For short, a virtual private server or VPS is a web hosting platform that allows users to access essential hosting services. There are numerous VPS providers out there; some have very good features at low prices. However, if your focus is on starting your own VPS hosting company, you have come to the right place.

Our article will analyze what VPS hosting companies are all about, and great ways to start your own. You will also find useful tips to help your VPS company thrive.

How Can I Start A VPS Hosting Company?

A VPS hosting company is a lucrative business. It involves providing server access to websites and businesses for a fee. An easy way to go about this is via reseller hosting.

If you don't understand what reseller hosting is all about, don't worry. The next section will explain what it is and the best VPS reseller hosting providers out there.

What is VPS Reseller Hosting?

VPS reseller hosting is an avenue designed by VPS providers. It allows you to sell off hosting plans already purchased to other users. Effectively, you purchase hosting plans, then sell these services off to your clients.

Most reseller hosting providers allow you to rebrand and customize your hosting services so that you are in control of the operations. Reseller VPS hosting is a great way to start your own hosting solution company without much stress. Learn all about how to start your VPS hosting company via reseller hosting in the next section.

How Can I Do VPS Reseller Hosting?

First things first, you will need to select a VPS provider. Once you have chosen a provider, it is time to pay the specified plan's agreed fee. With access to the services, you can now brand and customize the plans before selling them off your clients' hosting.

Now that you grasp what VPS reseller hosting is all about, it is time to teach you tips on looking out for in a VPS provider.

What Should I Look Out For When Selecting a Provider for Reseller Hosting?

There are things you must look out for asides from online reviews. First, you must realize that asides from the cost, the features the VPS offers is vital. For example, to be successful, you will need to guarantee your clients high uptime. Thus, this should be one of the things you must look out for. Let's take some other factors that will help you pick out the best VPS reseller hosting provider.

  • Account Management - If you plan to start a VPS company via reselling, you must choose a provider that offers you key features. Part of these account features should include a web host manager. WHM will help you automate, create, and manage client servers with ease. Such a user-friendly design will mean that you are not handicapped with source codes or Unix in your operations.
  • Resources - To stand out, you have to be able to offer your clients value. Thus, your selected reseller hosting provider must offer you vast resources. These resources should include high uptime, large memory capacity, big bandwidth, etc. Also, take into account the maximum number of accounts the provider allows you to create.
  • Client Interface - We advise that you choose a VPS provider that offers you the required interface. The standard user interface you and your clients will need to perform tasks must be in place. At the very least, each client must be able to access their control panel. This will help you satisfy the clients that want to manage their tasks independently.
  • White Label - the white label feature allows you to brand your VPS hosting yourself. You get to customize the plan and add it to your client's account. It also gives you access to juicy extras like cPanel, interfacing materials, and emails.
  • Support - Be sure to select a VPS reseller provider that will offer you round the clock support. The importance of customer support for your VPS hosting business cannot be overemphasized. You should be able to offer your prospective clients 24/7 support on different channels. These channels can be over the phone, live chat, or email.
  • Pricing - the pricing of reseller hosting differs from provider to provider. Thus, we always advise intending VPS resellers to select providers that have affordable plans. Bear in mind that the most expensive plan doesn't necessarily translate to the best plan. Regardless of the cost, select a plan that works for you.

Ensure that whichever VPS reseller hosting provider you choose offers you the vital services you need. A lot of these plans may seem expensive at first but may eventually be worth it. Next, let's look at the top VPS reseller hosting providers available.

What is the Best VPS Reseller Hosting Plans?

Selecting a VPS reseller hosting provider for your business can be challenging. The other challenge for most people after finding a VPS provider is knowing which one suits their business needs.

We have simplified this task and carried out thorough research on VPS reseller hosting providers. Our extensive research has led to our discovery of the best VPS reseller hosting providers. Thus, we will answer your questions regarding VPS reseller hosting with insight gained from our extensive research.

We can say that these VPS reseller hosting providers listed here are among the best available.

1. InMotion

InMotion is among the top VPS reseller hosting providers available. With InMotion, you are sure to get great value for your money.

InMotion offers you high uptime, disc space, bandwidth, etc. InMotion has many VPS hosting plans. Thus, you will find the plans scalable. You can pay for the least expensive plan then later upgrade to another plan. Other features that InMotions are:

  • 24/7 Customer Support - InMotion VPS reseller hosting offers you round the clock support. The support may be via email, phone, live chat, and ticketing system. It means you can get someone to help you out with any issue you face as soon as possible.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - InMotion also currently offers you a 90 days money-back guarantee. This money-back guarantee period is the longest offered by any web hosting platform. The money-back-guarantee means you can opt-out of the plan anytime and have your money refunded.
  • Account Creation and Management – InMotion VPS Hosting offers you access to the user-friendly interface. Thus, you can bill, manage, and support your clients easily from a central dashboard. You can also get an unbranded server, unlimited FTP accounts, and SSH.
  • Unlimited Domains – You can create numerous domains for free. You can also add subdomains, add-ons, and parked domains. The reseller hosting plans allow you to register domains for your clients.
  • Customer Resources – As a reseller under InMotion, you can control how server resources are allocated to clients. The task of assigning disc space, bandwidth, domains, etc., rests with you. Note that why you can allocate the resources, they shouldn't exceed the limit stated by InMotion.
  • White Label – InHost allows you to brand your VPS hosting platform the way you want. You can customize your services and packages for your clients without stress.

2. BlueHost

BlueHost is another great VPS hosting provider that provides you with reseller hosting plans. ResellerClub offers you several great features.

  • Many Plans – Starting your VPS company with BlueHost is easy. You can create many websites and subdomains under you. You also have the freedom to allocate server resources to your clients. With BlueHost, you can create custom plans at flexible pricing for your clients.
  • Web Hosting Management– BlueHost reseller hosting packages are designed with a web hosting manager. The WHM allows you to create and manage client sites easily. WHMC allows you to automate your clients' billing, site management, and ticketing.
  • White Label – Reseller club provides you with a fully customizable control panel. Feel free to repackage your services and brand the hosting to suit your needs.
  • Support – ResellerClub offers you 24/7 customer support. You can communicate with them via phone, live chat, or email for help.

3. HostGator

HostGator provides you with one of the best platforms with reseller hosting. They offer you unbeatable uptime of 99.98%. The difference between the uptime of HostGator and other web hosting platform is 0.01%. 0.01% may seem too little. However, that minute percentage means you get better uptime and improved user experience.

  • Account Creation - HostGator offers you access to create several client accounts. You get premium value for all your business. The accounts you create limited share resources. This means that your clients are limited to specific disc space, bandwidth, RAM capacity, etc.
  • Free Domain Reseller Account - HostGator hosting offers you a free domain reseller account for each VPS reseller hosting plan. Also, they provide you with great customer support. You can speak or chat with any of their representatives anytime you wish.

4. GreenGeek

If you are green, then you will enjoy GreenGeeks hosting. They offer you green energy, which matches 300%. The 300% matching corresponds to your usage of 100% and 200% of renewable energy. The green feature helps your business stand out from other VPS hosting platforms. It can even be your unique selling point.

  • Support - It offers you 24/7 support and a 99.8% uptime guarantee. It also offers you 24/7 support, meaning you can get help at any time almost immediately. The support option includes phone and live chat.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - With GreenGeeks VPS reseller hosting, you have free monthly backups. They give you a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, you can quit and get a refund at any time.

How Can I Run a VPS Hosting Platform?

The VPS hosting industry is a booming business. With the reseller hosting option, you get better and very affordable. However, there are still steps you must take to ensure your hosting business thrives.

Here are some tips to help you make your VPS hosting business grows and becomes successful.

  • Set Achievable Goals - With your goals clearly stated, you can afford to take shortcuts. You can take advantage of the many cloud providers available. One short cut is hybrid cloud hosting. Take an infrastructure shortcut.

Piggybacking on public cloud hosting is a quick way to make your company known. All you need is a few central servers. These servers will host your clients' sites. Essentially, your customers can create their interfaces on virtual machines like Azure.

  • Utilize Hybrid Hosting – Hybrid hosting is available in specific hosting software such as Atomia, Odin, or OnAir. Although these servers will reduce your profit margin, they are better. They allow you access at a smaller upfront fee. You can use only the resources that your clients are paying for.
  • Take Automation Seriously – To boost your chances of succeeding in your VPS hosting, reduce the work you do manually. We advise that you automate most of your processes. Automate all the processes that need to be carried out often. Automation saves you energy and human resources.

Automating your daily tasks frees up time for you to focus on other business tasks. Any VPS hosting system that is worth its gold should automate the following processes at the very list:

  • Sign-up and user creation
  • Payment handling and invoicing
  • Allocation of resources
  • Communication with users includes password resets, billing notices, etc.
  • Take Advantage of Customer Self Service – If you are unable to automate your processes, we advise you to look to other ways. You can create a platform to let clients help themselves. This way, they do not have to wait for your help.


It is pretty amazing that with reseller hosting, you can start your VPS hosting business. The reseller hosting option takes away most of the stress of financing and running the VPS hosting. You can check out reseller plans from top VPS hosting providers like InMotion, BlueHost, GreenGeeks, etc. VPS reseller hosting allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a VPS company with low upfront cost.

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