides for its users, which is popularly called the Google Compute Engine, has a series of advantages, making the Google VPS hosting server the perfect choice for any business that wishes to go online. They also have fantastic server hosting plans designed to meet your business needs without putting a hole in their client’s pockets. And with the ease at which you can create a VM GCE instance, their 24/7 professional support, you never have to worry about hosting your web servers on the cloud.

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